What Did I Find In Grandma’s Attic

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This is my first ever Erotica so please tell me everything you have to say, I want to hear about what’s good and what’s bad so I can become better. I want to improve and release more and more stories so please leave all criticism in the comments. Thanks xxx

The story includes: Mind control and incest

All Characters Are 18 and over



The big titted bitch sitting next to me is my younger sister, Emma. It’s the day after her 18th birthday and we are at our grandma’s house sitting in the living room watching random channels on TV. She is a real brat, to me and most of my family. But everyone always ignores it and lets her continue being a bitch. 

She has long blonde hair, completely straight. She has a slim body with shockingly large tits pocking through her tight white crop top. And her firm round ass in her blue jeans. She might be a bitch but she is absolutely beautiful. 

The rest of the family was currently out shopping for groceries and other things we might need.

When our parents and grandma left I decided to take the time to snoop around grandmas house a little. I looked in every cabinet and shelf in every room, until I found what I believed to be an attic. When I climbed up it was dark but after my eyes adjusted I was able to see a bunch of dusty cardboard boxes, none of them were labeled, and was all of equal size. After finding nothing but a bunch of junk in most, like dolls, stuffed teddy bears, and a bunch of books of old pictures. I found a camera, but it looked strangely out of place. 

It wasn’t dusty like everything else, nor did it look as old as the pictures in the books meaning it had to be somewhat new. Seeing as it had been placed in the furthest back box behind the rest, I assumed nobody would miss it and took it. It was small enough to fit in my pocket so I pocketed it and put all the boxes back and made my way downstairs where Emma was scrolling through the channels on TV.

I didn’t want to watch anything so I sat there and put my hands on my knees only for my elbow to touch something hard in my pocket, the camera. I decided to take it out and inspect it a little. It didn’t take long before I pressed the shutter button and the lens popped out, the small screen turned on displaying the image of the lens. I was surprised it still had any battery. I looked around the room through the camera to see the quality of the pictures. I pointed it towards the large fake leaf plant standing next to the tv and snapped a photo. I pressed a lot of buttons until the gallery came up and I saw the picture of the plant but it was as if it had a watermark on it that read,

‘No Person Detected’.

That was strange, no camera I had ever used had said that before. But it did intrigue me, so I pointed it towards Emma on my right who was leaning back on the beige couch with her left foot on the table and her right foot on top of her left. She must have seen the camera because she flinched and shriveled her face with an angry look. 

“Eh? What are you doing?” She said, pulling her feet off the table now sitting up. “Get that out of my face!” She swung for the camera, but I was able to pull away and snap a photo without her reaching it. That’s when a large blinding flash filled the room and the sound of the news on the TV went silent.

Several seconds later when the flash faded, the sound of the TV came back, and I was able to see Emma. She sat straight as an arrow staring blankly at the camera I held in my lap. She didn’t move an inch and it barely looked as if she was breathing at all. Her appearance baffled me as it didn’t seem natural, especially not after that bright flash. I just had to ask.

“uuuhhh, Emma? You alright?”

Her eyes snapped to mine and we stared into the eyes of each other for what felt like a strangely long time before she answered my question.

“Yes. I’m great.” She said with a wide smile but a monotone to her voice, ending up just confusing me even more. The longer I looked into her eyes, the emptier, artemisbet yeni giriş almost dead they started looking. A pale grey compared to her normally bright blue eyes.

“What’s happening, Emma?” I said, sounding confused and leaning my head back just slightly.

“Nothings happening.” She again said with no emotion in her voice but a borderline creepy smile spread across her face. 

I stopped the staring contest between me and Emma and looked down at the camera. Thoughts began rushing through my head and it didn’t take long for me to come to strange explanations.

With a quiver in my voice, I asked, “Emma?”

“Yes, James!” she answered back almost immediately.

“Stand up!” I told her. I had theories but I wanted to figure out what the hell was happening, and the only way to do that was to test. I figured with the large flash and her strange behavior, that the camera had somehow taken control of my sister’s mind, and I mean, her monotone voice and glossed-over eyes told me as much. 

Plus it didn’t take long for my theory to prove true, when she said, “Yes, I will.” and stood up between the couch and living room table. The Emma I knew wouldn’t even listen to a simple command like that, especially not from me. But there she was standing just like I had asked.  

“Eh, okay Emma how do I stop this?” It was of course beginning to freak me out and I didn’t know a way to stop it. So I thought that maybe since she was under its control that maybe she knew away.

