The Third Session

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Note: If you’ve read my other stories, you may notice a recurrence of names. I like using my first and middle names in my stories. That away I really get a feel for my writing. Like the others this is a fictional story. It also takes awhile to get to the “good parts” in this story, please bare with me. I also appreciate comments.

* * * * *

I slowly awoke and found my left arm was completely numb. The sleep slowly cleared and I found the reason I couldn’t feel my arm…someone was sleeping on it. Lita lay soundlessly asleep with her back to me. Even though I was slightly annoyed that she didn’t listen to me, deep down I was glad that she slept with me on the couch. I ran my free hand lightly through her hair; Lita shuddered a little bit. I leaned down and gently bit her ear. That got her attention. Lita looked over her shoulder and smiled at me.

“Morning.” I said.

“Morning.” She answered back. Her usually sweet face suddenly got serious, “So now are you going to tell me what’s wrong?”

I sighed and nodded. “Yes, I’ll tell you.” She sat up, wrapped the blanket around us and snuggled up against me.

“It all started back in middle school. I was dating one of the prettiest girls in school even though I was a total geek. Well, one day we went to this Valentine’s Day Dance and she dumped me at the door, never giving me an explanation.” Lita sort of gasped and pulled me close to her. “Anyway, after that I pretty much died on the inside, feelings wise that is. I don’t display emotion well, just like I did back before our first meeting.”

Lita smiled, remembering our first night together.

“Unfortunately, the emotions are still there and they build up until I just flood emotions, like last night at the arena. Most of the times I can’t even control my actions, I just run on pure emotion. My geekier side was rather submissive when it came to confrontations.”

“So that’s why you were acting the way you were acting.” Lita exclaimed. I just nodded and my eyes filled up with tears, but being emotionally spent, they stayed where they were. Lita pulled me even closer to her, pushing my head down into that area where the shoulder turns upwards into the neck, I gave her a soft kiss there and nibbled a little bit of the area.

“I’m so sorry.” Lita said. “I had no idea.”

I just shrugged, “It’s alright. I’ve dealt with it myself for years and I’ll deal with it for years to come.”

She pulled my head away from her neck, hands on each side of my face, and said, “Not anymore. I’m here for you. Anytime you need help I’ll be there. Wherever you go, I’ll be next to you.” She pulled me to her and gave me a big hug. “And tonight, I’m gonna give you a couple of surprises to try and ease your mind.”

“Anyway,” I said, “we need to get going. We need to prepare for the show and I really need to talk to Vince.”

Sometime later we arrived at the arena in the great state of Indiana. As soon as I got inside of the arena I went to Vince immediately where he delivered the news that I was hoping for.

That night The Undertaker won a title shot against me at Backlash. Earlier in the night the Hardy’s and I had a match against Chris Jericho, Booker T, and Goldust. Well, to say the least the Hardy’s and me lost, we were all struck down with repeated blows from a steel chair. After the match, Lita made her way into the ring but instead of going to Matt, she came to me to check bahis firmaları up and make sure that I was fine. Lita helped me up and Matt spun her around and started to ask her what the hell she was doing. She turned back to me, Matt was now yelling at her. Finally, Lita spun around and slapped the shit out of Matt. Lita turned around to help me again and Matt grabbed her by the hair and spun her around setting her up for the Twist of Fate, his back was to me, and Jeff was still down.

I picked up the chair and cracked Matt over the head. He reeled from the attack. Lita and me headed up the ramp. When we were both at the top, Matt said the magic words, “Go on. Take Lita, she’s nothing but a whore.” That was it. Against Lita’s warnings and even though it wasn’t planned, I ran back down to the ring. Matt and Jeff both attacked me, but I was able to fight them off and throw Jeff out of the ring to the mats with some real force. I picked Matt up to Powerbomb him, but Lita told me to stop. Lita jumped up to the top rope and hit him with a Litacurrana and as she spun around, I took both of them with me. As Lita finished her move, I hit Matt with the Powerbomb.

