The World’s First Futa 05 – Futa’s Public Delight 2: Futa’s First Naughty Trick

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The World’s First Futa – Futa’s Public Delights

Chapter Two: Futa’s First Naughty Trick

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2018

April 17th, 2047

“So perhaps before we talk about your interview with Amelia McCreery,” Adelia, the caramel-skinned talk show host, said, “we should give some background on why NBC fired her.”

“Right, right,” I said, loving how her hand rested on my knee. I couldn’t help but stare at her own thighs, just a hint of my pearly futa-cum squeezed out between them as my seed leaked out of her snatch.

I still buzzed from her frantic passion as she fucked me on the couch during the commercial break.

“Our younger viewers would probably be shocked to learn that the U.S. Government,” I said, “through the FCC, would fine a broadcast company for showing anything inappropriate. I mean, saying shit or fuck or cunt could get them in trouble let alone hardcore sex. When I was young we had the Tina Turner boob incident.”

“Nipplegate,” Adelia asked. “I’ve read about it, but I was too young for that one.”

I nodded my head. “Yep, during the Super Bowl halftime show, her costume ‘malfunctioned’ and her nipple was broadcast across the country. It was such a huge deal.” I shook my head. “So imagine how the FCC freaked out when so much futa-sex was sent out over the national airwaves.”

A titter ran through the crowd.

“Yes, this was before the 28th amendment was passed exempting futas from any sort of decency laws or regulations,” Adelia added. “Becky couldn’t pull out her dick on live television back then when we still had live TV and didn’t just stream everything over the internet.”

I nodded my head. So much had changed in thirty years. “So heads rolled at NBC for letting my naughty cheer routine shine out to the world, including a producer named Amelia McCreery.” I licked my lips. “Amelia McCreery was a fan of mine. I think when she saw me sucking my own futa-dick, she couldn’t turn off the feed. She had to share it to the world. And public opinion was on her side. Women, especially, supported my antics.”

“Yes, you were already catching the imagination of younger women, but that game capitulated you to a whole new level of fame.”

I smiled, remembering how dazed I was when I got the call for the interview. “So much so that CNN, in what I think was a bid to upswell their ratings, hired Amelia McCreery as a commentator immediately and then offered to do a live interview with me. Since they were on cable, well, they didn’t answer to the FCC like a broadcast channel, such as NBC, did. CNN saw an opportunity to make money, and they leaped on it.”

“Things got naughty?” Amelia asked.

I arched my eyebrow. “Don’t they always? But not how I expected. So I got the call and was invited to come to Seattle and…”


September 20th, 2018

I arrived at the Channel 7 News studio in Seattle, they were hosting the interview, with my entourage of a few of my friends: Dona, my ex-boyfriend Kurt, Chris and his girlfriend Tiffany, and Hank. They were the ones I was closest to at school. The ones who helped manage my crazy sex life.

“The green room is right this way,” Shane, a stocky producer, told me when I arrived. “Your friends can hang out with you in there and watch on the monitors.”

“Oh, okay,” I said.

I was still so bemused by how my antics had dominated the world for the last five days. It was the Thursday after the Husky game, and every pundit on every news show was talking about it. Almost every YouTube channel from fashion to gossip to actual news commentators had to throw in their two cents in. I was a hero. A harlot. Empowered. Depraved. Amazing. Disgusting.

I was corrupting America.

I was setting it free.

I was so overwhelmed. I had to shut down all my social media accounts. My Facebook and Twitter were just hammered. My phone almost melted from all the notifications. I couldn’t ignore this. Some people claimed I broke the law while others were demanding that FCC fine me for millions of dollars. But then others were demanding for the FCC to repeal their obscenity rules or claimed what I did wasn’t obscene at all.

But beautiful.

I agreed with them.

So when CNN reached out with me and offered me a live interview, to tell my own side of the story, I was so eager to take it. To be interviewed by sober journalist, one of their male commentator (and I insisted that it was a male commentator; I didn’t need to get more pussy) would be perfect. I could get out ahead of this. Get everyone to calm down.

So I bred an entire squad of cheerleaders on live TV? I was a futa. That was just how it was with me. My pheromones put women into heat. They just had to be bred by me. Somehow, I stimulated their bodies into ovulation. Every woman I fucked, as far as I knew, had a child.

