Undercover Freak: Size Queen-After

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“HEY DERRICK!!” I was half a block away before Holly caught up to me huffing and panting. I waiting for her to catch her breath.

“What do you want now?”

“I didn’t say thank you, did I?” She’d removed the bandana, wiping her brow with it as I folded my arms across my chest.

“No, you didn’t.”

“Okay, let’s go to that motel across the street.” Holly softly took my hand tugging on it a bit until our torsos were pressed together. Her immense cleavage surged like baking bread under my nose.


“I guess negging does work on me, after all.” She smiled looking much like some cherubic kid with that bushy shock of sand colored hair. It reminded me of a lion’s mane.

We crossed the street to the motel walking hand in hand.



Holly’s hand was pillow soft and plump as she walked beside me along the crosswalk to the opposite side of the street. Her work uniform, the nurse’s smock fit loose on her body the weighty jiggle of her bust was telling. She was tall, almost my height with an air of unpredictability about her. Without the bandana her bushy, sand colored mane was out in the open sporting Ghana styled braids in the front while the rest was a bushy mane that gave her cherubic features a regal air. Holly wasn’t wearing makeup but was still quite fetching with a bit of eyeshadow to bring her eyes out.

“Black and Mexican; that’s the question on the end of your tongue, right?”

“Yeah, but I wasn’t gonna ask Holly.”

“But then, it would’ve been on your mind and I can’t have that taking away from my girls here.” Holly gave the underside of her bust a playful bounce. I could tell how big and massive they were as she glanced down taking liberties. I winced as she gave my shaft a pinch, laughing.

“You got jokes, baby.”

“You didn’t like it Derrick?” She was smiling, but the underlying aggressiveness was omnipresent on her person.

“Do it again.” I punctuated my statement by reaching back cupping her butt with a hearty squeeze.

Holly chortled like some schoolyard girl slapping my hand away as she arched in the opposite direction. I tugged her into my side letting my hand drop down covering her ass with a circular massaging motion.

“I got enough back there, but not as much upfront.” Holly admitted of her figure.

She didn’t move my hand this time as we entered the parking lot of this shady looking motel that looked like it hadn’t been remodeled since the 60’s, design wise. The place had definitely seen better days and the drive-in style sign had a couple of flickering lights. The motel clerk’s office was well lit by contrast with the registration desk surrounded by double layered Plexiglass. I filled out the index card as Holly leaned on my back watching. I was surprised when Holly dug a wallet out of her pocket fishing out some bills to pay for the room.


“You carry a wallet?”

“Yeah, I can carry a wallet; there’s no law says a woman can’t carry a billfold. Besides, I usually keep it in the vault.” Holly leaned into my side letting her side boob rest against the counter.


Holly tugged at the bottom of her nurse’s smock allowing her barely hidden cleavage to bubble to the top through the short V-neck. It was a sight to behold rising out of the opening in dramatic fashion. Holly tucked the wallet into her cavernous cleavage making it disappear from sight completely.

“Goddamn girl, you need to be on America Got Talent with that shit.”

Both of us snickered like dumb teenagers. She pressed her face into my shoulder motioning towards the bullet proof glass, chortling. This skinny Asian kid with some thick, coke bottle glasses was eyeballing both of us with a wide, impish grin.

“WELCOME TO HOTEL CAPRI!!” Both of us broke up when he saluted us.

Off in the distance one of the parking lot level rooms was buzzing. I opened the door, but Holly decided to press into the counter smiling gregariously at the clerk.

“Hey, if I show you these; can I get a discount huh?”

“Ah, cut that shit out; stop messing with him.” The clerk was shaking his head profusely fingers interlocked in a fist before his bird chest. Holly glanced back at me with a look of criminal mischief before calling my bluff.

Her back was to me cheating me out of the big reveal as this mixed beauty yanked up her smock in “Ripping the Band Aid off “fashion unleashing her twin monsters on the addled teen. Even from my vantage point, you could see her boulders spill from her brassiere with the force of a lead weight. There was an audible thud when they hit the wooden counter.

“O jenjang! mwoya! sesang-e!!” To say the clerk lost his shit, would be an understatement as he opened the register refunding Holly’s money.

“Come on here, girl!” I snatched her away from the counter, half pulling Holly outside the glass enclosed office.

