The Wild Affair

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Beating the summer heat Johnny and Jenni pick a secluded location high in the mountain and set up camp. In the middle of the woods with no one else around them, just a campfire and a tent, they settle into camp for the evening. They set a blanket and the ground outside the tent and lay in front of the warm crackling campfire when Johnny leans over and begins to kiss his wife. He pulls their bodies their bodies closer together so that their two become one, intertwined in the glowing light.

Their passion rises as their tongues explore each other’s mouths and hands make their way to forbidden places on each other’s bodies. Clothing start to come off and their true wants and desires are being revealed. Johnny starts at her neck, kissing his way down her body, his hand leads the way to her warm, dripping pussy. He begins to tease her as she makes her way in between his legs to his ever-growing manhood…

As Johnny’s tongue explores her sweet, warm wetness, Jenni’s lips caress his soft, yet hard cock. She takes him into her mouth letting her tongue tickle and tease him. Not paying attention to their surroundings, and believing that they are alone, they do not notice the couple that has accidentally stumbled up on their campsite. Intrigued by the sounds, the couple makes their way towards the blanket where Johnny and Jenni are occupied with each other. It isn’t until the couple reaches out and begins to touch Johnny and Jenni. Jenni is pinned under her husband and has no choice but to obey their commands.

The woman lays at Jenni’s feet and places her pussy right in front of Jenni’s, so that Johnny has access to both pussies at the same time. The man kneels at my head placing his hard cock at my lips for me acıbadem escort to suck. Johnny’s ass is now practically in the man’s face; Jenni looks up at him and can see that he is very curious and wants to explore another man. Jenni has her husband’s cock in her mouth, while her hands guide his to her husband’s naked body.

Meanwhile the pussies are so close to each other that Johnny can lick them both at the same time. Jenni can feel the warmth of her pussy on her own, and she begins to shake as Johnny licks her to climax. Johnny realizes the woman is about to cum so he reaches out and begins to play with her breasts, stroking and tugging gently on them. As she begins to climax she grinds her pussy on Jenni’s, so Johnny slips a double sided dildo into the two wet pussies. Now the two woman are able to fuck each other while Johnny licks their clits.

While all of that is taking place, Jenni is busy with the men’s cocks, making the two of them hard and wanting more. Johnny can feel the man’s hands touching him, he is unsure at first; he runs his fingers between Johnny’s cheeks and stops at his balls. Johnny can feel the man’s warm breath at his soft asshole, he feels the labored breathing closer and closer until finally a wet tongue touches. His woman stands up after cuming all over Johnny’s face and Jenni’s pussy, and moves behind her man. Johnny can tell that the man’s face has been buried deeper into his ass, and Johnny begins to back against his face, a he pumps his cock into Jenni’s throat. Jenni can feel him swell in her mouth and then he releases his load of hot cum.

Now Jenni is surrounded by the three of them. The woman’s face is buried in Jenni’s pussy while the ataşehir escort two men are kissing and sucking on her breasts. Both men work their way up Jenni’s chest to her neck, Johnny continues on to kissing her lips, while the man lingers at her neck. Johnny can taste his cum on her lips, and the kisses feel so good that she lets out a soft moan into his mouth. This attracts the man to Jenni’s mouth, Johnny moves to her neck while the man kisses the rest of the cum from Jenni’s mouth.

The woman is ravishing Jenni’s pussy with her tongue, making Jenni scream with orgasms. Johnny comes to quiet her with his lips, the man turns around and offers his cock to the both of them to suck. They play with him together for a bit, but it isn’t long before the women decide to change the pace of the events. Johnny begins to fuck the woman while Jenni fuck the other man. The two men are facing each other while they fuck the women. Both of the men lean over to kiss the women and come face to face with each other again. This is the second time tonight, and their eyes lock; neither of them leave that position. The man leans forward and starts to kiss Johnny’s neck, Johnny can feel the man’s tongue on his sweat kissed neck. Jenni and the woman are watching this from below, Jenni can see her husband’s hesitancy and want all mixed in one. The woman below Johnny begins to quiver and shake below him as her orgasm begins to peak. Johnny pulls out of her and moves his cock to the man’s face so that he can lick his woman’s cum. He sucks off her juices and Johnny lowers himself back down onto Jenni’s stomach, offering his neck to the man again.

The woman has lowered her pussy onto Jenni’s face and is içerenköy escort caressing Johnny from behind, kissing his back. Johnny can feel her breasts pressing up against him, her nipples are rock hard. The couple is kissing over Johnny’s shoulder while he watches for a bit, then she turns to him and they start kissing. The man watches for a while, she is moan into Johnny’s mouth while Jenni eats her pussy. The man grasps Johnny’s cock, jacking him off while he moves in to kiss her again. Johnny goes to pull away from the kiss but she keeps him there. The three of them are now locked in a heated kiss. The woman has now moved off of Jenni’s face and is sitting beside them. Jenni can see bits of what is taking place while the man continues to fuck her, and kiss her husband. The man cums in Jenni’s pussy, filling her and then pulls out. Johnny falls forward, eating the man’s cum out of his wife’s pussy. Johnny’s ass is in the air now, and the man moves behind him and shoves his cock in Johnny’s tight ass. Johnny moans into his wife’s pussy.

The woman has now put on a strap-on and offered it to Johnny, he takes the dildo into his mouth and begins suck vigorously. Johnny begins to moan as he is being fucked from both holes, and Jenni begins to suck his cock. Johnny’s cock swells from all of the stimulation and he cums in Jenni’s mouth. After the man finishes in Johnny’s ass everyone falls over in a huge pile. The two of them are kissing, while Jenni and Johnny share a passionate kiss. The couples merge together and are all kissing one another, men kissing men and women kiss women. At one point Johnny and Jenni are kissing again, and before they know, the other couple is dressed and gone. They are alone again at their secluded campsite, making love under the starts, and the warm crackle of the campfire. They eventually fall asleep, Johnny’s semi-hard cock is resting in Jenni’s wet pussy, their legs and arms wrapped around each other. As they sleep their lips are locked together and they dream of their wild affair.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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