Already I had hundreds of daughters with more being born every day.

“This is so exciting,” Dona said as we followed Shane through the hallways of the news studio. The brunette had such an excited look in her eyes, her nose ring glinting as it pierced her nose. “Glad I found a babysitter for your daughter, Becky. Thanks for setting it up, Kurt.”

Kurt shrugged. It was almost a year since the pair broke up and it looked like they were getting past that awkward stage since the game. I thought it was a shame they broke up. I liked Kurt. He was my first, and only, boyfriend. I wanted him to be happy. But he was hung up on his step-sister. I didn’t think his current relationship, a long-distance one, would last. “Yeah, my mom doesn’t mind. She’s already got hers and my sister’s child to take care.”

“She’s just so sweet to watch our daughters so we could be here for Becky,” Tiffany said, rubbing her belly. The blonde had a big smile on her face.

“That sounds complicated,” Shane said. The producer glanced at me over his shoulder. “You really have all the kids they say?”

“Basically,” I said as he turned and walked us through the studio.

I felt so important as I walked with my entourage through the studio. People paused to look at me. Now I was like a movie star or a pop star. It hit me then. I was famous now. I had the paparazzi flooding the University of Washington all eager to catch pictures of me getting wild with various women. Tabloids were filled with pics of me accompanied by headlines like:

World’s First Futa Caught Having Sex on the Quad!

World’s First Futa Has Illicit Sex with a Married Woman!

World’s First Futa Has Wild Threesome with Professor!

World’s First Futa Hosts an Orgy in her Dorm Room!

That last one was just my typical Sunday afternoon. I loved having orgies in my dorm rooms, fucking any woman who wanted it, watching everyone else writhing around me. I didn’t mind any guys that wanted to join the fun. If the girls were willing—and since I made them all so horny, they usually were—what was the harm?

Cumming was just the best, and guys deserved to get off as much as me.

“Okay, just in here,” Shane said, opening a door labeled green room. “Just hang tight. You’re not up right away.”

“Okay,” I said, trembling.

“There’s some snacks, and the makeup girl will be here soon.”

“Wait, makeup girl?” I gasped. “Isn’t there like a gay guy or something? I mean… don’t you know what will happen to her?”

He shrugged and headed off.

“You’re getting some nookie,” Dona said, a naughty grin on her lips.

Kurt laughed.

“Lucky her,” Tiffany said while Chris, her boyfriend, nodded his head. The nerdy guy had a huge grin on his face. He loved watching me fuck other girls, particularly Tiffany. He had a thing for futas when they were just figments of Japanese comic book artists—mangaka was the correct term according to Chris—imagination.

I just sighed and slipped into the room. Well, some pussy would probably calm my nerves. Kurt showed me that when he offered up his new girlfriend, Kristina, for me to fuck before the last Saturday game. It calmed me right down breeding her Black pussy.

The green room looked like a living room. And one with ugly furniture. I frowned at the olive-green couch next to the bright-orange chair. Nothing matched. It was so eclectic, like the station had just thrown whatever they could scrounge in here. I guess if you had to save money, it might as well be off stage.

“Not bad,” Kurt said, sitting down on a chair.

“Ooh, cocktail wieners,” Chris said, snagging up a Vienna sausage on a stick and popping it into his mouth.

“Something familiar for you,” Dona said, giving him a wink.

“Every guy has a small wiener compared to Becky,” Chris said without caring. He sat down on the other recliner and Tiffany draped her lithe, blonde form over him. She looked way out of the nerdy guys league, but they had bonded over their mutual delight in me, surrendering to their lusts in my first ever class I attended once I became a futa.

It was hot fucking Professor Rider before the entire class.

I sat down and considered the food stretched out before me. I gravitated to the platter of cheese and vegetables. I snagged a piece of celery and dipped into the ranch dressing. I took a bite, leaning back, my dick throbbing beneath my skirt. I was growing hard.

Makeup girl…

I licked my lips, tasting the ranch, and kocaeli escort smiled. I pulled up the purple skirt I wore, exposing the lilac boy shorts. I couldn’t wear normal panties, they were too tight to constrain my big cock. But boy shorts were delicious, just feminine enough to make me feel sexy but with the room to be mostly comfortable. My nipples hardened in my bra. I pulled out my dick, stroking it as I squirmed on the couch.