It felt like she was staring into my very soul with her glossed-over pale eyes as she said “There is nothing to stop.” again with that smile on her face.

“o…ok…Okay then explain what has happened to you!” I needed some answers if I was to stop this, so I might as well make use of her submissiveness.

“That camera holds a virus, a virus that spreads to anyone you take a picture of. It forces the victim to become whoever the photographer wants them to be.”

I couldn’t believe it. What the hell was going on? Why did grandma have this in her attic? While scared and worried about this revelation I was still curious. “So if you have become whoever I wanted, who are you?”

“I don’t know.” She sighed almost whispering to herself. “But I feel, weak.” She continued this time slightly louder.

While I still tried to gather my thoughts about all of this, I could tell Emma was also thinking about something, but I didn’t know what. But come to think of it I could just ask her. “What are you thin…” but before I could finish my question, Emma lept forward catching me completely off guard. I wasn’t able to react in time before Emma got a good hold of the camera and jumped back onto the couch.

“Say cheese, master!” For the first time, her voice sounded happy matching her face.

“NO NO NO NO!” But it was no use the flash filled the room once again and faded away like before.

“I know what you made me know master. You wanted a submissive slave who craves a master. But I’m sorry brother, you didn’t seem dominant enough so I thought I could help you out.” She giggled and smiled sounding happier than she has ever been even trying to hide her smile behind her hand.

“what’s happening?” I asked, dazed.

“You’re a master now James.”

I looked to Emma who sat with her legs crossed on the couch with her hands on the camera laying in her lap. I walked slowly over to her and stopped right in front of her. I couldn’t help myself, it was like an instinct, my mind felt like a tangled mess with not a clear thought left. That’s when my right hand lunged towards Emma and went right for her neck. I looked her in the eyes and she returned the gaze now looking me in my glossed-over eyes just like hers. My hand squeezed ahold of her throat and tears began forming in her eyes.

I squeezed slowly harder around her neck and saw as breathing became tougher and tougher for her to do. “You are a woman, correct?” I asked with the same monotone she had used before.

“Yes, master, I’m a woman, a woman.”

“Than artemisbet giriş you’re under my complete control?” I asked getting more and more conviction in my tone of voice.

“Yes.” She was barely able to force the answer out as my hand was constricting her throat.

But even that didn’t feel like enough as I contracted harder around her neck even involving my other hand as well. I picked her up by the throat as her face turned almost blue and threw her onto the table in front of the couch. She was bent over the giant glass table and her tight blue jeans were even tighter across her ass now.

I took one step and came up to her and placed my hand over her firm butt, stroking it across both cheeks. 

“That’s it, master, use me as you see fit.” Her breathing was heavy from the choking but still, she wanted more.

“So you’re mine? My little sister? My little slut? My bitch in heat.” 

She nodded vigorously while I took my hand back and prepared to slap, “Yes master, I’m yours.” Just the answer I wanted to hear and my hand came down on her fat ass with great force making her audibly scream.

I placed my hand back on her ass covered by these disgusting pants. I placed my hands on the waist of the pants and pulled them down, forcing them over her large butt revealing her perfectly round pale skin and thin black thong.

Her jeans rested down at her knees as I continued fondling her butt with both my hands. Emma started flinching and her breathing grew even heavier.

“You like this don’t you? You want me to use you without thinking about what you want, right?” I said as I spanked her again leaving a large red imprint on her left butt cheek.

Tired of just touching her ass I placed my face between her cheeks and stuck my face right in, using my tongue to push against her pussy which was being covered by her panties. Her breathes grew heavier and heavier and eventually became audible moans. Her arms and eventually her whole body began shaking. 

“Oh shit, Oh fuck, Yeeeesss!” I felt her pussy get wet and could taste her cum through the panties.

“I should take out my cock, shouldn’t I?” I asked my little sister that as if it was the most normal question ever. 

“Yeah, you definitely should.” She said still shaking from her orgasm and her face against the glass. 

I wasted no time and unbuckled my pants as my hard cock shot out. Walking over to her face where I placed my erect cock right in front of her mouth and saw as an expression of shock came over her. Her jaw dropped and her eyes scanned it over and over again. She couldn’t believe that such a large 8-inch hard cock belonged to her big brother.

“Holy shit, is that yours?” She looked up at my face with wonder and drool beginning to escape her mouth. 

I looked down on my sister’s dumb face and shoved my cock into her mouth without warning as she started gagging with not even half of it inside. Her eyes rolled up and her tongue licked the underside of my erect cock as I forced myself in and out of my sister’s tight throat.

