Theory of Water

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The bell dinged once and then again and then again. I wondered who was here at this godforsaken hour. I wasn’t expecting anyone. I was partially awake and partially sleepy. I slouched my way to the door. I couldn’t focus properly. Some lights were blurry and some were sharp. From a distance, I could still hear the water being filled up in the tanks. The shadows at the gate was an amalgamation of white fluorescent over my head and the setting rays of sun from the window adjacent to the door.

I reached the door and with all energy left within me I grabbed it’s handle and twisted and turned it open. That door was followed by the white gate at my apartment that provides additional security. I opened the gate and there right in front of my eyes I saw him, Antonio.

My eyes still couldn’t fathom the reality. Is it really him or is it just a dream. I was still waiting for his text since the past few days and was hopeless yet now he is just there in front of me. Somewhere within me I am convinced he is nothing but an illusion but I know for certain I am not dreaming, it sure doesn’t look like one.

Before I could speak, he pushed me in with an authority and closed the door behind me. He moved his hand ahead and took hold of my hand. It was as if I touched a live wire. It wasn’t just some scintillations within me, I felt jolts of electrons passing within me. My heart probably skipped a beat or two.

All I could see was him. My eyes saw his and he saw mine. His eyes are a little pretentious and a little unconceited. They were still yet to speak a thousand words. Words that were mere infrared radiations, although inaudible yet powerful to vibrate all of my organs especially my heart.

He carved a shallow smile on his face. A smile that was different. A smile that hid behind itself numerous shades of yellows and oranges yet had a husk of blues over it. That smile confabulated more than those eyes.

His grip tightened on my hand as he pulled me after him. A step and then another and then another up until I was in my room. I was nothing but a mere embodiment of his soul. I had none of me in me. It was as if I was a part of him. I followed him like a mirror, mimicked him – all of him.

In the room, it was quiet. Just some dying light amalgamating with the fluorescence within the room. The hiss of the fan and that’s it. I could hear him breath and I could hear me breath. He pulled me polatlı escort into him and shut the door behind him.

I tightly moved my arms around him and pulled him closer to me and hugged him. I could feel my soul rejuvenating as if I drank from the ganges or from the fountain of youth. That hug wiped off all the burdens I had once within me. All my desires stood right in front of me.

He hugged me harder and it was then I realized the role scent plays. I always thought everyone wakes up each day, takes bath and wears the classiest perfume but not today. Today I was flabbergasted and felt something I never had felt before. His aroma was better than all of the musks I ever smelled.

For ages; I have always wondered would I ever be inflicted by this magic of romance that the world craves but being in his arms made me spellbound. No matter what I did and what logic I ran, I couldn’t escape.

He moved his hands up, vibrating every inch of my body as he slither them. He held my face and rubbed his palm on my cheek. His warm palm on my cheek brought within it a thousand sensations. Bubbles of oxytocin, dopamine and of course the lusty testosterone burst all over in me.

He caressed my ear lobes as I caressed his ear lobes. He slowly moved his face near to mine up until his lips touched mine. He let his tongue moisten my lips and in a jiffy his lips embraced mine. It was as if they are two parts of a broken magic medallion meeting to wipe off a curse. Seconds added to seconds until they were sixty yet kiss continued.

He then moved his hand down kissing while doing it and held my hands again. His fingers embraced mine as they kissed each other. I pulled him near to me and he pulled me near to him. If it wasn’t for biology, all of my carbon atoms would have made covalent bonds to all his carbon atoms.

The kiss stopped but not for long. His hands soon slither down my pants and my hands slither down his. I undone his jeans as he undone my pajamas. I kissed his lips and he kissed me back. Soon pants were a part of this covalent bond anymore. He moved his hands up body and I moved my hands up his back and soon the shirts were casted out as heat from an exothermic reaction.

There I was bare-bodied in front of him and there he was bare-bodied in front of me. There wasn’t a single veil between us. All of me was in-sight of him and all of him was pursaklar escort in-sight of mine.