“Going to stroke one out?” Kurt asked while Dona stretched out on the couch beside me.

“I’d be more than willing to use any part of my body, Becky,” she said, leaning forward, her small breasts constrained in a red bra that bled through the tight, black, mesh top she wore. Her nipples were already hard. “You know that.”

“Me, too,” Tiffany said as she squirmed on Chris’s lap. “I could suck you off while Chris fucks me.”

“Just getting ready for the makeup girl,” I said. “She’s going to need to do my hair and makeup, so might as well get the sex out of the way.”

Kurt just shook his head. “Is that how it really is for you now, Becky? Just assuming you’re going to get your dick wet?”

“Well, it’s reality,” I said, recoiling from his words. “You know how women are. You’ve been around me a for year. It’s not that I’m arrogant or anything.”

“I didn’t say arrogant,” he said. “I meant… blasé.”

That didn’t sound much better. I opened my mouth to object to the label when the door opened. A young girl, my age, with blonde hair ending in dyed-purple tips walked in. She held a case in one hand, not unlike a fisherman’s tackle box, the other a phone she stared at. She was petite, a tight belly shirt clinging to her small breasts, a jean skirt hugging her waist. She took two steps in, inhaled, and froze.

Her eyes flicked up. The brilliant, blue depths locked on my futa-cock.

“Hi,” I said, fisting my girl-dick. “I thought we would just skip right to the fucking so you could get my makeup done.”

The girl licked her lips.

“You’re going to love it,” Dona said beside me, squirming, her hands sliding up beneath her tattered jean skirt she wore. Her short, brown hair gave her an elfin look. “Trust me.”

“Yes,” Tiffany moaned, her blouse already open, her round breasts cupped in Chris’s hands. He ducked his head down and suckled, drinking her mother’s milk.

The girl’s eyes darted around the room. Her knuckles squeezed tight about her makeup case. Her entire body trembled as her eyes darted around the room. She swallowed. Color flushed her cheeks as she stared at Chris nursing at his girlfriend’s tit to Dona rubbing at her cunt and moaning in delight.

“I… I…” the makeup girl stammered.

“I know, I know, you don’t even know me,” I told her, my thumb rubbing a drop of precum across the tip of my dick.

Her eyes locked on my shaft.

“But, like I said, I’m Becky. It’s nice to meet you, makeup girl. This is my futa-dick.” I parted my pussy lips with my other hand, my silky folds drinking in the feel of my fingers. “See, I have a pussy, too. Now drop those panties, and I’ll squirt a nice, big load of cum into your pussy.”

“My pussy?” she squeaked.

“Don’t you want to be bred by me?” I asked.

Her blue eyes widened. Saying the B word around women in heat always did something to them. It tripped some sort of programming buried deep in a woman’s brain, some leftover instinct our race had long discarded in our evolution that my mutation somehow tapped into. She shuddered, dropped her tackle box, and threw herself forward.

A year ago, I would have been utterly embarrassed and even felt guilty for driving a woman this wild with lust. But now… Now I just enjoyed the ride. I let go of my cock and put my hands behind my head, smiling at her.

“Damn,” Kurt muttered, sitting up in his seat. His blue eyes were wide. He ran a hand through his red hair as the makeup girl trembled before me.

“You’re going to really breed me with this dick?” the girl moaned. She grasped my dick, stroking up and down my shaft.

I winked at her.

“It’s so big,” she moaned.

“You can take it,” Tiffany whimpered.

“God, you can,” Dona moaned. I heard the wet sound of her fingers plunging into her pussy. “Just go for a ride, makeup girl. You’ll cum so hard.”

The girl’s hand clenched about my dick. She stroked up it, a bead of precum squeezed out the slit. She reached the pinnacle, brushing the crown. I groaned, the pleasure surging around me. I let out a grown.

“You are going to cum so hard on my dick,” I moaned as her thumb stroked across my spongy crown. “I’m going to pump so much spunk into you. I’m going to breed you so hard.”

“Oh, my god,” she groaned and hiked up her jean skirt. She wore a bright-red thong beneath. She yanked it to the side, a gold ring glinting as it pierced through her clitoral hood. She had a shaved pussy, her vulva plump and red already, juices flowing.

Then she mounted me and impaled her cunt down my dick.

