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Samantha thought about her current position. She was tied up on all 4’s a pink collar around her neck. A very large thick pulsating vibrator in her once tight cunt. In her ass was her new tail. It was black about 2 feet long and made her look like a pretty little pony girl. Her master enjoyed her being a pony girl. She thought about it. A year ago at this time she did not know what a pony girl was. She was still a submissive had been since she could remember but she had never encountered this before. He enjoyed making her prance around like a pony and even treating her like a pony. She was far too small for him to ride but he never pushed her to that. She felt another orgasm beginning. It would be her fourth orgasm of the day already and it was another big one. Forcing her to squirt her girl juice into the growing puddle between her legs.
She heard the steps telling her that her master was arriving. She hoped he would be pleased with her she had done as he had instructed and held the vibrating monstrosity in her cunt not allowing it to fall out during her many orgasms. “Hello my pet. Ah I see you have made a mess. We will have to deal with that later. For now you have some visitors.” She looked at him but new not to speak yet. He had harsh punishments for when she disobeyed that order. “Let’s see how much of a mess my little pets hole is shall we.” He first shoved it deeper into her forcing it to vibrate against her cervix making her whimper. Then slowly pulled it out of her pussy. Her pussy making a noisy lewd slurping sound as it was removed and once empty slowly regained its shape. She whimpered again as it was finally removed and her master replied “It’s ok slut it will get filled a lot in a little bit.”
He untied her and snapped a leash to her pink collar and led her out into the living room. Her living room had been rearranged and a table set up in the center of the room. Master had nailed some stirrups to her table that would hold her tiny little feet up and on the table he had also placed some sheets down on the table and some pillows. Master then picked her up gently and set her small frame on top of the table and pushed her chest back forcing her to lie down. Then told her to slide down so that her small ass was at the edge of the table. He the affixed her feet into the stirrups spreading her legs wide. “Dose the slut wish to know what will happen to her?” She nodded silently. “Slut may speak if she kocaeli escort wishes”.
“Thank you sir what is going to happen this is a strange way to prepare me for visitors?” She asked timidly. “Not that this slut is questioning masters methods in anyway” she quickly added.
Her master looked at her lovingly “Your right slut this is not the normal way to prepare you but then again this is not a normal visit. You will be subjected to an examination of sorts I’m afraid it will be very painful for you to endure. The rest you will have to wait to find out.” With that he winked at her slapped her ass and proceeded to strap her to the table. He ran a wide strap across her trim stomach strapped her hands to the table beside her head and placed a metal bit with leather wrapped tightly around it in her mouth. Then he inserted nose clips into her nostrils and tide them to an eye hook above her head keeping her from moving her head around. Satisfied that she could not move at all he stepped back and admired her. Her brown hair splayed around her head gave her a look of having a halo. Her small breasts slowly rising and falling with each breath. Her small nipples pointing straight into the air. Her white thighs trembling from the strain placed on her tendons required to hold her legs in their current position. Yes he mused to himself he had one very delectable pony girl and almost felt bad for what he was about to do. But it would help her, build her pain tolerance and transform her into a true slut.
With that he went and opened the door to the kitchen letting the 4 guys into the living room. “Ok gentlemen I have already told you what I’m looking for you know the rules and you have all been compensated for this. I give you Kate.”
They looked at her and grinned he had told them exactly what he wanted and they would do it for him. The first man a doctor in his 40’s walked over to Kate and ran a finger down her thigh to her soft mound rubbed his hand down it and viscously inserted 3 fingers deep into her wet already tightening cunt. She knew not to cry out but only whimpered as her newly opened pussy was once again being stretched open. Her pussy soon started to open and he inserted a 4th and soon a 5th finger. A few seconds later he pulled them out balled up his fist and shoved his balled fist into her loosened pussy enticing another moan from her around her bit. He pumped his fist in and out a few times ensuring that her kocaeli escort bayan cunt would stay open for a while then pulled it back out. He took out a speculum from his bag and pushed it deep into her. She cried out as it bumped against her sensitive unprotected cervix and he slowly started opining it up to ensure that she would stay open for later on. He then started twisting and pinching the slut’s clit until it was hard and an angry shade of red. Then producing a needle in quickly slid it thro the hood making Kate scream in agony. The then quickly removed the needle only to replace it with a ring. Then quickly soldered it shut making it a perminate part of her body. He repeated the process twice in each cunt lip leaving her with 5 shiny gold rings in her now very sore cunt.
