Trip To The Lake House

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About 10 years ago Tom’s boss asked him to go to their satellite office and set up a new system and train everyone there to use it. The whole thing would last about a week. He told Tom to take me along and for us to use his vacation home he has about 20 miles away from the other office to stay in while we were up there.

The house was on a lake in a very private cove back in the mountains. I figured great… I could work on my tan and put my new red thong bikini to some use and it if was very private I could lie out in the nude while Tom was working during the day.

As I stated in my past stories I was a topless waitress for about 9 years and also during this particular time. I would pick up a lot of extra money from time to time working private parties such as bachelor parties and birthday parties. You know, I have never thought of myself as a prostitute. If I fucked a guy, it was usually because I wanted to in the first place. If they offered money… well if you have ever been in college then you know everything cost money… a lot of money!

It wasn’t really just the money for doing the job but the drunken guys would tip great. Now if you’re like me and didn’t mind letting them cop feels of your tits and ass and occasionally a few would pay good money for a hand job and letting them cum on my tits in the back room. On Friday and Saturday nights at the club I could make three to four hundred dollars a night just on tips. The private parties I would get two hundred up front for topless and three hundred for totally nude except for high heals. I could make as much as five to six hundred in tips or more depending on what extra things I would do.

I had to waitress a bachelor party which I and another girl named Rachel, a really cute and sexy black girl. Rachel was also married but her husband was only letting her work at the club for the extra money. They were having bad financial problems and he hated the idea of his wife working at a topless club. Rachel would give guys blow jobs and occasionally let them fuck her for money. Her husband didn’t know she was doing that nor did he know she would work the private parties especially doing them nude. She said he would have a stroke if he found out. To help her out a few times when they were short of money, Tom and I would pay her to do threesomes with us. Tom was the only guy she would allow to fuck her without a condom as long as he promised not to cum inside of her.

We were paid to do the party totally nude on the Saturday afternoon Tom and I were to go up to the lake. I got home horny as hell from all the ass grabbing, tit fondling and even having one guy slip his finger into my pussy from behind as I leaned over to clear a table. I even stayed in that position spreading my legs open slightly and letting him finger fuck me for a couple of minutes before pulling away… which that also led to one big offer of a gang bang from the four guys at the table that was hard to turn down.

After the party was over I had to clean up my area before I could get dressed so I could leave the club and get home. I figured Rachel was already getting dressed. I went to the storage room behind the bar to get a broom and I noticed the door was slightly open and the light on so I peaked into the storage room and saw that Rachel had taken them up on their offer.

The four of them had her on her back on top of some cases of beer with one guy pumping his cock into her cunt, the one that had stuck his fingers in my pussy was stuffing a nice thick cock into her mouth and the other two was playing with her tits while she was stroking them and waiting their turn at either her mouth or pussy. As I walked in they started asking me to join in, even Rachel took the cock out of her mouth and asked me to join… I really wanted to join them but I just smiled and shook my head no and took the broom went ahead and left.

I knew if I had of joined them I would have ended up fucking and sucking all their cocks and would have been there a few more hours. So I was in need of a good hard fucking… my pussy was dripping wet, but Tom already had the car loaded for the long drive up and was ready to go when I got home.

My pussy was soaking wet and I told Tom that I should have went ahead and let the four guys at the party that offered me three hundred dollars cash to gang fuck me like they were asking me to let them do so I wouldn’t be so damn frustrated. He apologized and said he just wanted to get the long drive behind us and we would have all day long the next day to lay around and fuck.

We got to the lake house around 2 AM and Tom started unloading the car as I checked out the house. It was absolutely beautiful! The whole side facing the lake was all glass, the kitchen and living room were all one huge room with only a bar dividing them. The master bedroom was huge as was the master bath with a huge shower that you could easily get a good orgy going in.

There was also a sunken whirlpool tub big enough for two people easy. The güvenilir bahis down stairs was an entertainment room with a 52 inch TV, a great stereo system and a large sectional sofa. Off of that was an extra bedroom and full bath. Between the two down stairs rooms was sliding glass doors that led out onto the patio and a stairway going down to a large pier.

