Third Grade Teacher

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It was 1983. I was 9 years old, attending Crownton Elementary School. Mrs. Enton was my 3rd grade teacher. She was a tall, young, attractive, red-haired woman, but I wouldn’t have known it at the time. Geez, c’mon, I was 9 years old! Girls had ‘cooties’ and were avoided, lest your best friends think you liked them.

So, as my ‘homeroom’ teacher, I attended her class and did school work as I should, not ever doing anything that would induce anything negative at the parent-teacher conference. Despite the fact that she couldn’t have been much older than 24 or 25 when I was in grade school, the only difference I recognized between her and any other adult was the fact that she was my teacher.

I never noticed what a beautiful woman she was until many, many years later.

It was one of those things that you could have never imagined. I moved away to a distant city for a job many years later, after college. But, my younger sister stayed in my hometown, getting married and having a son. That son eventually attended my same grade school. Ironically enough, Mrs. Enton was still a teacher there. But, in the interim, after a divorce she becameMs. Enton. I’m not really sure, maybe Enton was her maiden name, or maybe she just retained her former husband’s name at school to avoid explaining divorce to her very young students.

So, a few years after I had graduated from college and moved away for a job, I returned to my hometown to visit my family for the holidays. Since I wasn’t married or attached, I normally did that every year. My nephew’s ‘career day’ at school happened to occur during this particular visit. My sister asked me to attend, since her husband’s job was a less-than-glamorous manager of the local office supply store. I happily agreed, since I enjoyed my career as a automotive crash-test engineer. I figured a bunch of 3rd graders would like hearing about a job where you crash cars at work.

I showed up on Career Day, somewhat nervous. I was accustomed to dealing with adults and professionals. Were these 3rd graders going to chew me up and spit me out?

I arrived, ready to explain in the simplest terms what my career entailed.Ms. Enton greeted me, more beautiful than I had ever realized. She was still very petite, but with relatively full breasts. I would have never noticedthat as a kid! She hadn’t done anything to change her hair color, as it was the reddish-copper color I remembered. But, it was considerably shorter now, cut just longer than chin-length. It made her look much younger than what I could only guess was her real age. Wow, it didn’t even occur to me that she was more than 20 years my senior. I’m told that she has adaughter more my age. That made me wonder if she was as beautiful as her mother. I had to shake the idea from my head when I reasoned that her daughter was probably in high school.

So, I ‘met’ Ms. Enton for the first time as an adult. It took me completely off-guard how friendly she was with me. I hadn’t talked to this woman since I was a “youngster”. She greeted me with a hug, which for some reason felt a little odd to me. It kind of felt like some weird combination of hug you might get from your aunt, but yet also like a former girlfriend whom you were still on good terms with.

Shortly later, I described as simply as I could my job and responsibilities to her class. I answered all sorts of asinine inquiries, such as, “Do you have to ask your boss to go to the bathroom?” and “Do you ever do crashes with real people in the cars?” with as much humor and candor as I was able. It suprised me how often Ms. Enton would laugh at my humorous responses, but yet look at me with a look that didn’t exactly seem appropriate for a elementary school classroom. At the end of the school day, I was ready to get out of the classroom and act like an adult again. I was nearly appalled when Ms. Enton approached me as an adult.

I grew up respecting my elders. I couldn’t even address this woman as anything other than “Ms. Enton”. It just felt weird thinking of her otherwise!

“Ms. Enton, I thoroughly enjoyed being a participant in your Career Day.”

“Christopher, please, you can just call me Joan. Its not like you’re still a 3rd grader!” she flirted.

I was floored. I had never thought of this woman as anything other than a mentor or educator. Now she wanted me to address her by herfirst name!

“Uhm, ok,Joan…but I have to admit, its still odd that I can think of you as anything other than my grade-school teacher,” I replied.

“Christopher, I’m kind of embarrased, but I can honestly say that I’m old enough to have known you when you were still in diapers!”

I uneasily joked with her along that topic. But, as I accostumed myself to the fact that she was woman unlike any other I know or perhaps even am attracted to, I conversed with her as such.

We talked about random things for about a half hour or so after the students were dismissed. I was just about thinking of her as any other canlı bahis adult when she asked me to join her for coctails.

