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Part 1

Vivian calls to say I must drive to her house immediately. When I arrive, a note at the door says it is unlocked. I enter and lock the door behind me.

As I close the door, Vivian calls down to me. Her voice is throaty and slightly hoarse. She says, “Up here. Now!”

I’ve never heard her voice sound like this. Straining to speak, as though gathering her breath is an effort. But her tone is emphatic, commanding.

I reach the top of the stairs and see Vivian. She is straddling the bench that serves as her coffee table. She is naked and a thin sheen of perspiration covers her brow. Her hands cup her breasts and she has her nipples clamped between thumbs and forefingers. She squeezes and pulls her breasts higher, lifting them up and out from her chest. She moans softly. Her moans seem to correspond to the pinching and twisting of her nipples.

Her breathing becomes momentarily ragged and her face compresses into a grimace. Then her eyes open blankly and she stares past me, at nothing. An orgasm ripples up from her loins. Her moans of ecstasy are almost a growl. She gasps for breath and looks directly into my eyes.

“Come here! Now!”, she commands. “In front of me. Right there. Take off your clothes!”

I’ve never heard Vivian speak this way. Her words start as a demand, as though she expects to be obeyed. Each subsequent word loses authority, until her last words are pleading, as if for mercy.

As my clothes hit the floor, a new look shapes her face. She regains her look of expecting obedience.

“Take my breasts. Hold them. Squeeze them. Twist my nipples. Use them for your pleasure… And mine!” Her last word is almost lost in the next orgasm that rips thru her.

I take her breasts from her grasp. They are warm and round and soft and firm and heavy in my hands. I roll them in my palms and trap her nipples in my fingers. As I clamp harder on her pink nipples, she shudders and growls.

As soon as she released her breasts into my hands, she wrapped her right hand around my cock. She knew exactly how to bring me erect.

She firmly circled her thumb and forefinger around the base of my cock, which keeps growing in sensitivity as my erection develops. She pulled me towards her and darts her tongue to the head of my cock. She teases the tip, then swirls her tongue along and behind the sensitive ridge of the glans. All the while her thumb and forefinger gently squeeze and release the base of my cock.

I watch her, mesmerized by the feelings she is drawing from my cock. My hands continue to fondle and caress and squeeze her breasts.

I look past my cock and her breasts. Protruding from between Vivian’s thighs is the body of her Magic Wand. The bulbous head of the Hitachi vibrator is trapped between Vivian’s labia and her padded bench.

I can see moisture seeping across the slick cover of the bench. Moisture from Vivian’s pussy. Her pussy is clearly aroused and engorged. If she hasn’t squirted yet, she is on the verge of doing so. Her pussy is leaking cum in anticipation of the flood.

I can see Vivian’s clitoris peeking out of her labia. She rolls her pussy over the rounded head of the vibrator, ensuring that her clit feels every subtle variation that Hitachi could engineer into their pleasure device. The vibrator’s head is half inside her vagina. The sensations it gives go all the way up inside her, deeper than my hand or tongue or cock have ever penetrated.

The Magic Wand makes Vivian cum every minute or two. My attention to her breasts speeds them up or make them stronger. Or something. All I can be certain of is that she is totally in the thrall of her carnal demands.

“When you cum, cum on my face. Or my neck. Or my tits. Or my hair. Just don’t get it in my eyes.” Another wrenching orgasm cuts off her words.

“But güvenilir bahis when you cum, you can’t stop what you are doing to me. I’m going to need for you to finger fuck me. I need to squirt. I can’t do it myself. And you can’t leave me with a pussy full of my own cum. It’s uncomfortable as hell.”

I can tell that Vivian began cumming before I arrived. For how long, I’m not sure. But one thing I am sure of: she is seeking to cum more than she ever has before.

Part 2

Vivian has ahold of my cock. She is stroking me to hardness.

“Grab the Hitachi. Use it on my clit and my pussy and my ass. Keep me cumming.”

As she says this, she lays back on the bench. She draws her feet up onto the bench and splays her knees apart. Her pussy is fully exposed. The wetness leaking from her engorged pussy leaves a sheen on the bench and trickles slowly between her ass cheeks.

I grab the shaft of the Hitachi and reposition myself to her right side. I’m standing between the bench and her sofa. I can feel the tweedy fabric of the sofa against the back of my bare calves.

She strokes my cock with her right hand and fondles her left nipple with her left hand. I slowly run the head of the Hitachi from her ass up to her clit, then back down again. I use my left hand to squeeze and fondle her right breast.

