Tina Visits – Day 02 Pt. 01

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This story is for entertainment only, the places used in the story are actual places (you can find them on google earth) the characters though are fictional and if they bear any resemblance to persons living or dead it is just coincidental.

This is the second part of my ‘Tina’ stories, if you wish please feel free to message me your thoughts. I hope you enjoy.

Tina Day 2

The next morning I woke at my usual 6am, showered shaved and dressed before sitting down to breakfast and watching the morning news and weather. At around 7am my phone buzzed to alert me of a message. I found my phone which I had left in my coat pocket and checked it — two messages — the first message I read was from Tina, ‘Good Morning Hun, I’m awake, dressed, ready and horny, ready for my day out xxx.’ The second message was from earlier, probably late the night before, it read ‘Hi, I’m Carl, your waiter. Thank you very much for the tip you left but may I ask why you also left your number?’

My first response was to Carl: ‘Hi Carl, my name is Paul and I couldn’t help but notice how you seemed to be somewhat attracted to my wife, (I felt it better to tell a little white lie there rather than enter into a discussion about relationships) I am also aware that she was getting a thrill letting you see quite a lot. If you’d like to perhaps see even more just let me know what times you’re available, I’m sure we could work something out’

I then texted Tina ‘Good morning sexy, I’m on my way, refreshed and ready for action.’ I then picked up my camera (I’m an avid photographer and I intended to take Tina to lots of ‘touristy’ places so photos would be a must) and jumped in the car to go and pick her up. It only took a short time to get to the hotel, Tina was already waiting outside with a camera of her own draped around her neck looking cool and relaxed in a white blouse worn ‘off the shoulders’ with her ‘hanky’ hem black skirt and a pair of casual shoes. As she settled into the car I lowered the top again as it was such a nice day and then we set off.

I had decided that our first port of call would be Alton Waters, a very popular reservoir in the area that has plenty of activities and attractions but also has many secluded quiet areas. We left the hotel going up onto the A14 heading in the direction of Felixstowe. As we travelled along I glanced at Tina and naughtily said “Why don’t you let your top down? Get some sun on your gorgeous boobies.”

She laughed aloud “You’re so naughty, if I did that then everyone would see them.” But despite her words, in my peripheral vision I saw her pull her top down until her breasts were fully exposed, they looked fabulous like that with her shelf bra holding them up and her hard nipples proudly displayed. “Mmmmmm this feels good” she said as the cool breeze teased her breasts, despite it being still quite early it was already a very warm day and it promised to be much hotter later on.

Now the A14 is a busy road, dual carriageway and the main artery from the busy port of Felixstowe to the industrial heartland of the Midlands (Birmingham, Coventry, Leicester etc) and so it is always full of container lorries either going to or coming from the port. This morning was no exception and we were soon passing lorry after lorry but none of the drivers seemed to notice the display of womanhood as I overtook them, the drivers attention and concentration being entirely on the road ahead. Nothing was approaching behind me as I overtook the next lorry so as I passed I eased off the throttle until my speed matched his and we were driving alongside his cab.

The fact that a car was matching his speed and not zooming past attracted his attention and he at last glanced in our direction, looking straight down to the passenger side of our vehicle and seeing Tina’s naked breasts. Glancing quickly to the side I saw a smile spread across the drivers face and raising his hand he gave two long blasts on his air horns (showing appreciation I guess) As I again increased our speed I saw him talking into his C.B. radio and then as we proceeded along the road it seemed as though the lorry drivers were watching their rear view mirrors as we approached, drivers windows would be open and the drivers would be practically leaning out of their cabs, taking advantage of the view as we passed. After a short distance I exited the A14, taking a slip road which took us down to the river Orwell and under the Orwell Bridge. Giggling and looking quite flushed Tina slipped her top back up “That was so naughty, it’s made me so wet letting all those drivers see me like that.”

