Where It All Began

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We had been out for something to eat. Nothing fancy, just some fast food. It was still early and we all needed a quieter night. We went back to the apartment, and lazed around with some drinks. It had been a manic few days, with little sleep had by anyone. There were six of us. My friend and her latest guy of the moment, and three of his friends.

Lee and I weren’t exactly seeing each other. There was no official arrangement in place, but whenever we ended up in the same place at the same time, we tended to hook up. It was more a thing of convenience, his friend was involved with my friend, so we were often in the same circle. He always seemed to want something more, and though I really liked him, I was apprehensive. I was still young, to his twenty five, still a virgin, and not really looking to change that.

Lee sat at one end of the long sofa, and I lounged around lying on my side, using his lap as a pillow. He placed an arm across my body, and the other hand to my head. It was winter, and the apartment wasn’t very well heated, so I covered myself with a blanket, hoping for some warmth. My friend and her guy were wrapped around one another in an armchair across the room. I hadn’t met the other two men before. Nick sat on the floor, leaning against the middle of the sofa, and Steve lifted my feet from the last remaining seat, sat on the sofa, and rested my feet on his lap.

As darkness settled in for the night, we watched movies, and drifted in and out of sleep. Lee was always really tactile and spent the whole time absent-mindedly stroking my face with the back of his knuckles, or twisting strands of my hair in his fingers. The flicker from the TV screen cast a blue light throughout the room, highlighting momentary facial expressions for a second before moving on. As the evening moved on, the temperature grew colder. Soon my blanket became a highly sought after benefit. Nick pulled some of it around his shoulders from his position on the floor, and Steve tucked his hands under the fabric with my legs, making a joke about how cold his hands were and threatening to freeze my feet.

Some time passed before I felt just how cold Steve’s hands were. It begun with just one of his fingertips stroking my ankle gently, much the same way Lee was stroking my face and neck. Soon I felt his other hand trace a line up my calf. I straightened my leg a little as his touch tickled the skin at the back of my knee. I sneaked a glance in Steve’s direction, only to find him focussed intently on the TV screen. His hand stayed at the back of my knee, first stroking softly, gradually adding more pressure until his fingers and palm were massaging the flesh deeply. He slowly alternated the attention from one leg to the other, loosening up my calf muscles.

I felt so relaxed, though had to make a conscious effort not to show the changes in my breathing. I continued looking at the television, but had long since lost track of what show was on, enjoying the soothing hands on my face, neck and legs. Looking up at Lee’s face I could see he was practically asleep, his eyes closed and his breathing regular. Steve never broke his gaze from the TV screen.

Each time Steve’s hand moved from one of my legs to the other, his fingers stretched out and crept a small way up the back of my thighs. The touch came a little higher, just a few millimetres each time. Every few minutes I anticipated where I would feel that sensation next, as his hand broke contact with the skin at my knee.

He wrapped his other hand around my ankle, and rubbed at my skin. I could feel the pressure from his hands, guiding me. I shifted position onto my back. He took hold of my left foot, and urged it’s movement. I bent my leg at the knee, and he placed my foot against his thigh. He ran his hand slowly up the inside of my calf, pushing my leg against the back of the sofa. My thighs opened, and I became aware of just how baggy the shorts I was wearing were, as the material moved away from my skin. His hand came to rest on the front of my leg, halfway between my knee and hip, his thumb trailing to my inner thigh, where he continued the slow massage.

Lee had always loved my lips. Whenever we spoke I got the feeling he was watching my lips rather than my eyes or anything else. He liked them most when they were wet and would sometimes spend ages placing tiny kisses and licks all over them until they glistened. As often happened, his hand had gradually moved from tracing my hairline, across my cheek and towards my mouth. I nestled my face against his palm as he held my face lightly. His other hand moved beneath the blanket, and across my ribs to rest so close to my breast that even the slightest movement of his thumb caused it to brush against me.

I became aware that as Lee’s index finger moved slowly towards my mouth, so Steve’s index finger moved further up my thigh. I was trying my hardest to hide how turned on I was. My right leg moved, opening my izmit escort bayan thighs wider, until my knee was resting on Nick’s shoulder. I mumbled a quiet apology to him, but left my leg resting there. Everything was happening in slow motion, every movement seeming to take an eternity.

