Welcoming You Home

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I know you come home tired I can always see when you have had a hard night. Greeting you at the door with a slight smile wearing my red see through satin robe should give you an idea about what I have in mind for you tonight. I can see your mood may keep you from being receptive but I know I can change that.

Taking your hand and leading you inside and closing the door behind us my arms wrap around your waist and I pull you close taking your hands and placing them on my butt. I press my leg between your legs and push into your groin hoping to tease you.

“I really missed you baby, I need you real bad.”

I thought about you while I was soaking in the bathtub earlier and I found myself touching my body becoming more stimulated while I sat and thought about you wanting you to hurry up and get here.

Sliding my finger down through my pussy lips feeling the slick moisture even under the bath water. Allowing my finger to barely glance across my clit not too much. I closed my eyes and imagined your fingers and how they hold my lips apart and expose my clit and the way you touch me like no one else has.

After I soaked in the tub of scented oil, dried off and güvenilir bahis put on my robe leaving my hair wet I knew it was time for you to arrive. I was waiting when the door opened.

Slowly I begin to unbutton your shirt stopping after each button for a moment then going on to the next. Then un-tucking your shirt and continuing until it was completely unbuttoned.

Leaning down and licking around your belly button then softly sucking against the tender skin. Then kissing my way up your stomach and chest to my favorite spot at the front of your throat.

My hands eager to touch you, I unbuckle your belt, then the button of your slacks and lower the zipper letting your slacks fall to the floor. I reach my hand up the leg of your briefs to your hip then back to the cheek of your ass.

Bringing my lips to the soft cotton of your briefs and tracing the outline of your hardening cock with my tongue. Sucking the head into my mouth through the material and cupping your heavy balls with my other hand. Then standing up again and walking around behind you.

Kissing your shoulders, your back running my hands up and down your arms I feel you begin to relax. türkçe bahis Then pulling your briefs down slowly past your pelvis, to your pubic hair, then your thighs so slowly. Reaching between your legs and holding your now erect cock in my hand as my wrist puts pressure on your balls. I begin stroking you slowly.

Kissing one hip then the other then licking down the crack between your ass cheeks you begin to part your legs a little further. On my knees now behind I move in so I can kiss your balls, suck them into my mouth still stroking you.

I begin to feel you thrust forward responding to my strokes pulling the skintight and I feel the traces of juice forming on the head of your cock and I roll it between my fingers feeling the slickness.

Standing up now, pulling your shirt down across your shoulders, down your arms and letting it drop to the floor I kiss along your lower back to your side around to your pubic hair, twisting it with my tongue until I am once again in front of you.

I am on my knees your cock inches from my mouth I am so eager to taste you. I feel your fingers in my hair as you pull me to you. I open my mouth to take you inside. I love güvenilir bahis siteleri the feel of your soft skin on the inside of my mouth, my tongue against it and the feel of the smoothness on my throat.

My fingers grab the cheeks of your ass and you feel my fingernails dig in slightly as my mouth begins to bring you great pleasure. Moving along your cock faster taking you deep then almost out sucking the head of your cock before going deep again.

The slurping sound as my mouth becomes wetter urges me on and I suck harder wanting to taste you, wanting you to cum in my mouth. Faster and deeper, my tongue curls around your cock moving rapidly.

My pace picks up as I know you are so close, I feel your body tense up and I feel my lips against the soft hairs and I cannot take you any deeper. I reach between your legs and press into that patch of skin behind your balls and it sends you over the edge; I feel spurt after spurt of hot liquid run down my throat and then fill my mouth.

I swallow fast but still feel a little trickle down the side of my mouth. I continue sucking for a few seconds, then licking hard against the underside of your cock feeling it jump and twitch. Putting my fingers around the head gently touching knowing how sensitive it must be.

Licking you clean and having my fill I stand and kiss your nipples and then your neck and nuzzle close against you.

“Welcome home”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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