Jeff hit me hard in the back and I dropped to one knee, then he hit me in the back of the head with a chair and I fell to the canvas. Jeff jumped up on the top rope and went for the Swanton Bomb and nailed it, I felt a sharp pain as he landed on my ribs. Jeff stood up and Lita hit him in the back of the head with a chair. She then helped me out of the ring and back up the ramp.

“Wayne!” Matt yelled. “This isn’t over. Tonight we challenge you to a handicap match.” I just nodded and the crowd went nuts. Back in the back I talked to some of the wrestlers The Rock, Kurt Angle, Edge, Tazz, and Buh-Buh Ray Dudley to get there opinions on what happened. Before my match though I had to get my ribs taped up a little because they hurt like hell.

Suddenly, my new music hit, the one I had Vince change, now Creed’s “Bullets”. We were all out in the ring, the Hardy’s and me were going to go at it, and Austin popped up on the TitanTron.

“You know, I have nothing but respect for all of you, but especially you Wayne. You stuck up for the one you love and I have nothing but respect for that, hell I do it for Debra all the time.” Suddenly, the arena was surrounded in darkness and Austin’s music hit. When the lights finally came back on, the fans were treated to seeing the Hardy’s down, and Austin and me in the ring shaking hands.

Back in the back Austin and me talked about the fan’s reaction and how to feed off that at the next televised event. After awhile we went our separate ways, and when I got into the back, Lita confronted me.

“So how come you deviated from what we planned?”

“Do you want me to be honest?” She nodded. “Well, when Matt called you a-a-a…”

“A whore?” Lita finished, I nodded.

“I couldn’t let anyone talk to the person that I loved, even if it was fake.”

Lita’s eyes welled up with tears and she gave me a big hug, hurting my ribs a little. “That’s so sweet of you. No one has ever said or done anything like that just for me. Anyway, it’s starting to get a little late and you still have to get your reward and your surprise. But this time, you get a special surprise first, then you get mine.”

All the way to the hotel, Lita was rubbing my hands and legs. She cuddled up next to me and lay her kaçak iddaa head on my shoulder. I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her against me tightly.

She looked up at me, I down at her and said, “I want to be as close to you as possible.” She placed her head back down onto my shoulder. A couple of minutes later we arrived at our hotel (this time we were bunking up, the room had two separate beds).

When we got in, one of the doors was open and the other was closed. Lita went over to one of the tables and picked up a white box with a red ribbon wrapped around it, she turned and tossed it to me.

“What’s this for?” I asked.

She turned to me and said, “It’s not from me. It’s from Trish.” Quickly I ripped the box to shreds and found a pair of black thongs. Above the crotch, there was a white signature that said Trish. Below the autograph, there was a very large stain on it, even before I sniffed it I knew that it was Trish’s juices. Among the remains of the box was a white card that said, “Let’s meet again, sometime.”

I set the box and thongs down and went over to Lita. I grasped her in a hug, gave her a small kiss, dipped her, and gave her a longer more passion-filled kiss, and then I set her upright. She flashed me her beautiful smile and glanced down to my obvious erection. Her smile widened.

“Not right now. First, I need to show you your other surprise.” She led me over to the closed door and ushered me to open it. I did and was in for quite a surprise. Sprawled completely naked on the bed was Torrie Wilson her self.

As soon as Torrie heard us enter, she sat up a little. “About time you two got here. I need to be gone from here in a couple of hours, I have an appearance to make.”

I looked at Lita confused. “Trish told some of the other girls about what you did to her last night. Well, Torrie here didn’t believe that you made her pass out, so now she wants proof. The whole thing is going to be recorded and after that come into the other room and I’ll be waiting for you there.”

Lita left us alone. “Sorry I was rude, but I’ve had very little sleep lately and after this appearance I get a day off to myself.”

“It’s alright, Lita and I get the weekend off and we want to spend the entire time together.”

