Toy Training Ch. 02 – His Turn

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The sensation in my pumped clit wouldn’t die down and continued to intrude in my thoughts. It wasn’t even done yet and I was so aware of the sensation of it happening as if it had.

It was his time, he had waited long enough and he needed to be taken. We had talked and both knew what was coming, but the expectation was more than I could imagine. I continued getting ready in the bedroom, as he was showering, doing up the hooks on my leather corset. I plumped my breasts in the cups, giving them a fullness, as the satin lining caressed my nipples into erect states.

I sat on the bed and slid the first thigh stocking up my leg, feeling the ring on my clit hood swing free, the short chain attached swinging in circles. I smiled as I looked at it, knowing what it was for and how it was going to be used. I gave it a light tug and felt the sensations course through my clit and into my body. The wetness inside became apparent and I tugged it again and sighed. I tucked my toes into the other stocking and slid it up my leg, feeling it become encased in silky smoothness. I stood and looked in the mirror at myself, checking to make sure the hems were even and straight, then sat on the bed and pulled on the first knee high boot, slipping my foot in and then felt the tightness of it as I zipped it up. I loved running my hands up slowly, feeling the softness encasing me. I pulled on the other one and zipped it up, then stood.

The five inch heels were a little hard getting used to at first, but I got my balance and walked around the room, getting an attitude from them. I opened my special drawer and looked at the array of sexual toys and gadgets I had, then picked the vibrating Ben-Wa balls out. I worked two fingers between the folds and opened myself up, spreading my lips wide, then slowly slid one, then the other. The wash of stimulation made me catch myself at first, then I steadied myself again and reached in the drawer for the seven inch strapless dildo and the cock ring

I slid the end for me up inside, feeling the small dildo end trap the balls inside securely. I knew from here on in, I had to endure the constant sensation of the balls’ stimulation, as I carried out my role. I heard the shower stop and knew he was only minutes away from standing dutifully waiting for me to arrive. I checked myself in the mirror, fixing my hair and eyelashes, when the first small orgasmic wave washed through me. I saw my expression in the mirror and chuckled to myself, what a great way to have an orgasm.

The door to the sex room opened and I knew he was ready for me. I picked up my glass of wine and strutted from one room to another slowly, letting the click of the heels make their presence felt. I turned the corner and saw him standing there naked, his hands behind his back like I ordered him to do. I didn’t want him hiding behind them and blocking my view of his cock. I liked knowing that all I had to do was look at it a certain way and it would twitch in excitement, the owner knowing what that look meant. Tonight, there were no words to be spoken, only strict attention to me and my eyes.

I walked up and ran my finger tip along the shaft, feeling for any stubble. I cupped his balls and caressed the skin, feeling the silky smoothness of the shave. I slid my fingers between his legs, running them over his anus and smiled in commanding happiness, he had made sure it was tongue-ready for me. I held his limp cock and stroked it a few times and felt the surge, which caused the right surge in me to feel another wave of orgasmic pleasure and the wetness seeping down to cling to my lips.

I ordered him to get into a doggy position with a nod of my head and a gesture of my hand, then took the padded top stool and slid it under his chest and stomach. I went to his face and looked at him, his eagerness covered with nervous expectations. I kissed his lips softly, as I began wrapping the wrist restraints around him, making sure they were snug and tight. I trailed her fingers along his body, smacking his ass and squeezing it when I came to it.

I poker oyna picked up the ankle restraints and closed them around his ankles, pulling the tethers tightly to keep his legs spread wide. I ran my hands over his ass and thighs, feeling them quiver and seeing the ripples of nervous pleasure shake him. I caressed his ass cheeks softly, covering them entirely and that brought soft moans from him. He knew that was my area of attack tonight and knew his ass was being spanked anywhere I touched it.

I picked up the oil and poured it in my palm and put the container back. I applied it liberally to his ass and cock, now swelling in readiness for the excitement to come. I worked his cock slowly, massaging and working pressure points to make him hard. I ringed his balls and tugged up hard, making his cock strain, as I stroked it hard. The blood engorged the stimulated flesh instantly, swelling him to a desirable size and purpose.

As I stroked on him, working his level of arousal higher, his moans let me know he was where I wanted him to be and laid the first spank on his ass. His cry out was only surprise and I laid another on the other cheek. The red stains of my fingers were visible and getting clearer, as I continued milking and stroking his burgeoning member. Again and again, I spanked him, hitting virgin flesh each time, exciting the chosen area. His ass and thighs glowed red, as I milked a wad of pre-cum from his cock. It dangled in a long strand, threatening to break as it got thinner stretching down, but made it to the table surface and wavered with nervous arousal.

