Tommy’s Neighbourhood Ch. 01

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Welcome. This is my first attempt at a story and I have no formal training. Feel free to send feedback, but remember that statement.

I plan to write more, but I don’t get a lot of time for it, so if you like it, please be prepared to wait.

Get to know Tommy; he should have a very bright future.

* * *

Tommy looked up at the clock on the wall, nearly home time. Another Friday gone and then on to the weekend. He was especially looking forward to this weekend, as his best friend Brian Cherry had invited him to a sleep over. They were going to stay up really late and play video games, and maybe watch a couple of their favourite movies.

The class started sneakily packing their belongings, knowing how close it was to home time. Tommy joined them, knowing Miss Bush wouldn’t tell him off even if she saw him, as he was one of her favourite students.

As he looked at her, she reacted to the rustling of the class as they packed backpacks, looking up her eyes immediately found Tommy’s and she smiled at him for a moment before returning her attention to the work on her desk. After another moment she checked her watch and dismissed the class, “Okay, you might as well all go now, I can see you won’t be doing any more work anyway,” and then returned her attention to the work on her desk.

Various thanks, goodbyes and well-wishes for the weekend drifted to Miss Bush as the class filed out. Soon Tommy was walking past her to the door, “Goodbye Miss Bush, have a nice weekend.”

She looked up at Tommy, not far though, as he was not very tall, only about 5 feet. “Thank you Tommy, you take it easy and have a good weekend too. Don’t forget the assignment is due Monday week.”

“Thanks Miss Bush, I won’t.” With that Tommy walked into the hall, and began his routine of trying not to get knocked over by the rest kids in the hallway, at least half of which were taller than him, despite the fact that he was in his last year of High School, and was already 19 years old.

When Tommy was young, he had a disorder that had affected his growth. From age 5 to 10 he had not grown a great deal, and ever since then his body had lagged. He was constantly told by doctors and his mother that he would have a growth spurt anytime that would make up for the difference, though it hadn’t yet arrived. He’d also missed enough school that meant he’d been held back, making him a year older than his peers. He’d worked hard at school to make up for it and his mother was now very proud of how good his grades were.

Reaching the parking lot Tommy looked around enviously at the kids hopping in their own cars. He had his licence, but not enough money to buy a car. Instead he looked around for his friend Brian or Brian’s Mum’s car, as they usually gave him a lift home. He would then get his stuff together and ride his bicycle over to their place.

He hoped his Mum was home, but he didn’t expect it, as she’d probably still be at work. She worked hard to support Tommy and herself as a single parent. Tommy had never known his father; he’d been killed in a car accident before his mother had even known she was pregnant with him.

He spotted Brian waving to him, and he hurried over. Brian was much taller than Tommy, above average for his age. This was quite often a topic of ridicule among the rest of the school, the two geeks, a giant and his midget friend. Tommy and Brian had been good friends for years though, having the same interests.

Tommy got in the BMW Mrs Cherry drove. Brian’s father was some kind of banker, and flew around the country quite often doing something complicated for banks, Tommy had never really known. He’d always taken care of his family’s financial needs though. A few years back Brian’s Mum, Vicki, got wind of her husband’s interstate activities, and was quickly divorced, receiving the house, car, and a healthy amount of money to live on, according to Brian. As he climbed in she asked, “Hi Tommy, have a good day?”

Tommy couldn’t really see Mrs Cherry sitting up front in the driver’s seat. “Hi Mrs Cherry, it was ok, Friday’s are always better, they seem to go fast, but it’s never fast enough.” Brian then interrupted to tell Tommy about a new game he’d gotten a couple of days ago, and Mrs Cherry let them chat as she drove Tommy to his house.

Arriving home, Tommy hopped out of the car, waving to Brian and his Mum, telling them he’d be over soon. He entered his house and called out for his Mum. The garage was always closed, so he never knew if she was home. She was apparently still at work. He went to the fridge and found a note.

‘tommy, I’m sorry I won’t be home when you finish school and I know you’re off to brian’s tonight, have a good time and call me if you need anything. I’m going to see your aunt pam, I should be home about 6, I’ll miss you tonight, love mum’

Tommy knew what a Mummy’s-boy was, and wondered not for the first time if he was one. His Mum was very attached to him and protective, and escort bayan always missed him even if he was only away overnight. They would always hang out together when he returned home. He didn’t think that made him a Mummy’s-boy though, because it was his Mum who was the clingy one.