Torrie nodded, “Shall we get started.” I nodded in reply. She reached over and turned on the video camera. I walked over to her and got down on my hands and knees, kissing her feet all the way up to her thighs. She giggled and moaned a couple of times. I moved the hair away from her mound and started to lick her puffy outer lips for about five minutes, her moans increased. I backed away and blew a couple of breaths on her drenched lips, which made her shudder. Then I did it; I plunged my tongue deep into her pussy, licking every reachable inch. Torrie arched her back a couple of times, which told me that she was near her climax.

I took her bud gently into my mouth, took a deep breath and got three fingers ready. Suddenly, I hummed the deepest note I could and rammed my fingers into her pussy simultaneously. Torrie gave out a loud scream as her juices rushed forth in a tidal wave all over the place. When I looked up, she was snoring loudly on a couple of pillows, a smile was on her face.

I got up and turned off her video camera, covered her up with a blanket and left the room. I went into the bathroom and wiped off all of the juice from kaçak bahis my face (not before sampling it first though). Afterwards, I went to the other room (originally Lita’s room) and opened the door. Still naked (so I got undressed after I washed my face off) I walked through the darkened room over to the bed and hopped in. A lamp was turned on.

“Done already?” Lita asked.

“Yeah, she was easy to do.” I replied. Lita scooted over closer to me, so close I could feel the heat from her body, but what I felt the most was the heat from her pussy. I reached over and gently rubbed her pussy lips, they were completely soaked.

“You started without me?” I asked. She nodded.

“I heard you and Torrie going at it and I just couldn’t help myself, but I didn’t cum. That’s all your honor.” I smiled. Lita rubbed her naked body against me, putting pressure on my sore ribs, which made me jump.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” I replied. She got this real serious look which told me that I had better tell her.

“Well, it’s just that my ribs hurt like hell from earlier, but I know that you want this very badly, don’t you my dear?” She took my index finger into her mouth and gently sucked on it, coating it with her saliva.

She released my finger, looked up at me with these very puppy-dog looking eyes, and said, “Yes, but if you’re too sore, then I guess you can just go down on me.” I gently grabbed a hold of her chin and pulled her closer.

“I don’t think so. Whatever you want, you get. How about you just climb on top and ride me? The trainer said that my ribs ought to be better by tomorrow. It’s the perfect start to our weekend off and it’ll be just you and me, okay love?”

Lita smiled, “I can live with that, but tomorrow you better give me a pounding.”

I rubbed her cheek, “Okay.” Lita gave me a soft kiss on the lips. Just as she was getting ready to climb atop me, there was a knock at our bedroom door.

Lita said, “Enter.” It was Torrie, she had woken up from her nap. She tossed me a pair of pink thongs. Before she left she hollered a ‘thanks’ to me. I tossed her panties onto the floor.

Lita went back to kissing me and raised herself and my stiffened cock up. Slowly Lita lowered herself onto me, moaning as each inch disappeared inside of her cunt. Without warning she started to bounce up and down on me, she came quickly because of her earlier masturbation session. During her orgasm I reached up and kneaded her breasts which made her just moan with increased pleasure. After her orgasm had fully subsided and she caught her breath, she started to gyrate her hips around in circles.

I was in heaven, every now and then, Lita would speak up telling me how even though it was great to have a real cock in her, it sucked because there isn’t really any action on my part. Repeatedly, I’d have to reassure her that I would fuck her so hard tomorrow that she’d be sore the rest of the weekend.

Anyway, about ten minutes later I told her that I was really close, Lita climbed off of me. She leaned down and started to lick her juices off of my cock. When she was satisfied with her work she took my penis into her mouth slowly, swallowing the entire length. Finally, it was all too much for me and without warning I started to cum, while she happily accepted it all. After I was drained, I feel flat on the bed, tired from the encounter with the Hardy’s, having to go down on Torrie, and having to fuck Lita.

I knew that this weekend off would be great relaxation time for me and also a great way for me to throw my “Weekend of Romance” into action…or would it?

To Be Continued…

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