The kid scrambled behind the counter coming up with bedava bahis his phone, but we were halfway to the buzzing motel door. Holly was socially flexing slamming her palms into the door making it swing wildly open.

“OH, WHAT’RE YOU DOING, DERRICK?!!” My hand came swing right up between her legs, middle fingers on her slit as I pushed her inside our valued room number one.

“Just helping you inside, baby.” I pressed into her slamming the door behind us. The clerk was on his phone talking excitedly as I lost sight of him.

The moment that door shut Holly’s hands wrapped around my abdomen from behind rubbing my abdomen and roughly squeezing and kneading my crotch. This girl was ready for action even groping and cupping my balls. She unbuckled and unzipped me in seconds, already past the elastic band of my boxers pinching it outward to release my throbbing erection. Holly encircled the shaft at the base using her other hand in a stroking motion away from our bodies. Honestly, it was kind of like being mauled by a bear. Her breasts were mashed against my back like two enormous, water balloons.

“Damn!!” I gasped, caught off guard by her energy. It seemed like she’d built up a head of steam as I was registering for the room and now, she was about to burst.

Her weight was considerable and compromising as she leaned in hard leaving me to support myself with both palms against the other side of our motel room door. One of her soft hands drifted up my abdomen to my chest, pinching and rolling my right nipple. This sent a torrent of auxiliary blood to my fattening cock at light speed. It hurt a little becoming steel hard in the pillow soft palm of her right hand. Holly knew how to touch a man, letting the underside of my shaft rest in her grasp, softly stroking it and running a finger over the crown ever so often.

“Are you gonna cum, or can you last a few minutes?” Holly asked, her breath hot at the base of my skull. I took umbrage that she thought I was a five minute guy.

“Oh, you think you got it like that?”

“Stop fronting, I know I got you right now Derrick; I just want you to get the first one out of the way so we can do some fucking.” There was something in the authoritative sound of her voice that triggered me, but I couldn’t put my hand on it right away.

“Oh, we gonna do some fucking; you can bet your ass on that, Holly!”

“JUST WHAT I WANTED TO HEAR!” She quickly released me taking a step backward allowing me to face her but flattened her palm against my sternum.

My back bumped the door as I found her without her scrub bottoms. Holly managed to lose her pants while she was feeling me up leaving only her ankle socks and white sneakers. She was standing there with her smock gathered up revealing her lower half which was rather thick supported by shapely legs. I found myself staring at a slightly sloping tummy over some very small black colored bikini panties.

“Cute.” I motioned towards her shoes with a smirk. She took it in stride pressing two condoms into my open palm, obviously from her wallet. She had to have removed them from the billfold while I was checking into the motel.

“You can take them off for me, Derrick.” Holly turned her back kneeling on the edge of the bed presenting a very meaty looking butt.

Those bikini panties turned out to be a thong that made her honey dipped skin stand out even more. I took note of the hunched over posture Holly assumed on the bed which was essentially a kneeling fetal position that made her butt pop out that much further.

I wasn’t going to wait quickly sliding both of the condoms onto my straining pecker before digging my fingers into those squarish hips driving myself home. She was already beyond wet as my cock slid in and downward at angle ending with an audible smack as my pelvis hit her solid backside. Her inner grooves, that velvety tunnel was decidedly narrow and a tight fit. Holly let out a distressed sounding moan followed by some whimpers that gave me the impression that she was trying to control her reactions. Her body tensed up presenting this sort of inert, stationary target. It was like fucking a boulder.

My pants were bunched up around my ankles, but I managed to spread my legs a bit more giving it to her as best I could. There was a lattice of barely visible stretch marks at the junctions where her hips met her pelvis and a bit of chub rub between the thick, yet substantially shallowness of her cheeks. I could tell that she’d experimented by looking at her backdoor but didn’t think it wise to stimulate it without asking first.

Her gasps were synchronized in time with each of my thrusts. She felt good with an exquisite pressure on two thirds of my girth. The pleasure was found on the inward stroke because her body would instinctively tighten around me. Her posture remained the same and that was off putting, causing me to slow down a bit.

“Did you cum; you blow your load, already?” Holly asked rather plainly.

“No, bedava bonus I need you to do something for me, though.”

“You’re not putting it in my ass, fool!!” She moved a bit turning her head on the bed giving me a view of her profile. That nurse’s smock was bunched up around her torso hiding her bust in concert with her stiff posture.

