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The air was growing cold and crisp. The sky a brilliant violet as the sun was finishing up its light display for the day. The moon already peaking up from a corner of the sky as if knowing that the suns act was through and it was time for it to take center stage.

Goosebumps rise on the arms of the woman standing on the balcony as she stared off towards the distant sands of a beach. The water a dark shade of blue in the dying light of dusk. The sound of the tide washing up on the shore is barely audible at this distance. She inhales softly savoring the scent of the various tropical flowers as she enjoys the peace of the world around her.

Warm arms move around her stomach and a warm body moves up behind her snuggling close. A smile crosses her lips as his face is buried into her neck and he enjoys the scent of her skin. His lips trace the line of her jaw before placing a soft kiss to her cheek. She snuggles back against him. Words not needed as they both just enjoy the presence of the other.

As the sun finally relinquishes its place in the evening sky she turns in his arms to place a warm kiss to his soft mouth. His lips part under hers and she accepts the invitation. Slowly her tongue moves over his lips to invade the sweetness of his mouth as if discovering it for the first time. They both sigh as she pulls away to smile deeply into his eyes. She brushes her fingertips over the dampness of his lips marveling at how much she loved him. He kisses her fingers before drawing one into his mouth sucking softly, watching as passion darkens her eyes. His tongue moves over the softness of her finger while his hand moves from her hip to cup her breast running his thumb over the already hardened nipple. Her eyes close slowly as he squeezes the flesh eliciting a moan from her throat. He pulls the finger from his mouth kissing the palm of her hand before kissing his way up her arm to once again kiss her neck biting softly at the skin just below her ear. He can feel her shiver in delight and continues to run his tongue against her flesh as he nibbles it with his teeth. His fingers continue their sweet torment on her aching breast and she is lost in a sea of feeling. The night air flutters over her skin as he releases the buttons of her white blouse. She shivers again both from cold and anticipation. His mouth leaves her neck to suckle at her full breast drawing the pebble of a nipple into the searing heat of his mouth. güvenilir bahis Burying her fingers in his hair she hopes her shaking legs will support her through the sweetness of his loving. As if sensing the unsteadiness of her legs he wraps and arm around her back holding her close. His tongue slides over her drawing her ever deeper into his mouth and his hand kneads the softness of her breast….

Sliding his hand into hers they walk through the open patio doors into the bedroom beyond. Only the light of the still rising moon illuminates the large king-size bed. The thick rug feels soft under their bare feet as they walk towards the bed. Silently they remove each others clothing kissing the areas of skin that they expose. The breeze from out side blows through the still open door chilling skin even as desire warms them from within.

Standing naked they come together. First the barest brush of lips against lips, barely touching just tasting. Her hands move feather soft over his waist and chest. Pausing to feel the steady beat of his heart her journey takes her to his dear face, tracing the lines of his eyebrows fluttering over the lashes of his closed eyes cupping his cheeks and then ever so slowly she places a kiss to the tip of his nose. He opens his eyes to smile at her before drawing her against him in a tight embrace.

His hands journey slowly over her body from hip to stomach where he mischievously traces a line around her navel, laughing softly at her warning growl to steer clear of that sensitive area. He traces a finger between her breast, which look pale and lovely in the light from the moon. His fingers climb up her neck to thread in the hair at the back of her head tilting her face so that he could once again kiss the pulse point below her ear. His tongue can feel the quickening of her heart and he can hear the faint moan that escapes her as his mouth explores her sensitive neck.

