Weekend Getaway

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Susan and I had been dating for several months but had not been able to get a full weekend to ourselves. Between our work schedules and responsibilities at home, we weren’t able to pull it off. We spent what time we could together, stealing precious hours here and there and one day a week was the best we could do. This weekend was to be different though, it was just her and I for 3 days.

My alarm had gone off at midnight waking me from my slumber, it wouldn’t be long before she would be off work. Jumping out of bed I headed for the bathroom. A quick shower and shave was all I needed to finish getting ready but the shaving was going to take awhile. I was still getting used to shaving my head and took some time to do it right.

I stood there looking into the mirror with wonder, being bald was something I once tried to avoid being. Now I was doing it on purpose and I was liking it, more importantly, Susan liked it. I finished up shaving, dabbed on some cologne and headed back to the bedroom to get dressed.

I had laid out some specific cloths for this drive. A pair of track pants that were comfortable for long drives and a t-shirt. The track pants had other qualities to them as well that I liked, I had to laugh to myself as I slipped them on. Dawning the t-shirt I noticed my phone was flashing.

It was a text message from Susan that simply read “Should be done by 12:30”. ‘Good, that should keep us on time then’ I thought to myself. I quickly typed one back to her “Sweet, can’t wait to see you”.

I had seen her just that morning having spent the night at her house. The taste of her kiss was still on my lips even now. I wanted to see her all the time and this weekend would be the most time we will have spent together outside of work at one time.

I sat down at the computer and typed out an email, details I had forgotten to mention to Erik, where the cat food was probably something he needed to know since he was looking after him for me. As soon as I hit the send button, the phone vibrated.

“Almost home, hope your as ready as I am” to which I replied “You know it sweet thang, will be leaving in just a few minutes”.

A minute later the phone vibrated again, “Good, I’m almost home and will be ready by the time you get here”. I looked at the time and it was already past 1am, the time was flying and I needed to get going. “On my way” I replied.

I shut down the computer and turned out the lights. I was locking the door when my phone vibrated once again. “OK, Be careful” I smiled when I read it. She was always worried about me driving at night.

Before I knew it, I was pulling into her driveway, it seemed like I had just pulled out of mine a few minutes ago. It was a bit of a drive between our places, and we had been swapping nights around at each others homes. Weekends were strictly at her house though because that’s when she got to see her son the most.

Before I could get to the door, she was opening it to greet me. She looked stunning as she smiled, her hair still wet from the shower. I hugged her and gave her a long kiss as I reached the door way.

Susan pointed at the bag sitting by the door and said she would be right out. I picked it up and headed back to the car. Slamming the trunk lid down I saw she was locking the front door. As she approached the car, I moved around to the passenger side to open the door for her.

She ran her hand across the small of my back as she came around me and got into the car. With her in her seat I shut the door and headed around to get in. Once I had my door closed I leaned over to kiss her.

As our kiss broke I said, “and we are out of here for the weekend”. “Gulf Shores, here we come” she responded. With that, we were on the road and it was only 3am.

We drove down the highway talking about how work had went for her and how it was going to be so nice to not have to see the place until Tuesday.

As we drove down the dark highway, Susan unbuckled her seat belt and scooted over next to me. I lifted up arm as she rested her head against my shoulder. It was nice to feel her next to me, the radio playing softly as miles went by.

Her arm was wrapped around my waist when I felt it start to move. At first I thought she was going to move back over, then her hand came to rest on my crotch. Looking up with a smile on her face she said “keep your eyes on the road”.

Her right hand slipped into the waist band of my sweat pants and began to fondle my cock. I squeezed a tit and she slapped my hand with her free hand. “You drive, it will be my turn soon enough” she snapped at me playfully.

I was getting hard as she stroked the shaft of my cock. My pants had snaps up the legs and her free hand was undoing them to free my hardening cock from under the fabric. Susan moved down and started licking the pulsating head. I could feel the tongue stud slide across it as she worked around it.

She was just holding it at the base now, as he mouth engulfed the length of my shaft. Slowly bahis firmaları she worked up and down. Her teeth occasionally dragging along it, sending shivers up my back. Her hand moved down to play with my balls. I tried to part my legs for her to have better access.

