The Tram

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Female Ejaculation

Whoa!!! I saw her perfect ass in line before me. Waiting to buy her ticket to ride the tram that runs to the top of Victoria Peak from Hong Kong City. Ummmmm Ummmm. Mouth watering ass if I’ve ever seen one.

She looked back and I caught her eye. Smiling, she waved and moved off to the tram loading dock. I purchased my ticket and eased alongside her. I opened the conversation by introducing myself. I had just arrived in Hong Kong a few hours earlier and wanted to visit some old haunts of mine – places I had gone to while in the Navy. One of them being Victoria Peak with the British Navy Seamen’s Club overlooking the city. I had heard that it was open to the general public and I wanted to have dinner there.

Katrina is a Russian fashion model from a small town in Siberia and had been raised in Moscow. She was on holiday and, after visiting the island of Rhodes in the Mediterranean, had flown into Hong Kong a couple of days ago.

I invited her to join me at dinner and she accepted. We entered the tram, as we bought our tickets – she ahead of me. We entered the last car, letting the other people go ahead of us. I stood at the very rear of the car (by design, I must say) and she just above and in front of me. The tram travels up the mountain in a near 45-degree angle so that she would be above me all the way up.

As the tram started to move, slowly at first, picking up speed – I placed a hand on her fine ass cheek – squeezing it, pinching it and casino oyna rubbing my hand all around it. She glanced back but didn’t say anything – she pushed her butt into my hand a little harder. I could see her white lacy thong riding in the crack of her ass. It was getting moist.

Leaning forward, I moved her thong to the side and licked at her essence. Moist juices running out of her hot slit. Her labia were red and swollen already. The more I licked – the more she juiced up. God!!! She was hot!!!

She moaned – not loud enough for anyone else to hear – but she moaned just the same. Telling me that she liked what I was doing. I continued by inserting a finger into her, probing for her special little spot – that spot that makes one cum with fierceness that belies her demeanor. Massaging that spot, I removed my finger and licked at her pussy – flicking my rigid tongue against her hard clit – inflaming her desire – making her want more.

Fingering her pussy, licking her clit – I was in heaven. Her juices were pure ambrosia. So juicy and so sweet – lovely pretty pussy.

Her internal muscles began to clamp down on my finger – warning me of her impending orgasm. I placed another alongside of my index finger and pressed in – embedding both fingers up to the second knuckle. She was twisting and squirming on my fingers – trying to force more of my fingers inside of her. I continued licking her. Katrina was lovely – simply lovely and I believe slot oyna I’m falling in love with her.

We departed the tram and went into the Seaman’s Club. The hostess escorted us to a quiet booth in the back of the restaurant area. I ordered drinks while Katrina repaired to the ladies “Loo”, as the Brits call the ladies room, to clean up. I could see my cum glistening on the backs of her legs as she walked away.

Among the small talk, as we sipped our drinks, I learned that she would only be in town for another night. Her flight was to leave at noon tomorrow. We agreed on steaks with a salad on the side and I ordered.

Finished with our meal – we returned to Hong Kong City by way of taxi and things heated up as the driver navigated the curving winding road down the mountain – finally reaching my hotel.

We entered the elevator and immediately fell into each other’s arms. I couldn’t help but feel her small hard breasts pressed into my chest.

We ordered a bottle of white wine and a plate of cheese from room service.

Placing the tray on the side of the hot tub, we slowly and sensuously undressed each other and slipped into the hot tub. Settling down near one of the jets, I pulled her onto my lap – facing the same direction I was. As she wriggled her tight butt against my cock, it began to harden.

She raised up and, positioning my huge mushroom cap at her opening, slowly and sensuously lowering herself until I was fully canlı casino siteleri embedded in her velvet sheath. As we sipped our wine, she began slowly rocking back and forth as her floor muscles squeezed my cock. I could feel my cum building up as my ball sack began to swell and tighten.

Just as she reached down to squeeze my balls, I began to cum. Every squeeze of her pussy muscles caused a fresh spurt of cum until my ball sac was drained.

With the hot water in the tub and the exertion of cumming, my whole body was limp. Katrina was just getting started. Raising off me, she turned to face me and sat on the opposite wall of the hot tub. Her labia was red and swollen – our juices running out of her as she dipped a finger into her pussy and scooped out more – letting the juices run into her hand until she lifted it to her mouth and sensuously licked her palm – taking all of it into her mouth – and swallowing greedily.

Grinning at me, she began to massage her clit – slowly at first – then faster until her finger was a blur working on that hard little nubbin. Katrina’s head was thrown back – lips baring her teeth in a grimace until she began to shake – cumming with a fierce intensity – moaning and groaning. Finally, exhausted, she sank back into the hot tub.

Finishing our wine, we got out of the hot tub and dried each other off – taking little love bites as we went until we finished. Climbing into the bed – we cuddled in post coital bliss until we dropped off to sleep.

When I awoke the next morning – she was gone. Dressed and gone – early in the morning to where? I didn’t even know her last name – how would I ever contact her? Maybe a trip to Russia is in order.

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