Things Have Changed (Alex,Nina,Sam)_(1)

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Things Have Changed…. PART 1

(Nina Words) Thank god i have a very considerate boyfriend.Seems my bitchy ex neighbor found out

my dog Max been living with me the whole year that i’ve been staying in my suppose to be dream

home.Not a dream anymore since she went told my landlord that i broke my rental agreement by

having a pet.Yes I knew i wasn’t suppose to have a dog,so I just decided to move out and avoid the


As I said my boyfriend is very considerate and asked me to move in with him. I’ve been dating Alex

for about 6 months now but we’ve been knowing each other since high school.It’s such a small world

that we both moved to Houston when we graduated and became friends.Friends eventually grew to

friends with benefits,friends with benefit’s grew to love.Alex is the love of my life with his model

smile and dimples that makes you want to take a lick.The fact that he walks around with 9 inches of

steel in his boxers and fuck like a champ is just a bonus.Or the fact that he’s the only man i trust to

be completely honest with me and not cheat like my other no good ex’s before him.

Crap! I’m super tired,I knew i should of stayed home with my baby Alex.Being hard head as he likes

to call me I only made it through 2 hours of work before i had enough.So now i’m heading into the

front door of my house that my boyfriend and I have been living in sin for 2 weeks.Ugh! I just want to

lay down while he rubs my feet and maybe suck his dick till he cums down my throat.

Mmmhhhhmm! “What the fuck is that noise” i think.. Alex Please Fuck Me Harder!.. “Oh hell no,this

can’t be happening to me!” I cry in my head.. Plllleeease Baby Fuck Me Deeper!.. I want to throw up

right there but instead i quietly walk into the living room.What I see is something that i’ll never

forget.The love of my life pounding 9 inches of dick into “our best friend” Sam asshole!I’m in shock

i believe,mainly because i haven’t ever seen “Sam Da Man” in the most feminine position before in

my life.The pleasure on his face is what made the anger and betrayal go quite in my soul… Alex

Don’t Be Gentle Fuck My Brains Out!..I finally look into Alex face and see an expression of lust that

made my pussy leak..”Yeah Alex Fuck His Brains Out!” Both heads turn to me in shock..

(Alex Words) Oh Fuck! This was suppose to been the last time.Why the fuck did I let Sam talk me

into this again?I scold myself,while trying to think of a way to keep my other half Nina from walking

out my life.Sam’s fuck hole quivering around my dick wasn’t helping matters either!.I look down at

Sam and understood immediately that it was time to explain to Nina how this happened.

…..Back Story…..

We met Sam during our first year in college at U Of H and we became inseparable.The years of me

and Nina fucking like bunny’s I found out that kocaeli escort Sam was Bi.In our second year we decided to become

roommates that’s when i walked into our dorm room to Sam on his knees deep throating his English

professor.I walked out in confusion and a boner that wouldn’t quite.Later after fucking Nina for

hours i went home to Sam on the couch waiting up for me.Sam apologized for being out in the open

while he was seducing his professor into turning his B into an A.I told him you don’t have to say

sorry if you can help me with my asshole professor *jokingly*.I gave him a smile to convey how it

was ‘water under the bridge’ and our friendship was okay. After that day I never had any trouble with

Mr. Fintcher ”the asshole professor” and my feelings for Sam was getting confusing by the day.

One night about a year later Nina and I had a big fight and our fucking sessions were no more.I was

too stupid to talk it out and she was too Hard head to speak to me.So Sam took me out bar hopping

so i could get my mind off the drama.It helped some but i ended up going home,less than sober and

more depressed than ever.Sam talked to me halfway through the night until we both fell asleep in

my bed.The next morning I woke up to my dick in between a fuck able ass crack.Without much

thought I started humping that bubble butt to get off.I heard moaning but I didn’t give a fuck so I

moved my boxer slit to the side and let my dick free.By then my cock was leaking pre cum that was

making it easier to slide into the crack at a pace that i was ready to cum.I leaned my arm over to feel

how wet Nina’s pussy was so we could cum together.Instead I felt a thick hard cock leaking down my

fingers.At that very moment the night before came crashing back into my mind. “Fuck Nina” I

thought “I Just Need To Cum For A Minute”. I Grabbed Sam’s cock and began to jerk him off the way

i like to when i’m alone,while pumping my cock deep between his thighs…Omg Alex I’m Gonna Cum!

I hear Sam screams.So i speed up my thrusts and a couple seconds later we cum in a messy sticky


I wake up later to Sam between my thighs sucking my dick to hardness.I must say besides Nina,i

haven’t met anyone that could deep throat my dick to the root.Sam starts sucking each nutsack then

goes back to slurping my dick down his throat. He speeds up then slows down keeping me on the

edge.My eyes start rolling back in my head when he speeds up again keeping his mouth to the root

of my cock.He does something with his tongue that has my toes curling and i cum the hardest i’ve

ever came in my life! He takes everything i give out and then wants more saying “I Need More Nut

Juice Baby” and 2 more spurts later i felt depleted

After that night it took a week of blow jobs and foreplay for me to tell Sam I wanted to fuck his tight

asshole.I never been into anal sex with any girl I fucked and Nina didn’t ask for it so we never did

it.Over kocaeli escort bayan that week I looked at other guys to see if I was bicurious but I never felt an ounce of lust

towards them. That’s when I realized i wasn’t attracted to other guys only to Sam but did that still

make me Bi? I don’t know and never questioned it again,I was ready to fuck him and that all that

mattered.That Friday night after Sam gave me a superb blow job I pulled out lube from the

night stand. Their was no need for small talk as Sam rolled over on his stomach waiting for the lube

job that i was ready to give him.After getting him nice and oily he looked back at me and said “Go

Slow Baby It’s Been Awhile”..I put my dick right up to his hole while pushing slowing into him.The

feeling was so tight I could hardly breath so I pushed forward hoping my dick wasn’t gonna fall off

from poor circulation.Finally I hit bottom and I felt like I was home!.. “Fuck Me Baby!” He moaned.