His Aunt Pam was 14 years younger than his Mum, closer to him in fact, at 26 only 7 years older than him. He was surprised his Mum was going to see her on a Friday night, as Aunt Pam was usually too busy going out on the town.

He packed a change of clothes grabbed his pocket money, then got his bike out of the garage and rode over to Brian’s.

Mrs Cherry let him in and told him Brian was in the den. Mrs Cherry had changed into a workout outfit, including what looked to him like a one piece swimsuit and leotards. He tried desperately not to perv on her, but she turned to lead him toward Brian in the den, and he was able to admire the way the suit split her arse cheeks in two. He felt his cock begin to stir in his pants and immediately looked away. The last thing he wanted was a boner just as he arrived to hang out with Brian. He’d always thought Mrs Cherry was very pretty. Her skin was olive coloured and she had wavy brown hair, with a bit of styling to it. He’d seen pictures of Farrah Fawcett from that old Charlie’s Angels TV show, and always thought Mrs Cherry’s hair was a brunette version. She had thick lips, without looking ridiculous. But every time Tommy looked at her, he mainly saw the generous swell of her breasts, quite large under whatever top she wore, though he thought she never wore anything that complimented or presented them.

She pointed down the hall to the den, though Tommy knew where it was, while she headed for the room where she’d set up a small personal gym. Tommy sat beside Brian on the couch, satisfied his boner had left. Brian was playing the new Batman game, and Tommy was soon caught up in it as well.

A couple of hours later the doorbell rang, though the boys were too engrossed in their game to notice. A few minutes later they heard raised voices from the front of the house, one was Mrs. Cherry, but Tommy didn’t recognise the other. Brian paused the game, “That’s my Dad I think. Mum and Dad sound like that every time they see one another now.” They heard footsteps coming toward them and Brian resumed the game, though he certainly wasn’t into it anymore.

Tommy looked up as Mrs Cherry came into the den still dressed to work out, obviously angry, she was breathing hard, and her chest was noticeably rising, and she was covered in a sheen of sweat. Tommy tried not to look at the drops of sweat as they slid toward the few inches of cleavage she had showing above her suit. “Brian, your father is here. He said he had an unexpected job out here, and he’d like to take you for the weekend. I explained you had a friend over, but he pointed out he doesn’t get much time with you during the school term, so I said I’d ask you.”

Brian turned to Tommy, and Tommy knew he would want to go with his father, and Tommy felt no regret or sadness at all as he said, “Hey man, don’t worry about me, you should go hang with your Dad. We can always do this again some other time for sure, but your Dad…”

“Thanks Tommy, I really owe you one,” he said as he jumped up and headed for his room to pack. Mrs Cherry had her eyes closed, and Tommy knew she was trying to control her emotions.

Vicki felt torn, on one hand she was angry at her ex-husband, but on the other she was trying to be happy Brian had time with his father. There was also a bit of guilt for Tommy, as he’d only been here a few hours and now his friend was running out on their sleep over. Both were over 18, but so shy they often still seemed like little kids.

Mrs Cherry opened her eyes, looked at Tommy and asked him to wait here while she helped Brian pack.

Tommy saved Brian’s game, and then idly played the game while he waited for things to settle down. He looked at his watch and saw that it was about ten past seven. His Mum would probably be over at Aunt Pam’s now, and she didn’t like him riding in the dark, but he didn’t like interrupting her visit with her sister, so he decided he’d have to ask for a lift home from Mrs Cherry.

About ten minutes later he heard Brian leaving with his Dad, soon after Mrs Cherry came back to the den, seeming much calmer, obviously now simply happy Brian was with his Dad. “I’m sorry Tommy, if I had any idea this would happen I wouldn’t have let Brian invite you over.”

“That’s ok Mrs Cherry, I know how it goes. I’m just happy Brian gets to see his Dad.”

Mrs Cherry looked at him for a moment, then, “How old are you now Tommy?”

“I turned Nineteen two weeks ago.”