As he did this one of the other guys gave her nipples the same treatment finally piercing both of them as well. They stepped back the first part being done. Her Master saw the tears on her cheeks and went over to sooth his new pony. “Shhhhhh its ok after this I will make you feel better. You’re going to love your new piercings.” As he said that he slowly wiped away the tears from her cheeks and nodded to the men to continue. After that Kate’s new rings were tied to a large pole ran parallel to her body and suspended above her pulling her cunt lips and nipples taunt from her body. She moaned at this new pain but endured. Next up was the 3rd man he came over with his bag and sat down between Kate’s legs and opened his bag. He took out a tattoo gun and slowly started etching the desired tattoo across the top of her cunt. 15 minutes later he was finished. The new tattoo read “Property of the Master” in big blood red letters. He applied the ointment to it and placed the plastic wrap across the top and taped it down to prevent infection and moved onto his next task. On each of her tits he wrote in the same blood red block letters “My Pony” One word on each tit. Satisfied with the work he applied the ointment and Plastic wrap to those as well. “Ok were finished she’s just like you asked.”
“Thank you gentleman and as compensation you may all use her as we agreed” The master said this looking at his little Kate knowing she had never been shared in her life and never for payment. She looked horrified and squirmed but her new piercings and tight bondage prevented much movement. Her feet were removed from the stirrups and tied to the pole above izmit escort her body and the guys set to work on her. Her bit was removed and the doctor slowly fed her his cock inch by inch into her mouth till he was at her throat. Then slowly pushing forced her to deep throat it. As he was doing that the tattoo artist pulled out his large cock removed the speculum and slid his 10 inch cock into her soaked cunt. With both of them going at the same time she was pushed between the 2 back and forth pulling on her new piercings. She moaned with each thrust and each stab of pain as her piercings were pulled.
“Hey this slut is great.” Both men said in almost unison as they neared there climax. “Hurry up we want a go at her too and we still need to do the last little surprise for her.”
The men finished and filled little Kate’s body with cum making her choke as the doctor shot his down her throat. They pulled out and the other 2 men replaced them and started fucking her. After a few minutes the guy rapidly fucking her cunt complained of how loose it was and pulled out and shoved it into her ass. She moaned and squirmed as her ass was violated for the second time that day. Both men reached climax quickly and filled her body with more cum.
Master went to his slave and again dried her tears from her face and kissed her forehead telling her what a good little slut she is being and that it is almost over. “Just one more thing then you can have a nice bath to clean you up and sooth your sore body.” With that the men who had gathered around the table started pissing on her. Covering her face hair tits and cunt with the warm golden fluid. Soon her hair was plastered to her face and piss was running off her body. As a last act of accomplishment the men aimed the remainder of their piss into her mouth and made her drink it.
They put their clothes back on and thanked the Master for allowing them to partake in her transformation and left. Master looked at his slut searched her eyes to see if maybe he had gone too far with her pushed too hard. What he saw alongside the fear was pure lust. “Did you enjoy your visit slut? You may speak.”
“Yes sir thank you I enjoyed it very much sir” She replied. He smiled and nodded and untied her. Knowing she would not be able to walk with her newly pierced cunt her carried her to the bathroom and ran a bath for her and placed her in the tub. After he was satisfied that she was clean and relaxed he drained the water and helped her to her bed, a large dog bed on the floor beside his bed where she now slept tucked her in kissed her good night and retired himself.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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