Thug Love Ch. 01

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Thug sex Part I

I’d been a bit of a geek at school and was bullied quite badly for always at the top of the class so; when I went to University at 18 I deliberately lost touch with everyone from school and our small village and successfully re-invented myself in the ‘Big City.’ I went wild; fucking anything with a pulse and after leaving with a very good Degree I subsequently lived on and off with 3 different boyfriends and shared a house with two female work colleagues until I eventually got married. I had been drawn to ‘exciting guys’ since leaving home and some of them were quite volatile especially my marriage which ended when I had to move back to live with my parents, 100 miles away after his latest violent episode.

Mum and Dad are lovely people but more than a little bit old fashioned. Mum wanted to know the details of my every move and Dad constantly poked his nose into my internet activity too, so not only was I not getting ‘any’ but my DIY fun was curtailed too because I slept in the next room to my parents; leaving me gradually more and more frustrated.

Thankfully the company I work for had organised a transfer to a factory about 10 miles from home; so at least I was still earning money and looking for my own flat.

After a month my position at work changed meaning I had more day to day contact with the guys in the warehouse and necessitated regular meetings with the team leaders.

Not much fazes me, so walking around the huge warehouse and hearing their lewd comments was a nice experience after the jealousy I’d put up with over the last two years. I never really dressed provocatively, it’s not that type of company, but I usually wore bras that gave me plenty of uplift and made my 30c boobs bounce as I walk around in my highish heels. As you would expect the factory and warehouse was full of life’s waifs and strays with most men being married, in relationships or just plain dull.

One particular guy did catch my eye. Not because of what he did but probably because of what he didn’t do. Nelson was one of the fork-lift truck drivers and while not exactly ignoring me; he was so cool he would just arrogantly smile whenever I walked past him; exuding a feeling that he could have me any time he wanted; which was just patently big-headed, so I always gave an extra wiggle when he was in my presence.

Another thing about Nelson is that he is black; skinny as a stick and he had styled himself on the Rapper Snoop Doggy Dogg; with braided corn rows and pigtails in his hair, a scruffy non-beard and a gold tooth, plus he always wore extra baggy clothes, especially his jeans which always looked like they were going to fall down. Every available square inch of skin looked like it was covered in tattoos, even his neck. They were all good ones – professional; but only added to his air of mystery and pretend menace.

It didn’t take much research in the office and canteen to find out that he was 22 and a bit of a stud muffin that liked the ladies; especially the married ones. I wasn’t surprised to hear he treat them badly and may have made one pregnant the previous year.

One evening as I was driving through the factory gates in the rain I saw Nelson running down the street to catch a bus that was pulling out of the stop. I sniggered as he threw an imaginary punch at the bus as it drove away. I noted that it was the number 50 and vaguely remembered that it went in the direction of my parents’ house.

‘Toot-toot’ I blasted the car horn as I pulled up next to him and wound the window down.

“Where are you going?” I smiled as I tried to avoid the rain.

He didn’t recognise me at first, then flashed his extra wide toothy smile when he did, before looking suspiciously around the empty car. “South Grisholm; why?”

“I’m going that way; do you want a lift?” I shouted over the traffic noises.

“Okay.” Nelson grinned at the thought of getting into my car, “cool.”

Neither of us said anything for the first few minutes as I concentrated on the heavy traffic; but we kept looking at each other and nervously chuckling.

As soon as we left the city centre the rain began to ease off as did the slow moving traffic.

I was suddenly unsure as to whether I’d done the right thing as his lanky black frame filled the front of the car and began to intimidate me as I’m only 5ft 2 and just over 7 stones.

“So?” Nelson slowly asked as he chewed on his fingernails, “You sure don’t live on the Southside; so where do you live?”

“My parents live in Whitley but I’m looking for a own place, nearer the City Centre.” I replied a little too quickly. I was still edgy as we chatted, but Nelson seemed quite relaxed and we chatted for the next 10 minutes or so; basically introducing ourselves. He pointed to my wedding ring and asked what my husband would think about me giving a black man a lift home. Suddenly my hands became clammy as I replied that I was separated and it was none of his business who I had in my car.