The next morning I awoke and rolled over and snuggled up to Tom’s back. We both sleep nude so as I put my arm over him my hand went right to his cock. I started stroking him softly and whispering into his ear that I wanted him inside of me very badly. He pulled away and got up and said he would be right back he had to pee. I giggled and threw back the covers and lay back with my legs slightly apart and started lightly flicking my finger over my clit.

Tom came back in and lay back down and said we need to go to the store and get some groceries. I got up and straddled him and took hold of his semi hard cock and rubbing it on my clit and said, “Yes we do baby, but first I really need some cock!” He smiled and placed his hands behind his head and told me to help myself. His cock fully hard now so I eased up and placed his cock at the opening of my cunt and slowly eased it into me. I worked him in an inch at a time until I felt his balls against my ass and I knew I had all 9 inches of his beautiful cock inside of me. I placed my hands on his chest and started sliding up and then back down onto him.

“Oh baby… your big prick feels so fucking good inside of me… I needed to be fucked so damn bad baby… my pussy was aching for cock!” I said. He then reached up and cupped my breast and started squeezing my nipples between his fingers.

I placed my hands behind my head and locked my fingers together and picked up my pace of grinding my cunt down onto his big cock and soon I was moaning loudly, a sure sign I was going to cum soon. Tom grabbed me and flipped me onto my back without even removing his cock and placed my legs over his shoulders and started ramming his large tool into me. I started to feel my orgasm building as he pumped into me hard and fast. As he was finally giving me the fucking that I needed he started asking me…

“Did you want to fuck those guys yesterday?” He asked.

“Yes baby, I did very badly.” I answered.

“Why didn’t you?” He asked.

“I knew you wanted to get up here baby… I didn’t think I would have time to let them.” I said.

“You wanted to fuck them didn’t you… you wanted them to fuck you and shoot their cum inside you like the little whore you are didn’t you?” He asked.

I looked into his face and gritted my teeth together as my orgasm over took me and my pussy exploded onto his cock and I said…

“YES…I wanted them to use me… to gang bang me… I wanted their hard cocks… fucking my cunt…. My mouth…. MY ASS… YES… I WANTED THEM TO FUCK ME LIKE A WHORE… SHIT BABY I WANTED THEM TO FUCK ME BAD… I WANTED TO FUUUUUUUUCCCCKKKKK!!!!!!! I CUUUMMMMIIINNGGGGG!!!” I screamed out. I have never lied to Tom, so he knew this was true.

Every time I cum with Tom it feels like little explosions going off all over my body… I have never felt that with another man. That’s what made me fall in love with him in the beginning.

After showering and getting dressed we went into the small town and had breakfast and shopped for groceries then returned back to the house. After putting away the groceries Tom said he was going to head down to the water and fish a little while and I told him I would be down shortly.

I walked out onto the pier where Tom was fishing he turned around and whistled a cat call at me in my red thong bikini. He told me as I spread out my beach towel that my swim suit is going to get me fucked. I perked up and told him anytime he was ready to just say the word and he could have all he wanted.

After about an hour of him fishing and me sunning we heard someone behind us on the shore say hello. Tom yelled a hello back and I leaned up on my elbows and waved and said hello. It was two young guys named Brad and Danny and I found out later that they both were 17 and still in high school. Brad lived the next cove over and he explained that they come over and fish from here and asked if we minded if they fished. Tom said no so they started fishing and making small talk with Tom and cutting their eyes at me from time to time.

I rolled over onto my stomach and reached around and untied my top to get some sun on my back. They were talking low and I started to fall asleep. I was awaked to ice cold water being splashed onto my back. I screamed and jumped up and spun around… there I was bearing my breast to all three of them. Tom was laughing but Danny and Brad both went totally wide eyed and their mouths dropped open. I thought to myself, OK Mr. Tom, you want to show me off, I will let them get a good look.

