Victim or Survivor

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Dawn sat by the phone smoking a Marlboro light; she had had a rough day at work and was in no mood to play. Henry her soon to be ex-husband kept calling and hanging up the phone. It was apparent he wanted to come home, but he wasn’t going to. Dawn had to show her husband that when you reach out, you get out. If it weren’t for her friend Grace, Dawn wouldn’t be making Henry pay for his transgression. She still would be crawling along in a dying relationship. She put her cigarette out and stood up stretching, a long hot shower and a conversation with a silver dildo was long over due. But before she could reach the bathroom, her phone rang again.

“What in the fuck do you want Henry?”

“Whoa!” The caller snapped back “This is Kyle.”

“I am so sorry sweetheart” her voice softened “I am tired and on my way to the shower.”

“Oh yeah,” Kyle said, “Need someone to wash your back?”

“I think I have heard that one before mister” She paused and then continued “But you can give my vibrator a break. In ten?”

“In ten.” He replied

Dawn smiled and hung up the phone, she was already wet.

Dawn rushed to turn on the shower in her master bathroom, she thought back of how she met Kyle, as she adjusted the water. The night that Henry got freaked for all he was worth, Kyle was there. “Funny how things work out” she whispered

Dawn turned on the water to full spray, placed the cordless phone on the sink and when it reached the right temperature she stepped in. As the warm water soaked deep into her muscles, and washed away the day’s problems, the doorbell rang. Kyle had arrived. Dawn stepped out of the shower soaking wet and soapy. She reached for the nearest towel and went to open the side door. As she opened the door, she noticed Kyle already had a hard on. Dawn didn’t say a word; she dropped the towel and began to walk back to the shower. When she stepped into the shower, Kyle was getting naked. He wasn’t a very tall man or even a very handsome man, but there is one thing she liked most about him, he had the biggest dick she had ever saw.

She frequently referred to him as “car jack”, short with a long handle. Kyle stepped in behind Dawn and reached his hands around to the front of her soft belly, and began to rub shower gel into her warm skin, massaging the fragrant soap into her skin. His thick tool pressed into the cleft of her buttocks, as his hands moved up to her pink breast grabbing each nipple and kneading them until they stood erect in the shower spray. Dawn was anxious to get things started so she bent over in the water and grabbed the faucets, her ass cheeks spread and her mound protruded from the back. Kyle grabbed her hips and bent his knees just a little as he entered her. He pushed his thick head in the folds of her hot sex until it disappeared, only to pull it back out again and push a little harder. He repeated it over and over again until his shaft was deeply buried in her snatch, the pressure of his penis forcing the walls of her apart, made Dawn’s legs shake. She pushed back onto his freakishly thick member and exhaled as she took it deeper and deeper.

The shower was now spitting icicles as the hot water ran out, so Dawn turned the water off and continued to be pleasured. In the heat of their passion the phone rang, Dawn hesitantly pulled away from Kyle and stepped out of the tub. She snatched the phone up and looked at the caller id, it was Henry calling again, but this time she had something for his ass. Dawn pressed the talk button laid the phone back on the sink and motioned silently for Kyle to step out of the tub.

She bent over, her face close to the receiver and Kyle took her cue. He this time pushed his dick in forcefully, and Dawn let out a gasp “Shit, Kyle” by this time Kyle started to rock back and forth, she was getting wetter with each stroke. Her breathing became labored, as she loosened to take all Kyle had to give. Her orgasm was punctuated with staccato breaths as she began to come, all this into the receiver. Dawn let out a small shout as her juices began to cover Kyle’s thick shaft. Kyle then pulled out before he came and moved around to Dawn’s small succulent mouth, where she sucked and licked his throbbing penis, she couldn’t put the whole thing in her mouth with out gagging, so she gagged just for the receiver. Kyle in turn exploded in her mouth; thick streams of come ran down the sides of her mouth as she swallowed to keep up. “There mutherfucker, you happy now” she said swallowing and gulping into the still connected phone. Dawn then hung up. Henry would not be calling back for a long time


“All things considered I think my marriage is going well.” Dawn said while stirring her coffee. Grace looked at her high school girlfriend and knew something was wrong. They met at the local pancake house on Sunday; it was a ritual they had shared ever since Dawn moved to town with her husband. It has been four years of the same thing. Dawn talking about her husband Henry, and Grace offering up some solid advice. This time however, something was not kosher. güvenilir bahis “Dawn?” Grace spoke softly “What’s the matter baby?” Dawn stopped stirring her coffee and began to sob. She raised her head and said, “Henry is different and I know something is going on. He is starting to dress better and bought some new cologne yesterday. Henry hates cologne.” Her sobs turned to a full wail that aroused the attention of everybody in the restaurant. Grace quickly stood up and sat down beside her friend, who had just been bitten by the infidelity bug.