“Then I think you’re old enough to stop this Mrs Cherry nonsense and start calling me Vicki…”

“Mrs Cherry, I don’t know if Brian–”

“Brian has nothing to do with this Tommy, I’m sure he knows that my name isn’t Mrs Cherry. Now, what are kocaeli escort bayan we going to do with you? I know your Mum won’t like me sending you home on your bike, so I’ll just give her a call first and then–”

“NO!” That came out louder and more forceful than he intended, but he explained, “My Mum isn’t home right now; she left me a note to say that since I was away she was going to see her sister Pam. She so rarely gets out that I don’t want to disturb her. If you can just drop me off though, I’ll come and pick up my bicycle tomorrow?”

“So your Mum isn’t home… well you’re certainly old enough to be home alone it’s true, but I don’t feel right sending you home without telling her.” Mrs Cherry thought for a moment. “Well, I need to get changed first anyway, once I’ve done that we’ll sort out what we’re going to do. Besides, if I know my son, you’ve barely had a go on that new video game anyway. So you just sit right here while I go get changed,” with that, she left the room, heading to the bathroom obviously.

Tommy played the game for a few minutes, but couldn’t really get into it since he was leaving soon. He also felt the need to take a leak, so he paused the game and headed for the guest bathroom. As he approached saw steam coming out of the slightly opened door and heard the shower running. He was surprised since he was sure that Mrs Cherry had her own bathroom. He was about to turn around; when he realised he might be able to catch a glimpse of Mrs Cherry in the shower. He knew he shouldn’t, as Brian was his best friend, but Mrs Cherry was so hot, and lately Tommy had been noticing certain attributes of women in his life much more.

Tommy knew he was a late developer, which he knew was because of his condition when he was younger. It didn’t annoy or upset him though, as he had been assured there was nothing wrong with him. He’d heard a lot of schoolyard talk when he was younger, so he knew bits and pieces, but he didn’t really know just how inexperienced he was.

About six months ago, Tommy had his first boner. He knew it was called an erection, but he thought of them as boners, like most boys his age he supposed. Erection just wasn’t a cool name. Occasionally he would see things that would get him hard and occasionally he would just randomly get hard. About six weeks ago, he started having wet dreams. He knew what they were from sex ed., but it was still confronting. He had done his best to hide the sheets from his mother, but he knew she must have found them, and thought he was wetting the bed, but she hadn’t said anything to him. What mattered though was that a few times he had dreamt of Mrs Cherry and the opportunity of maybe seeing her naked was just too good to pass up.

He crept toward the open door and peaked through, but unfortunately the shower was on the wrong side of the room. He realised though that the bathroom mirror was perfectly positioned, all he had to do was stand up. He slowly did so. At first all he could see was steam, and the mirror was slightly fogged up, but as the steam swirled in the room, he caught sight of her.

She was facing away from the mirror, so all he could see was her back. Her smooth skin was wet from the shower, with a few blemishes on her shoulder blades. Her wet her was slick on her back. Tommy felt pain as he realised his cock was getting hard, and was uncomfortably positioned in his pants. He reached down to adjust himself just as Mrs Cherry turned toward the mirror. He caught a glimpse of her big tits before he panicked and ran back to the den. No longer did he need to pee, instead he had a different need in his cock.

He tried to put it out of mind, knowing he would get in so much trouble if he was caught in any way. So he started trying to play the video game again, but his concentration was terrible, and he was losing badly. His attention was entirely focussed on his hearing, listening to the shower.

Before long he heard the shower shut off, and then heard Mrs Cherry walk to her bedroom. He willed himself to relax, but he just couldn’t.

Things were quiet for a while. Finally he began to relax. Then he felt the need to pee come back with a vengeance, and he rushed up to the bathroom.

Vicki stood in her bedroom admiring herself in the full length mirror. Now that Brian and Tommy were going to be gone tonight, she was considering heading out for the night, maybe trying to score herself a stud. Most of the guys she found were not studs, but she was not about to stop looking. She’d put on a leather mini-skirt that stopped about halfway to her knees, sandals with a three inch heel, her black lace push-up bra, and a white blouse with a billowy, frilly decoration along the front. The bra was easily visible through her blouse, and she had a generous amount of cleavage showing. She was well-gifted in that department, just as her mother had been. She wore a DD cup, and any time she brought them out to play they were always the first kocaeli escort thing a guy noticed about her. They were very sensitive, especially her long nipples, and she often found pleasure by playing with them herself. She’d kept herself very fit working in her gym, and her legs were toned. She turned to the side to admire the swell of her butt, and the dramatic way her bust stuck out above her waist.

