Walk In Ch. 01

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I don’t know why so many of the stories here start out with an accidental encounter, then get up to top speed in a matter of a few paragraphs. When I walked in on my dad jacking himself off, believe me: we did NOT go from zero to fuck in sixty seconds. There was a lot that happened in the middle. Looking back on it now, I wouldn’t change anything that happened!

Introductions out of the way first: call me Jessica, which is what my dad named me, after the Allman Brothers tune. There was a time growing up when I totally hated that tune, but I’m cool with it now. Music is a big part of what I have in common with dad: people like Paul Simon and Billy Joel and Joni Mitchell. Kids my age (which is eighteen) would dismiss them as oldies, which is weird because they’re all still around, but I like them.

My dad’s name is Todd, but I always just call him Dad, or Daddy when I was real little. Other times too, like the first time he ass-fucked me and when I came I yelled “DADDYYYYYYYYYYY!”—just like that.

Maybe I should have written “Spoiler Alert” or something; three paragraphs in and already I’m telling things out of order. I’ll try to watch that from now on. No guarantees, though.

My mom was named Amy, and you’re probably wondering why she didn’t stop Dad and me from fucking. That’s because she died when I was about one year old. I don’t remember much about her at all. Dad took a lot of videos of Mom when they got married, and before I was born. He kept them hidden from me for years, because they were porno. They kinda inspired Dad and me, but not the way you’d think. Just keep reading.

Like those videos, my sex education was basically “do it yourself.” We got the basics in school, and there were library books that covered the rest. Anyway, by the time I had my first period, I knew what was happening and why. That’s more than I can say for some of the girls in my class. We’d all talk about it in the locker room after gym class or swimming, and there would always be one or two girls who were totally freaked out because they didn’t know what was happening. They had parents who were very strict or very religious; anyway, they thought I was so sophisticated because I always had tampons in my backpack if they needed one. A bunch of times I was the one who taught them how to put it in. You’d think it would have messed me up, helping a bunch of other girls my age figure out their own bodies. I swear I saw, and touched, a dozen pussies before I got to high school. But they were almost all bald and all of them bleeding, and I never got turned on by any of that. Anyway, I felt like a nurse or something, and I guess, thanks to that, I just got off to a slow start.

The sex ed books all had pictures of dicks in them, but for some reason not erections. They were just limp and sorta hung there in the pictures, and I couldn’t see how sex was supposed to work from THAT. For a long time I didn’t know what sex was supposed to be with a floppy thing like that. That’s where my friends came in—my tampon friends. Some of the girls I went to junior high with lived in my neighborhood, and we were always visiting each other’s houses, and at one point we formed our own club: The Ancient Mystic Protective Association of Xperts. (Read the initials; we thought we were being cute.)

We did all of the girly things, like go to movies together and have sleepovers. One time we were over at the house of Maria (or Not Marie, as she always introduced herself), and we were up around midnight, and between the sugar rush from a steady stream of sodas and our guesses and rumors about boys and what they did with pinbahis güvenilirmi girls, we were all pretty giddy.

That was when Not Marie brought out The Monster. She had found it in her big sister’s drawer or a box in the attic; she wasn’t too clear about that. But she brought out a plain cardboard box, and took off the lid, and there inside was what looked like a pair of black silk panties. But then she produced The Sacred Relic (an empty Tampax box) and we had to all touch the Sacred Relic and swear secrecy for whatever we saw or did that night. Then Not Marie pulled off her nightgown, dropped her panties, and slipped on the black silk pair in the box. But this pair had something hanging off the front. It was a beige colored plastic dick. She danced around the room for a bit and we were laughing it up, and it still didn’t register in my mind that this was what a guy’s dick was supposed to look like when it was ready for sex.

Until she said: “Who wants to go first?”

Everyone in the room stopped talking. This was something you couldn’t hide from a doctor, even if you could lie about it to a parent. She was giving us a chance to have sex with her plastic prick, and it was the closest we’d ever been to actual fucking. After all, there was another person behind the plastic—someone who would push the cock into you, and pull it back, and do all the other things we’d joke about in private, like how boys would suck on your earlobe, or lick your neck, and we’d never done any of that so we didn’t understand what the point was.