“Are you sure Dawn?”

“Yes, I am sure.” She said amid the crying “I found a number in his pants pocket and condoms in his truck.”

“Damn” Grace said in a whisper

“That bitch can have him, whoever she might be!”

Grace could tell by the look in her friend’s eyes that she was lying. Dawn wanted to salvage her marriage; she was comfortable in her relationship. But it was apparent Henry was not She looked at this shell of a woman sitting beside her. Dawn was 5’3 weighed about 180 pounds with a large belly. She had medium sized breast, wide hips and strawberry blonde hair that flowed down her back to her waist, in one of two styles, braided or straight. She wore large clothes to hide her shape and no make-up or perfume. She was a typical, comfortable married woman that was about to go through some serious drama.

Later that evening Grace lay next to her boyfriend, she was quiet and reflective. Aaron sensed something was wrong and asked “Grace, darlin you haven’t said one word to me tonight. What’s the matter?” Grace rolled over to face him and asked the proverbial question “What makes a man cheat?”

“Whoa, that’s a big question from such a beautiful woman”

“I’m serious Aaron”

“Well I don’t know Grace, there is a lot of things that make a man cheat.”

Grace rose up on one elbow and with her eyebrows raised asked “Like what?”

“Well…?” Aaron had to pick his words carefully, Grace had been hurt before and he didn’t want to start a fight. “Lets put it this way, I am satisfied at home with you. You complete me and keep me interested.”

Grace scowl softened and tears began to flow from her eyes. She knew Aaron was being truthful about what he said. She replied “Oh really baby?” as she drew closer to his handsome face and licked his lips. “How do I keep you interested?”

“Like that” he replied softly “Like that”

The love making session was unusually hot and heavy; several times Aaron had to stop Grace from making him cum too soon. She was a woman possessed, her body responded to Aaron’s body like no other man before. Grace’s ample hips rocked back and forth as she rode him with lustful thrust that pulled moans from Aaron’s moist lips. He grabbed her thighs drawing her down on top of him, pulling her close to lessen the sensation Grace was placing upon his throbbing member. Aaron had to do something fast he was reaching his climax too soon.

He rolled Grace off of his tortured member and placed her on her stomach. Aaron then lifted her ass high in the air and began to do the one thing that would bring the situation under control; he stuck his tongue in her slippery pinkness. Grace began to buck and shudder under his experienced mouth. He breathed heavily of her musk and sucked with the voracity of a thirsty man. A very very thirsty man. Grace felt herself becoming dizzy and felt flush, as Aaron tasted her wetness over and over again. The sensation was exhilarating Grace felt her thighs shake as he slowly moved them forward to get closer to her sex. Aaron’s tongue slowly moved from the bottom of her pulsating clit to her asshole circling at the top and then repeated the whole process again and again. His mouth was filled with the moisture of their lovemaking; he used this sensual liquid to push his tongue deep inside her brown eye.

When Aaron felt he had calmed enough he stood up and grabbed his slick member, he stood behind Grace slowly entering her dampness. Grace felt his hot tool slowly enter her and began to back up against him; wanting his dick deeper inside of her. His strong thighs kept her from pushing him off of his feet as she pushed back. Aaron leaned forward and grabbed both of Grace’s sensitive nipples, pulling and kneading them at the same time, he pumped slowly and kneaded until Grace was on her stomach. She began to whisper, “Baby, it’s jumping, baby…” Here words trailed off as a slow hiss escaped her throat when an orgasm spread from beneath her thighs and went up her spine. Aaron slowly pulled out of her still throbbing cunt and with the base of his shaft firmly grasped her rolled her over and sprayed his warm semen across her stomach and erect nipples. He was a good lover. Hell he was a freak. And she loved his freaky ways.

