Unexpected Delights

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Ascot in August, it’s incredibly hot and you’ve gone for a days drinking and betting and general debauchery with a bunch of mates. Three bottles of champagne later and with a wedge of winnings in your pockets, you stagger off to find somewhere to relieve yourself. Round the backs of a stable block a row of parked horse boxes provide suitable cover and you do what you have to.

Picking up your half full bottle of champers you start to meander back past the stables. This time you hear voices about half way down the block so you cross to the other side to take a look.

Inside two girls are flicking soapy water at each other and giggling between carefully sponging two saddles mounted on Hay bales. “Hello ladies” you purr in the doorway.

They look at you, then at each other. You spot a wink and a giggle. “Hello” they reply, “Can we have some of your champagne?” The girl closest to you stands up and walks towards you holding out one hand. She takes the bottle from you and takes you by the hand, leading you into the warm stable.

She tips the bottle and takes a swig, the Champagne fizzes and overflows as she drinks, dribbling down her shirt and adding to the wetness caused by earlier water splashes. “Oh dear!” she cries, and handing the bottle to her friend she reaches into one of the buckets for a cloth to wipe her shirt with.

The dripping cloth soaks the blouse, turning the white fabric translucent as it clings to her skin. She giggles and throws the cloth back into the bucket in front of you, causing the water to splash towards you. You instinctively move back and the girls start to giggle, “Afraid of a bit of water are ya? We can’t have that now. You come over ‘ere and sit in the sun and me an’ April güvenilir bahis will get you a towel, okay?” The second girl passed the bottle back to April who beckoned you to sit down beside her.

She takes another swig from the bottle, allowing the contents to overflow and trickle down her chin and onto her wet blouse. She looks down and giggles “Oh dear, I seem to have made a mess! I think I’d better take it off don’t you?”

Your hand rushes swiftly to her aid with the buttons. Then you take the bottle, for your mouth seems suddenly dry.

She leans back and swings her legs astride the hay bale and the blouse falls open, just catching on her damp skin so not exposing her nipples. You half cough half choke on the champagne and spill a little of it down your shirt. A towel lands across your shoulders and the other girl’s arms close around your neck from behind. Your neck rests softly between her breasts as she strokes your shirt with the towel. Your head almost spinning with the excitement and anticipation and, of course, the champagne…

Seconds later you are brought back to reality by a sudden wetness in your lap! You give a startled jerk and open your eyes to see April, now shirtless and standing on the bale in front of you, pouring what’s left of your champagne down her front. It’s running off her breasts and belly into your lap and her friend is leaning over you catching some of the splashes with her face and tongue.

You are shocked but so aroused by what you see; you reach up and grab April’s jodhpurs and pull them swiftly down, the champagne now running the full length of her body and dripping from her glistening mound. Shock and excitement take over and you plunge your face into her türkçe bahis bush and suck the champagne, feeling it trickle past your face and down onto your shirt. Lust surges through your body and your tongue quickly delves deep within her folds seeking, and finding her most sensitive bud. She drops the bottle and her hands entwine in your hair as her passion rises.

Her friend meanwhile reaches between April’s legs, helps her out of her trousers then deftly undoes your shirt and trousers and slips her mouth down over the meat she has just exposed. You reach up between April’s legs and push one, then two fingers inside her and think you’re in heaven as April shudders and succumbs to a wave of orgasmic pleasure.

April steps down from the hay bale and kisses you gently. You suck momentarily at one of her Champagne soaked nipples, then she moves round behind you, laying you down, your head resting on her lap, while she massages your chest and neck. Meanwhile her friend removes your loosened trousers and resumes caressing your erect cock. April breaks the silence, “Hey Babe, come up here and get your clit licked… this guy’s good.” The girl does as she is told…. Without hesitating or missing a stroke she moves round so that April can slip her jodhpurs off and guide her to kneel above your face.

As her friend kneels, April slips one hand between her friends legs and pushes her pussy lips apart to expose her hard little button. You seize the moment and start to suck at her exposed clit. Drawing it out form under its hood and flicking it from side to side with the tip of your tongue, she squeals with delight.

You lift your arms to grab her buttocks and pull her firmly down onto your face, plunging your güvenilir bahis siteleri tongue as far into her as you can reach. This sudden onslaught throws her concentration and she looses grip on your straining c*ck, which is momentarily relieved of a break in the building pressure.

She bites your tummy and one hand slides up between your legs caressing your balls. You continue to suck and lick at her, and your fingers roam across her buttocks closer and closer to her wet heaven.

April pulls at your hands, preventing you from reaching any further, directing them instead towards her friends asshole, which you circle playfully with one finger. Her friend is moaning with pleasure…. suddenly she gasps and moans, and bites a great mouthful of your tummy. You open your eyes and look up towards April … who is pushing the neck of the empty Champagne bottle into her friend’s pussy…

Your head spins with erotic excitement and your tongue flicks furtively at the erect clit bringing her to an orgasm that makes her scream into your belly as she claws your thighs.

The excitement is too much and you feel your balls tighten and your back arch as the explosion takes over …. your cock throbs uncontrollably as you spurt your hot creamy spunk through the girls hair.

April moves away, resting your head down on the hay, and walks round to the other bale, where the half-cleaned saddle lay. She sits astride the saddle, legs spread wide, rocking back and forth while caressing and stroking her own body. Eyes closed, lost in her own pleasure.

April’s friend crawls away, her cum soaked hair sticking to her face and drips of it dribble down onto her breast. She catches some of it on one finger and walks over to April, she wipes the cum over April’s lips then slips her finger seductively in and out of April’s mouth.

You stand, in the warm hay scented stable, in your socks, and look at the two naked girls, wondering for a moment what next?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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