“I know this may seem odd since I was your teacher way back when, but many of us faculty members go to TT’s after work. Would you like to join us?”

“TT” was ‘Todd’s Tavern’, the tiny, local bar where I had always passed by wondering what was so great about a ‘bar’ as a youth. My mother never answered that question directly, merely saying “That’s where older people go to relax and talk.” I wondered why they didn’t just go to the back yard or a swing set to talk, but never asked any further.

Now my 3rd grade teacher invited me there. As an adult familiar with going to Happy Hour after work, I graciously accepted.

I met Ms. Enton – I mean Joan – at TT’s. Again, I was astonished when she ordered a martini. I’m not sure why, but I still felt like I was a very young pupil and she was the instructor.

Amidst my former educators, we drank and reminisced and laughed. Along the way, Joan and I had several drinks and began to be on the verge of intoxication. As the other teachers began to filter out, Joan leaned close to me.

“I’ve had a great time talking with you. Would you like to come over to my place for something to eat?” The way she leaned towards me made me finally realize she washitting on me. I couldn’t believe it. This wascrazy.

I looked at her and recognized that she was a beautiful woman. I mean, I guess I had known that all along, but it was odd to think of her as anything other than my grade school teacher.

“Ok, Joan, I wouldn’t mind having dinner with you.” It felt incredibly odd to address her by her first name.

It wasn’t but a few moments inside her home that she wrapped her arms around me and pulled me towards her. For the moment, I completely forgot of the student-teacher relationship we had once shared and became aware of the desire she had for me. I could not deny the feeling between my legs that erased any feeling of non-consent.

But with Joan embracing me, I suddenly was appalled at the thought of her daughter walking in on us. Even though I had never met her daughter, I would just be humiliated by being ‘caught’ making out with someone’s mother. I didn’t even know if she had children, but to my benefit, I spotted a near-by photo of Joan and a similar-looking, but much younger woman.

“Joan, is your daughter at home?”

“No, silly…she’s away at college! She’s a sophomore at State.”

I was immensely relieved, but then realized, this woman’sdaughter is far closer to my age than she is.

“Christopher, I want you to to be the student again…” she whined into my ear as she embraced me. That shocked me back into the adult world.

“Uh, uhm, Joan…I have to admit, this is uh, kindaweird,” I stammered.

“Call meMs. Enton again. Ilike that,” she moaned to me, reversing her previous request.

It finally occured to me that Joan Enton didn’t want to fulfill reality. She wanted fulfill fantansy. I couldn’t resist. She was a beautiful woman, despite being considerably older than I.

“Christopher, have you ever been with an older woman?”

“Well, Ms. Enton, honestly, I have only really been with two women before, one in college and one after. I just haven’t really had much luck in that area.”

“Don’t you worry about that, Christopher, I can teach you some things yet.” I think the fact that I was relatively inexperienced and so much younger than her excited and aroused her. I decided to take the bait.

“Ms. Enton, for years, I have had so many thoughts of you like this. I always wished that I could have had special, private tutoring from you.”

“Oh, really? What would you think about?” Ms. Enton whispered as she wrapped her arms close around me and kissed my cheek near my ear.

“I imagined being at my short little school desk and you coming over to me and leaning way over to talk to me. The top of your blouse would hang open, your beautiful breasts open to my view. I’d think of what it would be like to kiss a woman. I had never kissed any girl when I was a third grader. I wondered what it was like. As I grew older, I wondered what it was like to kissyou…and more.”

“Go on….I like to hear what you thought,” she whispered, continuing to kiss my cheek and neck. I could feel her thighs pressing against mine, very slowly moving up and down against my growing erection.

“I thought, oh, Ms. Enton, what it would be like for you to teach me what I could never learn in school. I wanted you to show me how to make love to a woman. I wanted you to be my teacher, I wanted to learn from you what a woman wants and how to please her.”

I won’t say that I had a vast amount of experience with women, and replaying thoughts of a young schoolboy seemed to arouse Ms. Enton all the more.

“Ms. Enton, can you teach me?” I asked.

“Oh, my dear, sweet Christopher…you are so young and niave. I can teach you all you’ve ever wanted bahis siteleri to know. Do you want to know the way to a woman’s heart?” She looked at me with soft, green eyes I had never taken full notice of before.

