Todd’s Troubles Pt. 15

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Todd was in the back of the limo, making its way through mid-town. Brooke, wearing very conservative businesswoman’s attire, was seated next to him. Both of them could feel the anticipation, Brooke smiled at him, and Todd could see the lust, matching his desire for the hot, and very fuckable Ms. Henderson.

Ever since the day in her office, when Todd had given her a hot, lust-driven afternoon of pleasure for her 40th birthday, Todd had looked forward to getting together with her again. The way she had called him daddy as he had rammed her tight, wet, fiery box had just about made him crazy, it had felt so fucking good to ram her to the core and pour his heated spunk into her welcoming womb.

Aware of the limo driver, they talked about points of the deal, what Abernathy was objecting to, and what they could do to smooth over the shakiness that had developed. They kept that “business people” cover going, all the way to Chicago, and they got rooms 918 and 920, with a connecting door, so they could work on the deal easier.

Todd set his luggage in room 918, hanging up fresh shirts and suits, ready for the meetings ahead, while Brooke opened the adjoining door, smiled at him, and unpacked her suitcase. Once settled, they sat at the table in Todd’s room and got right into the nuts and bolts of the deal.

Abernathy wanted to see them tomorrow, at 9 AM sharp, and both of them were well aware of what a tough taskmaster the old man was. Cash flows, projections, revenue streams, and expenditures, all had to be reviewed and studied, it was a very involved process.

Todd sat back, stretching, startled to see that it was almost 5 PM. He had promised to call Chrissy, and taking his cell phone, he hit the one-button dialer, and her smartphone went to voice mail, so he left her a message to call him back. He felt a niggling sense of worry, she would have seen his number on her call display, and answered immediately, when she saw his number.


Chrissy’s cell phone was set to vibrate and was not on her body at the time. Nothing was on her body, she was completely nude, in the center of a large bed, where a very aroused, naked Chrissy was pressed gently between two equally naked, and aroused bodies of her two lady lovers. A chorus of moans and cries had filled the bedroom, it had been a glorious afternoon…

Earlier, kocaeli escort just after taking Daddy to the train station, Chrissy had decided to hook up with Joanne and Renee. She dialed Joanne’s number, and she heard that sexy voice, “Hello?”

“Hi Joanne, this is Chrissy.”

“Chrissy, what a nice surprise! Are you calling to come over, we hope?”

Chrissy felt a stab of lust, ‘we’ must mean both she and her lover Renee were there. “Indeed I am, would today be okay?”

“Today would be perfect, Renee and I have the day off, we were planning to spend the day in bed, and having you in bed with us is going to make our day fabulous! Would you like to say hello to Renee?”

At Chrissy’s eager yes, the phone was handed over, and Renee’s voice, rich as honey and soft as silk, virtually caressed her from the telephone. Chrissy felt the juices slick up, and Renee sounded like sex personified.

Renee cooed, “I am so eager to meet you, Chrissy, we are going to make you the filling in an all-girl sandwich, and you will love it, baby!”

She felt the gush of juices and purred, “Oh that sounds so wonderful.”

“Can you come over now, we’ll take you out to lunch, then you’ll get a day of pleasure as you’ve never had! Bring your toothbrush sweetheart, you are not going home tonight!”

“I’ll be there on the next train!”

All the way into mid-town, Chrissy’s body was alive with lust. When she got off the train, she saw Joanne immediately, and she saw her lover, Renee. Chrissy’s breath caught, holy fuck, Renee was an absolute knockout.

With a long mane of rich red hair, and very deep green eyes, Chrissy felt she could fall into the eyes, like sparkling pools of green lust, they seemed to pierce her to the very core. She was wearing a rose-colored jumpsuit with a zipper down the front, it was unzipped to halfway between her cantaloupe-sized breasts, and they were displaying a very sexy cleavage. Chrissy wanted to unzip her the rest of the way and suckle at those breasts, god she felt so fucking hot.

When they got within inches, Renee’s hand came out, drawing Chrissy’s face close, and she received a lust-filled kiss, Chrissy moaned, deep in her throat, her whole body tingled at the electric contact of Renee’s warm wet lips pressing against hers. When Renee pulled back, Chrissy kocaeli escort bayan opened her eyes to see Joanne’s face filling her vision, giving her an equally sizzling kiss, making Chrissy moan again with pleasure.