I groaned as her hot, tight cunt engulfed my cock. I whimpered, my eyes squeezing shut for a moment. Every pussy felt different. Every one a new delight for me to experience. She gripped me hard in the middle of her snatch, so tight right there. I shuddered as she worked her silky hole up and down my cock, stimulating me, driving me wild.

She squeaked and gasped, pumping so hard. She fucked me with abandon, holding nothing back. Her blonde hair, with pink-frosted tips, danced about her flushed face. Her blue eyes fluttered as she rode me so hard. Her pussy gripped me, squeezing so hard.

“Oh, my god, you’re going to breed me!” she howled. “I can’t believe this. I wasn’t going to fuck you. I promised myself I wouldn’t. But… but… Oh, yes, yes, yes! This is a dick! This is the best dick ever! It’s huge.”

“Mmm, and full of futa-cum,” I said, my hands still clasped behind my head, not touching her, letting her enjoy my dick however she wanted.

“Damn, that is so fucking hot,” Dona moaned, trembling beside me. “Ooh, it’s making me lactate.”

I glanced at her, noticing the dark stains bleeding through her bra. She arched her back, her thighs clamping down about her wrist as she frigged herself. Seeing the pleasure cross my friend’s face only enhanced the bliss engulfing my cock, spiced the pleasure racing down my shaft.

Kurt leaned forward in his chair. He braced his elbows on his knees, his hands folded before him, knuckles clenched hard. His blue eyes stared with such intensity on my futa-cock vanishing over and over into the makeup girl’s cunt.

“She is just riding you so hard and fast.”

“Uh-huh,” the makeup girl groaned. “I… I told myself I wouldn’t do this. I wouldn’t fuck you, but… but… I want to be bred by you so badly, Becky!”

“I’m going to give you a baby,” I moaned, my breasts jiggling in my bra. I shuddered, the pleasure rushing through my body. “Just keeping working that cunt up and down my dick, and I’ll give you all the spunk you want.”

“Yes!” she hissed, her cunt squeezing down hard as she impaled her pussy on my dick.

“Damn,” Tiffany whimpered. “She’s so passionate. I remember my first time with you, Becky. Ooh, Chris, you remember? During the orgy?”

“Yes!” he groaned. Then she squealed as I heard the wet sounds of suckling again.

The makeup girl didn’t care that my friends were watching her ride my dick. She just wanted my cum pumping into her. I could feel it in the intensity that she rode my dick. Her hands gripped my shoulders, squeezing me through my silk blouse, my blonde hair brushing her hands.

She leaned back, shifting how her pussy massaged my dick. I groaned, pleasure surging through me. She had such an incredible grip. She drove me so wild. I groaned and gasped, shaking my head as the pleasure spilled through my body. My eyes rolled back into my head. I wanted this to keep surging through me. My pussy squeezed tight as her cunt worked up and down my dick.

“I’m going to cum!” she howled. “Oh, my god. I’ve never cum this fast. This is so much! It’s Becky! It’s the futa! She’s real, and she’s going to breed me! Oh, my god, she’s going to breed my pussy so hard!”

“So hard,” Dona moaned. “Oh, girl, you just need to explode on that dick!”

“Uh-huh,” I groaned, my futa-dick aching and throbbing in the depths of her cunt. It was incredible. “Just keep working that pussy up and down my cock. Mmm, just like that. You love it. you want my futa-cum spurting into you.”

“So badly!” the makeup girl gasped. I didn’t even know her name, but she was fucking me so hard.

She slammed her snatch down my shaft. She engulfed every inch of my girl-dick with her hot pussy. I groaned, my eyes widening as I savored that hot silk hugging my dick in her hot passion. I let out a naughty whimper. The pleasure surging through me. It was such a delight. My eyes squeezed shut, bracing myself against the pleasure.

Then she squealed out in delight and exploded on my shaft. The makeup girl went off like such a hot firecracker. Her pussy spasmed and writhed about my shaft. She bucked on my shaft, spasming so wildly, her blonde hair dancing about her shoulders.

“Breed me!” she howled. “Just pump that cum into me!”

Pleasure surged around my shaft. She worked her convulsing pussy up and down my dick, still riding me hard even as the ecstasy surged kocaeli escort bayan through her body. Her face twisted with rapture, her blue eyes glassy with her lust. My eyes fluttered as her cunt milked my shaft, so hungry for my cum. I couldn’t resist.