I held his cock in her palm and caressed it with the other, smearing the viscous fluid over it. With no notice, I clapped my hands together hard on the shaft of his cock and made him whimper in surprise. I clapped them several more times fast and then soothed it in soft caresses, feeling the hot, pulsing flesh react to it. Another drip of pre-cum appeared and I gathered it on my finger tip, smearing it over the dark, purple head. I stroked it and caressed his balls, tugging them up and smacking them against his asshole lightly.

I let his cock go and watched it hang and twitch in spasms, his erection dying in neglect. I placed my palms on his ass and spread his cheeks wide, before I placed her lips over his ass and kissed the tight pucker. It twitched at my touch, as my tongue poked at it and ran around it in circles. My finger tip eased in and out to the first knuckle, just enough sensation to stimulate him highly, then I pushed to the second. I stroked it in and out slowly, feeling the tight sphincter slowly giving up tension and accepting me.

I pushed all the way in and buried my finger deep, twirling it around in the smooth walls of the passage. He squirmed and clenched, but I owned what I had taken already and I was demanding more. I slid another finger in and worked it down inside him, opening him and stretching his orifice, loosening up for my pleasure. He never spoke out, knowing no words were ever to be used between us. His moans and groans, sighs and whimpers were his only expressions and I loved the music of his arousal. I loved his crescendos as slid my fingers out of his ass to make him do one. I began stroking and spanking again, this time harder and quicker from cheek to cheek. He bucked and bounced on the stool, as I confused him with pain and pleasure, blurring lines continually.

I used both hands and began rapidly spanking his cheeks hard, the slaps going everywhere in my chosen area. I stopped and soothed my caressing hands over him and heard the whimpers of release. I placed two fingers on either side of his ass and pulled him open, then my tongue bore into him deeply, licking the earthy flesh inside him. He writhed in blissful agony, as the burning stretch was quelled by my oral delights. I rimmed him and flicked my tongue over the stretched skin and felt the contractions of pleasure being sent through him. His ass accepted the dilation and relaxed, as I tongued his ass and stroked his cock. I trailed my tongue down canlı poker oyna and began slathering my saliva around the swollen orbs, coating them thoroughly.

My mouth opened only so wide and then I began sucking his balls through the opening into my mouth. The tight fit stretched at him, as the suction kept pulling him in. I suckled on them, lolling my tongue around them, as my hand kept a slow steady rhythm of cock stroking and two fingers sliding in his ass and stroking him open wider. I licked two fingers from my other hand and slid those in with the other two and stroked them deep, as I held onto his balls with my lips and tugged on them hard.

When I felt his ass relax into the stretched state, I rose and knelt on the table behind him. I oiled up the dildo and lined the head up with his opening, as I held his cock with her other hand. I squeezed his cock hard, threatening to make it burst, as I pushed the head of the dildo into his ass. I stroked it in slowly a bit at a time, working the seven inch length in. I held his hips and pulled him back, as I urged the entire shaft inside of him.

I felt my pelvis contact his ass and pulled him in tightly to me, working every last part inside. He winced and whined, as he accepted my intrusion, knowing it was part of his acceptance to my wishes. I leaned back and felt down between them and pulled the small chain up. I felt for the ring on his balls and snapped the hook over it, locking us together. I pressed up against him again and began stroking his cock, as I she moved the dildo in time.

He groaned and cried in pleasure, as his new ball ring was pulled back by her clit ring, the elastic skin growing tauter on each stroke. My hood was long and had lots of skin to go far, as I pulled back and stretched the ball sack by the ring. I ran my finger lightly along the stretched hood, feeling the smooth, tightness. I felt for my clit and rubbed the little nub inside, making me twitch and tug on both of us.

The Ben-Wa balls had made me soaking wet with my cum, as I dredged her finger in it and rubbed it on my clit. I gathered as much as I could from herself and coated the shaft of the dildo and sank it back inside, as I worked on several key places of sensitivity on his cock. His spasms of intricate pleasure delighted me, as I stroked my clit and pounded the last inch of dildo in and out of him.

He tensed and shuddered, as wave after wave of ecstasy roiled through him like a crashing surf. I felt his cock swelling, reaching its final stages before ejaculation started. I brought both hands around him and slapped the sides of the head rapidly back and forth, as white jets shot forth and sprayed over the table. I knew how long to go for and then softly stroked him, the contradiction in sensations bringing him to the point of tears, as his orgasm ebbed away.

