Unfaithful Discretion Ch. 02

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‘No! We can’t!’

‘Just relax.’

‘Please, stop, it’s too risky!’

‘Tell me to stop again.’

‘Oh.. Ohh.. Mmmmh..’

‘You like that, huh?’

‘Yeees.. Ah, fuck, aah!’

Lacey found herself on her one seater couch, being finger fucked and devoured by her boyfriend’s best friend. His expert tongue zigzagged over her clit, sending cascades of pleasure down her legs. She should have been in bed, but instead her boyfriend lay on the couch beside her, asleep, while his best friend was causing such a commotion in her pussy she had to muffle herself with her shirt sleeve.

She knew it was wrong, she knew she was a dirty evil whore, but it felt so incredible she couldn’t stop it. And he wasn’t stopping until his mouth was covered in her sweet nectar. They had seen each other in private only once, Lacey could never get away without being interrogated and her fear got the best of her. She wanted to be with this man, but knew it was too complicated, too wrong, that she never thought it would work.

His girlfriend was a friend of Lacey’s but she’d always thought she was a bitch. Constantly nagging and never putting out, but putting on the pounds, it was only a matter of time before his eyes began to stray. And they strayed right to his best friend’s beautiful petite brunette, whom he had noticed was getting gradually flirtier with him, in her cute innocent way.

Once they had made it known to each other, it was only a matter of when and how. Every night he begged her to sneak out, to be with him for just ten minutes, but she refused. Her panic and paranoia preventing her from getting what she wanted so very badly.

But here she was, grinding her pussy back and forth on his face. He was an animal, lapping with his wide tongue, up and down, side to side, in and out. It wasn’t long before Lacey began to tremble violently and hold her breath. She bit into her sleeve and felt the huge tsunami of ecstasy rush through her entire body. She was bucking her hips back and forth, but he kept up, unrelenting on her clit, until canlı bahis şirketleri the orgasm had visually subsided. He gave her one last flick of his tongue, which made her buck once more, then sat up.

His face glistened in the fire light, and he quickly wiped it clean, licking the residue off his fingers.

‘You taste so fucking good, Lacey,’ he whispered to her and gave her a light kiss on the lips. She had her breathing mostly back to normal and was pulling her panties up off the ground, where he’d strewn them. ‘I know’ she said, licking her lips and giving him a cheeky wink.

‘I should be going now,’ he said quietly, looking through to the kitchen where the front door was.

‘No, stay. We never get to spend time alone..’ She caressed his arm softly, and he looked back at her. She was right, they were always around the other two when they saw each other. Though it was still enthralling to be in each others presence, it wasn’t enough.

He smiled and picked her up, taking her to the kitchen bench and out of sight from her boyfriend. Once they were there they kissed long and deep. Running hands through each others hair.

‘Why is this wrong?’ She asked despairingly, lulling her head back and letting him kiss her neck all the way down her chest to one of her nipples, give it a gentle bite on the outside of her shirt, then kiss all the way back up. Her pussy began gently aching again and she sighed.

‘I don’t know, it’s unfair, I hate it.’ He finally said, pulling her closer to him and resting his head on her shoulder, ‘I want more of you’.

She spread her legs to either side of his hips and shuffled forward on the cold bench until her pantied cunt was touching the outside of his pants. ‘I want more of you too.’ She said, making it very clear. She ground her pussy into the front of his crotch and he lifted his head, grinning at her.

He brought something out in her that she never knew was there, a horny animal that needed satisfying and he needed to be the one to do it. She felt a huge surge of yearning and caught canlı kaçak iddaa his mouth with hers. Kissing madly and pulling his hands to her breasts that were thinly veiled by her button up shirt, she moaned quietly. He immediately rounded and squeezed them, pinching her nipples softly through the material. They continued kissing and she unbuttoned the first few buttons, but kept the shirt on. He enjoyed this sight and felt his cock complain against his pants, wanting to be let out to play.

‘Ugh, you’re so fucking hot’ he whispered in between kisses, breathless and desperate.

She loosed his pants button and zip and they fell a little way. She tugged both his pants and underwear down until his hefty cock sprung up. She was still astounded by how much bigger he was than what she was used to. It made her tingle with excitement. ‘Fuck me quick, just do it now, God I can’t take it!’ She rasped at him.

She was sitting right at the edge of the bench, her legs spread wide for him, her boyfriend asleep in the next room. ‘Fuck me’ she begged again. He delayed, tracing her lips and hole with his precum laden cockhead. She bit her lip hard, wanting to scream at him and force his dick into her. With her legs wrapped around his hips she pulled him closer and he grinned again, flicking her clit with his head.

‘What do you say?’


The sharp jolt of pleasure shot through her unexpectedly, she couldn’t muffle herself in time, but he wasn’t stopping. Pumping her hard, right into the kitchen bench he grabbed her hips and used them to slam himself in harder. She finally managed to find her sleeve and bite into it, tears of pleasure streaming down her face. She was in heaven, her pussy being pounded hard and fast, with the most glorious cock she’d seen and had desired for so long.


She leaned back and supported herself with her hands, so he could see her tits bouncing up and down with his movements. He groaned in delight at the full sight of her. He could see himself inside her, disappearing inside, canlı kaçak bahis sliding out a little, then being rammed back in hard, within seconds. He could see her tight stomach with those perfect perky breasts bouncing fast above it, with sweat trickling between them. Then he saw her beautiful face, the one he’d longed to see exactly like this, scrunched and contorted with unfathomable pleasure that he was inflicting upon her.

This sight combined with the facts that his best friend was in the next room, and her already vice-like pussy was tightening was too much and he began cumming hot seed inside her, ‘Ugh, ugh fuck, mmmm.’ He groaned quietly as he came.

Lacey’s orgasm began and ended in sync with his. The sight of him looking at her lustfully was enough to drive her over the edge, that magnificent rush of bliss pouring through her body, gush after gush, with the added sensation of his hot cum filling her up. In those moments everything was perfect.

When they had resumed breathing properly, Lacey hopped daintily off the bench and wiped up their sweat and fluids, giving the hand towel a quick sniff before wiping up her cunt and throwing the towel in the wash. She came back to the kitchen and he was holding his keys.

‘I know. You have to go.’ She smiled understandingly, ‘wish you could stay and help me make my bed worth sleeping in..’ she smoothed his shirt and sexily moved closer so their bodies touched again.

‘I would love nothing more, but you know the bitches rules, home by 12 or I get my nuts cut off.’ He rolled his eyes in disdain. Lacey feigned horror,

‘Noo, not those, I need those!’ she fondled them gently through his pants and they both laughed.

‘Next time’ he promised, disappointed at his own departure.

‘Alright, see you ’round’ she said longingly and closed the door behind him quietly. She went back to the lounge to find her boyfriend awake. A fresh horror arose in her veins.

‘H-how long have you been awake?’ She stammered, trying to keep cool.

‘Just woke up now. Jack gone?’ He asked grumpily and she nodded.

‘Good. Now you can put out for me.’ He said matter-of-factly, he never asked or even made an effort to turn her on, only told her what she was going to do and when. But this time Lacey didn’t care, she had a dirty little secret.

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