So I started thrusting in him,then I started riding him harder and harder! That night was one of the

best nights I’ll never forget it.I came so hard that I fell asleep on top of him and didn’t wake up till the

next morning.After that night we fucked every chance we could.I never had to seek any other female

out while me and Nina were broken up because I had Sam in my bed.I did things with Sam that

pushed the boundaries of what I was comfortable with.I’m talking golden showers,BDSM and

asphyxiation play.

I knew that soon Nina and i would need to hash out our fight but i was happy i thought it could

wait.Little did i know that time of hashing it out was sooner than later.Saturday a week and a half into

a sex-a-thon with Sam riding my dick cowgirl ..I mean cowboy style..Hehe.. Their was a knock at the

door …” Who the hell that could be this early?”…” Ignore it!” i said…Sam listened and clenched his

ass the way i liked that made my toes curl…God that feel so good!…I was seconds from spilling into

that tight asshole that i managed to ignore the knocking of someone who had a death wish! He rode

me into oblivion and i came so hard in his asshole that i know he felt it in his throat.We lay there

in bliss for a few seconds until i heard my phone ring that god awful song by Bruno Mars that Nina

insisted was ‘our song”. Shit! It’s Nina! I started panicking but Sam calmly gave me the phone with a

look that said answer it.

“Hello? Nina?” i took a deep breath “Alex I’m outside your door.Do you think we can talk for

awhile”?Oh Crap i looked around my room then to Sam. “Yeah I was sleeping but i’m coming now” I

hung up and look back to Sam,he must have heard every word because he begin picking items up

and headed to his room.I calmed myself down thinking me and her aren’t together i have no reason

to feel guilty.In my twisted mind i thought and if i was cheating im not fucking any girls so its not a

problem.When i opened the door Nina izmit escort was standing there in a long coat looking as beautiful as i

remember.My selfish dick started twitching again ready to have some fun. “Alex can i come in?” I

snap back into the present and lead her into the living room.Sam came out his room heading to the

bathroom no doubt to wash off my cum that was leaking from his asshole.I flushed and told Nina

“Lets head to my room and talk in private”.Once in the door Nina turned around and started

groveling about how sorry she was and that she loves me.That the fight was all her fault(which it

was)and she’ll do anything to make it up to me.I kept trying to say i forgive her but she wouldn’t stop

crying.It was humbling that she’d say sorry at all being a stubborn bull since we were kids.Before i

realized what was happening she pulled her coat off and stood naked in front of me with her nipples

hard and her pussy glistening.

I was a goner as she walked to me with lust in her eyes and a mission in mind.I fell back on the bed

as she climbed on top of me rubbing her pussy against my briefs.That when she begin to moan and

i snapped into action.Ripping my underwear off i slid into her hard that her cries turned me on

more.With the energy of a porn star i being to fuck her so hard that i know the neighbors more

importantly Sam could hear it.I fucked her so much i felt like my dick was gonna run from me.By 4

pm i headed to the kitchen searching for substance and the will to not sleep forever that i ran into

Sam. “Was it that great?” he said..I begin to feel guilty being not 10 hours ago i was fucking him and

now i’m fucking my girlfriend. (that’s right we’re back together) “Sam I..” He dropped to his knees and

pulled my dick out.Tf?! i think.. “Does she taste as good as i think her pussy do?” he whispers as he

sucked my exhausted prick into his throat.I grabbed the wall to catch my balance as he begin to

suck me better than ‘I Deepthroat Heather’ ever could in my fantasies.(Yes i went there)

I grabbed the back of his head to angle my thrust the way i liked that i almost missed his whispers

of.. “She taste so good”,”Her pussy must be sore”,”Come in my mouth now!” And boy did i,i came

so hard that i bite my lip trying to hold in my moans of ecstasy.As Sam stood up in front of me he

leaned over to kiss me with a mouth full of my cum. I moaned at how erotic it was to taste my cum

on another mans tongue that i filed it away to exploring it in the near future.He leaned back with a

smile and said “Go back in your room Nina needs you”.I heard my bed move a little meaning my

sleepy beauty was waking up as i pecked him on the lips and went back into my room.Nina was

staring at me as she opened her legs rubbing that sweet pussy saying “I need some more dick

daddy!”…I felt my dick twitch happy to oblige that i sighed thinking all i am is a piece of meat as i

walked to my bed to answer my little girls demands…………To Be Continued….

Please leave Feedback If You Want To Read More!!.. *Kisses* Hope You Enjoyed It!!!

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