I pulled over into a layby on the approach to the Orwell bridge and we got out of the car so Tina could take some photos of the bridge with all the lorries on the A14 passing over it, I meanwhile got my own camera and started snapping some pictures of her with the bridge in the background, when she turned around she grinned and pulled down her top again letting me photograph her exposing her boobs then she got back in the car, sitting down on the seat with her legs still out of the almanbahis car she slid her skirt up and I snapped a few pictures of her pussy, barely covered by her little red thong. “Now who’s being naughty?” I quipped “But please, don’t ever stop. If this wasn’t such an exposed and busy area I’d fuck you right here and now! But we’d better move on, plenty of time for that later.” We both settled back into the car and I drove on stopping occasionally as Tina saw things that she wanted to photograph, views of sail boats on the Orwell, the local folly ‘Freston Tower’, further along there was the Hospital School and then eventually we arrived at Alton water. Once there we left the car in the car park and our first ‘port of call’ was the Alton visitor centre cafe, we sat at a table outside the cafe drinking coffee and watching sailboarders and canoeists on the reservoir.

Leaving the visitor centre we first walked down to the water sports centre and looked at all the canoes, sail boats and sail boards down there, chatting to some of the youngsters who were there to have fun on the water, we then took a westerly direction passing the picnic area and gradually getting away from the busy part of the reservoir, both of us taking pictures of various things as we walked and talked. Soon we were far away from the crowds of visitors and entered a wooded area beside the water. Tina checked around her and deciding that she couldn’t be observed she reached up behind her back, under her top and unfastened her bra, having no straps she was able to just scrunch it up and put it into her handbag, then grinning her naughty grin she leaned against a tree, pulled her top down to her waist and posed for me with her breasts fully exposed, the sun shining through the leaves of the trees making patterns on her breasts. I took picture after picture as she turned, posing, lifting her breasts, pulling her hard nipples and generally being incredibly sexy for the camera. We were both so engrossed with our impromptu photo shoot that we almost failed to hear some cyclists approaching, just in time Tina heard the sound of tyres crunching on gravel and she managed to cover herself seconds before a group of cyclists zoomed past calling out a cheery ‘good morning’ as they sped by.

“I think we’d better move a bit further away from the track” Tina suggested, chuckling at our ‘near miss’. “Good idea, lets walk on a bit further and go down by the water, see if we can find ourselves a more private and secluded spot.” We walked on together through the thicker undergrowth enjoying quite a lot of kissing and groping as we went, getting ever closer to a small sandy cove we kept glimpsing through the trees and bushes. As the bushes got thicker I heard a noise behind us, signalling for Tina to be quiet I pulled her aside, huddling ourselves into a large bush, the noise grew louder, someone was definitely following us. Keeping totally still and deathly quiet we waited as whoever it was got closer and closer until through the bushes we had just come through came a guy, I estimate he would be late 40’s to early 50’s, dressed in a casual suit, around 6ft tall, dark hair with a little grey showing around the temples. He stopped suddenly, obviously shocked to be caught following us, he seemed unsure whether to stand his ground or turn tail and run.

“Why are you following us?” I said trying to sound as menacing as possible. “I’m sorry! I didn’t mean any harm. I just happened to see you earlier when your wife was posing for you and I followed in the hope of perhaps seeing more. I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have followed you. I’ll leave and not bother you any more, I’m so, so sorry…….”

“No harm done, what do you think hun? Should you show the gentleman a little more?” Tina looked at me and smiled, then she turned her attention to the stranger, looking him in the eye she slowly took off her top exposing her breasts to this man, she squeezed them and played with them then took his hand and placed it upon her breasts which he began to fondle while I watched.

“He looks like he could do with some relief.” I said indicating his bulge in his trousers. Tina reached out and undid his flies, reaching inside she pulled out his very hard and very excited cock, wrapping her hand around his shaft she began to slowly wank him, he moaned a deep gutteral moan, Tina sank to her knees, still wanking his hard shaft she began to gently lick his balls, scrotum to shaft and gently sucked his balls as she wanked him faster. Soon his moans turned to words “Oh God. I’m gonna cum!” Tina quickly positioned herself so when he shot his load most of it splashed onto her naked breasts, she wanked him still as he shot spurt after spurt of hot cum onto her naked breasts and then she stood up, took his head and pulled his face down into her cleavage “Lick me clean you dirty bastard!” He did as she ordered him, licking his own cum from her breasts as he put his now flacid cock back in his pants. “Now fuck off!” she ordered. He immediately obeyed muttering ‘thank you’ and ‘sorry’ over and over as he retreated almanbahis giriş back though the undergrowth. We listened as he got further and further away until all around was silent, then Tina burst out laughing “Oh my God that was so horny!” she exclaimed “I hope you got some pictures of that. Pity he came so quick, I could do with a good fucking.”