I carefully unhooked the clip from his ball sack, then slowly withdrew the cum soaked dildo from his ass. I looked at how much of my own cum was still clinging around the entrance and licked it off, before I sucked him down entirely and drained him completely. He shook violently in reaction, hissing through his teeth and mewling at the over sensitive feelings. I smacked his ass on each cheek then kissed them, before I released his ankles, then went around to the front.

I saw the look of complete release in his face, the satisfied exhaustive state of letting go of control and accepting what is given and presented. I raised his head slightly and kissed him lovingly, feeling the love returned weakly. I released his wrists and helped him down, then onto his knees to kneel.

I leaned back and braced my hands on the table, as he undid the harness and slid it down my legs. I stepped out and placed the stool on the floor, placing my boot on it and spreading my legs wide. He crawled forward and place his open mouth just under my shaved pussy opening. Drips and spatters of my cum already painted the surface of my skin, as I worked my muscles and pushed the first ball out into his mouth. He sucked it internet casino clean and then slowly tugged using his mouth and pulled the second one free with the string.

He blindly handed it to me, as he quickly latched his mouth over my opening, the torrent of dammed up cum rushing out. I held his head to me tightly by his hair, as I sucked my cum off the other ball. When I felt the inside of myself drained of cum and enough small orgasms to satisfy any last needs, I pushed his head back and made him kneel, as I picked up my toys and walked out of the room. I looked back as I reached the door and crooked my finger at him to follow me, because I still had need of his cock to satisfy the desire to be filled with his flesh inside me.

He crawled on his hands and knees and waited at the bottom of the bed, as I made myself comfortable and then invited him up to prepare my pussy for a good fucking. He stroked his cock against my pussy lips and clit, making himself hard again and making me dilate for entry. I saw how big he was and liked where he was at. I took the ring off the table beside the bed and had him keep it hard, as I closed the clasp and watched the veins raise up like ridges. His head went a dark purple and swelled even more and I was very happy to lie back and let him fill me.

He knew how to tease me at first and get me eager for it, wanting him deeper in me. I pulled back on my ring and he rubbed the slick head over my engorged clit and got me up to the point of readiness. I used a finger to push his cock down and he moved it into my entrance and slid the head inside. I could feel it spread me inside, as the ridges tantalized my flesh. I was soaking and making it easy for him to go all the way in and out again.

He never took his eyes off mine, knowing that was the only way to know what I wanted. It only took a look for him to know whether I wanted it hard or soft, fast or slow. He could feel what my pussy was telling him and knew he was doing it right. He knew his only purpose and reason for being with me was to make me happy and tonight, this was what was making me happy. I wanted a sex toy, a plaything to enjoy whatever way I wanted. He agreed and I felt a closeness to him like no other man before. He was so confident in himself, that he could give up his normal identity and play the role I asked him to.

Looking into his eyes as he fucked me, I wanted some of his Alpha male right now and gave him the look to take me harder. There was a glimmer of understanding and on cue, his hips were pounding his cock into me like a ramrod. I was spilling out in buckets, the head of his cock dragging it out and letting it drain from me. I held his hips and brought him into me hard, wanting to feel my pussy battered hard. I felt a massive orgasm build inside and knew what I wanted to go with it.

I reached down, stopping him momentarily to take the ring off. then let him get back to thrusting. I felt the pulses quivering along my walls as my orgasm started and felt his pulsing growth to know he was ready to let go too. I felt the first spurt of his cum hit me inside and I pulled him into me hard so he could fill me deep. Pulse after pulse of his hot cum came out to mix with mine and that was the sensation I adored so much. He slowly finished me off with some slow thrusts, as he began dwindling in size.

When he was too limp and fell out, the mess inside followed it. In all haste, he held my legs up and began cleaning me, making sure not a drop was left on me. After sucking and licking me clean, he laid me back down and went to the en-suite bath and brought back a hot, damp cloth and wiped me clean. He gave my pussy a soft kiss and rinsed the cloth out and came back to the bed. I looked at the beautiful man standing there, such a strong masculinity to him, but an inner softness that was showing quietly. I moved to the side and patted the bed beside me. I loved his smile, knowing he was happy he had made me happy.

He lay back and let me snuggle up and cuddle him, laying my thigh over his. I rubbed my swollen clit against his leg as I kissed him so lovingly, then laid my head on his chest and took his soft cock in my hand and squeezed it gently. I loved the slight swelling in response, as I closed my eyes and felt his soft caresses soothe me to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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