It was about a minute, but it seemed longer, when Eileen, we just called her Leen, pulled off the sleep shirt she was wearing. She was bare-ass naked under it. She grabbed Not Marie by the hand and pulled her to the bed, saying “Fuck my cherry; it’s not doing me any good where it is.” And they started making out on the bed.

We didn’t say anything or try to stop them; the whole scene was just too — alien. We watched in silence as Leen and Not Marie started kissing each other; big long kisses, so long I was afraid one of them would pass out. But then you’d hear them breathing loud and heavy through their noses as they lip-locked and tongue-wrestled.

“Shit, that looks so hot.”

That was Bev, who lived two houses down from me. Even though we were almost neighbors, we weren’t really close friends, even though I initiated her into the Association. She was standing right behind me, watching over my shoulder as the two girls kept making out on the bed. I had almost forgot Bev was there, until she grabbed my hand, squeezed it real tight, then pulled it over and put it on her naked stomach (she was just wearing a bra and panties).

I could feel the waistband of her panties under my fingertips. Did she want me to reach inside, to finger her pussy? She wasn’t saying anything; she just kept putting more and more pressure on my hand as Leen started moaning and Not Marie started rubbing the end of the plastic prick up and down Leen’s slit.

That was when I finally moved. Actually, I ran. I ran out of the room, down the stairs and into the backyard in about ten seconds. I caught my breath for a few seconds in the black moonless night before I ran through the gate at the rear of the yard into the yard of my own house. I went in through the sliding patio door, then ran up the stairs to my room, locked the door—which I hardly ever did—and jumped into bed.

“Are you okay, Jess?”

That was dad’s voice. I guess he wasn’t expecting me home until morning. I had to come up with something.

“I’m fine, Dad. It’s just my stomach’s pinbahis yeni giriş a bit messed up.”

“You want some seltzer? Some aspirin?”

“I’ll get something a little later if I still need it. To tell the truth, the sleepover was … getting a little lame. Maybe I’m getting to be too old for that stuff.”

“Well, don’t grow too old too soon, babes. See you in the morning.”

“G’night Dad.”

What; was I supposed to tell him the truth? “The party got too weird when two of my girlfriends started making out right in front of all of us, and another friend wanted me to play with her pussy.” That would have gone over real big. My Daddy couldn’t have approved of that; he wasn’t a perv.

But I was wrong, and I’d find that out later that night.

Oops. Spoiler Alert, I guess.


I paced around my room for like an hour trying to sort everything out. The sleepover had turned completely weird, and the really weird part was that, now that I was out of there and back in my room, I was sorry. Part of me wanted to be back in Not Marie’s bedroom watching as she used her plastic dick to take Leen’s cherry. Part of me wanted to have my hand back on Bev’s stomach, and then slide it down bit by bit into her underpants, feeling the little cushion of hair she had over her pussy, but this time I wasn’t going to be clinical about it and help her stick a tampon in her hole for the first time. I wanted to stick my finger in her pussy because, well, because I wanted to; because I wanted to turn her on, and wanting to turn her on was turning me on.

I knew that because I could feel how wet my own pussy was just thinking about my friends’ pussies, which never happened to me before. Was this like just a natural response to seeing what I saw? Then why hadn’t that ever happened before? I mean, I’d seen them naked often enough, changing for gym class and stuff. I didn’t know the answer to that, but I figured dad would know the answer.

I went down the hall to his room. It was one in the morning, but this wasn’t the first time I went looking for my dad at that hour, for some advice or some company or someone to share a joke with or a shoulder to cry on. My dad was a night-owl, so I was one too. Of course, his door was closed more often than not, so I usually knocked first, because, hey, I wouldn’t want him just walking in on me. Only this time I was just about to knock when I heard this groan from inside his room, which wasn’t like anything I’d heard before. Looking back, it still made sense to me that the first thing I thought was HEART ATTACK, so I just opened the door and walked in.

“Are you okay, dad? I — OMIGOD!”