The only time he sounded uneasy was when he güvenilir bahis admitted to living with a girlfriend and their sons. I wasn’t sure why he was uneasy; after all this wasn’t a date or anything, just one colleague doing a good turn for another; wasn’t it?

Soon we were driving along a row of run down and boarded up shops in South Grisholm and Nelson suggested he should get out here; as he didn’t want his girlfriend to get jealous or anything. I was flattered and blushed.

As he was about to close the car door I coughed and timidly asked if he wanted a lift in the morning seeing as I would be virtually passing by anyway.

His eyes instantly twinkled and he flashed his trademark smile; “That would be cool; pick me up over there….at 8?” I looked across the road and saw a derelict pub car park, and then nodded my agreement.

I giggled all the way home like a teenage schoolgirl would, after attracting the attention of the coolest guy in the football team. Even Mum noticed that I was in a good mood as we ate dinner; but I only admitted that ‘someone was showing some interest in me at work”

As I lay in bed I couldn’t stop myself playing with my pussy; regardless of any noises I might make! Of course I couldn’t use a sex toy but my fingers would still be able to do a good job; and they did. My pussy was already puffed up as I stroked the inside of my thighs and along my labia before dipping a finger into my sticky hole. My first orgasm didn’t take long at all and was very intense as I twirled my finger around and frantically rubbed my clit with the palm of my hand. The second one took much longer and was a ‘slow burn’. I normally use a toy for the second and third but tonight it was just my fingers; just like 12 years ago when I first discovered masturbation. It was even funny as I desperately tried not to noisily grunt or cry out like I normally do when I climax; but that would keep for another day.

I had been waiting in the car park for 10 minutes when Nelson nonchalantly crossed the road. I tried to look as composed as possible when he climbed into the passenger seat of my Renault Clio but my heart was racing and my stomach was in knots.

“Hi hunny,” my black co-worker greeted me as he ran his eyes over my body. Without realising it I’d dressed a little bit racier than normal knowing he was getting a lift. My skirt was a little shorter than usual and I knew that he could see my white lace bra through my nylon blouse.

I greeted him and chatted about nothing all the way to the factory. Nelson interjected when necessary but it was mostly me doing the talking as he was still half asleep; but kept looking at me out of the corner of his eye and smiling; which gave me a bit of a buzz.

As we approached the factory; he suggested that he should get out near a newsagent in the next street.

“I’ve got your reputation to think of; haven’t I?” He winked and smiled, “We don’t want to start them tongues wagging, do we?”

He was just about to walk away when he motioned for me to open the window.

“Are you gonna pick me up tonight?” He asked as his gold tooth glistened in the morning sunshine. I helplessly nodded.

Our paths crossed a couple of times during the morning but Nelson never showed anything other than his normal cool arrogance as his friends laughed and whistled as I walked through the warehouse. Only he knew why my boobs were bouncing a little more than usual and why my arse was rolling from side to side.

It was my turn to be late after work, but Nelson was nonchalantly smoking a cigarette on a wall beside the newsagent shop when I arrived. The arrogant sod motioned that he was going to finish his smoke before getting into the car.

When he did get in the atmosphere was electric. I tried talking about work things; but he soon stopped me by telling me that he ‘had enough of that shit’. I got the message but couldn’t think of anything else to talk about.

He quickly broke the ice.

“Are these stockings or tights?” Nelson cackled as he placed his hand on my knee and slowly stroked my nylon covered thigh.

I got such a shock I swerved the car and it took a second or two to get it back under control.

“Tights!” I gasped as I slapped his hand before changing gear.

He shrugged and placed his hand back into the same spot.

“It’s just….I know you white girls like the whole stockings and suspenders thing.” He laughed as I swiped his hand again; “it’s a cool thing; vey, very sexy.”

“I sometimes wear stockings; but it has to be tights at work.” I giggled as I slapped his hand much harder and he finally removed it from my leg. “Can you imagine the effect wearing stockings would have walking up that open staircase in the warehouse?” We both laughed at the thought; “Christ knows how many heart attacks that would cause.”

“You’re looking good, anyway.” Nelson told me in a husky voice; “very sexy; but you are always look very sexy.”

“Thank you.” I replied as we stopped at traffic lights; “but what türkçe bahis would your girlfriend say if she heard you say that?”