It seems that every time I pull on or twist her right nipple, she does the same to her left. When I bring the bulbous head of the Hitachi up to her clit, she teeters on the edge of orgasm. When I slowly slide the vibrator down between her wet labia, she inches back from the edge of orgasm. Every fourth or fifth time I focus the Hitachi on her clit, she cums.

We continue this cycle for a dozen orgasms over the next twenty minutes. Her pussy is soaking and the slick juices run down her ass.

Periodically, we change the pattern with her breasts. As her right hand gets tired of stroking my cock, she switches to using her left. Her right hand then moves to her right breast, teasing the nipple. When she focuses on her right breast, I shift my free hand to her left breast. Sometimes I try to match what she is doing. Sometimes she follows my lead and mimics the way I fondle and caress her.

As we continue, the interval between Vivian’s orgasms becomes shorter. Cumming every fourth or fifth trip from her ass to her clit and back with the Hitachi becomes every third time. Then every second.

As Vivian cums more frequently, she grows wilder and more urgent.

“I need you to cum for me. I need your cum on me!”

“Cum on my tits! I want that Pearl Necklace! Fuck me! Fuck me harder!”

Vivian’s words are about to send me over the edge. I know that she wants as much cum as I can produce, so I take my cock from her hand. She grabs both of her nipples between her fingers and pulls her lush, heavy breasts straight up. She whimpers slightly, between ragged breaths from her repeated orgasms.

I aim my first spurt at her cheek, making sure that I avoid her eyes. It hits her cheek and splashes all the way across her mouth, leaving a wet trail of cum along her lips and down her opposite cheek.

My next few spurts go on her tits. She releases her nipples and cups her breasts with both hands. She offers her boobs up for me to paint them. The next two or three ropes of cum land on her breasts. Some of my cum oozes between her breasts and pools in the hollow of her throat.

“My mouth. I want the rest in my mouth!” I shift my cock directly above her face and coax my last spurt between her open lips. Cum drips down the side of her neck and into her hair from my first ejaculation.

Vivian takes my cock from my hand and pulls me towards her face. She pulls it into her mouth and sucks, as though she is trying to swallow the length of my penis.

My cock türkçe bahis softens after my orgasm and she sucks me deeply into her mouth. Her lips clamp down on my softening cock and she milks me with her mouth. I can feel a final drop of cum inch its way toward the end of my cock.

As that last drop reaches the end, the tip of Vivian’s tongue presses along the underside of my cock. She draws her tongue to the end and traces the groove on the underside of my glans. She swirls her tongue across the opening and spirits the last drop of my cum into her eager throat. When she swallows my cum with my cock still deep my in her mouth, my knees buckle from the pleasure.

Vivian releases my cock from her mouth. She begins smearing my cum all over her tits and up along her neck.

“Now you have to make me squirt. It’s going to be a lot. You can’t stop until my pussy is completely drained, just like I drained your balls. Are you ready?”

Part 3

After cumming on Vivian’s tits and face, I feel spent. But she desperately wants to squirt. So I summon some reserves and get to work.

I set aside the Magic Wand. I slide my hand down her pussy and revel in how wet she is. My middle finger parts her labia and I tease the opening of her vagina. As I did earlier with the Hitachi, I slowly begin to trace up and down, from her ass to her clit and back.

Vivian’s clit is now a hard little nub, the size of a pencil eraser. I put pressure on it with my middle finger and push it to the right, until it slips out from my fingertip and snaps past. I then press on it from the left and repeat the slip / snap cycle. I alternate sides until she has cum several more times.

Each time she cums, Vivian chokes back a scream. It’s a good thing her downstairs neighbor is out of town. By the time I make her squirt, her cries will be full-throated and loud.

While I’m rubbing her clit, Vivian is once again caressing her breasts. She grasps her breasts and uses my slippery cum to slide her hands from her chest to her nipples. When her hands reach her nipples, she pinches them as best she can and pulls toward the ceiling.

I give her clit a rest and begin preparing her to squirt. I slide the middle and ring fingers of my right hand into her pussy. I slowly push them in, until my fingertips are brushing against her cervix. Vivian’s G-spot is swollen with her cum and distended. I cradle it in my fingers and gently press upwards against her pubic bone. This puts pressure on her spot, bringing her close to squirting. The pussy juice she’s struggling to hold in is beginning to leak.