Her mouth working up and down the shaft over and over as she rolled my balls around in her hand. All I could do was moan and watch the road as Susan attempted to suck me dry. I could feel her tongue stud catching the edge of my head as she came to the top and then plugged down again.

Susan’s hand left my balls and began to short stroke the base of my cock as he lips, tongue and teeth worked on the head. She was driving me crazy with the pleasure she was giving me. “I’m about to cum” I warned her.

Working the head even harder, my balls began to tighten. She swallowed the entire shaft just as I came. Holding still for a moment she took the spurts of cum, then slowly moved up and down the shaft squeezing it tightly.

Raising up she licked her lips and smiled at me. I slumped in the seat a bit. “That was amazing babe” I told her. She snapped up the pants and leaned back into the seat. I was amazed at this woman and the pleasure she gives me.

Reaching for her purse, she pulled it off of the floor. Looking at me, she said that it was her turn and then pulled a vibrator from her purse.

I raised an eyebrow and smiled at her.

She lifted herself off the seat and pulled down her pants. Kicking them to the floor she swiveled around in the seat until her back was to the passenger door. Stretching one leg across my lap and one on top of the back of the seat. There was her pussy, lit up only by the moon and the dashboard lights.

I looked down and licked my lips before I felt her foot, pushed on my cheek. “You have to keep your eyes on the road” she said. “Yes ma’am” I said.

I brought my hand down to her pouting lips and found her clit. Starting to rubbing it in circles, I glanced down and then up to her face. Her eyes were closed as I rubbed her protruding button. Leaving it, I spread her lips and ran my middle finger up and down between them.

She was wet and getting wetter as I found her opening. Running circles around the opening she moaned. I slipped one in and probed around inside of her, feeling the heat and wetness of her pussy.

I withdrew the finger and brought it to my lips, tasting her sex. Picking up the vibrator from my lap, I turned it on and applied to to her clit. Rubbing it back and forth, varying the pressure against her clit.

I teased her with the vibrator, finding her opening with the tip and putting just enough pressure to it to push the tip in. Then withdrawing it and running it up and down her lips, brushing the tip of her clit at the top of the stroke. “Fuck me with it, Jonathon” she said.

Looking over, I could see she was staring at me with lust in her eyes. Slipping it back down to her opening, I thrust it in. She let out a gasp as her head went back. I began pumping it in and out of her, her hips moving to meet my thrusts.

I pulled it back as far as I could and thrust it back in. She started bucking on the seat. “Yes give it to me” she moaned. I worked it in and out of her with long fast strokes. Her moans getting louder. She grabbed my hands and pushed the vibrator in as her back arched and he body stiffened. She screamed as she came.

Slowly her tense body relaxed as she lowered her body back to the seat. Switching off the vibrator I slipped it out of her pussy as she lay still. Looking over at her, I smiled and she was smiling back.

“Now that’s a good way to start off a weekend” I said with a chuckle. She laughed as she straightened up on the seat and looked for her pants.

With her pants back on, she took a drink of water before she settled back into my chest. My arm wrapped back around her. She soon fell asleep in that position.

The miles had passed by quickly, Susan had repositioned herself so she was stretched out more on the seat. Her head laying on my lap, I looked down and smiled at this beautiful woman that was peacefully sleep.

She had slept like that for several hours before she finally stirred. Sitting up she, she adjusted her eyes and looked out the windows. “Where are we, Jonathon?” she asked. “Just outside of Montgomery, are you hungry?” I responded.

Taking a moment before responding, “Yeah I could eat something”.

“OK, there’s a travel center up ahead, we’ll stop there and stretch and get some breakfast” I said.

We wandered around the store looking at all the different stuff they had for sale. Truck stops, or travel centers as they were now called, always had the oddest stuff for sale. A lot of useful items but there was also those odd nick-nacks that were unique to each one. We laughed as we looked at them and wondered who would by this stuff.

After we had eaten, I checked out the cd’s. Truck stops were always a good place to find comedy cd’s and Susan was looking kaçak iddaa at the audio books. We each found something we liked, grabbing some other supplies for the road we checked out.