“She doesn’t have to know; does she?” He laughed as his hand went back to my knee and up my skirt. I couldn’t stop him or answer as I had to concentrate on crossing a double carriageway. By the time it was safe to respond he was eagerly squeezing my thigh and his pinkie finger was touching my pubic area, making me shiver with excitement.

“Stop that!” I laughed as I pulled his hand away and threw it back into his own lap. “You’ll cause an accident doing things like that!”

The biggest threat of an accident was now me wetting my pants!

We spent the last 5 minutes of the journey with him trying to get his hand up my skirt and me trying in vain to stop him. As we approached the derelict pub, Nelson told me to pull into the car park; then he pointed to the far corner and told me to go there and turn right. I followed his instructions until my car was behind the building and completely out of sight. I presumed he’d been here before.

As I stopped the car I heard him unlock his seat belt and before I knew what was happening his left hand was up my skirt and his right was around my shoulders pulling me towards him. My seat belt constrained me but couldn’t stop him kissing me. His big brown rubbery lips smothered mine; but that first kiss was incredibly soft and sensitive and lasted forever.

My brain was on the verge of overload as he pulled my thighs apart and began stroking my pussy through my panties and tights with one hand and the other was squeezing my tit from across my shoulder.

As Nelson leant forward to kiss me again I pulled back. He looked surprised; until I smiled and unlocked my seat belt too. He moved his right hand until the belt sprang into its holder then he automatically went back to mauling my boob. We kissed and kissed and kissed as he stroked and fondled my covered mound with one hand as the other snaked inside my blouse and bra fondling my fleshy boob and stiff nipple.

It took a little bit of manoeuvring until my right knee was up against the steering wheel, allowing him better access to my hot and willing sexual area. By now his long pink nicotine flavoured tongue was swirling around inside my mouth, which allowed me to do my ‘party trick’ which is to ‘suck it’. I’ve never known a guy that didn’t get his mind blown when I did this, and Nelson was no different as he began breathing through his flared nostrils as he roughly shook and manhandled my tit.

Eventually we had to come up for air and broke off the kiss. As we both gulped air into our lungs he looked me in the eyes and ordered me to take my blouse off and ‘get my tits out.’ I complied and dropped my blouse and bra on the back seat.

He looked suitably impressed as my boobs stand proud and firm and look huge against my tiny frame.

I grinned as I pulled the lever on my seat and it quickly fell back. Without a word he bent forward and began planting kisses all over them before licking my nipples and rubbing his face across them. I took hold of my boobs by the sides and playfully slapped his stubble covered face. Cackling with laughter Nelson licked and sucked my tingling nipples as his hand went back between my legs. This time his fingers made straight for the waistband of my tights and knickers and he pulled the front down. The angle wasn’t great as he tried to get his hand between my legs so I lifted my arse for him to pull my tights down. In one swift movement they were around my knees and his fingers were pulling my labia apart and his long middle finger easily slid into my crack.

I flung my head back and let out a sigh as his finger poked and prodded my inner workings like a gynaecologist as he continued nuzzling my nipples and boobs at the same time as I stroked his coarse hair and corn rows. I was moaning and groaning while Nelson was now on his side with one knee on his seat while he worked his black magic on my prickling body.

He moved again and was now nearly lying on top of me; but his stomach was still in the air. I couldn’t resist and slid my hand down the front of his baggy jeans and grabbed his dick through his boxers. My eyes lit up as I tried to gauge its size. It was my turn to be impressed; there was a lot of cock down there and it was my job to free Willy.

Now fingering my neatly trimmed cunt with two digits Nelson stopped sucking my tits and raised himself up until his head was against the roof of the car and he steadied himself by gripping the back of his seat.

“Mmmm.” I purred as I ran my hand along his cock, then with my other hand began pulling his jeans down over his skinny arse. His eyes were wide open and he had a serious look on his face as he shuffled his jeans down to his knees. I took my hand off his rod of steel then placed my sweaty fingers on the waistband for a few seconds. Then I dragged them down and ta-da! His long black cock sprang into view.