I called Tom a asshole and laughed and then said, “Well, I guess I need to get some sun on these also… You guys türkçe bahis don’t mind do you?” They both shook their heads no but their eyes never left my tits. I started rubbing sun screen all over them. I glanced up and saw both Brad and Danny were trying to look at me but out of the corners of their eyes and both their erections were pushing out at the front of their shorts. I have to admit… the thought of these two young guys day dreaming about banging my mouth and cunt got me horny as hell.

After about thirty more minutes of silence and sunning my breast and letting our two new young friends drool all over them selves, I got up and picked up my towel and kissed Tom and told him I would see him inside later and turned and waved and said to Danny and Brad, “Bye guys, hope to see you again.” Their eyes were glued to my tits so I just smiled and walked away back to the house.

Later on after Tom came back up to the house he fucked me again while telling me he would love to see our two new young friends bang me. Then we decided to go check out the porn shop we had pasted about ten miles down the road. On the way he started telling me what Danny and Brad had said after I left. They told him I was very nice looking and he had tried to turn their conversation to sex but they didn’t catch on.

We arrived at the porn shop and went inside. As I am looking at the movie rack, I notice a wall of movies and a sign that says now showing. I walk over and look at the movies and it strikes me that half are gay. The other half are normal and three of them were of more than one guy with a girl. I asked Tom where I can see these movies and he tells me that I needed some tokens and I have to go into the back room. He told me to go watch a few and he was going to keep looking through the movies.

I bought five dollars worth and went into a dark back room. The first thing I notice is that there are five men standing around. I see the booths and chose the one away from them and went in and sat down and deposited my tokens. The screen flashes and soon I am watching a porno film.

The movie is of two guys sucking each others hard cocks, it looks very naughty and the two of their beautiful hard cocks are starting to really turn me on. I scrolled down and soon saw a big breasted blond on her hand and knees who had a cock in her mouth while another cock was pumping into her from behind (My favorite position).

My pussy was getting wet from watching all of this action. I scrolled down again to see another two guys and one girl scene but in this one she is on her knees between them with each of their cocks in her hands and is alternating between sucking and stroking them. She was doing an awesome job of sucking and slurping and soon she stood up and walked over to a couch and had one guy sit on the couch and she positions her cunt just above him and then lowers herself down on his thick cock. She then directs the other hard cock to her mouth.

Then all of the sudden thru a hole I had not noticed a hard cock pops thru and my face is inches from it, “Oh fuck!” I thought… this is a fucking glory hole. I thought what the hell, let’s have some fun so I grabbed it and started stroking it… it seemed to grow and was so hot and warm. I could not resist putting it in my mouth and I was soon giving head to a cock I didn’t know the owner of.

I was really getting into it and had pulled my mouth off of it and was licking the head when within a minute he was shooting his cum all over my face and then it was gone. I put in another token and decided to watch another movie and had undone my shorts and put a finger in my panties when another cock, longer than the other pops in the hole.

I wasted no time in stroking it and sliding my tongue over the tip and tasting its precum. I was really getting into sucking this cock because he was lasting a lot longer than the first guy. I had my hand and my mouth wrapped around his cock and my other hand in my panties working my clit and I am having the most intense orgasm when I feel the cock start to fuck my mouth as the guy is pounding into the booth on the other side and soon he is thrusting his cock down my throat.

He then lets loose with a tremendous load of cum that I couldn’t catch and swallow all of it so most of it ran down my chin. It then disappeared. I was resting back in the chair when another cock popped thru the hole. I had decided that I had enough excitement for the time being. I gave it a few tugs, kissed and licked the head a couple of times and left the booth. As I got out of the booth there was a line with six guys waiting their turn, I just smiled and waved and left.

Tom was at the cash register paying for a couple of movies he bought. We got into the car and I told him what had just happened and that I needed a couple of stiff drinks and a good stiff cock to fuck me good and hard. He agreed and stopped at the lounge at the motel we had to pass on the way back to the house.

We were at the lounge about ten minutes güvenilir bahis siteleri when a guy started talking to Tom which he invited him to join us. He introduced himself as Jason. We order drinks and soon we are having a great conversation. Jason was about twenty something and looked to be a real stud. The conversation turned to sex and I excused myself to go to the restroom. When I returned Tom winked and asked me if I was still in need of the second thing I had mentioned I needed in the car. I said I needed it very badly. Tom asked if two would do the trick. I answered yes and looked toward Jason and smiled at him.