Later that night Grace lie awake listening to Aaron breathing, she couldn’t sleep. The thoughts of Dawns situation at home reminded her of what happened to her marriage. Grace’s husband Jerry did almost the same thing, running out in the middle of the night to some skinny woman, dressing up türkçe bahis and buying cologne, when he normally didn’t and she missed the signals. Grace felt that she didn’t do enough to keep her husband at home, and cried a lot after he left. It took a long time to regain some of her self-esteem, and to feel like a pretty woman, even if she was large. Grace lie there on her side, tears slowly fell from her eyes. The memories were still too painful even after all this time. She slowly slid over to Aaron and kissed him lovingly on the cheek. He awoke and wrapped his strong arms around her, pulling her ever so close to him. Grace still cried but now her tears were tears of joy.

That morning Grace awoke with a determination to help Dawn keep her husband.

Grace sat on the edge of the bed and picked up the phone. She dialed Dawn’s number and waited, a voice sleepily answered “Hello?”

“Dawn, I have come up with a plan to help.”

“Grace do you know what time it is?”

Grace looked at the alarm clock; it read 5:30am, “ Shit I am so sorry Dawn” She could hear Dawn breath as she walked, with the cordless in her hand. “Dawn?”

“Well aint that a bitch, Henry isn’t home.” Dawn whispered

Grace fell a chill go down her back, and her face tingle. She might be too late to help.

“I will be right over Dawn” Grace said

Grace took one of her personal days at the bank to be off for her friend. The entire morning was like a replay in a chapter of her failed marriage. The drive to Dawn’s house was like going back into Grace’s own past where loneliness, low self-esteem and depression were her best friends. She could not bear the thought of her friend going through the same thing. Grace could barely see the road as her eyes welled up with tears. However when Grace pulled up into Dawn’s driveway she was too late. Grace had to dodge clothes and fishing poles. The anger had begun, and Henry’s stuff was paying the price.

Grace parked her truck, put her sunglasses on and got out. She looked around the driveway to see broken memories and clothes strewn all about. Dawn threw pile after pile of clothes out of the door, until she was sweaty and out of breath. Grace watched silently and only moved out of the way when the objects came close to her.

“Where is he Darlin?” Grace asked

“I know who she is, I know the woman he is messing around with.” Dawn said

This revelation made Grace shudder. The next question out of her mouth would make the situation worse. “Who is she?”

“ Edna, his fucking co-worker.” Dawn said bitterly “I want to go see this bitch Grace, will you take me?” Grace hesitated and replied, “Only if you promise not to get out of the car.” Grace had never heard Dawn curse and the words didn’t seem right coming out of her mouth. She was worried she was making a mistake taking Dawn to Henry’s job, but she had to do it for Dawn’s sake.

Dawn and Grace placed all of Henry’s clothes in one neat pile and Dawn called the locksmiths to change the locks on all the outside doors of her home. The both swept the driveway of broken glass and plastic and placed the shards in a trashcan. After everything was done, Dawn looked out at the driveway at all the clothes, tools and his favorite NASCAR shit in neat little stacks and started to cry. The scene was reminiscent of how Grace packed Jerry’s bags when he walked out and she hugged Dawn and began to cry also.

The drive across town was as quiet as a funeral; Dawn wanted to see what she was being replaced with. When they arrived in the area Grace parked facing the construction zone across the street in a convenience store parking lot. Henry wouldn’t recognize Grace’s SUV or see through the dark custom tint. They sat there with the motor running, music playing, and air-conditioning blowing, waiting for this woman to show up. Dawn had only seen Edna once when she brought Henry home because his truck broke down, and they were probably fucking then she thought.

They watched as the workmen walked around the site, pushing carts and carrying planks of wood. Grace commented a couple of times how muscular those guys were but Dawn remained silent. Around 8:15 am a blue sedan pulled up right next to them and parked. A brunette got out first smoothing her dress down over her hips and adjusting her blouse, and as luck would have it, Henry got out of the drivers seat. There was about to be a murder in the parking lot of the Super Sip and Grace would be an accomplice if she didn’t get Dawn out of there. This was not supposed to happen, Grace thought. Dawn began yelling “That’s right mutherfucker, I got you now”. Grace turned her music up as loud as her sound system would go, to cover Dawn’s rants of anger and physical harm.

The couple that was now holding hands pulled close to each other. Edna then kissed Henry full on the lips. It was a long soul searching kiss, the kind only lovers share. Dawn meanwhile, was trying to get out of the truck, against her promise earlier. Grace kept the doors locked, threw the vehicle in reverse and floored the big vehicle; güvenilir bahis siteleri its 20-inch tires squealed against the dry pavement as they tried to grip the street. Spinning around in the parking lot, Grace then threw the truck into drive and shot out of the exit, wide open.