I felt guilty that I was enjoying the attention so much, and that most of it was coming not from Lee, my semi-sort-of-boyfriend, but from his friend Steve. I also felt that above everything else, I didn’t want it to stop. I even began to feel bad for Nick sitting on the floor, by himself. I slowly moved a hand over my right knee, and began playing with Nick’s hair. As I glanced at Steve, I saw that he had noticed this and a small smirk appeared on his face.

Lee’s hand cupped my jaw line. Steve’s hand moved up my inner thigh. I massaged Nick’s neck until his head relaxed against my knee. I tried to read Steve’s face, to gauge how far he would go, but he continued looking at the TV, still smirking. I was pretty sure I knew where Lee’s fingers were heading, and wondered if Steve would respond similarly. I hoped he would.

Just as I had expected, Lee moved his thumb to my mouth, and I opened it a little as he traced the outline of my lips with his nail. I felt the material of my shorts brush against my skin as Steve pushed it aside and ran his palm to the top of my inner thigh. I felt one fingertip lightly touch my panties, and start long slow strokes along my slit. In turn, my hand stroked the side of Nick’s face. I closed my eyes for what felt like hours, willing Lee to keep going so the hand on my panties wouldn’t stop moving. Steve must have felt how turned on I was from the wetness between my legs, and the slight involuntary movements of my hips, even though I was trying not to move a muscle.

With deliberate, methodical movements, Steve hooked a fingertip under my panties and pulled them to one side. I could feel my mouth trembling a little against Lee’s thumb, as I anticipated Steve’s touch. Again with just one finger, Steve pushed on my slit gradually opening it up and resuming the long slow strokes. It took all my willpower to resist the moan I wanted to release. My mouth opened further and I let the tip of my tongue lick once at Lee’s thumb. My tongue had not even left his skin before I felt Steve’s fingertip circling my clit. My hand held Nick’s face more firmly, the fingertips pushing into his hair. Lee moved his thumb back to my lips, spreading the moisture around my mouth, and Steve resumed his long slow strokes at my slit.

On the television, one show ended and another began. It’s light occasionally illuminating the room beyond the low blue glow. I took a moment to take stock of my surroundings. Lee still looked mostly asleep, his head cocked to one side and resting on the back of the sofa. Steve appeared to be fully focussed on the TV, showing no hint that his hands were beneath the blanket on my skin, one holding my ankle, the other at the end of his outstretched arm between my legs. Nick had the side of his face buried in my palm. I laid on my back, thighs wide open, feeling the skin of three different men touching me, two of whom I barely knew.

Lee’s thumb continued to stroke my lips, with my tongue occasionally going to meet it with a small lick. For every lick I made, I immediately felt Steve’s finger move to my clit and tease it. I knew he must be watching my face, but had not once noticed his eyes move from the TV screen, despite my trying. The flickering screen kept everyone mostly in the dark, only flashing bright and strobing across faces on occasion. As the finger grazed my clit once more, I let out a small sigh. My body shifted slightly and Lee’s hand cupped around my breast, not really holding it but resting the weight over my nipple.

I relaxed, more than I ever had before. With the hand on my breast came a strange sense of completion and belonging, like coming home after time away, the comfort of things feeling they are exactly as they should be. This wasn’t the kind of thing I ever did. I had fooled around with guys before, but was still very inexperienced. There had been fingers inside me before, even a tongue or two, mostly the clumsy fumblings of teen boyfriends. Nothing like this though. Steve’s slow, deliberate, confident actions were a complete contrast to everything I had ever known. As well as exciting me so much, what he was doing fascinated me. The combination of the two completely set my mind on fire.

Lee stirred in his semi-slumber, and his grip tightened on my breast as he shifted weight to get comfortable. I strained to stop my back arching. Almost without thinking I took Lee’s thumb in my mouth, and sucked lightly. A flashing came from the TV screen, and for the first time I spotted Steve’s eyes on mine. His smirk spread, lighting up his whole face. He continued watching me as I felt two fingers push my slit wide open, and another dip slightly inside my wet hole izmit eve gelen escort and circle around the rim, before all fell dark again. The next time the light caught his face, he had turned back to the screen.