My ovaries gave her what she craved.

“Fuck!” I gasped as I erupted. “Take it!”

“You’re breeding me!” she howled as my futa-cum fired out of my girl-dick.

“She is,” Dona whimpered beside me.

“Yes, yes, yes, breed her, Becky!” moaned Tiffany. “This is so hot. Just flood her! Put a baby in her.”

I was. My hot jizz spurted into her with such power. It erupted out of me with such a primal force. Each ejaculation sent a bolt of lightning screaming through my body and sparking into my mind. I howled, my cunt convulsing, juices gushing out into my boy shorts. I whimpered and moaned, my eyes fluttering.

The makeup girl sank her pussy down my entire dick. She impaled herself on me as her pussy spasmed so hard. She wrung out every drop of my cum into her hungry cunt. She leaned back, her tits jiggling in her top, her hair falling off my shoulder.

“Yes, yes, yes! You’re breeding me, Becky!” howled the makeup girl. “Oh, this is so hot! This is amazing! Fuck, yes!”

“I am! Take it!”

“Take it,” Kurt echoed, his voice thick and throaty.

My body bucked and spasmed as the pleasure coursed through me. My heart thudded. My body squirmed. Such delight burned through me. Such hot passion coursed through my veins. It was so intense.

Her pussy milked me dry. It was so greedy for every drop of cum I had. Pleasure flowed through me. I sucked in deep breaths as I panted, a big smile on my face. I felt so relaxed. So ready for my interview now. My body buzzed with rapture.

“Oh, my fucking god,” she groaned as she came down from her high. “I just… I just did that. I just fucked Becky!”

“Uh-huh,” I panted.

“You fucked her hard, girl,” Dona whimpered then she squealed beside us. Her face contorted as she found her own bliss.

The makeup girl blinked a few times. Then she shook her head, her eyes widening like she just realized what she did. Her pussy squeezed down hard on my cock. Then she slid off my dick, my cock popping out of her cunt. Panting, shimmed her skirt back down to cover herself.

“That was nice,” she said, stretching her back. She had a big smile on her face. “I’m glad I did that, Becky.”

“Me, too,” I breathed, ready for the interview.

She gave me a wink then sauntered towards the door. I frowned as she walked past her tackle box makeup case. She didn’t even look at it. She just grabbed the doorknob, twisted it, and opened the door.

“Um…” I started to say.

Without a word, she slipped out of the green room. I blinked at that. Wasn’t she the makeup girl? Did she need to get something?

“That was weird,” Dona panted, her tits heaving.

“Was it?” Chris asked.

Tiffany rode his dick now, her ass flashing from beneath her bunched-up, black skirt. He gripped her rump her blonde hair falling down her back. I licked my lips at the sight of that rump, my futa-dick throbbing, drenched in the makeup girl’s cream.

“Yeah, it was a little weird,” Dona said.

“Probably wanted to clean herself up,” Kurt said, leaning back in the chair now. My ex shifted his jeans, his cock bulging the front.

“Naw, girls like the feel of Becky leaking out of us.” Dona pulled her fingers out of her pussy. “Right, Tiffany?”

“Definitely,” the blonde moaned, her voice so throaty. “Oh, yes, Chris, I love your cute dick in me. It’s so small. It makes me miss Becky’s dick so much.”

“Yes, yes, you need to fuck the futa while I watch,” Chris groaned.

Dona looked at me and shook her head, mouthing, “Weird.”

I shrugged. It took all kinds of people.

“Wish she stuck around,” Kurt muttered.

“Looking to get a little strange pussy?” Dona purred.

Kurt didn’t answer.

“What would that Black girl you’re dating think?” asked Dona.

“We broke up,” Kurt said. “She got what she wanted: bred by Becky.” He said the words so calm, like it didn’t matter. Like he got what he wanted, too. Sharing her with me? Being there when I bred her cunt?

“That little bitch,” Dona said. She shook her head. “Or did you call out your sister’s name while in bed with her?”

“Don’t start that fight again,” I muttered. “I am so sick of it. If you two can’t play nice, I’ll separate you.”

“I can play nice with Kurt,” Dona said. She slipped off the couch onto the floor and crawled to Kurt. She reached my ex, her ex, I rubbed at his jeans. “Want me to suck your cock, Kurt? Relieve that pressure? An apology for being a cunt.”

