Tom my Brother In law Pt. 04

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When we got home Mom called me, she needed to talk about the whole thing, let us know what she thought of the whole situation with Tom and I. At first she said she was against it, but after further consideration her grand daughter had a loving home with two people who loved her very much. She was safe with two family members who would take care of her.

I was pretty sure Mom knew years ago that Tom and I had a connection, she knew I was gay when I was young. Her and Dad accepted me as the person I was, Dad was not opposed to Tom and I, he loved us both. Mom was more worried about what would be said about the two of us, I told her not to worry about it, we three would be fine.

We three had dinner then a movie and bedtime for our little Hailey, Tom and I laid with her as I read her a story. Before she drifted off she kissed me on the cheek, hugged me then told me she loved me very very much. Tom and I looked at each other, I was in tears at this point, we finally got her to sleep and Tom and I could go watch a movie of our own.

Tom snuggled in close to me, I held him like he would or could fall off of me, we were watching an action movie he liked. He too sat up and looked at me, he leaned in for a kiss and told me he loved me very very much. He laid back down and snuggled back in with me, no sooner said he too was asleep on me.

I woke him as the credits rolled, he got up went to pee then went to bed, he went to his room tonight so I went to my own after turning off all the lights. He got up and came to my room.

“Billy why aren’t you in bed with me right now? Are you mad at me?”

“I wasn’t sure you wanted me in your bed Tom.”

Tom walked up to me and pulled me in to his body.

“It’s our bed, not mine but ours now, I love you Billy and want you at my side all the time.”

Tom pulled me in for a hug, holding me tight to his almost naked body, his boxers tenting, his cock dripping.

“Come to bed Billy, escort izmir and tomorrow you move into our room please.”

Tom and I made out, which turned into a sixty nine where we shot each other full of each others cum, snuggled in close to each other we were both soon fast asleep. Hailey came in at about three, a bad dream had woken her, she snuggled in between myself and her Dad.

She always seemed to stay closer to me than her Dad for some reason, I was the Mom in this situation we all knew that. Our days turned into weeks, Tom and I only grew closer, Hailey quickly grew into a beautiful young woman who looked so much like her Mom. Hailey had so many questions through the years about myself and her Dad.

She was okay that we were in a gay relationship, but she wondered how her Dad and I ended up where we were. I told her the truth about how I felt about her Dad before he married her Mom and how I stepped in to take care of both of them when her Mom had died. How her Dad and I both lonely and alone naturally ended up with each other and how we both loved each other.

She hugged me and told me she loved me so very much, our little girl was a young lady now, graduation, then on to university. Her Dad and I both in tears as she packed up and drove off, Tom and I settled in together. He and I had a very normal life, he and I very affectionate with each other, we were talking one night Tom asked if I ever wanted to leave.

“Tom I love you very much I would never leave you, unless you want me to go?”

“I think I want us to get married Billy. I love you and cannot see myself with anyone but you for the rest of my life. Billy would you marry me?”

I looked at the man I was so in love with, he could not possibly think I would say anything but yes to him.”

“Tom of course I will marry you.”

He and I would have a small ceremony, close friends and relatives, Hailey would stand for us with a very close friend of ours. escort izmir It was a beautiful day for a backyard wedding, Tom and I read our vows I was in tears as he read his and I read my own to him. Sealed with a kiss we two were wed, we had a wonderful evening, the last of our guests gone it was Tom and I.

Hailey would spend the night at Grandma’s, her Dad and I needing some alone time, Tom and I made out, then ended up in our bedroom. I touched him everywhere, I kissed licked and sucked that man in every spot imaginable. Tom of course always the vocal one, with only him and I in the house now he could be as loud as he wanted.

First I would suck a load out of him then, he would make mad passionate love to me, then he and I would sixty nine. Tom snuggled in close to me, his head on my chest, his leg draped across my legs, he lifted his head and looked me in the eyes.

“Do you have any idea how much I love you my husband?”

“Pretty sure I do my husband, but how much tell me?”

“To the moon and back one hundred and fifty thousand times.”

“Love you too Tom, more than I could ever say.”

He and I snuggled in after the long day he was out in no time, I held him close to me, his body half on my own. I kissed his head an was soon out, I woke to someone knocking on our front door. I threw on a robe and went to see who it was. It was Hailey, Mom and Dad, they all came by to bring us breakfast, I went in our room to wake up Tom and to get myself presentable.

I woke him up by kissing him over and over, he made some funny faces as I did so, he pulled me in and rolled on top of me. Of course the man was boned up, holding his lips to my own so I could not tell him they were here.

“Tom stop, Hailey, Mom and Dad are here.”

I rolled us over and got up, I gave him one last kiss then went in the bathroom to get myself looking presentable. I got dressed as Tom watched me take off the robe, I knew what he had in mind, I got dressed then went in to put on coffee. Tom finally rolled out of bed he threw on the robe I had worn and cleaned himself up.

We had a nice breakfast, some good conversation, I knew Tom wanted this to be our day alone, for us to lay in bed and enjoy each other. The three of them soon got ready to leave, they asked what we had planned for today. We just looked at each other and they all knew we wanted alone time with each other, we said our good byes and they were on their way.

I went in the kitchen to clean up, Tom came in, still in his robe, but now it was open and he was rock hard and ready. I put down the dishes I was carrying, I stood in front of him then got down on my knees. I held his beautiful cock, I examined it closely, I gave it a gentle kiss, then a lick, then it was lodged deep inside of my mouth.

Tom held my head to his huge cock, he gently fucked my mouth then his momentum rose. I loved it when he took my mouth and used it for his sex toy. His breathing rose, his cock swelled and his balls pulled in tight. He screamed as his cock shot me full of his cum, I had it all over my chin and lips, once his orgasm subsided he pulled me to my feet and kissed me.

Licking away the remainder of the seed he had just planted on my chin, he and I looked at each other.

“I love you Billy.”

“Love you too.”

He and I went to bed, we stayed in the bed for most of the day, even with us being together for as long as we had been. There was no one I wanted to be with more than Tom, he and I never strayed, I never looked at another man like I looked at him. We were only married for a short time but I felt like I had a bond with him since the first time we had sex with each other.

Every morning when I get up to make him coffee and breakfast he still looks at me while I put on clothes, like he always did. I go in and kiss him, I too feel like I did years ago, most weekends we are in bed for hours making out or in the heat of it, and yeah he still screams as I make him cum. I love this man more than life itself, and more and more with each passing day.

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