“Be patient, everything comes to she who waits. But yes, I got some good pictures and I think you just made that guy’s whole year! I wonder who he was?”

Tina put her top back on and we continued to make our way through the bushes and down to the waterside where we found our little sandy spot, nicely secluded and well away from all the tracks and visitors. “My tits still feel sticky. I’m going to rinse myself off.” I watched as she waded into the water, she squealed that it was icy cold but started to splash herself with water, her clothes getting soaking wet as I took photo after photo of her, her breasts showing clearly through her top as it became completely transparent and the cold water made her nipples go hard and erect. When she eventually left the water and joined me on the bank she started to remove her clothes, draping them over bushes to dry and then she lay naked in the sun. I removed my own clothes, all apart from my boxers and as I did so my phone dropped out of my pocket, ‘one message’, I quickly read the message, it was from Carl and it read ‘Hi Paul. Last orders are 10:00pm and closing is 11:00 so I usually get away somewhere around 11:30. Sometimes a little earlier sometimes later depending on how busy we’ve been.’ I texted back immediately as Tina was laying with her eyes closed just relaxing in the sun. ‘Hi Carl, got your message, would you like to have a little fun after work? If so I shall text you my address later and you can pop round.’

The response was almost instant “I would like nothing more.” and so I texted him my address and told him to park his car around the back as that is where my door is “I shall leave the outdoor light on.”

I should explain, my flat is quite a new build and is actually directly above a garage and a driveway to a parking lot. Other flats in the complex are either ground, first or second floor but mine is unique having no neighbours either above or below. To access you drive into the parking lot by driving under my flat, you then park and my front door is at ground level just beside the entrance driveway, access the front door and then leave your coat and shoes inside the door and come upstairs to the flat proper. 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom with shower, kitchen/diner, open plan living room one on-suite bathroom with shower in the main bedroom. A nice place but the views are just of the flats opposite so my blinds are usually down.

So now it looks as if I shall be having a visitor coming along tonight, a visitor that I think Tina quite likes (if her flirting at the restaurant was any indication) but whom she considered ‘too young’. I needed to make her more ‘open’ to the younger man, after all a younger man should be more virile and I always thought the mature lady loved the thought of a younger man lusting after her.

But back to the here and now. Putting my phone away I sat beside Tina and leaned across her, gently kissing her stomach, she giggled “That tickles.” I moved up a little and gently kissed and teased her breasts, flicking my tongue across her hard erect nipples, sucking them into my mouth and teasing each with my teeth “You cleaned yourself well” I said “No taste of salty cum left here.” “Perhaps you could leave some there?” she suggested without opening her eyes. ‘It’s been a long time since I had a nice titty fuck’ I thought to myself. Slipping my shorts off I straddled her chest, holding her arms above her head I began to hump her titties, sliding my hard cock back and forth in her cleavage, enjoying the feel of her warm breasts around my cock. I had been feeling horny for most of the day so far, so it wasn’t long before I was cumming, shooting ropes of sperm between her breasts, splashing against her chin. I offered my cock to her mouth which she eagerly sucked and licked clean.

Giggling like a naughty schoolgirl she again waded into the water to rinse herself clean while I dressed, she then gathered her clothes from the bushes and put them back on, although the clothes had dried well in the sun they soon showed signs of dampness again as she dressed. It didn’t matter at all with her skirt as that wasn’t noticeable but when she donned her top it again went practically see-through around her chest. I don’t think she even realised just how much her breasts were visible. We quickly made our way back to the car park as it was now around lunch time and we were both feeling a little hungry. The walk back to the car caused quite a few admiring looks from men we passed, something that Tina didn’t at first understand until I nodded toward her chest and she looked down to see her clearly visible breasts and she practically squealed, blushing quite red as she attempted to cover herself with her arms. “You almanbahis yeni giriş might have told me!” she said in a hushed tone trying not to attract more attention. “I could have, but hey, you now seem to be the most popular lady here, I bet you could crook your finger at any man here and he’d come running, and from what I’ve seen quite a few of the women seem pretty interested too.”

