The Tease

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Casually, she uncrossed and opened her legs. Between her open thighs lay a thrilling strip of white panties, the material stretched tight over the mounds of her outer lips with a lovely soft vertical cleft between them.

His breathing became hard as he sat mesmerized, his eyes glued between her legs, his mind racing, imagining the delights that lay under that thin strip of cloth. He wanted to reach out and touch them. Put his face between her legs and inhale her panties, smelling her on them. His cock growing along with his excitement, dripped precum into his shorts.

She smiled at his discomfort and spread one leg even wider, hooking a finger inside the leg of her panties and slowly dragging them away from a perfectly shaved outer lip, showing him just the hint of a pink inner one and a glistening slit. He groaned with frustration, wanting more than anything to reach out and touch her, but his were hands tied to the arms of his chair which meant he couldn’t even touch the hard straining cock inside his pants.

“You want this don’t you.” she said, leaning back in her chair, pulling her panties right across, baring her whole pussy. He just nodded, gulping hard at the sight of her spread before him, her legs now wide and her parted pussy glistening with arousal.

“It’s so wet right now.” she told him seductively, sliding a hand down, gliding a fingertip slowly up the crack between her pussy lips. “Mmmmmm.” she moaned softly, her fingertip slowly starting to run up and down her wet crease. She watched him as she stroked her pussy. His eyes were filled with hungry lust and his breathing hard and rapid. Rising up off the chair slightly, she slid her panties down and kicked them off. Sitting back again and watching his face, bahis firmaları she leaned back, pulling her legs up and stretching them wide, showing him all of her, her drenched opening and the tight rose of her ass beneath it. Smiling, she rubbed the cheeks of her ass and between them and then sliding her hand up, stuck two fingers inside her wet opening, pushing them in deep with a little moan of pleasure. His cock ached as he wished it was him between her legs filling her and not her own hand

. Removing her wet fingers, she slowly rose up out of her seat, walked over to him and put one foot up onto the arm of his chair. With her shaved cunt just inches from him, he leant forward, inhaling hard, desperately trying to smell her. “Awwww.” she laughed, teasing him. “Can’t you smell my nice wet pussy?” Grinning devilishly, she reached up and put her wet fingers under his nose. He sniffed them hard. He could smell her, smell her excitement, that lovely scent of pussy. It incensed him, his lust for her agonizing. “That better?” she asked, knowing just how much the smell of her inflamed him. “How about a taste.” she continued, putting her fingers to his lips. He engulfed them, sucking frantically on them, tasting the sweet pussy juice smeared all over them.

“Not too much.” she teased, pulling them out of his mouth and returning to her chair. Shaking, and straining against his bonds, he watched as she leant back and once again started to fuck herself with her fingers. Her free hand opened her blouse, revealing her firm naked breasts with hard pink nipples. Starting to moan with pleasure, she squeezed her nipples and drove her fingers harder into herself, as both her excitement and her need to cum grew by the second. He could tell kaçak iddaa she was close and his cock quivered in his pants with shared excitement. She was panting hard, her face strained as her fingers frantically fucked her pussy and rubbed her swollen clit, trying to drive herself over the top. He held his breath, it was coming. Suddenly, her back arched and she thrust her fingers in hard and deep, her insides gripping them tight as she came with a loud groan, her whole body shaking in orgasm. Fuck, she felt wet down there, an instant lake pooled at her entrance. He watched as she lay there gasping, her stomach twitching in spasms, one after the other.

“This is it.” he thought. “Now she would want his hard cock filling her” It was not to be.

Still recovering from the massive orgasm between her legs, she slid off her chair and crawled towards him as he sat there bound to the chair, his legs apart, pants bulging with the hard throbbing cock enclosed within them and a wet stain on them where his precum had soaked through. Placing her hands on his knees, she knelt up between his legs

“Does Mr Cock want to cum.” she teased him. “Yes!” he hissed, praying she would take him in her mouth and blow him until he shot cum down her throat. He was quivering as she undid his belt and pulled down his zipper. She pulled up his shirt and ran her hand all over his belly. Her other hand reached into his pants and released his straining cock, the head of it all glistening and slippery with precum. The anticipation was driving him insane, he wanted that mouth on him. Instead, she took his thick shaft between her thumb and two fingers and began to ever so slowly stroke it. “Oh fuck!” it was agony, he needed to cum so bad.

Aware of his desperate kaçak bahis need, she still stroked him slowly, building his orgasm but not enough for him to cum. He was panting, thrusting his hips up, trying to fuck her hand but she wouldn’t give him release. Bending forward, she licked the head of his cock just once. He cried out, desperate for the feeling of cum squirting from his cock.

Still holding his cock, she stood up and straddled his legs. His torment was about to end. Slowly, she lowered herself until the tip of his cock just touched her pussy. He was breathing like a wild bull, his chest heaving with the thought of his cock inside her. Slowly, she started to gently rub the head of his cock up and down her parted pussy. He was almost pleading with her to end it. She placed his cock at her wet opening and lowered just enough to let the head slip inside her.

Just when he thought it was over, she rose again, slipping him out and leaving his cock twitching in her hand. He had had enough she decided. Placing his cock at her opening again, she thrust down on him, driving every inch of his thick cock inside her. He let out a massive roar, bucking hard against his constraints as his pulsing cock exploded inside her, filling her with squirt after squirt of thick cum. With her hands on his shoulders she rode his still hard cock, making sure she milked every last drop into her tingling cum drenched pussy. As he started to soften inside her, she rose up, holding herself above him, her legs wide open, the thick, pearly white fruits of his ordeal dripping out of her onto him for both of them to see.

She wasn’t done yet, her pussy still craved more. She thought about taking him upstairs, tying him to be bed and doing it all over again. But that would be cruel. Instead, she would present herself to him on all fours, her legs spread wide open, her pussy and ass on display for whatever his pleasure. Perhaps he would tease her. She hoped so.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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