What Becky Missed

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Becky and I planned a summer fun break in Santa Cruse. We planned on going mid week to avoid the bay area crowd and to get a cheap room.

Santa Cruse California is an exciting fun place for the board walk, roller coaster, a great beach, and for watching the surfers slide down the white capped waves. The last minute Becky backed out with some lame excuse , so I went by myself.

My slip dress, shorts, beach robe, string bikini, sneakers, lotion, extra T shirt, sexy panties with EAT ME written all over them. and of course my birth control pills, fit in my back pack.

On the bus, I wore fun clothes. Sneakers, Jeans, my Tight navy blue T-shirt under a light blue jacket. I was dressed for fun and action,

The bus trip was dull with a mixed bunch of creeps leering at me and a bus driver that was all business. I arrived just after ten and put my things in a locker. The morning coastal fog showed no sign of burning off, so I buttoned my jacket and strolled the beach near the surf. There were only a few people on the beach watching the sea birds and a couple of sail boats. It was chilly so I headed for the board walk to wander through the shops and get a snack. A frisbee landed at my feet and I flipped it to the two guys that had thrown it to me. They followed me to the snack bar and struck up a conversation so they could sit at my table.

The gentleman who did all the talking was average size with brown hair and a soft mustache. I guessed the boy was his son. He was as big as his dad and husky. He had blue eyes, light hair, and I guessed at about fifteen or sixteen.

I lied telling them my name was Lupe. I looked like my Aunt Lupe from Mexico who had thick dark eyebrows and hair like mine. He told me he was Gus and had to tell me the shy one was his nephew Tim who just graduated and turned 18. For a big good looking boy, he certainly was shy. They were here for summer fun at the beach too. Tim was quiet but Gus was real flirty. He wanted to have me join them for the rides and said he’d pay.

I thought If Becky were here he would pay her way too.

As we talked, I surmised Gus was showing his nephew how flirting would overcome shyness. Gus did all the talking and his sweet talk worked.

Walking to the games and rides on the board walk, I had a man on each side of me.

Holding hands, I would emphasize each sexy innuendo by squeezing Tim’s hand and making him blush. After a lot of playing around Tim loosened up and tried to follow his uncles style of seducing me. I loved it.

We played some games, rode the roller coaster two times and sat at a table sipping lemonade. I thought if Becky were here she’d love the attention.

Gus said we should go swimming when the fog burns off. I told them my things were in a locker as I had to get a room for the night. Gus said I could change in their cabin that was a short distance from town. I easily guessed Gus was scheming to have me stay in their cabin for the night, So I played coy and let Gus hand me a big convincing line and a lot of promises before I reluctantly gave in to his invitation.

Gus proudly said it was a 1960’s classic Chevy with a bench seat with plenty of room for three. Sitting between them, I thought Becky and I would be stuck in the back seat of a new car with bucket seats. After a short ride into the tall redwoods there was an old looking cabin Gus said he had rented.

In the bathroom, I put on my string bikini made of silver gray stretch material with light bayan arkadaş blue strings. The kind of material that is transparent when wet, but dries quickly. The top two triangles were just large enough to cover my small breasts and be elastic enough to let my nipples easily protrude when cold and puckered. I had previously trimmed my pubic hair cause the bottom was so small and would just cover pussy lips. I put on my short beach robe and tied it in front to hide my charms.

Sitting between them in the car was a tight fit and and I could see the bulge in the swim suit Gus wore. Tim shyly covered his with the blanket and towels as we drove back to Santa Cruse.

The cold fog was still over Santa Cruz beach and Gus said he knew of a good beach up the coast that was warm and sunny. We drove up the coast to BonnyDoon road and found a place to park overlooking the Pacific Ocean. From the road the beach looked small and lonely and hard to climb down to but Gus was right. It was a sunny sheltered cove and beach. We spread the blanket where we could see all of the beach between the bluffs. We were the only people there, Because it was mid week. Tim brought the Frisbee and we tossed it about for a while before braving the cold waves. I got wet to my shoulders and ran to the blanket to get warm. I lay on my belly with the men on each side knowing my wet bikini would show my charms. When I rolled over , I watched them stare. Gus jumped up and announced this was a clothing optional beach and we may as well take our suits off to dry. With that, Gus stripped and told Tim to strip too. I had heard of nude beaches, and this was one of them.