I almost fell into the hall, closed the door, and went back to my room, with my cheeks feeling like they were on fire.

Dad was sitting in front of his computer, like he did almost every night. But this time his pants and underpants were on the floor around his ankles. His hand was squeezing his cock, which was all fat and pointed straight up, and had white stuff like frosting almost that was all on his cock and his hand.

I walked in on my dad jacking off. The first hard cock I ever saw, the first cum shot I ever saw, and it was my dad. Un-fucking-real.

I couldn’t go back to his room now; I could hardly remember why I wanted to talk to him in the first place. I just sat on my bed and waited for him to say … something; anything. I must have waited half an hour for him, but finally there was a light tap on my door.

“Are you okay if I come in?”


I was sitting on my bed still, and I guess he pinbahis giriş knew how weird the whole thing was, because he pulled up a chair and sat across from me, not saying anything for about a minute. Finally, he looked up at me, and he had this little grin on his face like he was embarrassed. “That was the second most embarrassing thing that ever happened to me.”

I couldn’t help it; when he said that, I started laughing a bit. Dad could always do that to me. “Should I ask what the worst thing was?”

“Actually, that was another time I was, erm, beating off. But I was thirteen, and my mom walked in on me.”

“How bad was it?”

“She stormed out of the room, didn’t say a word to me until the next day, and then she never said anything about it ever again.”

I remembered his mom—Grandma Peggy, I used to call her—and I could believe it. She didn’t seem like the friendliest person on earth, which made me wonder how her son had turned out to be such a nice guy and a good father.

“Anyhoo,” he said, and I could see him starting to blush again, “I’m sorry you walked in on that.”

“I guess it’s no big deal, really,” I said, trying to be as cool about it as he was. “You’re not a kid, and you’ve seen porn before, I guess.”

“Well, this wasn’t that kind of porn. I mean, it was, but it wasn’t.”

“I don’t get it.”

“I was.” He stopped, like he really had to get his nerve up to say this. “I was watching some old videos, from years ago. Sex videos.” He stopped again, and almost whispered the next part: “Me and your mother.”

Like I said, I was a baby when mom died, and I couldn’t remember her at all. But I could hardly imagine my dad taping himself having sex, even with his wife—my mother.

“Jess, you have to understand. She’s been gone for years, but I still miss her something powerful. Sometimes I get so lonely and so gloomy about it that I look at one of the videos and, you know.”

That explained a lot. It also, and I could feel it happening, broke my heart. “Is that why you never remarried?”

“A lot of women can’t handle being a step-parent; a lot of guys, too, for that matter. There’s no clear lines you can draw about discipline and affection and all that stuff. It just never worked out with another woman. Besides, watching those videos remind me of what I had with your mother.”

“It was special?”

“Yeah; it was special.”

I thought about it all for a minute, then asked, and I don’t know why: “Can I see the tapes?”

While we talked he was looking at me; now he kinda stared at me. “Erm, Jess, it’s still porn. It’s grownups having sex, and close-ups of the act and the whole thing.”

“Well, I just saw you close up; that’s half the battle.”

You can see I inherited my dad’s sense of humor. “Let’s just let it go for tonight; it’s late, and it’s kinda weird. We ought to talk about this in the clear light of day.”

“Okay; that makes sense.”

Dad got up off the chair, kissed me on top of my head—which is one of his favorite gestures, and has been for years. He turned to go, but I glomped my arms around his legs and just held him for a minute. I knew he couldn’t stay, but I wanted him to, at least a little longer. Before he pulled away, I was able to smell him. I knew it was a mix of his sweat and his semen. It smelled spicy and somehow warm, if anything can smell warm, but it was my daddy and I love him and I loved that smell. It was kinda close to, but different from, the way the room was smelling at Not Marie’s house earlier that weird night. But I knew I liked both smells, which I don’t think I could have said before.

I got into bed and, to get to sleep, fingered myself, thinking about my hand on Bev’s pussy and Not Marie fucking Leen with the dildo and dad beating off to videos of my mom. Dad was right, I thought right after my cum; this whole night was kinda weird.


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