“Please…” I replied.

“The way to a woman’s heart is by showing her that you want to please her without expecting anything in return. If you show her that her happiness is more important than your own, she will be endebted to you in a way that will reward you beyond all expectation,” she explained.

I wasn’t entirely sure, but I think she was beckoning me to take her. I mean, at this point it was beyond casual flirting. I figured she wanted me to make love to her, but before I realized it, I reallydid want to please her. I didn’t want to take her as much as I wanted to please her. And this whole time I was thinking, “This is myteacher!”

“Christopher, I want to take you back to my bedroom and teach you everything you’ve ever wanted to know about pleasing a woman.”

She took my hand and led me to her bedroom. I didn’t really know what to expect. I was still thinking of her as my teacher as opposed to an ordinary woman no different than any I had known before. I guess I was thinking there would be a red apple theme with cutsie handmade crafts and picture books in her room or something. I really had to appear as if I didn’t notice that her bedroom was just like any other anyone had ever seen: a neatly made king-size bed, a night stand with a lamp, a bureau covered with a small cloth, and a small vanity and chair in front of a mirror.

Ms. Enton led me over to her bed and pulled me down on top of her as she laid back onto it. She wrapped her hand around my head and pulled my lips to hers. It was like I had never kissed a woman before, I was nervous, and probably even a little bit scared. I felt as if maybe I shouldn’t be doing this, and even wondered in the back of my mind, “What if we get caught?” and “What if I’m not doing it right?”

It must have shown.

“Don’t worry my little boy, everything is ok. I’ll take care of you,” she whispered to me in response to my subtle reluctance.

She kissed me deeply. It was a soft and gentle kiss. It was like the most memorable first kiss ever imagined. Not aggressive or overly passionate, but reserved. It seemed to tell me that she wanted to kiss me, but didn’t want to scare me away. I slightly recoiled, so that I could look at her. She lay there beneath me, looking up at me. The look in her eyes showed comfort and security. It also showed invitation. I saw an expression that intended to mentor me, but yet overcome any inhibitions I might have been feeling.

“Chris, I’m going to be help you along as best as I can. Look deeply into my eyes and kiss me. Press your lips to me, after touching my lips, spread yours slightly and extend your tongue to touch mine.”

I knew, or at least Ithought I knew how to kiss a woman, but hearing her spell out to me in gentle and easy-to-follow instructions turned me on. Having a woman who knew exactly what she wanted and was eager to ‘talk me through it’ somehow aroused me beyond any other experience I had known.

I complied. I kept my eyes open, and as my lips neared hers, she looked deeper and deeper into mine. Her brow crinkled slightly at the moment our lips touched and she moaned quietly. At the same instant, I felt her press her hips upwards to mine. I couldn’t believe it. I was on the verge to making love to a woman whom I had known only as a teacher. We puckered our lips and softly kissed one another. She kept her eyes open, looking into mine. I parted my lips and her mouth followed. I slowly extended my tongue and felt the tip of her touch mine. I withdrew slightly and then tapped my tongue to hers again. I pressed my tongue deeper into her mouth and she accepted. She slid her tongue along mine inside mouth. I withdrew again, slipping my tongue along the top of her mouth.

Her instruction continued.

“Chris, I want you to slowly undress me. Its important to worship every bit of skin you expose along the way. Showing a woman that you think every little part of her is beautiful will make her happy to show it to you.”

I kissed along her neck down to the top of her blouse. As I did so, I slid my hands underneath the small of her back, under her shirt, and felt her skin. I pushed upwards underneath her shirt. She sat up towards me and helped me remover her top. Half of her beautiful body was exposed to me. I took her advice, and began kissing all over the skin of her neck, chest, and stomach. My lips arrived at her naval, and I kissed and tongued her belly button in a way I hoped she would extrapolate to other soft parts of her body.

Ms. Enton wrapped her arms around my head and groaned.

“Yessssss, Christopher, that’s what you do. Show me that you love to touch and kiss every part of my body,” she moaned.

I worked my kisses back up to her chest. When I reached the clasp between her breasts, bahis şirketleri I reached up with one hand to undo it. Damn these front-clasp bras….theyalways give me trouble! I fumbled with the clasp for a moment.