As I looked up at these nude hansom men, I became very horny and I knew I would not resist them. I sat up on my knees and complemented them on their manhood and took each in hand. I kissed each cock head and felt them grow larger. I told Tim to untie my top and be gentle sucking my nipples.

Then I lay back and told him to watch Gus. I wanted to watch Tim’s virgin eyes as Gus took off my bikini and spread my legs and raise my hips kiss my thighs, and bury his face in my crotch.

There I was with Gus eating my pussy and Tim sucking my hard nipples and my hand squeezing Tim’s growing cock. . . . It was all so sudden and I loved it.

My lust seemed to match theirs and the rhythmic lapping of Gus’s tongue put me in a state of rapture. Tim gloriously sucked each tit and passionately tongue kissed me adding to my ecstasy. I gasped and moaned with delight as each small climax sent thrills through my body. When Gus moved to fuck me, I told him to trade places with Tim. I wanted Tim to taste me. Gus being the good uncle, showed Tim how and what to do, then watched as Tim demonstrated his eagerness to please. Both Gus and I told Tim that he was a terrific lover and that’s what gets me off.

I knew Gus was hot to fuck when he brought his hard cock to my mouth. I wanted to fuck too, but I knew it would be better to build up his desire. I licked and sucked between gasps and I felt his balls. I stopped sucking to let him cool. But Tim had me going and I again sucked Gus .

Just about then, Gus saw other people coming down through the dunes to the beach. We acted like nude bathers just sunning on the blanket. A dip in the surf, a little more sun, and we dressed to leave.

In the car driving back, I rested one hand on Gus’s bulge and the other on Tim’s. I let Tim untie my bikini and I placed my leg bayan partner over his allowing my pussy to enjoy probing fingers. I told them how much I loved being seduced.

While eating at the restaurant end of the board walk, We could see the afternoon crowd had dressed in beach wear to soak up the late afternoon sun. I told Tim and Gus I wanted to strut the board walk in my sexy bikini. Wow what a trip. Escorted by two hansom men and watching people stare at me. I know I had the smallest and tightest bikini to be seen. My tight bikini accentuated my pussy lips and I could only guess what people were thinking.

I imagine some were fascinated by my almost exposed breasts held by two small triangles of elastic skin tight material that let my nipples stand out. Gus and Tim took pride showing off their prize and I enjoyed the mouth dropping looks we got from everyone we walked past.

I told Gus I didn’t want to use the toilet on the board walk and he said to hold it till we reach the cabin. When Gus stopped for beer and a few other things. Tim told me he tried to fuck a girl at a party once but it was quick and other attempts to get past petting failed. I told him i’d make him an experienced lover. Among other things, Gus had bought a large box of rubbers to last all night. I confessed to him I was on the pill and just waiting to be lucky.

The cabin was secluded under tall redwood trees on a quiet hillside. It was small but had many creature comforts. Tim brought in fire wood for the stone fire place. Gus started the fire right away to create a romantic setting. We lay on the large thick comforter spread before the fire place. That would be our bed for the night with only the flickering fire Light reflecting off the beer cans lined up at one side of the fireplace.

I knew both my new lovers were horny and eager, but I wanted to prolong the fore play. I made them lie still, and let me enjoy their bodes my way. Wow did I have fun teasing each one just enough to stay aroused and horny but not to climax. I caressed and kissed them all over with my fingers and my lips.

Gus got the rubbers telling Tim he must use a rubber or the girl could get pregnant. I knew I was safely on the pill but Gus was giving good advice. He told Tim to kiss a girl a lot cause it takes longer for her to warm up than a guy. so kiss a lot especially kissing her nipples and pussy. Giggling, I agreed.

I watched both struggling to get a rubber on their semi stiff cocks. Tim made love kissing and eating my pussy following instructions.