“Shut up; I want to see your body, Holly. I want to fuck you real good, but it just feels pedestrian right now and I know you’re capable of so much more.” There was something restrained about her after we just got started. I could feel this sort of barrier around her person, invisible but wholly tangible.

“You throwing shade at my pussy, huh?” Her tone was sharp, antagonistic.

I recognized the innate harness and crude, misplaced bravado. My first girlfriend had taught me a thing or two about rueful petulance, so this was nothing new. I knew what to do; how to respond to this unspoken challenge.

Holly cried out several times, whimpering and gasping when I started swinging my hips wildly into her ponderous buttocks. My fingers found a bit of spongy flesh in her slightly frayed saddlebags giving me leverage to go harder than before. In moments she was back to controlling her aural responses, now grunting with each powerful thrust. That exquisite tightness sent waves of pleasure up my spine, making my inner thighs pulse.

I didn’t care because I wasn’t fucking Holly for pleasure. I was self-medicating with her body in order to put some sexual distance between myself and Jenny Delacruz. I didn’t care that both of us were partially dressed or that Holly Santos was an insufferable bitch who didn’t have an ounce of compromise in her Rubenesque body. I recognized the biting sarcasm and fake bravado for what it truly was…pain.

“OH, OH SHIT YOU’RE REALLY HARD!!” It sounded like she was struggling with even that meager admission through gritted teeth.

It was begrudged, but an earned acknowledgment that I was keen to expand upon. I pushed harder trying to trigger a selfish orgasm for myself, not caring if she got hers because she was being selfish in her own respect. We agreed to share our bodies and nothing else.

“FAAAWKK MAN, YOUR DICK IS-FUH!! AWWWWNNN!!” My shaft was coated in her essence, a milky sheath of froth lubricating the condoms I was wearing. Her cunt was throbbing, the grooves of her inner walls massaging and churning up my spunk. Holly felt good to the touch, real good.

“YEEEAAHHH, FUH, FUH, FUUUKKK DERRICK!!” I doubt she even realized that I’d broken down one of her walls of resistance with the candid admissions of what she was feeling. The bubbling wetness was now yielding audible evidence of her wetness in a series of vulgar queefs as Holly reached back pulling her thong to the side.

Her legs were shaking, going rubbery from the constant stabbing motion into her velvety pink. Just the slight bit of movement, that adjustment and unspoken accommodation spoke volumes. Holly reached between her legs frantically rubbing her clit, eventually slapping it. She caught me off guard with a sudden dip in her lower back rearing up on all fours, tilting her head backward mouth agape. I was sexually indifferent isolating my gaze solely to her muscular derriere clapping back into my crotch.

“SHIT, SHIT, I’M FEELING IT DERRICK!! FUCKMAN, FUCK IT HARDER!! GET THAT PUSSY!!” My nails dug greedily into her hips, hooked fingers locking into honey soaked flesh.

I started rearing back enough to let half of my shaft outside on the outward strokes, slamming hard inside. Holly’s nurse’s smock drifted off one shoulder exposing a brassiere strap which dug oppressively into her shoulder. It sunk into the softness of that shoulder straining to continue its designed purpose. It was a dingy cream color which aroused my curiosity further. Holly shifted, spreading her legs further to allow me a bit more access. She was unconsciously popping her hips back into me, caught up in the pending rapture.


The tone of her voice, the minute intricacies were intimately known to me now, and I surged forward allowing my balls to slap against the underside of her butt. Every thrust resulted in complete penetration, stuffing her as full as I was able. Holly suddenly resumed her Rock of Gibraltar posture becoming a tight ball. She was almost a human armadillo, violently masturbating as she began to cum.

There was a flurry of movement on my part reaching down yanking up on my left pants leg enough to get my foot on the bed. That smock slid up covering her shoulders and head, exposing the back of her brassiere. My hands were handling the front of her thighs, roughly yanking her back into my offending member with aplomb. Her voice was raw, labored with every thrust earning a righteous gasp of pleasure. Holly stiffened up all over signaling the cresting deneme bonusu of her climax and I just went for it almost trying to sever my cock inside.

“AAAAWWWNNNNN, AWWWNNNN BAAAA-BEEE!!” Everything else became unintelligible in a mouth stuffed to the brim full of melted bravado and mush. Right at the height of her climax, I pulled out stripping off the condoms.