Kurt look down. “If you mean it, sure.”

“I mean it,” she said. “I didn’t mean to be a cunt.” His zipper rasped. She shook her rump covered in her jean skirt at me.

My futa-dick throbbed.

Well, I didn’t know how much longer we had, but… I was getting bored. And Dona was such a nice friend. She was more than willing to help pass the time. I caught a glimpse of her pulling out Kurt’s small dick, my pussy remembering that night a year ago when he came in me and everything changed.

I smiled, stroking my pussy-slicked dick as I advanced on Dona. I fell to my knees behind her, my futa-dick smacking her ass. I loved the way her butt-cheek rippled. The sound it made. Giggling, I lifted my futa-cock and smacked her again.

“Bad Dona,” I said.

“So bad,” she moaned.

Kurt groaned as she sucked on his dick. Pleasure crossed his friendly, handsome face. I grinned and smacked my cock on Dona’s rump again. She wiggled it, inviting me to do it again and again. I couldn’t resist.

She just had such a cute rump.

It made such a wicked sound with every smack. Her butt-cheeks rippled. I groaned, tingles racing down my cock to my pussy. My tits bounced in my blouse. The tip of my dick ached as precum flicked from the end and painted her ass in ropy lines.


My cock landed right into her butt-crack this time. Her wiggling just lined it up right. I groaned, sinking in between those cute buns. I groaned at the feel of her cheeks squeezing around my shaft. I shuddered, enjoying the naughty embrace. I felt her puckered sphincter on the bottom of my shaft.

I glanced at Kurt. Grinned.

He nodded back.

Dona couldn’t object. She had a mouth-full of our ex’s cock. Not that she would as I pressed my dick at her velvety asshole’s entrance. I shuddered, pushing on her tight hole, the precum lubing the way.

My dick slid into her wonderful asshole.

“Ooh, I’m going to be interviewed by this Mr. McCreery with a dick warm from your ass, Dona,” I moaned. “Hot, right?”

She squealed about Kurt’s dick.

“Sounds hot to me,” Chris panted.

“You think everything I do is hot,” I panted, thrusting so hard into my friend’s tight rectum.

Tiffany giggled, a squealing sound, then moaned, “Oh, yes, he does. It makes his cute, little dick so hard in my pussy. Mmm, you’re going to make me cum with a that cute dick, aren’t you?”

“So hard,” he groaned.

The sweet sound of their kissing mixed with the depraved, slick noise my cock made ramming into Dona’s asshole and the slap of my crotch spanking her rump. Dona whimpered, her hips rotating, her bowels clenching down on my dick. She bobbed her head, sucking and slurping.

I loved it. Her brown hair swayed about her face as I fucked her, forcing her head down Kurt’s dick. My ex’s moans rippled through the air as we shared Dona. We used her together, fucking her so hard. It was so amazing. I shuddered, my dick aching in her depths.

“You’re going to pump so much cum down her throat,” I panted, my tits bouncing beneath my top.

Kurt groaned, “Not as much as you’re going to pump into her asshole.”

“Don’t compete with a futa,” Chris panted. “You’ll lose.”

“Every time,” I said.

“Yeah,” Kurt grunted. “Damn, Dona, suck it. Just work that mouth on my dick. Fuck, I’m going to cum hard.”

“Yes, yes, make him cum hard,” I moaned, thrusting harder into my friends wonderful bowels. Her tight grip sent velvety delight spilling up my shaft to my juicy pussy. “You’re going to gulp down all his cum. Apologize with that mouth.”

Dona squealed, her hips bucking back into me. I loved it. Her bowels clenched on my withdrawing dick, that hot grip teasing me. I thrust forward, hammering hard into her bowels. She squealed again, trembling before me, her supple back arching.

Then her asshole writhed about my cock. Her velvety flesh rippled and writhed about me. My eyes squeezed shut as I savored the heat billowing around me. I grunted at the delight of plowing into her cumming bowels. She moaned about Kurt’s cock, almost whimpering.

“Jesus, did you already cum, Dona?” Kurt groaned, his blue eyes squeezing shut. “Fuck, you’re sucking so hard.”

“I know!” I gasped. “I think she loves anal. She came like a firecracker.”

“And now she’s trying to suck all the cum out of my balls.”