After a lot of teasing, I straddled Tim and told him to watch me guide his cock into my pussy. It was thrilling to watch his face while I raised up over his stiff cock so he could see my pussy and his cock in the firelight. His shiny cock waved and I slowly descended on it.

I heard Gus exclaim ”Wow, . . . thats hot.” I motioned for him to kiss me while I fucked Tim. I knew the foreplay had pushed Tim to the breaking point and he would quickly shoot his backed up climax, so I humped rapidly. Tim cried out when he shot his load and that triggered my orgasm that left me a little weak. As I recovered, I felt his cock slowly soften, So smiling and kissing him sweetly, I rolled off him and opened my arms and legs. Gus purposely kissed and licked me as he had instructed Tim. I griped his shoulders and drew his lips to mine. He held my head and I felt his cock searching for the slippery opening he had been licking. bdsm escort His tongue in my mouth and his cock in my pussy triggered sensations hard to describe. I was only conscious of slow humping bringing my body to a shaking orgasm. I told him to fuck me any way he likes. After a long kiss, I heard him whisper 69. His brazen request to 69 thrilled me since he was already fucking. He rolled me on top of his strong body to look down at his hard cock. I licked his tasty rubber covered cock, then took the rubber off handing it to wide eyed Tim. I sucked his stiff cock but his mouth sucking my clit was distracting me. my hand and mouth instinctively squeezed and sucked to match his pussy sucking.

Then I felt more hands on my back side. Tim was trying to get his cock in my pussy. I raised my hips and felt his cock fill my cunt. I was in ecstasy with triple stimulation keeping me in orgasm.

Gus cried out and I felt his cock jerk and swell. Clamping my lips over his head, I milked and got every drop in my mouth. Tim was pounding into me with encouragement from Gus to cum. Licking his softening rubber covered cock, before taking it off, I told Tim I liked to taste the mixture of pussy and cum juice and we exchanged loving kisses while Gus built up the flames in the fireplace, and got the blanket to cover us as we all cuddled.

I lay between two spent men to kiss and cuddle and unwind. Gus and I convinced Tim he was no longer shy cause he learned how to seduce and please a girl safely.

I’ll never forget that erotic scene. A hard cock pumping into my wet cunt, and a hot tongue licking and sucking my swollen pussy. Both creating a different but also thrilling sensation at the same time and the new sensation when swallowing every drop of cum for the first time.

In the morning light I woke to the sensation of a head in my crotch. Gus raised his head at my surprised giggle. When he saw my surprised look, he raised my hips and spread my thighs to fully French me.

Tim was still asleep and quite content, Gus knew he had turned me on. When my body shuddered, Gus placed a pillow under my hips and mounted me. Gus was bent on satisfying his craving to fuck me. His hard cock felt good going in and he seemed to be teasing me with his slow pumping. I could feel his cock inside me searching for what I’m not sure. His fingers were teasing my nipples and his breathing got rapid as he increased his tempo. . . . Then he stopped humping to kiss me and kiss my nipples. I won’t forget how he looked at me and told me I was wonderful. Then he kissed me and fucked with renewed vigor. He soon had me gasping with pleasure and delight as he thrilled me with the climax of his lust. We lay together in our exhausted glow of pleasure with the cover over us.

Tim greeted us with a big grin and an invitation to breakfast. Gus stopped me from putting any clothes on. He said he loved to see me nude. The three of us walking around nude was a strange new experience especially that I was being admired. After breakfast and clean up, we three fucked till noon. Gus was real proud that Tim was now a “man.” It was a real summer fun as we had become more relaxed with each other and finally sobered with our lust alleviated I told Gus I had to make the bus back home. He said he and Tim had to go too but one more time and he’d drive me to the bus.

I can’t forget the adventure, and I don’t want to. Every time I remember Gus and Tim, my pussy gets wet and I yearn for another fantastic beach holiday.

I told Becky I had a dull boring time without her. I know Becky would never believe the truth. I think she would have had as much fun with Gus and Tim as I did. But then, Becky wouldn’t believe me or what summer fun she missed.

Till next adventure. . . . Lupe.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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