“Here, let me help you with that,” she said quietly. She took my hands in hers, holding one half of the clasp in her own hand and pressing her fingers against mine in the same fashion on the other half. Together, we snapped the halves together and then slide one up and the other down. She removed her hand to allow me open up her lingerie and expose her chest to me.

“That was its wonderful, Sweetie. Now show your appreciation to what you’ve just discovered,” she whispered to me.

I opened her bra, and after 20 years, I laid my eyes on Ms. Enton’s perfect breasts. I couldn’t help it. I put my head down against her chest, laying my head between her breasts. She wrapped her arms around my head and stroked her fingers in my hair.

“Now kiss them, my baby boy. Caress them like you’ve never had a woman be so kind to you.”

I rolled my face directly to her chest. Her pink nipples were standing out from her breasts. I brushed my nose against one, moved my lips towards it, and opened my mouth. I pressed my lips against her soft, supple breast and took her nipple into my mouth. I sucked on it, touching my tongue to her skin and then running circles around it. I fondled her chest with my lips and tongue for some time.

Ms. Enton moaned out in pure ecstacy, “Oh, my sweet baby,yessss….”

I was on edge. I wanted to please her even more. I wanted to make her body feel better than she had ever felt before. The imminance was building, and I sensed that she wanted it, too.

“Now kiss me lower. Kiss down my tummy, and continue down,” she told me.

I worked my way to the top of her skirt, and as I did so, she helped me remove it. As she lifted her hips from the bed, she pushed the center of her panties up to my face. I happily accepted this gift, and kissed through them to her. As the skirt came off, she pulled it from underneath her and tossed it aside.

She continued to push herself to my mouth, now pulling my head tighter between her legs.

“That’s it, my baby, that’s where you want to make a woman happy…show her you like that, without regard to your own desires, and you will have a woman’s heart.”

I couldn’t believe it, I was on the verge of fulfilling a fantasy I never even knew I had. I wanted it. I could smell her sex through her panties. I wanted to taste her wetness. I wanted to breathe in her scent and worship her center of pleasure to the point of culmination for her.

Again, she raised her hips, helping me remove her panties. Her sex was beautiful. She was neatly groomed, her soft, copper hair matched that of eyebrows and hair. Her lips were neatly folded together, but begged to be parted and tasted.

Ms. Enton spoke, “Yes, my son, that’s what I want. Touch me with your mouth. Taste me, press your mouth deeply inside of me, and worship the lovliness before you until I climax for you.”

I did so. I loved the musky scent that filled my nose. I wanted to bring this beautiful woman pleasure like she had never known.

I delved deeply into her, tasting her sweetness with all of my tongue. Her wetness ran out from her body, and I took it into my mouth like a man who was dying of thirst. I sucked and kissed between her legs as passionately as I had ever done so.

Ms. Enton’s moaning grew louder, grunting encouragement all the while. I licked all around her. I pressed myself inside of her, licking and tasting the soft inner parts of her body. I kissed around her and massaged her with my tongue. I took her clitoris in between my lips and sucked on it. I rubbed my tongue against it and her moans grew louder. She whined appreciation in increasing volume. I loved pleasing her and wanted her to climax against my lips and tongue.

Ms. Enton’s hips began to shake. Her pelvis pulsed up to my face and I felt her nails in the back of my scalp.

“Yes, like that baby, like that…just like that. Don’t stop it, Honey, that’s what I want. Oh yes…oh yessssssss,” she cried out very loudly. She screamed out her breaths.

Ms. Enton raised her hips firmly up to my mouth. My tongue penetrated her deeply, feeling the smoothness of her body quiver around it. After several harsh jerking movements against my face, her body went completely stiff, clutching my head tightly between her legs. She rolled her head to the side, dropped her mouth wide open and grunted several times.

Her hips fell back to the bed and her hands pulled me down with her. She held my face tightly, wanting to keep me there, but not wanting me to move at all. I paused, my mouth open and tongue still inside her body but I didn’t move. As her grip on my head relaxed, I slowly withdrew my tongue. I kissed her gently with only my lips. I kissed outside of her, and then around her. I kissed the inside of her thighs and below her tummy.

After a few moments, I laid my head down on her abdomen. She smoothed my head under her hands and gently stroked over me. Then she let out a deep breath and hugged around me in that position.

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