Twenty-One , Fresh Out of School

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I was 21 and fresh out of school. Blonde and intent on becoming an actress. And as we all know, that meant being a waitress. It wasn’t bad. I got a job on the upper west side, at a nice little Italian place. It was expensive and the clientele were nice, so the tips were good and work wasn’t too ugly. It was enough to pay my rent and give me a little extra, but I was still struggling, and living hand to mouth.

And that was how I met them. They were in their late thirties I guess. He did something on Wall Street and she shopped. They usually came in late and sat near my station. I quickly learned they were very, very big tippers, so when I waited on their table I did more than just the usual service.

Anyway, one night, they came in for dinner. It was close to closing and they asked me to sit and talk with them. We got into this great conversation about what I was doing and what a struggle it was. So great that they invited me back to their place for a drink.

Needless to say, I was dazzled. Here I was, new to the city and meeting these wonderful people. I felt like an opportunity had just opened up. A little too naïve I guess, but still, it was a break from my closet of an apartment and the kitchen I called work.

When we got to their place I was floored. It was enormous and gorgeous. Hardwood floors and rich furniture. Tall windows and art on every wall. They were both so casual about it all, it just threw me into a real comfort zone. Especially when we entered their living room. Ohh, just to sit on a real couch and get off my feet was a pleasure.

We picked up our conversation where we had left off and started the wine flowing. I’m not sure when, but güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri when I kicked off my shoes Beth suggested her husband, Mark give me a foot rub. At first I said no, but when she told me what fabulous hands he had, I gave in. And they were. I was in luxury. As Mark massaged, Beth and I started to talk about fashion and women’s things. Mark just smiled and listened, and finally Beth told me to follow her. We went into the bedroom and she began to show me some of her dresses. “All last year’s style. I simply don’t wear them anymore. Why don’t you try one on?”

It was late, I was tired and tipsy, and my judgement wasn’t the best it’s ever been. Besides, I was looking at dresses that would take me years to afford. My eyes lit up and I started taking off my shirt and pants. I was in my underwear when Beth started passing me her cast-offs. It was so much fun. Beth even stripped down to try on her last years styles, just to make sure she really wanted to give them away. We were like little girls in a pile of clothes.

By the time I found Beth’s leather outfit, we were down to our panties, our bras having been taken to see how the plunging necklines looked. Beth just smiled and said, that’s just for the private showing. I smirked. “Try it on,” Beth said. “You never know what could happen…” I did. It was a form fitting leather dress, that just covered the bottom part of my breasts and ended just below my panties. “Take your panties off and put these on.” She said, handing me a pair of tall, black leather boots. I did as she said and stood before the mirror.

I was hot and started to vamp a bit of her. She touched the garment, güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri feeling it on me. I was too taken by the look to notice she was feeling me up. Well, perhaps not too taken… “Oh my God, we have to show Mark. He will flip.” I started to back down, but Beth urged me into it. Telling me it would be a great joke. I asked what she was going to wear, she gave me a wicked smile and put on this white bit of lingerie. It was perfect.

So out we walked, and Mark was taken. A big smile broke across his face as Beth walked behind him. “What do you think of our little waitress now?” She said. She reached over and started stroking his cock as I stood in front of him. For a moment I knew this had gone too far, but so what. I watched as Beth took out Mark’s penis and started to stroke it. Then she looked up to me and told me to come over. I did and kneeled in front of him. And she guided his shaft into my mouth.

It was strange and kinky and sexy. Not like playing with any of the boys I had played with in the past. She brushed the hair out of my face so her husband could watch. I looked up for a second and Beth gave me a big smile of encouragement. And when Beth reached down to pinch my nipples I just couldn’t help but moan. And with that her hands seemed to be all over me. They smoothed over my ass and played with my thighs. It didn’t seem strange, it felt like I was their daughter in a weird way and I only wanted to please. I kept sucking on him and moving my ass, pressing my lips against Beth’s fingers, trying to get her to enter me. She played with me and moved my legs wider. And when her hand came down on my bottom it sent an electric güvenilir bahis şirketleri chill through me. It hurt for a second and heightened everything for minutes after. When she finally pushed her finger into me, I came almost immediately.

I could feel her tongue in me and looked back to see her lying on her back, her head placed under my crotch. She stayed there for what seemed like forever, finally moving only to stand in front of me. I was in a daze. I watched as she straddled Mark and slowly sank onto his cock. Her hand moved to the back of my head and I had no choice but to move my mouth down to his sac and start to lick. I tried to back up so I could watch for a second but was only met with Beth’s hands, urging me forward. I didn’t want to, but she insisted. I think it was at that point that I realized I was their toy. Their little whore. And that was when I really got into it. I started licking and sucking. My hands went to his sac and his ass. I raised up to take her breasts into my mouth while my hand found her clitoris. It was amazing. I could feel her cum, and my only thought was to help.

And when he came, it only seemed natural to kneel down to her lips and taste him for myself. A trickle of his semen flowed into my mouth and I kept going. I felt like the slut they wanted me to be. It wasn’t long before he was at my rear, pushing his semi-limp organ into me. I could feel it swell as it regained its energy and at the same time I could feel Beth’s lips opening like some rare flower. I don’t know how long I stayed like that, my face buried in her sex, his manhood filling me, my orgasms rolling like a wave.

I did so much that night. From tasting my first woman to trying anal sex. And when I woke the next morning, I woke in between the two of them. Eager to please again. And that is how it’s been for the past three months. My coming over to their place and being their little pet — willing to do anything. And ohhhh yes, you should see the dresses they buy me…

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