“And my ovaries,” I whimpered, the writhing bowels stimulating my dick.

I slammed deep into her bowels. I buried to the hilt in her, a hot tremble racing through my body. My passion burst out of my throat as the pleasure surged through my pussy. Juices gushed out of my izmit escort cunt as my cum erupted.

“Take it!” I howled, spurting hot jizz into my friend’s asshole.

“Yes!” snarled Kurt, joining me in rapture. “Oh, fuck, Dona. Your mouth… Work that mouth.”

We were both cumming. We flooded Dona’s holes with our jizz. The rapture surged through me, warming me up, getting me pumped for the interview. It was only minutes away. I couldn’t wait to tell my story to the world. To let them meet the world’s first futa.

“Damn, Becky!” Kurt groaned, that familiar voice I heard so many times when we were dating, when I was blowing him.

My gaze lifted to meet his. Kurt’s blue eyes caught mine in a hard grip our orgasm spilled over us. The rapture burned through my mind as I froze. Despite the ecstasy surging through, and out of me, those eyes arrested me.

Memories of all the times I gazed into this eyes and thought he was my future. For a moment, I fell into that old belief that we would grow old together in our home with the white picket fence and—

“Yes, yes, yes, cum in me, Chris!” Tiffany moaned. “Oh, god, yes!”

The sounds of her orgasm drew my attention away from Kurt. My eyes stung and my throat suddenly felt dry. Despite the buzzing bliss shooting through me, I didn’t feel amazing. I felt… empty. Hollow. I threw a look over my shoulder at the couple writhing on the chair, Tiffany squirming, the pair kissing, loving each other.

They had that future together. They would love each other. Would I ever have that? Women wanted to fuck me, but none wanted to love me? I had friends who cared for me, but even Dona, single for most of the last year, didn’t show any interest in being my girlfriend.

Would I just have endless, meaningless sex with women? It was hot. I loved it. A lot. I savored sliding into a woman’s pussy. Of fucking her with all my might. It was so deliciously naughty to breed a woman—especially an older woman while her husband watched. But would I have anyone to share it with?

Not another futa. No other woman had mutated like me. All the other futas in the worlds were my infant daughters.

I sighed and looked away from Tiffany, my gaze flashing across the room back to Dona’s ass and—

Movement caught my attention. There was a TV mounted on the wall on the opposite side of the room. The sound was muted, but the screen was on. I hadn’t noticed it from where I sat on the couch, but from here it was…

“The fuck?” I muttered, frowning.

“Huh?” Kurt asked, his voice throaty from cumming down Dona’s throat.

“The makeup artists is on the TV,” I said.

Kurt turned his head. “Huh. That’s weird.”

Dona’s asshole clenched about my softening dick. She popped her mouth off Kurt’s cock to look up. There on the screen was a close up on the makeup artist. Then it shifted to a wider shot showing her talking to a woman wearing a mauve blouse and gray skirt. The two were almost facing each other on what looked like a talk show set. The makeup girl looked flushed like she just…

“Remote’s on the table,” Chris said.

I turned around and spotted it next to the platter. I lunged for it, pulling my cock out of Dona’s asshole, and snagged it. I fumbled to find the mute button as the pair were talking about something.

I pressed and heard: “—let’s play the clip.”

The image shifted to the makeup girl standing before a camera. “Hi, I’m Jordan Teller, producer for the McCreery Report.” She held up a medical paper. The screen shifted to an insert of it as Jordan continued saying, “This here is a doctor’s report from twenty minutes ago proving that I’m not pregnant.”

I could read it on the paper that she had a gynecological exam and the doctor wrote down, “No evidence of pregnancy. Patient reported her period ended three days ago. Ovulation has not occurred.”

“Now, Becky Woodward has just walked in,” Jordan continued to the camera as the image faded back to her, “and people claim women just have to have sex with her and are instantly impregnated by her. I think that’s a load of crock. I swear that I am not going to have sex with her at all. I’ve never met her. I’ll testify that in court.”

“What is going on here?” Tiffany asked, squirming on Chris’s lap.

I blinked, my brain struggling to understand that very question as the screen now showed Jordan walking towards the green room holding that very makeup case she left behind. She opened the door and slipped in. It cut back to the studio look of Jordan and the other woman.