She went to check her watch and realised she left it in the main bathroom, where she showered after working out to keep her personal bathroom clean. As she went to enter she heard a sound like someone halfway through filling a bucket from a tap.

She curiously turned toward the bathroom door, and then jumped back as she saw what was happening in there. Little Tommy Johnson was taking a leak. But it looked more like he was trying to extinguish a fire using a hose. He must have been holding onto it a while, as there was a lot of pressure. He must have forgotten to close the door in his hurry. She peeked around the corner to get another look at his dick. It must have been about 6″ long completely flaccid. She was mesmerised by it. Immediately she had visions of that dick getting hard and her swallowing it, stuffing the monster down her throat. Tommy hadn’t seen her, so caught up in the relief of peeing. She realised she had a unique opportunity here, Tommy was not expected at home, and her own son would not be around all weekend, she could be alone with him until tomorrow when his mother expected him home. She tiptoed back to her room, plotting. She wouldn’t even have to get changed, aside from maybe her shoes. Vicki Cherry did an amazing job of playing the reserved, divorced, single mother; in fact so good she deserved an Oscar. Underneath that, was a side of her that Brian and Tommy had never seen, and that Brian’s father had forgotten about as he had spent more time away. Tommy was in for a treat.

* * *

Tommy had gone back to the den and was idly waiting for Mrs Cherry to return to take him home.

When she walked in, he was gobsmacked. He’d thought she was hot when he saw her after working out, but now she was a knockout. He wasn’t sure why she’d dressed up to take him home, but he wasn’t about to complain. She wasn’t looking at him, but rather at something she held in her hands, so he looked her up and down, from her calf length leather boots that he’d learned were called ‘come-fuck-me’ boots, mid-thigh length leather mini-skirt, still-wet wild-looking hair and finally her white, slightly open blouse and mouth-watering cleavage.

He saw her glance at him, and he closed his mouth which had gaped open. He wasn’t sure, but he thought maybe she’d looked at his lap. He felt movement down there and tried to cross his legs to hide what he felt stirring.

Mrs Cherry stepped around the couch, “I was thinking that since your Mum isn’t home Tommy, we might as well have some dinner together.” Tommy realised she held a pizza menu, “Did you want to – whoops!” As she went to hand the menu to Tommy, it slipped from her fingers and fell right in front of Tommy. “Clumsy me,” she stepped in front of Tommy, and he was awarded with a magnificent view of her side-on. Her big tits just stuck way out in front of her.

But it didn’t stop there; she moved right in front of him and bent at the waist to retrieve the menu. Tommy was spellbound as he watched, as if she were in slow motion, as Mrs Cherry slowly bent over and stuck her arse out towards him. As she did so, her skirt worked down her hips enough for Tommy to see what must have been the hot pink strings from her underwear, rise up along her hips. His cock gave a twitch, as he realised he was fully hard, and close to an incident that might get him thrown out of this house forever, not to mention the embarrassment.

Mrs Cherry was fully bent over, her arse presented perfectly encased within the leather mini-skirt. It felt to Tommy as if she stayed that way for hours. In all his dreams, he knew he’d never had anything quite as good as this, and he was desperately trying to think of something else to stop from cumming.

Mrs Cherry raised herself slightly, but not completely, and turned to Tommy to hand him the menu. As she turned, he got a look at the long, deep, dark valley between her breasts, but he looked immediately into her eyes, as he was so close to an accident. She looked at him intently, and he’d never seen her look at him or anyone that way. Deciphering her look was something to occupy his mind, so he focussed on it. She looked… hungry, amused, like she had a secret she knew he wanted. He took the menu, “Thanks Mrs–”

“That’s Vicki remember?”

“–Vicki… that’s really nice of you,” He glanced at the menu, but couldn’t focus on it at all. Even though he was looking right at it, all he could see was her face, her deep cleavage, and her tight, round arse. “Uh… anything is fine with me.”

“Perfect,” she said slowly, and took the menu from him and looked at it again. She stood up completely, “I love anything with a big sausage,” she said and ran her other hand up along her stomach before lightly caressing her left tit, causing the flesh of her cleavage to bulge up and out of the bra cup that Tommy could see.

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