Stepping away from her he pulls down the soft green comforter that covers the bed. He motions for her to climb in. She sits at the edge of the bed but instead of moving over to make room for him she pulls him close to her. Her hands glide over his thighs to gently cup the hardness of his arousal. He sighs as he watches her hands touch him in the shadows of the room. Her fingers slowly closing over him and stroking bring a moan from deep inside his chest. His eyes close as her hands move, causing waves of türkçe bahis feeling deep in his stomach. He feels warm air stir over him before the wetness of her tongue traces across the head licking away the pre-cum that had leaked out, he shudders at hearing her moan in pleasure, as she tastes him. He feels himself slowly enveloped inside the silken heat of her mouth. Her tongue dancing over him as her lips move up and down the shaft. He feels lost in the desire to fill her lovely throat with his juices. Her fingers circle the base stroking firmly as her mouth moves taking him deep in her throat with each thrust. His fingers curl in her hair holding her head, feeling it move, as she loves him with her mouth. He can feel the impending orgasm and attempts to pull away, not wanting to cum without her. She places a hand at his hip holding him to her wanting to taste him, and knowing the night is young. His fingers tighten in her hair as he thrusts into her greedy mouth. A cry burst forth from his lips as he thrusts one more time and fills her throat with his cum, moaning as she swallows it all down sucking him dry waiting until he is soft before releasing him…

A soft sigh escapes the woman as she awakens. The room is dark and cool. The moon has set and a breeze flutters the curtains of the patio doors. Rising from the bed she carefully makes her way to the doors wrapping a blanket around her. Articles of clothing are scattered over the floor where they had earlier been discarded in haste. Smiling at the memory she pulls the blanket tighter around herself and steps back onto the balcony. It is quiet now, only the occasional call of the night animals can be heard. The far off surf sounds louder now in the absence of daytime noises. Walking over she kneels on the cushioned bench that surrounds the patio, resting her arms on the rail she sits there enjoying the peace of her surroundings.

A soft rustle and then the padding of feet approach her from behind. She smiles as his warmth covers her back and his arm curve over her removing the blanket from her and then wrapping around them both as he stands behind her still kneeling form. The bench is high so she comes up to his chin, he rests his head on top of hers and they snuggle together enjoying the feeling of their naked skin touching one another. She can feel his arousal growing against the cheeks of her butt and she rubs back against him. Moaning he grinds himself against güvenilir bahis siteleri her. Reaching down he slips his hand between her legs parting them. His fingers glide over her damp folds and find her clit, rubbing it softly. He smiles as she moans and moves against his fingers. He places kisses against her neck and shoulder as he continues the stroke her. Her moans grow loader and he slips his thumb up into her, sliding in easily, loving the way she cries out in pleasure. She is lost in a sea of feeling, her heart thumping in her chest. Bending forward she rests her head on her arms feeling his other hand rub over her bent back. Her hips thrust against his fingers feeling the climax coming. Her thighs start the shake before the wave washes over her drawing her out on a tide of pleasure, her cries echoing in the stillness of the night.

Her body goes limp and his fingers continue to move over her. She tries to move away, she is still shuddering and over sensitive but he holds her to him and continues until she is moaning again. Removing his thumb from her still twitching mound he places it at the entrance to her ass. Rubbing softly over the puckered portal. Slowly he inserts his wet thumb into her, the fit is tight. When he has pressed all the way in he stops and rubs her clit faster allowing her time to get used to his intrusion. Feeling her relax around him he starts to move slowly in and out of her ass and rubbing her clit bringing loud moans of pleasure from her. He withdraws his hand smiling as she whimpers in disappointment, kissing her bent back as he rubs his cock against her dripping pussy, wetting it before pressing it to her ass. She shudders in anticipation as her presses into her ever so slowly. She slips a hand between her legs and rubs her clit as he enters her. Inch by inch he slips inside allowing her to stretch to accommodate him inside her tightest of places. When he is in to the hilt he stops holding her close to him, rubbing her back and hips desperate to move but wanting her to be ready. Slowly the muscles relax enough to allow him to slide a bit out of her then back in, taking his time with smooth slow strokes loving how tightly she holds him. Her fingers move frantically over her clit as he moves in and out of her ass. Waves of pleasure coarse through her as he moves. She starts to grind back against him, showing him she wants more and he starts thrusting into her faster moving deep into her ass before with drawing almost all the way only to plunge back in again and again. He can feel her body tense just as his climax hits him. Their cries mingles as he fills her ass with his hot cum and her muscles milk every drop.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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