“Well, your vow not to have sex with Becky Woodward lasted all of five seconds,” the strange woman said, older, in her early thirties, black hair framing her narrow face. She had a bold nose and lush lips.

“I know,” Jordan laughed. “I mean, she just had that dick out and she said breed and… I just went baby mad. Her friends weren’t much help. They were egging me on.”

“The fuck is this?” Kurt asked, frowning at the screen.

I didn’t know. I stood up, my futa-dick swinging before me.

“Let’s roll the clip,” the show’s host said. “And be warned, we’re about to show graphic depictions of sex.”

I let out a gasp of shock as the image changed to this very room. There I was pulling out my futa-cock, stroking it as I slouched on this couch. Dona was beside me, and you could see Kurt watching me while Tiffany and Chris were just in shot fooling around. My head shot to the corner of the room and… There was a camera pointed right at me. Not a big one, but one of those small, security ones.

“They were watching us?” Tiffany asked.

“Ew,” Dona said, standing up from where she still knelt between Kurt’s thighs.

He zipped up his cock.

“What is going on?” I muttered.

My clit-dick throbbed hard, engorged by the image, as I watched an encore performance of Jordan riding my cock, my arms thrust behind my head, such a cocky look on my face. I squirmed, not sure how I felt about this. They… set me up?

Should I be furious?

The image on the screen arrested my gaze. God, Jordan had a great ass. Her thong was buried between her butt-cheeks. Her rump flexed and writhed as she worked her tight cunt up and down my dick. We were both moaning and gasping. And it was over so fast. She came like a firecracker, milking my dick.

Then it cut back to the studio feed and Jordan parted her thighs, showing off her thong soaked with pearly cum. “Let me tell you, the stories are correct. She’s huge. She pumped more cum in me than a dozen guys. I am swimming in her seed. No wonder she breeds every woman she has sex with.”

“It looks like it,” the host said, her voice throaty. “And coming up after our break, we’ll sit down with Becky herself.” The host shivered. “We’ll see if I, before all of you live, can resist fucking her cock.”

A strange, angry surge shot through me. It was like… they were using me. This was so blatant. They were advertising that they were going to show me having sex. Why didn’t they ask me? Why should I let this… this host just fuck my cock? Why should I breed her?

Fuck her. And not literally, metaphorically.

I was fuming.

“What are you going to do, Becky?” Kurt asked. He stood up, his face hard, stony.

I folded my arms before my chest. I opened my mouth to answer when the door opened. I whirled around to face Shane. The producer didn’t look perturbed at all to see me with my futa-cock thrusting out before me.

“Okay, Becky, we’re ready for you,” he said. “Let’s go.”

“Good,” I said, words clipped, my blood boiling through me. I wasn’t hard at all. I would stay soft. For once, I wouldn’t have sex with a woman aching to be bred!


April 17th, 2047

I had forgotten just how angry Amelia McCreery’s trick had made me. It was so interesting the way time affected your memory. It blunted things, softened them so they didn’t seem as bad as they felt, but talking about it again, being in the green room and realizing I was secretly being filmed…

I glanced to the side at my wife, Sharron. Her blue eyes caught mine. Just staring into them, seeing the love in her eyes, the support, banished those lingering traces of anger. It happened so long ago, thirty years. It wasn’t anything to start fuming about now.

I smiled at her as I saw my future in her eyes. I was so glad I met her. It took me a while to find her, and I had a lot of fun until I did, but it was worth it.

“Wow, I had no idea that anything like that happened behind the scenes,” Adelia, my current interviewer, said.

I turned back from my wife, a smile crossing my lips. “I know. It was a stunt. All for the ratings.”

“It looks like it.” Adelia recrossed her legs, her thighs sticky with my cum. My futa-dick ached and throbbed at the yummy sight. Why be angry about something in the past when it lead to something so good anyways? “Well, I can honestly say I never secretly filmed a guest having sex in the green room.”

“Shame, I remember that time me and you were in the green room.”

A smile crossed Adelia’s lips. “We made our daughter that day.”

An “awwwwwww” sighed from the watching audience.

Adelia straightened her back and rapidly blinked her eyes with her long, lush lashes. “Well, you were angry, and rightly so. You were going to go out there and show her you were not a futa to be messed with.”

“That’s right,” I said. “I was ready to show her I wasn’t about to be pushed around.”

To be continued…

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