He moved his hands over to my chest as I pulled him close to me. His shaved face rubbed against my neck as his tongue made it all wet. He moved his hands up to my nipples and then rubbed his face down all over my chest as he licked my nipples. Left followed by right with enough gap in between for me not knowing what’s coming next.

He then pushed me on bed and pulled himself on top of me. His mouth biting me on the face followed by lips followed by ears followed by neck. I licked him off, ears followed by lips followed by neck. He moved as he licked my nipples. I moved my hands to pull him close to me. The carbons attract the carbons. The 2 hydrogens attract oxygen for them to be water.

He moved his hands down pinning me to bed. He then cupped around my balls. Teased me one after the other. He nudged them yet he caressed them. He savored them as if they were meant to be his. My balls were so hot they were gasping for air. They moaned as I moaned. Before I could moan more he settled his mouth over my appendage as he ravaged it. The tip followed by the length. His mouth slithered over me. It felt silkier than silk. His mouth owning my manhood. To and fro and fro and to. He gagged on to me. The carbon extending its arms for another carbon

He then pulled himself up delicately followed me up to my lips as he licked me. He then kissed me again and then again. I held his head and turned him over. I planted my body over him as I pinned him on the ground. I used my tongue to follow down onto him. His neck, his chest, his nipples, his belly down to his appendage. I held his ornaments in my hands before I groped down on them. Left ball followed by right. I circled my tongue around the head of his manhood before plunge it in the surge of my froth. To and fro and fro and to. Like a tcp/ip protocol extending it’s handshake. Ack after ack and syn after syn. He moaned to exert the heat of the exothermic covalent reaction.

I pinned him against his back again. I lift his knees up as his feet rest on the bed. I kissed him on his lips and whispered in his ears as he closed his eyes. I kneeled in front of him, like a devotee in front of buddha. I massage his honeypot to let the doors for the bees to be opened. The last wish at that wishing well of Aphrodite. The initiation sincan escort of the covalent bond.

One hand wrapped around his manhood and the other lingering around the edges of his honeypot. To and fro the former moved as the later circled. A ritual before the carbons begs to be united amongst themselves in a bond so strong it makes a diamond. I then whispered to the head of his manhood. The ritual of two made into the ritual of three. The carbons now thrust as they desired the bonds. The hydrogen atoms stripped themselves all set to be with oxygen so as their transformation completes into water.

I then moved the hand on his manhood near to his thigh as my manhood knocked on his honeypot. The gate let me in. I embed my manhood into him. I moved to and fro and fro and to. Again and again. I kissed him at the same time and yearned his lips at each fro. Soon I spilled a part of me in his honeypot. He smiled and I smiled. I kissed him and he kissed me. The carbons now all aligned with their first covalent bond completed. He moaned and I moaned as the bonds exhale the heat.

I then let on side of him. He slithered his leg onto my belly. He slithered down and pinched manhood to tease it or maybe to greet it for a job well done. I looked at him as he picked himself up. He pinned me down and kissed me. He licked my neck, my belly and circled around my manhood.

He then bent my knees as he planted my feet on the bed. He then kissed me on my lips and whispered in my ears as I closed my eyes. He kneeled and massaged the turf of my honeypot. He then followed the ritual of three. All those circles and those toys and fros left me shocked and suppled. His gentle touch amalgamated with his aggression. My moans and desire. The color of the spectrum all flashed before me. My carbons calling his name as they ask his carbons to bond.

Soon the calls were heard and there he was with his manhood tunneling through my honeypot. To and fro and fro and to. He kissed me at all the to’s as he yearned my lips at all the fro’s. One and another and then another until the pitted peach of mine has a pit of his in between. I moaned softly and he moaned softly as we exhaled the heat the carbon-covalent bonds produced. He planted and I panted. He smiled and I. All those carbons with him have bonded to all those carbons within me. His hydrogen has made a subtle covalent bond to the oxygen of mine and now there is none of them it’s just water. The blue, the pure and the desired – water.

My eyes couldn’t focus on him anymore – he blurred out until it was no more of him. There was another loud ding followed by another. But it wasn’t the door – it was my phone and it reas a message from him, Antonio.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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