The Wake Up Call

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I smiled, still dreaming, as your hand slid down my side, brushing my breast before sliding into place to grip my hip. I was sleeping on my side, and I felt your warm, solid form settle against me, your chest to my back, my butt nestled against your stomach. I started to stir as your other hand played idly with my hair as your lips pressed against my shoulder. Content, I pushed back against you, snuggling.

I felt you push your hardening cock between my legs. I spread them slightly to allow you better access, tilting my hips to allow your cock to come to rest against my pussy lips. I moaned softly as you began to gently thrust against my lips, cock trapped between my legs. With a slight movement, you slipped between the lips, still sliding against me, not yet penetrating me. Between the sweet dreams I’d been having all night and the feeling of you pressed against me, I was already wet, and so you slide easily against me. The head of your cock was making frequent contact with my clit, and my hips started to move on their güvenilir bahis own to increase the friction.

My eyes flew open as the head of your cock slid inside my pussy, making me realize this was not a dream but reality. I lifted my leg and with your guiding hand, brought it back behind me to rest on top of your legs, allowing greater access. Ever so slowly, you slid your hard cock into my dripping pussy inch by inch until you were buried in me. I reached behind me to grab onto you—any part of you that I could touch and hold onto—and moved my hips to encourage you to move. Your answering groan let me know that I was turning you on as much as you turned me on, but the feel of your lips, tongue, and teeth on my shoulder and neck brought my movements to a frenzy. I tried to work my hips as much as I could in the position without losing you inside of me.

A slight buzzing noise permeated my awareness, but I was so focused on the feeling of you in me, against me that it didn’t register until I felt the vibrations against türkçe bahis my clit. As you held the small pocket vibrator against my clit while still holding me against you, I groaned. It felt wonderful, but there was something missing, and I tried (in vain) to move my hips to get you to do what I wanted.

“Fuck me,” I moaned, my voice hoarse from sleep and breathless from the activities. “Please, I need you to fuck me.”

With an answering groan, you began sliding your cock in and out of my pussy, still holding the vibe in place. My legs were shaking and I was still reaching back to grab a hold of your side. Your tongue and teeth were working the particularly sensitive side of my neck and my free hand grappled at the sheets and pillows, looking for something to hold onto.

The consistent and gentle sliding of your cock turned into the hard thrusts of fucking. It was enough to send me over the edge, and I screamed as my orgasm overtook me. I felt the sharp pain of your teeth against my shoulder as you bit me as güvenilir bahis siteleri I continued to ride out the waves of pleasure with every hard thrust of your cock into my pussy. I wrenched the vibrator out of your fingers as my too sensitive clit started protesting, but you just slid your fingers over the nub and continued rubbing, holding me in place. My nails were now biting into the skin on your ass, but rather than hearing complaints, I just heard the sound of harsh breathing, letting me know that you were close.

“I need you to cum for me,” I whispered. I felt you nip me again with your teeth and groaned, thrusting back against you as well as I could. With one last, hard thrust, you buried yourself fully in my pussy and I could feel the throbbing and pulsing of your cock as you filled me with cum. You groaned my name against my shoulder and I felt a shudder pass through your body.

We lay connected like that for a while after, my leg thrown backwards over your hip, you buried inside of me. After a moment, you slid out of me, moving my leg to a more comfortable position, and pressing your body against me to spoon me with an arm around me.

“Good morning, baby,” you whispered against my hair.

I laughed softly. “Good morning, indeed.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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