“Jesus!” I gasped as it pointed straight at me. I’ve had güvenilir bahis siteleri more than my fair share of cock over the years but had never been with a black man before and boy; did Nelson live up to the stereotype. It was about 7 inches long and shaped like a Cuban cigar. His dark brown knob was already poking out of the foreskin as I took hold of it; wrapping my lily white hand around the girth and pulling the skin back until his magnificent knob was on fully show. Nelson didn’t say a word as I tugged his cock, but his breathing became deeper and shallower and his fingering became firmer and faster.

I eventually moved forward and licked the velvet knob; which made him sigh and draw breath as I then planted a series of kisses along the taught shaft. This was my first taste of black cock and I wanted to savour every last second. Still wanking him I kissed the tip again then swallowed three inches in one gulp.

“Shit!” Nelson gasped as he grabbed the back of my head as I feverously sucked as much of his cock as humanly possible. I love cock sucking and was now desperate to show this black stud exactly how good I was. I gargled, sucked, blew, kissed and even managed to get the knob into the top of my throat (which impressed him) all the while furiously rubbing his shaft and tickling his balls.

My black colleague now had a tight grip on my head as I sucked his long black cock as if my life depended on it and his fingering was as good as a few fucks I’d had!

Eventually his breathing became very shallow and he started banging his cock deep into my mouth. I knew what was coming next and sucked as hard as his mouth-fucking would allow.

“Ugh, ugh…..ohhhhhh…..uuuggGGHHHHH…..FUCKFUCKFUCK!” He panted as stream after stream of warm cum filled my mouth. With his cock still filling my cavity it was difficult to actually swallow it so it just kept filling up what little space there was.

Nelson’s adrenaline soon sank into his toes and he slowly slid back onto his calf’s as his cock slowly rolled out of my aching mouth. With sweat running down his cheeks he managed a thin smile when I kept my mouth wide open so he could see how much spunk was in my mouth. Then I tipped my head backwards and swallowed the lot. It really did feel like a huge salty oyster as it smeared my throat and ended up in my belly.

“Fucking Hell, Lucy……you’re a helluva fucking cocksucker!” Nelson sniggered as he scooped his spent cock back inside his pants. “Every body thinks you’re so fucking innocent…..a real fucking cock teaser; but…but…fucking hell! You dirty bitch; you sure can suck cock!”

“I have my moments.” I giggled as I found my bra and blouse under my seat. I managed to put my bra on in the car but not my blouse and tights so had to clamber outside and with no shame pulled my knickers and tights up before putting my blouse back on in the open air.

When I was finally smart again Nelson looked like he was desperate to get away.

‘No kiss goodbye, then.’ I told myself as he gave a wave and said ‘same time tomorrow.’

The final drive home was quite funny in its own way; as I relived what I’d just done and kept swirling my tongue around my mouth in a mission to keep tasting his spunk.

I was so sweaty that I had to have a shower before dinner and managed to bring myself off three times as the hot soapy water cascaded over my soft skin.

Sure enough Nelson arrived 10 minutes late the next morning as he was to do every morning afterwards, and as I didn’t wear tights or panties that day, I let him stroke and finger me all the way to work.

On Friday the factory closes at 1pm so we went straight back to the Pub car park and I sucked him dry again only this time I made him finger me to orgasm.

Over the weekend Mum subtly mentioned something about ‘strange noises’ coming from my bedroom and was I feeling alright. I got the message and kept my masturbation for the shower on the Sunday.

I don’t know why, but I wore trousers for work on Monday. Nelson wasn’t impressed on the morning ride to work, so contented himself by playing with my tits, much to the amusement of a couple of lorry drivers.

When we got to the pub on the evening he wasted no time in taking my sweater and bra off and soon had his cock out for a fun titty-wank then I began giving him another marvellous blow job; taking as much black cock into my throat as I could. But after a few minutes Nelson stopped me and told me to get out of the car. There was something arrogant about him that I knew I would comply with his every request. Topless, I got out of the car and waited for him to join me.

Even though the pub was derelict there was always the possibility that some kids or metal thieves could appear at any moment; but that just added to the thrill of what we were doing.

“Get your drawers down.” Nelson instructed me as he pulled his own jeans and boxers down to his ankles, “then bend over the bonnet and spread your legs.”

My heart was pounding as I unbuckled my trousers and pulled them down to my ankles and kicked them off before placing them on the front seat. I’d done some things in my time but I’d never had sex in a public place and it was rather thrilling to do it with a young black thug.

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