As I filled up the car as she called David to see how he was doing. Once the tank was full, we were back on the road.

We decided to listened to the book she had bought for the last part of the drive. It made the hours go by quickly. The long road to get there was finally over as we pulled into the hotel parking lot. I told her to go ahead and get us checked in and I would get the bags.

I watched as she walked up to the lobby doors before opening the trunk. Grabbing the bags out of the trunk, I looked at the gift I had gotten her, all wrapped up. Looking over at the lobby doors, I had to wonder if she had noticed it missing or did I pull it off. ‘She would have said something if he had noticed” I thought to myself and closed the trunk.

Walking up behind her I put the bags down and asked if we were all set. She waved the the room key in front of me and smiled.

Once we were in the room, she opened the curtains and slide open the sliding door. Stepping out onto the balcony, she said “Jonathon, you have to come see this view”. I stepped up behind her and wrapped my arms around her. “Great view, glad we were able to pull this off” I said to her before kissing her cheek.

It was now 2 in the afternoon and the drive had taken its toll on me. I wasn’t used to these long drives any more as I hadn’t done any travelling in years. I flopped back on the bed and lay there. Susan laughed and in a mock voice said “awww poor baby is tired”.

I looked up and shook my head with a smile, she chuckled. “Why don’t you take a nap while I check out the beach” she said. “OK, but don’t let me sleep to long ok?” I replied. “I won’t, I just want to check out the beach and what all the hotel has” was her response.

I woke up to her shaking me, telling me it was time to get up. I looked at the clock beside the bed and it was only 4:30. ‘Good, she didn’t let me sleep the night away’ I thought.

“So how does the beach measure up to what you expected?” I asked her as I sat up. “Its great, can get some sun tomorrow and the water feels great” she stated boldly.

“Come on, get up, you need to grab a shower and get ready for dinner” she proded me.

“Ok, I’m getting up” I said as I swung my legs over the side of the bed.

After a quick shower, I got dressed and we were off to the restaurant in the hotel. It was a good dinner, nothing fancy but good food and better company. The sun was still up by the time we finished and decided to walk down the beach.

As we walked down the beach holding hand we talked and laughed. We didn’t know how long we had been walked but decided we had better head back. I suggested going back via the road side and seeing if we could get some ice cream along the way.

It was a beautiful night as we walked around the street, eating our ice cream cones and laughing along the way. It wasn’t to warm but was just the right temperature. By the time we made if back to the hotel it was dark out.

I opened the hotel room door and let Susan in. Stepping in after her, I closed the door and locked it. I stepped up behind her and again wrapped my arms around her. I started kissing her neck and she tilted her head to the side to give me more.

Her hand was on the back of my neck as I bit into her shoulder and she pulled my head into her more. My hands were unbuttoning her pants as she wiggling her ass into my crotch. With her pants open I slid a hand down to her mound, the heat building as I rubbed my hand up and down.

I pulled away from her shoulder and as she looked up at me our lips locked in a passionate kiss. I hooked the edges of her pants and pushed them down and she wiggled out of them and with one foot kicked them to the corner of the room.

Her hands were reaching around her now, rubbing my already hard cock through my jeans. I turned her around and as she reached to unbutton my jeans I picked her up in my arms. She wrapped her legs around me as I moved the both of us across the room.

Our lips locked together and our tongues battling out in each others mouths as if fighting a war for dominance. I placed her butt on the edge of the dresser and pulled back slightly. She looked at me in puzzlement as to what I had in mind. I grabbed at her shirt and pulled it over her head, she reached back and unclasped her bra and dropped it once I had the shirt off.

I pulled off my shirt, she leaned back on the dresser, resting on her hands behind her. Dropping to my knees, she spread her legs as she knew what was to come. Looking up at her I said “I believe I owe your for this morning”. She just watched as I put my head between her legs.

Sticking out my tongue I flicked at her clit, when I did she she squirmed a bit. Leaning back as far as she could she looked down as I worked her clit over with my tongue. Susan raised her legs up to kaçak bahis give me greater access to her pussy.

I licked between the lips, again tasting her sex as she put a hand on my head as if to push me in to her. I teased the rim of her pussy for a moment before working back up to her clit. On the way back up I bite at one of them and she jumped as it startled her.

