Valentines Day Gift

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Here is my Valentine’s day story. No under eighteen year olds, I checked I.D. Any resemblance to persons living or dead would be damn lucky. Be nice in comments, please.


Valentine’s Day Gift.

I work a lot. My typical day is twelve to fourteen hours a day.

So Saturday morning, the only day I really get to sleep late, is mine! I’m naked in my bed, alone since the breakup, sleeping and dreaming about sleeping. Ah, it’s so nice and quiet!

Well it was quiet, except my two little doggies are yipping and yammering. Probably those damned squirrels again. The evil little creatures like to taunt my poor dogs. I yelled at them to be quiet. I went back to sleep, dreaming about sleeping.

The dream changed. Suddenly, I was on my back as a long haired woman was shlerpin on my gherkin. My Johnson was doing me proud, standing at attention as her oral efforts assaulted him VERY nicely. This long haired brunette switched positions from the lovely blowjob to lift her naked ass up and impale herself upon my straining member.

She threw her head back, looking as though she was anguished, although in this case, I knew that look was anything but unhappiness. Her mouth was open in a silent scream of excitement. She squirted and I suspect she had a nice climax as well, but with no sound. If she was trying not to wake me, she was failing at that, but who the fuck cares about sleeping at that point!

My hands were pinned as she rode me like a thoroughbred on the backstretch headed güvenilir bahis for the finish line. I was not going down without a fight, no not me! I got my hands and arms free and grabbed her flailing tits, huge and hard pointed they were, and squeezed those lovely orbs. Each was bigger than my hands could grab, my wife was built like a brick shithouse, as they say. She must have ten pounds of titmeat, flying this way and that.

I twisted and tweaked her diamond hard dark nipples, she finally made some noise as she squealed with delight as she came again, and then again! More female ejaculate all over the fuckin place. How do women do that? If men orgasmed that hard and that often, we’d be dead, silly smiles plastered on happy faces, but we men would be deceased. I will say it now, WOMEN ARE AMAZING. Amen to that.

She switched gears on me again. She pulled off my hard meat and swung her nice fat ass, the ass I had lusted after for years, she swung it around and placed her dripping snatch above my mouth, putting us in classic sixty-nine position. I figured I better swallow the juices pouring into my mouth before she drowned me. While I was doing that, my tongue was splitting her cleft, lickin her vagina and nearby real estate, from her puckered anus, to her hard-as-nails clitoris, leading to screams into my now lips encased, hard dick! I think she liked the lickin goin’ on, as more groans followed by grunts that sounded happy, if you can believe that.

If she was faking her orgasms, she türkçe bahis should have been given the academy award, as I felt her body shudder rhythmically, as more female joy juice flooded my face. My bed would be a shallow pool by the time she was done.

I’d had enough, I used every bit of my male power to flip us up and around, into a modified missionary position, that is a clam shell, I had her legs damn near by her head as I drove my appendage in as far as it would go, and she wailed, “AAAYYEEEIII!! UGHH, UGHH, UGHH, AHHH!” This time her orgasm was measured on the Richter scale, and I came with her, filling her tight sweet cunt with my own joyous juices and both of us shuddered together, as if on cue.

We stayed like that, kissing and hugging as I pulled out, and gently lowered her legs. She held me on top of her, I was going to move off, for fear of crushing her with my two hundred and sixty-seven pounds of weight. She just held me though, staring into my blue eyes with her own amazing brown eyes. Like she owned me, or something; which, she pretty much did, and continues to do, as she pleases. Women got us guys by the balls, but don’t tell them that, or they will be insufferable.

She flipped me over, showing her own strength, kissed me till my toes curled some and got up and got dressed. She touched my cheek with a gentle genuine touch, gave me one more kiss and went into the kitchen. Clanging and banging and a little while later she returned with a perfect cup of coffee, she placed güvenilir bahis siteleri a napkin down and put the coffee on the dresser. She kissed me one last time, spun on her high heels and left. I was alone.

I discussed what happened with the guys at work. I mean, was it normal for separated spouses to a… fuck like bunnies? As it was February tenth, the guys all said it was perfectly fine.

I said, “yeah, but she never spoke a fuckin word, not a syllable. She made me coffee and left. Is that right? I mean I’m just saying …”

“Wait, are you complaining, she gave you a fantastic Valentine’s day gift, and never said a word, and you are complaining? Are you crazy. How many guys in here would kill to be in your shoes. What a great Valentine’s day gift she gave you!” He did have a point.

But I knew the terrible truth. It was what I had become. Yes, the instant she placed that wonderful Columbian dark roast coffee on my dresser and just walked out…I have turned into… A COFFEE WHORE.

Oh the shame of it. I’ll probably wind up like those vagabonds you see, cardboard sign saying,

“Will fuck for coffee!” In front of some Starbucks or Duncan Donuts. Oh what shame. And all over a wonderful Valentine’s day gift.

But now I face an even greater challenge. What do I get her for Valentine’s day? How the hell do I top that? Or even come close? I don’t think a box of chocolates and a cute card are gonna cut it this year. Let’s face it, she did give me the greatest Valentine’s day gift ever.

Maybe I’ll go over to her apartment and try to return the favor. I see a lot of ass kissing and cunnilingus in my future.

And I’ll bring her a caramel latte and a Boston cream donut. Hey, it’s worth a shot.

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