“That asshole, that fucking bitch!” Dawn screamed “She can have his sorry ass, I don’t want him anymore.”

A mile away from the parking lot, Grace slowed her vehicle down to avoid the attention of the police. She looked around to make sure there weren’t blue lights already on her tail. After Grace felt comfortable she was safe from a huge ticket, she cleared her throat. “Dawn, What now?” She asked

“To the grocery store I have to pick up food for dinner”

Grace frowned “I meant as in Henry”

“He has nothing to come home to so he might as well stay out there.” Dawn snapped. She sat back in her seat and took a deep breath; she was not going to cry. She had cried too much already. Henry was an ungrateful, self-centered, hairy back, tic tac dick, son of a bitch, and whoever got him didn’t get shit. She then spotted another convenience store and yelled “Grace pull over right here.” Grace whirled into the parking lot and parked. She had enough excitement for one day and wished that she had really gone to work. Dawn then jumped out and walked directly into the store, her hair was flowing over her shoulders like a she was really possessed. A few minuets later Dawn emerged with two bottles of Sister Abigail’s Strawberry Wine and a pack of Marlboros. And the funny thing was Dawn didn’t drink or smoke, until today.

Grace drove around most of the day, until she was certain Dawn had cooled down. They drove around the old spots they used to go to when they were in high school. They parked around the city lake for hours and talked about old times, the classmates that were dead and gone or on crack. The conversation was really flat Grace could tell Dawn’s heart wasn’t in it. After all she just had it ripped out earlier in the day. They decided to call it a day and Grace headed to Dawn’s house. Around 4:50pm she pulled up, and with her hand on the door Dawn looked at Grace with red eyes.

“ Do you remember Coach Bryan?” Dawn asked

“Yes” Grace replied “Softball coach, what about him?”

“He used to always say there were two types of people in the world, victims and survivors. I don’t want to be a victim anymore Grace” Dawn’s gaze hardened, something inside of her had died and was never coming back. Grace watched as her friend opened the truck door got out shutting it behind her and walked up the driveway to her front door, only to slip inside. Grace was not worried about Dawn; she was worried about Henry, very worried.

Grace drove home with the feeling she had made matters worse by taking Dawn to Henry’s job site. She had been warned by Aaron to stay out of family business, when she told him she was taking a personal day. And now she wished she had listened. Grace pulled into her driveway, and parked she felt drained. It was already 5:00pm and Aaron would be home to hear all about it.


Around 6:00pm Dawn walked into her kitchen and took one of the bottles of wine out of the freezer. She liked the wine cold as possible so she wouldn’t taste the hint of alcohol. She looked into the reflection off of her glass paned cabinet and liked the new haircut she had just given herself. Her waist length blonde hair was gone; it now rested on her shoulders. She walked around freshly showered in an old Braves t-shirt and a pair of pink panties carrying a large cup full of wine. She pulled on her ultra light cigarette and began sip at first then gulp, the wine was slowly taking it toll on her knees so she sat down. Dawn wanted to cry but instead drank the entire cup of its frozen libation and took a long draw off of her cigarette, blowing smoke out of her nose.

She sat there on the couch, thinking about her wasted years with him. Sure there were pretty parts of her relationship, she just couldn’t think of any at the moment. The wine dulled her senses and clouded her memory. Dawn tried to be a good wife; she stayed at home and raised the family, like he wanted. She cleaned and cooked, like he wanted. Hell, she sucked and fucked, and even took it up the ass for him just like he wanted. But still, it wasn’t enough he was a greedy bastard. She didn’t know what to do.

She was determined not to let Henry back, she would have to get a job and possibly move. Dawn had saved enough rainy day money to last a year, but was worried about after that money ran out. She struggled with the idea of letting the entire issue drop, but the sight of him kissing that bitch wouldn’t let her. Hours passed by as she sat there on the couch in a wine induced trance.

Around 9:00pm Dawn heard a noise at her front door. She stood on unsteady legs and staggered to see what the commotion was about. She peeked out of one of the side windows and saw of all people, Henry trying to use his key on changed locks. Dawn reached down at the doorknob and opened the door. She stood there looking at this cheating ass man. She was speechless and amazed at his audacity to come home. “Dawn, what in the hell did you do to your hair, what is that smell, and why are my clothes in the driveway?”

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