Now begins the magic rhythm. I start curling the two fingers inside her pussy, as though motioning “Come here.” This puts pressure on her engorged g-spot. Vivian begins to squirm. I press the heel of my right hand against her clit, giving her added stimulus from a new direction.

Vivian’s first squirts are small, a few drops. She always fights letting the first squirts out. But quickly her squirts increase in volume. She writhes and growls as the cum flows from her pussy. I grab her tits with my left hand and pin her to the bench, so that she doesn’t slide off.

As Vivian empties her swollen G-spot, the squirts diminish. I pull my fingers slowly out of her pussy and begin flicking across her clit again. I start softly, just barely brushing her hard little nub. I slowly add speed and pressure. Her breathing seems to quicken as I speed up the flicking of her clit. As I add pressure, her breathing deepens. Soon I’m sliding my fingertip fast and hard across Vivian’s clit. When she cums, she cries out and tries to sit up. I hold her down with my left hand and keep her cumming until I sense that she can’t take any more. Then I rest my hand atop her mound until her prolonged orgasm finally ends.

As her breathing güvenilir bahis siteleri returns to normal, I slowly slide my two fingers down along her pussy lips. I tease all the way down to her ass, gently swirling the coating of her cum that makes everything between her thighs slippery.

I gently part Vivian’s pussy lips and penetrate her with my two fingers again. I begin coaxing her pussy to squirt again by steadily increasing the speed and pressure that I use to stroke her G-spot. I can feel it fill again with her cum.

I tease her clit with my right thumb. Vivian holds her tits up and close together, offering them to me. My left hand spans from her left nipple to her right with the fingers of my left hand. I rub her left nipple with the small finger and her right with my thumb.

Vivian starts to squirt again. Not a trickle, but spurts that bounce off the palm of my right hand and run down my fingers into her pussy. As I curl my fingers to keep her squirting, her cum trickles down her ass and puddles on the bench.

I can feel her pussy getting ready for a huge squirt. I grab the Hitachi and place the bulbous head into the palm of my right hand. My hand clamps the vibrator against Vivian’s clit, turning her moans into small screams. The vibrations pass thru the fingers inside her pussy and further stimulate her G-spot.

I push both my arms between her thighs and pull her knees towards her shoulders. With her pelvis pivoted like this, Vivian’s squirts are amplified.

I push my right hand down to get it out of the line of her squirts. I push hard into her G-spot with my fingertips. Vivian ejaculates strongly, sending a stream of cum three or four feet past the end of the bench.

Rolling the Hitachi across her clit, I keep up the coaxing with my fingers. A second stream of pussy juice flies across the room, then a third and a fourth.

I can feel her pussy has emptied for the moment, but I sense that Vivian has not yet given into her deepest primal urge.

I slip my fingers out of her pussy again and resume using the Hitachi. I dance it up and down her pussy, from her clit to her ass. I avoid giving her clit much attention. When I sense that she is about to cum, I move the Hitachi elsewhere. I push the head of the vibrator into her vagina, so that it restarts her pussy filling with cum.

Vivian’s hands have found the puddle of my cum in the hollow of her throat. She dips her fingers in and spreads my cum on her throat, on her breasts. She holds her cum-covered fingers before her eyes and spreads them, fascinated by the wet strands that span between her digits.

The time has arrived to finish her adventure. I draw her legs up again, knees nearly to shoulders. My fingers plunge back into her pussy and begin coaxing her cum out. I use the head of the Hitachi to roll her hard clit back and forth across her pubic bone. Vivian’s moans go straight to screams of ecstasy.

Her pussy fully surrenders to the stimulation. Instead of spurts of girl-cum, pussy juice flows out of her like an open faucet. It fills my palm, runs down my arm, and drips off my elbow in a steady stream. This seems to last forever, but it is only for a minute or two. A puddle forms on the hardwood floor at the end of her bench.

The flow slows to a trickle, then stops. I cease coaxing the inside of Vivian’s pussy. I lift away the Hitachi and shut it off. Her screams have collapsed into whimpers and groans.

As I slip my fingers out of her, she seems to startle and then relax completely. Vivian rolls onto her side and draws her legs towards her belly. Her breathing slows to the cadence of sleep.

I reach back to her sofa and take a blanket. I gently drape it over her. She doesn’t stir. I pull on my clothes, but not my shoes. Those can wait until I’m outside. Stepping carefully around the puddles Vivian has made on the floor, I make my way down the stairs and lock the door behind me.

Just before I close her door, I can hear her gentle snore of exhaustion and total satisfaction. My work here is done.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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