Renee cooed, “Ummm, Chrissy, you look good enough to eat, and later, we are going to make good on that promise, won’t we Joanne?”

Joanne purred, “Oh indeed we will, you will get a day of pleasure as you’ve never had. Let’s go, get a light lunch, then Chrissy, you will get dessert at our place.”

Chrissy felt the quivering deep inside, her pussy was squirming, juices slick, all through lunch. When they arrived back at the apartment, no time needed to be spent before they were in the bedroom. Chrissy gave herself up to the soft, gentle hands gently disrobing her, she felt a hand slide slowly, teasingly down, over her bare, smooth mound.

She looked into Renee’s face, as she purred, “Mmmmm, so bare and smooth, oh we like our lovers to be so well waxed.” When her hand slid lower, finding the wet, gushing heat, Renee, her voice a husky purr, cooed, “Ohhh, Chrissy, you are drenched!”

Chrissy felt Joanne’s hand sliding down, feeling her fingers joining in, her juices felt like a river. Chrissy, who just several days ago, would be mortified at her lust so naked, so on display, was put at ease by her lover’s vocal approval of her desire, they were so eager to quench that desire. She was lowered gently to the bed, and Renee and Joanne swarmed all over her naked body, eager to give her a double dose of sizzling pleasure.

Renee whispered to her, “First, we are going to kiss, lick, suck and probe every one of your sweet holes.”

Chrissy felt her body being used in a way that moved her like no other. Lying on her side, with Renee’s naked body in front of her, and Joanne’s bare body inches from her backside, she felt hands roaming over her body, soft, warm, and very skilled in knowing how to pleasure all the sizzling nooks and crannies of Chrissy’s body.

She felt soft kisses, and hot wet mouths sliding all over her body, ummmm, that felt sooo good. The kisses trailed lower, lower, heading for her hot, fiery core. She felt soft hands cocking her left leg up, and oh fuck, holy god, Renee was lapping at her steamy cunt, and Joanne’s tongue was licking at the tight pucker of her izmit escort asshole.

Chrissy cried out, “Oh my god, that feels so fucking good!”

The tongues were making her body light up, it was a pleasure like she’d never felt. The tongues were skillful, well versed in the art of giving as much pleasure as possible, and Chrissy was shaking from head to toe. She growled aloud as she felt a finger slide up her ass hole and her pussy at the same time, gently pumping away, and the lapping at her stiff clit took her roaring over, she let out squeals of pleasure as she felt the rush of her orgasm take her over, tongues and fingers not letting up until she they had wrung every last spasm from her body.

When Chrissy recovered, she was on fire with lust, she grabbed Renee, and pushed her down on the bed. She flipped her over and pulled her to her knees. Her eyes lingered on Renee’s tightly puckered ass hole, it looked pink and soft and so lickable. She’d never had an idea of doing anything like that, until now, she wanted to lick at that sweet pucker. She ran her tongue lightly around the rim, then let her wet tongue swab all over the tight hole.

Renee cooed, “Ohhhh yes, just like that baby, lick my tight little asshole, god that feels so good.”

Encouraged, Chrissy let her tongue dance all over the tight rim, then started to probe gently at her with the tip of her tongue. Renee’s squeals of pleasure filled the bedroom, and Joanne crawled over, Renee cooed to her, “Give me your tight ass to lick!”

Joanne took the position, grasping her ass cheeks, pulling them apart as Renee lowered her face towards her tight, twitchy ass hole. Joanne’s cries of pleasure joined Renee’s, as hot wet tongues teased tight ass holes. Chrissy brought her fingers into play, and slid them around in the gushing center, then eased a finger in, enjoying Renee’s cries of pleasure as she stuffed her finger up the tight clench of Renee’s back door. Joanne purred as Renee slid a finger up her tight ass hole, and the room was a chorus of cries and moans of pleasure.

Chrissy slid her other hand down, her fingers were drenched by the rush of Renee’s juices, and just a few deft flicks of her fingertips over Renee’s throbbing clit brought her orgasm bursting forth. She squealed and howled as she licked at Joanne’s tight ass, and Chrissy enjoyed the feeling of bringing Renee to such a noisy, gushing release.

They flopped down to the bed, and Renee caught Joanne’s eye as she smiled at Chrissy. It was time, all their threesomes had a double penetration, and Chrissy’s time was here and now.

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