Thick, milky ropes of ejaculate cut a diagonal swath across her left butt cheek followed by several others. Substantial amounts ended up concentrated on her rear entrance almost filling that shallow canyon between the squarish globes of her ass. I cupped the outside of her right hip, stroking out the rest as Holly rocked and swayed, audibly cooing. The splotchy, soiled appearance of her butt stained buttocks appealed to my inner deviant nature. I let my shaft rest in her gluteal cleft achieving a bit of success by cradling the halves about my girth. Holly let me have my fun for a few minutes.

“Can you go again Derrick?”

I responded by gently pushing on the side of her left hip indicating that I wanted her to sit upright, facing me. The person shifted a bit under Holly as she righted herself facing me. I was unprepared for the mountainous wealth of cleavage staring me in the face. The off-white cream colored sports bra was little more than a hammock for the dual boulders adorning her torso.

“What do you think?” My throbbing, still erect cock was pointing directly at her face.

I wanted my cock in Holly’s mouth, but she had other ideas grabbing the back of my thighs bringing me forward level with her bust. I watched my endowment disappear into her cavernous, sweaty cleavage. Holly cupped the outsides of her mams providing a slick heated cradle of meat around my length horizontally. It was literally a straight shot as I covered her hands with my own, pumping away. Her breasts were so massive, I couldn’t see my thrusting cock. I noticed a weird sensation tickling the tip of my penis. It turned out to be Holly’s hidden wallet.

“Trying to break into the vault, eh?” I opened it finding three more condoms along with a wad of cash. I removed the last three rubbers tossing the billfold on the bed beside Holly. I got naked as she watched.

“Maybe later, I want some more of that ass right now. I’m not gonna lie, I’m gonna fuck the shit out of you!” Holly watched me roll one of the rubbers onto my thickening member rubbing her mound pensively.

“Oh you think you can handle this? Think you got enough in the chamber for five foot ten inches of fully packed womanhood?!! Can you take care of 40L-44-56 inches of mixed pussy, eh payaso?!!” My brow raised at her measurements, but she wasn’t fooling anyone. She wanted it as much as I did.

“You sound like fucking Dolomite; when your record come out?”

“MADRE FUCKER, DEBO PATARTE EL CULO!! MEJOR SEGUIR DARME QUE BUENO, BUENO, NEGRO!! FUCK ME RIGHT NIGGA!!” Holly’s ability to go between the languages of her parents was flawless with perfect diction for each dialect with no lingering accents.

“Okay bitch.”

Her thick, voluptuous body would’ve been problematic for someone who didn’t know how to handle it, but this wasn’t my first rodeo and I wouldn’t have given a shit if it were. I just wanted to lose myself in her lush, pillowy curves. It was obvious that she liked the rough stuff as I crouched low to the floor grabbing her ankles quickly standing shoving Holly on her back. Pushing her knees into her doughy abdomen wasn’t happening, so I opted for turning this woman into a human wishbone. I went balls deep right off the bat, but let my member rest inside looking down at her face.

“Come on, do it motherfucker. Fuck the shit outta me like you mean it!” Holly rocked her hips a little, trying to prod me into action.

“That’s what you like?”

“Yeah nigga; that’s exactly what I like; are you gonna do it or are you parked in the garage?” Her hand was already rubbing her clit, but I swatted it away.

“That’s cheating.”

“Fuck you!”

Holly Santos had no idea of my mental state, of the memories floating through my head of being fucked around, punked and emasculated by a litany of women from Jenny Delacruz, undercover thot Shaila and finally that uber bitch, Jong Park. Hearing her cuss at me was like lighting a match and tossing it into a gas tank. She half shrieked as my body came crashing down on her. My face was buried in her cleavage, arms snaking around her body as my hips popped and twisted driving my cock, deep. I was grinding her like sandpaper, feeling every groove her walls had to offer.

My chin was hooked over her right shoulder with intent while my fingers dug under the elastic material of her sports bra peeling it upward. I wanted at those fucking tits she was so damn proud of, and I wasn’t going to be denied. Holly could feel everything, wrapping her arms around me in a prone bearhug meaning to squeeze the life out of my lungs. It felt like we were grappling as she likely struggled with some inner demons as well. Despite her size and the awkwardness of her enormous teats, Holly was rolling her pelvis in counter clockwise fashion for optimum sensation and penetration. I couldn’t deny this mulatta knew how to fuck with the best of them.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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