I moved my left hand, and held Lee’s palm to my face, moving the thumb from my lips and replacing it with his index finger. I licked my lips and pushed them over the fingertip to the first knuckle. Steve responded by sliding his middle finger into my hole, to the first knuckle, and continuing the circling motion inside. I don’t know how much time passed, as I licked and sucked at Lee’s finger, enjoying Steve’s mirrored responses between my legs. Whenever the finger left my mouth, Steve would slide his own finger from my hole and cover my slit in my own wetness.

I took the chance to be mindful of what was happening, to take it all in, and be fully aware of every sensation. The television was playing a loud rock song, part of the soundtrack to whatever action movie was showing, the music filling the room so no other sounds could exist. The lights from the screen lit up the whole room whenever the image showed an explosion, and gave a continual blue glow to everything. I noted the taste of Lee’s finger on my tongue, slightly salty from his sweat, feeling familiar to my mouth as my tongue wound around it. Nick’s unshaven face felt rough to the touch, and I was enjoying the contrast of textures from his skin to his softer lips. Steve’s hand clasped around my ankle, holding it in place on the top of his thigh. The blanket lay loosely over my legs and hips, and a cool breeze managed to sneak under it through any opening it could find. Beneath the blanket, the heel of Steve’s other hand held my shorts up and my panties aside, as his fingers stroked at my slit and dipped into my hole. I felt the moisture he left on me evaporating with my body heat, until he replaced it again with another stroke.

Nick had begun kissing my hand, just barely brushing his lips over my knuckles. He had noticed the sucking motions of my mouth, and was watching the expressions on my face intently. I pushed down the blanket that was covering me, until its edge rested on my waist, low enough to show Lee’s hand squeezing at my breast, but not low enough to uncover my own or Steve’s hands. I tugged at the material of my shirt with my left hand, and pulled it up, exposing my stomach and the bottom of my breasts. Nick chuckled a little, and playfully bit at my hand. I softly slapped at his face and faked a disapproving frown.

Across the room my friend and the man with her slept, or watched television. I hadn’t paid enough attention to notice which. Lee dozed. Nick watched what Lee was doing to me. Steve watched what they both did to me. I felt secretive, yet on display at the same time. I felt guilty at letting this happen, but full of excitement because it was happening. I felt alive, and courageous. I knew I should care more about the consequences. If Lee noticed any of this it would have meant trouble. If anyone noticed, or heard about this, the mockery I’d get for it would be unbearable. For a short while I tried to force myself to care, but every effort was interrupted when the sensations from my pussy flooded my brain.

Steve’s fingertip twisted inside me, and a second finger joined it. Slowly, as methodically as always, the two fingers pressed inside, just up to the first knuckles, before they spread apart stretching my hole wider. Steve’s thumb found my clit and pushed down on it firmly, causing a small stream of juices to drip inside my panties, down my crack and soak my asshole. The combination of the liquid tickling my ass, the fingers spreading my hole wide and the pressure on my clit almost made me cry out with a moan. A reflex action to try and stifle any noise had me pushing my mouth further onto Lee’s finger, until it was all inside, my tongue circling around it as I sucked. I should have expected Steve’s two fingers pushing deeper into my pussy in response, but it still took me by surprise. He kept his thumb on my clit, rubbing from side to side, as the two fingers deep inside me curled and mirrored the same motion there.

I pushed one of my fingers into Nick’s mouth, and he sucked on it, his eyes barely ever leaving my breasts. Steve’s fingers slid from my hole, and took the place of the thumb on my clit, one finger each side, squeezing slightly, for just a short moment. Suddenly Steve’s hand moved quickly away from me, and out of the side of the blanket, he was beckoning to my left hand, which I moved down to meet his. Together they returned to the cover of the blanket.

Steve placed my hand on my thigh, then took each of my fingers, one by one and curled them inwards, leaving just my middle finger outstretched. I stared at his face, trying to catch his eye but he gazed at the screen across the room. With each motion as deliberate as the last, he guided my half closed izmit otele gelen escort fist up my thigh, pushing my shorts up as far as they would go. He hooked my panties aside with his thumb, and pulled my hand with him. I felt his middle finger pressing on the back of my own, urging it onto my clit, and steering it wherever he wanted. My finger grazed my clit from side to side, circled around once, and then was guided down my slit. He pushed both our fingers into my dripping hole, curling his finger over mine once inside.

