Under the Oak Tree

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It was one of those perfect July summer days. Hot, but a mild breeze blowing to not make it uncomfortable. Kelli sat under a huge oak tree in her backyard listening to the sound of the wind. She loved the way it blew through her hair and the way it felt as if she was being touched as it rolled over her body.

The feeling of being touched was starting to arouse something inside of her and she slowly moved her hand across her legs to her stomach and finally rubbing her clothed breast. She was in her own little world and didn’t even notice Thomas, her fiancé, standing near the corner of the barn.

He watched as she caressed herself, eyes shut, head against the tree and the look of lust on her face. She bit her lip and moaned as she felt her nipples get harder under her touch. In a moment of passion, Kelli slid her hand back down her stomach and to her thighs where, as a normal response, her legs fell open.

In Thomas’ full view; he watched her rub herself slowly. He could feel himself growing, and knew that he had to have her. As he slowly walked over to her, Kelli opened her eyes. She wasn’t startled, but rather she grew more excited at the sight of the bulge of his pants.

She stood up, bracing herself against the tree for the kiss she knew was coming. He stopped in front of her, he looked deep into her eyes, and without words he knew she wanted bahis firmaları it as badly as him. He took her in his arms, and they had the most passionate kissed of their lives.

At first the kiss was slow and sensual, but then the urge inside of them both took over. Thomas slowly slid his hands from her back to her breast and undid the buttons on her sun dress, one by one. As the dress fell from her body, he rubbed her bare skin, only making her want him more. She turned him around, and in one full motion, ripped his shirt open. As she pressed harder into her kiss, she reached between them and started undoing his pants. She was longing for what she desperately wanted inside of her.

They fell to the ground, not caring about who was around but just fulfilling their urges. He broke their kiss and slowly began kissing her neck. She scrapped his back with her finger nails in the heat of passion. She wanted nothing more than for him to take her then and now, but he had a better idea.

He slowly kissed down her body, stopping at her left nipple and rolling his tongue over and around it. He bit it softly and she moaned in pleasure. He then kissed across her body to her stone hard nipple. He sucked her nipple deep into his mouth and she could feel the heat from his tongue. As he bit, she arched her back and moaned, still wanting to have him inside of her. kaçak iddaa He slowly kissed down her stomach and instead of allowing her to feel pleasure, he moved to kiss her inner thigh and she whimpered with in disappointment.

With a slight smirk on his face, he looked up at her, winked and kissed her very wet pussy lips. She spread her legs wider than she ever had. She just wanted him deep within her. He took a long lick and savored her sweet taste. This slow movement was driving her crazy, and all she wanted was him.

She sat up, and pushed him over. Deciding to give him a piece of his own medicine, she started kissing his neck. She moved down to his nipple, taking it into his mouth, she rolled her tongue over and around it. She also bit softly, and he too moaned. She kissed the same line to his other awaiting perked nipple. As she sucked his nipple into her mouth, she could feel his penis pushing again her dripping wet pussy, and knew she had to get there fast.

She continued to kiss down his stomach and instead of teasing him by kissing his thigh; she lowered her mouth over his penis. After taking him fully, she drew up on his shaft and rolled her tongue around the head. He moaned with excitement and she knew he was ready.

She raised her body over his, and slowly allowed his penis to enter her. While she moved herself up and down his shaft, kaçak bahis he reached his hands to her breast and pinched her nipples between his fingers. They both moaned in pleasure. Her pace grew faster and faster, and he wanted her to feel the pleasure without the work.

He rolled her to the ground and drew himself deep inside of her. He teased them both by starting out slowly but then quickened his pace. He was slamming deep into her, and she could feel him deeper, where he had never reached before. The excitement was building in them both. He lowered his mouth to her ear and whispered for her to cum with him. His pace was faster and she could feel his penis begin his final stage and she to was almost there. He moaned that he was cumming and with this feeling inside of her, she too reached her orgasm.

This seemed to have lasted forever, but once it was over he feel on top of her. They laid there both panting from the excitement. Feeling the heat from the sun was causing them to become drowsy, but they both knew sleeping in the nude under the oak tree was a bad idea. Slowly they started moving, finding their clothes, getting dressed and all without words. She finished first and while sitting against the tree watched as he buttoned up his shirt. She had the look of fulfillment in her eyes, and he smiling at her. He sat down beside her and wrapped his arms around her. She leaned her head against his shoulder and felt safe. He lowered his mouth to her ear and whispered that next time she would need a bathing suit. Her eyes still closed, she smiled and drifted off to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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