Saliva started pooling under her on our grandma’s living room table, and Emma gagged and gasped for air. I grabbed her long bright blonde hair to force myself deeper inside and drilled her throat making noises that only turned me on even more. I slowed down and began letting my cock slip out of her mouth, leaving a long trail of saliva connecting my penis to her mouth.

“Lay down on the couch,” I ordered.

She didn’t even hesitate as she laid down on her back, saliva drooling down her chin and panties leaking after her orgasm, staying there submissively waiting to be used. 

“Take those fucking things off!” I ground my teeth and pointed towards her leaking panties. I leaned down and grabbed them and with one strong pull they ripped revealing her tight pink unused vagina.

“Now you love my cock, don’t you bitch?” I knew of course the answer but I needed to hear it.

“Yes. I do love your cock, master.” She looked so happy saying that. And so I started artemisbet güvenilirmi slapping my cock against her tight pussy as her face became red and her whole body jumped with every slap. 

“Tell me you want it!” 

“I want it.” 

“No, you don’t understand, you need to fucking beg for it.” I had never been this dominant or demanding in bed in my life but something just felt right when doing it.

Her gaze went around the room as if she was embarrassed, maybe some of her original self was still in there. But it didn’t last long when she finally locked her eyes on the fully erect penis about to enter her virgin pussy. “Yes, master.” She said, and I started putting just the very tip of my penis inside her, and that’s when she screamed out “I want it, I’ve never wanted anything more in my whole life, I want to feel like a real woman, I want to be used by my brothers huge cock!”

I placed my rod at her entrance and thrust hard as my cock entered her tight opening. “Good girl.” I kept thrusting as she screamed in pleasure and her huge tits flopped up and down inside her tight shirt. “Oh Fuck yes master!” I thrust deeper and faster to the sound of her dirty moans. Staring at the almost hypnotic tits bouncing made me even harder and I placed my hands on her tits over the crop top, then grabbed ahold until finally pulling apart to opposite sides as it ripped open destroying the shirt and revealing her massive tits with big erect pink areolas. I couldn’t help it and fucked her harder than ever as she tried not to scream by biting her arm. I wounded my hand back and slapped her huge tit over and over leaving it red, I slammed my cock into her wet pussy and started to suck her large tits, she couldn’t hold it and let out a gurgling scream as she chocked on her saliva.

“YES! FUCK ME, USE ME, I NEED YOUR COCK! TREAT ME LIKE A REAL BITCH!” she was fully taken over by pleasure, and so was I. 

“I want to swallow every drop of your cum, I’m your dirty whore who wants nothing more than to be used as all females should.” 

Of course, I wasn’t going to deny her and pulled my cock out of her wet pussy as her pussy lips were spread open even after my cock was fully out and I brought it up to her face. She jumped up and swallowed it choking herself with it immediately. Her head bobbed up and down gagging on it and drooling all over herself and my penis. Her whole face was covered in her own spit ruining her makeup which was now spread around making her look like a messy whore. With incredible speed, she kept sucking and stimulating the tip of my penis with her tongue. With the beautiful sight beneath me, I couldn’t last long.

I grabbed her hair once again and now forced the full length of my cock in her tight throat as she tried to breathe. I let out a huge load of cum deep down her throat as Emma choked and gagged when I pulled my cock out and my semen began flowing out her mouth. 

I fell over to the other side of the couch as I tried to catch a breath. My cock ached as I held it with my hand still stroking it slightly.

“Holy shit.” I gasped for a breath of air. “You’re not so bad when you’re addicted to my cock.” 

Emma laid still, licking her lips trying to swallow all the cum and masturbating her sore vagina with one hand while squeezing her tits with the other. 

“I’m sorry Emma. I think I might have broken you.” As I finished that sentence and looked at my cum drenched little sister I heard the front door slam shut. 

My eyes grew wide and I turned to my left, there is no door to the living room and it’s the first room you come to when coming in through the front door. I wasn’t able to do anything when I saw my grandmother in the large doorframe. “Oh hi ther…” was all she could get out before she realized what was happening in front of her. Her grandson is butt naked with his penis in hand and her granddaughter is covered in sperm, sweat, and saliva. 

“Whaaa… wha… w…w…w” she stuttered, and I heard voices coming from the hallway. I saw as both our mom and dad join grandma in the doorframe, they weren’t even able to react to the disgusting scene in the living room seeing as they both still had smiles on their faces as I grabbed the camera and pointed it towards the doorframe and the room was filled with the familiar white light for a third time.

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