We got back to the car in virtual silence and I was thinking I’d perhaps been too flippant with my comments and I was now in trouble. But once we started off and pulled out of the car park going on the next leg of our journey Tina simply said “I don’t think I could ever do anything with another woman.” I laughed in relief “Is that why you’ve been quiet these past few minutes? I thought I was in deep doo doo’s for being flippant about everyone seeing your breasts. Don’t you ever worry about things like that, I shall never expect you to do anything that you’re not happy with doing.” She squeezed my leg and kissed me on my cheek as we drove away from the reservoir.

I took us back toward the river Orwell and down to an old Historic pub on the bank of the Orwell called The Butt and Oyster. “This is one of my favourite pubs” I told Tina, “It’s been here since the 1500’s and according to local tales was frequented by many a smuggler and would often be the target of raids by the customs men. These days it’s more renowned for it’s fabulous ‘Pub Grub’, fine ales and fantastic views across the Orwell.” We selected an outdoor table and no sooner had we sat down than we were approached by a friendly face.

“Mr Paul! Nice to see you on such a fine day, do you have a day off or are you just skiving? What can I get for you and your charming young lady?”

“Hi Barry, I’m taking a few days holiday so I can show Tina the sights and introduce her to the area. Tina, this is Barry, a very good friend of mine from South Africa, his true name is Bamidele but we all call him Barry”

“Hello Barry” said Tina offering her hand “Uit watter deel van Afrika kom jy?”

“Ek kom van Paternoster af” replied Barry with a huge grin “It’s good to be able to speak the old language with someone again but I think we’d better use English or Paul is going to be left out. Just in case you wondered Paul, Tina asked me what part of Africa I come from in Africaans.”

“Bamidele — I don’t think I’ve ever heard that name before, what is its meaning Barry?” asked Tina.

Barry laughed, a deep warming laugh “I think my parents were playing a joke, my mother was native South African and my father was a Caribbean. The name they gave me means ‘follow me home’ I’m not sure why they picked that one, but sometimes the ladies do” he said with a wink. “Anyway, what can I get you good folks?”

Tina asked me to order for her so I asked for Ploughman’s lunches for us both, the drinks I asked Barry to bring us something ‘inventive’ bearing in mind that I had to drive. Once he left the table to get our orders Tina turned to me and said “How come you and he seem to be such good friends? You’re a native Englishman and he’s South African. Doesn’t the race issue make it awkward?”

“Barry is perhaps the most generous, real and open bloke you’re ever likely to meet. Today you could say he’s working for us, fetching our meals etc, but most other times it would be me working for him. He’s had a hard time, he has two lovely sons, twins but severely autistic so I often work as a carer to his sons, they are just four years old and can be a handful at times. His wife died in childbirth and now he devotes all his money and time to his boys but you will never see him without that smile on his face and that twinkle in his eye, the colour of his skin has never been an issue. I love that guy and his boys so much I would work for him for nothing. But don’t ever tell him that!”

Just then Barry came back with our lunches and drinks, mine was a fruit juice of some kind but Tina’s was something in a long tall glass with a sparkler, umbrella and slices of citrus fruit (I had a tiny sip and whilst I don’t know what it was, it was very alcoholic. The ploughman’s lunches were very filling with apple, various cheeses, chutney, cold meats, pork pie, fresh warm bread rolls and even a variety of pickles. We ate our fill watching the activity on the river and chatting, even chatting with Barry at times when he wasn’t tending tables.

When we had finished our lunches the afternoon was getting on and I suggested to Tina that we take a walk along the footpath that stretches all the way along beside the river right down to Shotley Marina, not that I intended us to walk that far. She readily agreed and we bade goodbye to Barry, Tina gave him a hug and kiss, telling him that she was glad to have met him and she had enjoyed chatting. He responded by saying he always likes to be able to chat with beautiful ladies, a comment that made Tina blush. We then left the pub walking beside the river, past a little row of houseboats that are moored just after the pub, there a quite a few of these houseboats looking as though they have been lived in for a bumber of years, all having their own little wooden jettys from shore to boat and all having post boxes for their mail. Tina looked at them with avid interest and eventually said “I wonder if they start rocking when they get fucking.”

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