I closed my eyes as he held us both inside me, and savoured the feelings from all over my body. We lay there for minutes, nothing moving except the rise and fall of our breathing. I felt his thumb pressing on my clit once more before his finger left mine and his hand moved away. I opened my eyes, disappointed, trying to gaze at Steve’s face in the dark. Eventually a flash of light from the TV screen shined in our direction. Steve stared at my eyes, sucked on the finger he had just had inside me, and gave an almost imperceptible nod in my direction. I slipped the finger from my pussy and slowly moved it out from the blanket. Steve smiled as I moved my hand upwards, towards my face. Lee’s finger was still firmly in my mouth, and I pushed my own finger in alongside it. Nick watched me from the floor as I licked and sucked at my own juices eagerly. He had seen where my hand had been, and knew what it had been doing there, though was oblivious to Steve’s involvement.

Steve moved his hand, and made a beckoning motion towards where my right hand was stroking Nick’s face. I tried to catch Steve’s eye so I could signal my refusal, but he would not look in my direction, his smirk just grew into a grin. I glanced down to Nick’s lap, and could see his hard cock was straining against the inside of his shorts.

The thought of what I was about to do both thrilled and terrified me. Should I or shouldn’t I? Steve looked as though he was about to giggle, and I found myself trying to hide the same thing from my own face as I gave in to the urge to continue.

I moved the wet finger from my mouth, pushed my shirt up a little higher, and moved my bra to release one nipple which I pinched gently. Nick’s eyes grew wide. I took the other hand from his face and moved it up under the blanket. Steve’s hand met mine on my thigh. As before, he curled my fingers, guided my hand up into my panties, and pushed a finger from each of us inside me. Things went faster this time, Steve dictating every move of our fingers as they pushed in and out of me faster and faster. Nick could see the motion of my upper arm, and his hand went to his cock to adjust, looking for comfort. I took Lee’s finger back into my mouth, and sucked on it to stop my moans.

Steve slipped our fingers from my hole, and replaced them with two of his own, continuing the faster pace for a few moments, each thrust probing deeper inside me. I moved my hand, still wet from my pussy, out from under the blanket and back towards Nick’s face. Nick licked his lips anticipating what was to come, his eyes still watching my nipple being twisted and pulled between my finger and thumb. I hesitated when my hand drew close to his mouth. Steve’s fingers pushed deep inside me, curling at the tips. His thumb found my clit again, and this urged me to run my fingertip across Nick’s lips and push into his mouth, where he sucked it hard. I glanced at Steve’s face, and saw his head move with a sigh as his lips slowly mouthed one word, ‘Fuck.’

The thumb on my clit stopped its side to side motion, and began to move up and down, with long firm strokes. The two fingers inside me parted and pushed at the sides of my hole as they slipped in and out, over and over. Every movement Steve’s hand made seemed to grow stronger and as the inside of my pussy tightened, so the grip on my ankle from his other hand tightened.

I was overcome with sensations I’d never felt before. The blue lights strobed from the television screen, its speakers blaring music loudly. I fought to stay quiet and still, as my body wanted to writhe and push against the hand fucking me. I pinched at my nipple in an attempt to distract myself with the pain, but that only made the urge to scream stronger. I let Lee’s finger drop from my mouth, and bit at my lip, as the sensations overwhelmed me. Steve pushed his fingers inside hard and deep as he felt me cum around them, circling round inside me, every change of direction making my orgasm longer and more intense.

I rode the long waves of the climax without making a sound, only releasing a long drawn-out sigh when the waves ebbed away. Steve took his fingers from inside me, and placed his whole hand over my pussy, rubbing his palm into my juice before removing it entirely. He pulled my panties back into place, then again placed his hand on top of them, squeezing lightly and pushing the material against my wet hole. His hand trailed down my thigh, pulling my shorts back into place, before he put his fingers to his mouth and sucked the taste of my juices from them.

I took my finger from Nick’s lips, gave him another playful slap on the cheek, then pulled my shirt down to cover myself back up. I closed my eyes, and fell asleep.

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