Playing with her clit once again I slid a finger into her. Burying it to the hilt, I swiveled the tip of my finger along the inner walls of pussy. Both of her hand were now on my head pushing me into her. I slid the finger in and out not stopping the circling motion, massaging the walls as it went in and out.

Her moans getting louder and only pausing momentarily to say “Gawd baby, yes do it”. Her hands gripping my head as hard as they could. I slipped a second finger in to her, and pumped them in and out fast and hard. I could feel her pussy tightening around them.

“Do it, do it, make me cum on your face” she yelled out. I quickened the pace of my fingers and sucked her clit into my mouth. I kept a constant pressure on sucking her clit into my mouth as the tongue lashed out at it.

A second later she pushed as hard as she could and and screamed out “YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSS”. Her legs clamped down on the sides of my head as she came all over my hand.

Once her orgasm subsided and her body relaxed, I licked at her lips a little more before standing up.

I finished unfastening my jeans and letting them drop to the floor, I kicked them aside. My cock was hard as a rock and sticking straight up. Susan leaned forward and grabbed ahold of it and pulled me towards her by it. I stumbled slightly at the sudden tug and bumped into her body. Our lips again locked together as her hand guided my cock into her.

Her nipples hard against my chest, I pulled her ass more to the edge and onto my cock even more. Her arms wrapped around my neck as we kissed and my hands on her ass as I slowly began to move my cock inside of her.

Going slowly at first, long slow strokes as I bring the head of my cock almost all the way out and the pushing it back in. I increase the tempo a little with each few strokes but keep up with the long strokes. Breaking from the kiss she leans back against the wall.

I pull up her legs and hold them open as I begin to fuck her faster. My balls slapping against her ass. “Thats it baby, fuck me hard” I hear her say. I keep up this pace for a few minutes as I start to pant and sweat beads up on my head.

The dresser now backing against the wall, her moans increasing in volume.

I bury my cock in as deep as I can. Grabbing her ass, I pick her up off of the dresser. We stumble backwards until I feel my legs hit the edge of the bed. I fall backwards, we scoot up on the bed so we are both fully on it.

Susan’s hair covering her face from the fall, she sits up and pulls it back. Leaning forward she puts her hands on my chest to brace herself and gyrates her hip around on my cock. The feel of the head of my cock bouncing off the walls of her pussy driving me nuts. She keeps that up for a few moments before she sits up again. I marvel at this beautiful woman that is sitting there impaled on my cock.

Rising up and down, her eyes closed she begins riding me for all I’m worth. Our bodies slamming together for a brief moment before she is going up again. Leaning back, her hands now on my legs to support herself as she keeps riding me.

I sit up to suck on her tits as she rides me, I begin playing with her nipples. Being gentle at first, flicking them with my tongue and playing with her nipple rings. Working back and forth from one to the other as she keeps moving up and down on my engorged dick.

I bite at her right nipple and she lets out a yelp. I tug at the ring and pull it away from her body before letting it snap back. She puts her hands on my shoulders and is now slamming down on my cock. Rising to the top and then putting her full weight down on it.

I release her nipples from the torture I put them through and lay back down. Her head was cocked back as she kept on riding me. As she reached the apex of her rising, I grabbed her hips and held her still. She looked down at me.

I slammed up at her as he eyes widened. Pounding upwards into her, I began fucking fast and as deep as I could. “Gawd yes Jonathon, pound my pussy” she said. “Your all mine” I said back as I fucked her as fast as I could.

I could feel her pussy tightening around my cock, she was about to cum and so was I. Panting hard, I kept going until I felt the wave of her orgasm on my cock. It put me over the edge and I buried it as far as I could can exploded in her.

As both our orgasms climaxed, we collapsed on the bed. Our sweaty bodies pressed against each other. I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her tight to me. Panting almost in unison. my cock slowly softening and coming out of her as it did.

Susan broke the embrace to roll off of me and onto her back beside me. We lay there catching our breath. I broke the silence “Good thing I quit smoking, this would kill me otherwise”. She laughed at that and said “yes it would and I don’t want you going anywhere”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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