We were there fifteen more minutes for me to finish my second drink. I was then ready and announced to the guys I was ready to go and did they have someplace in mind. As I was talking I placed my hand on Jason’s cock under the table. From the size of his bulge, I knew I was going to enjoy the fuck I was about to receive. Jason paid the bill and the three of us walked out to the lobby and Jason said he had a room already. His room was on the third floor. Once inside the elevator he asked me if I would suck his cock, I said he could wait a few more minutes. I winked at Tom when we got to the room and with in minutes of the door closing I had both of their very hard and beautiful looking cocks out.

Tom stripped me naked and I heard Jason say I had beautiful tits and then Tom told me to get on the bed. He straddled me and started to tit fuck me while I was flicking my tongue over the head as he pumped forward. Jason was getting jealous and wanted his cock sucked so he stripped off his cloths and I was treated to a rock hard hairless body. Tom moved away and I started to suck on Jason’s cock. He was lying on the bed and I put my cunt right over his mouth and we enjoyed a very nice sixty-nine. He was not as good as Tom… he was more eager and in a hurry, but I still had a nice orgasm with his tongue.

Tom sat in a chair stroking his cock while watching and drinking a cocktail. Without any warning Jason flooded my mouth with a tasty load of cum. This was Tom’s clue to join me on the bed. He had me lie on my back and spread my legs as he stood between them and put his thick cock in my wet pussy. He felt so good in me that I could have fucked him for hours and still wanted more of his cock. He would slow down his rhythm and bend over and take a tit in his mouth and flick his tongue over my nipple as his cock slowly fucked my cunt. He gave me three orgasms before he pulled out and came all over my tits. It seemed like Tom had fucked me for over an hour but in reality it was only fifteen minutes.

Jason then came over and wanted to fuck me. He told me to get on my hands and knees so he could ram into my pussy. His cock was almost as long as Tom’s but was just a little thicker. It felt very good as he eased it into me doggie style. He started playing with my tits and fucking me hard when Tom came up and started feeding me his cock at the same time. In just a few minutes I was swallowing his whole cock to the base of his scrotum. I really loved the feeling of his cock in the back of my mouth as Jason was pounding his cock into my cunt and squeezing my tits.

I was so turned on and excited about what was being done to me I could feel my juices running down my inner thighs. I started having the most intense orgasm and my whole body went lifeless. I was only being supported by the two huge cocks that were using my cunt and mouth and Jason’s hands holding my tits. I think Jason realized this and continued pounding his cock into my dripping wet cunt and put his strong arm around my stomach to lift my body up to meet his thrusts.

When I regained my senses I looked up at Tom and we made eye contact and he erupted and emptied his balls into my throat. I swallowed every drop and I loved it. He made me keep his cock in my mouth until he started going soft. When I released his cock he leaned down and kissed me and told me he loved me.

Jason was still pumping away at my pussy and was now moving his cock around in my pussy. I opened my eyes and realize he is pounding me harder now and I am building towards a tremendous climax when I impale my ass against his pelvic bone. I started to moan loudly telling him to fuck me, for him to cum in me over and over. As I grinded my throbbing pussy lips against his pelvis he let go with a huge load of cum.

He is still spurting deeply in my cunt when my orgasm started subsiding. He must of cum for over a minute with grunts and thrusts the whole time. I was still enjoying my initial bliss when he let go with another shot of his never-ending cum. SHIT IT WAS THE BEST FUCK!!!!! I had yet another massive orgasm as he did little short pumps into me and pinched my nipples.

When he finally pulled his cock out of my hot cunt and I went right for it… I wanted to taste our cum on his cock. Jason then collapsed on the bed next to me. As he laid there relaxing I continued to suck and worship his cock with my mouth. I didn’t realize how loud I had gotten while Jason was fucking me. While I was slowly sucking his cock the phone rang, it was the front desk saying that they had complaints from another room about the noise and asked if he could keep it down.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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