Whispers in the Dark

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“Come on Dad!!” came his daughter’s voice, from the driveway. She was already in the SUV waiting to go.

Normally at 8am in the morning on a Summer vacation from college, Sally was still a bear, but this morning was different. This morning they were going on the adventure they’d been getting ready for, for 6 months! This weekend was race weekend!

The big family fun run on Saturday followed by the main event 10 mile race around The Horn on Sunday.

Mike and his daughter Sally have been prepping for this race for at least 6 months.

Sally was 19 and didn’t have much time for her parents anymore, but getting ready for this race together had been a great way for them to bond as father and daughter.

Sally had all the bags packed, including the extra water, oranges and bananas, and was getting more and more impatient with waiting,

“One second Sal! Just need to check a few more things, and I’ll be right out.” he yelled out to her. Mike had to admit that her excitement was contagious and he was starting to feel the rush you can only feel when you’re at the start/finish line waiting for the gun to go off. This was going to be fun!

The plan was simple. Just a 4 hour drive down to the Passage, where they would register for the race, tour the race route, check into their hotel and settle in for an early night before the fun run tomorrow. Knowing that his daughter valued her privacy, he had reserved a 2 room suite, so they could each have their own space. She didn’t know that yet, and he smiled to himself as he thought expectantly of her surely surprised reaction!

After making sure everything was set for the house while they were away, he shut the door to their home, and locked it. As he keyed the deadbolt across, the phone started to ring inside.

Thinking it might have been his wife, who was currently travelling the world finding herself again, Mike unlocked the door and ran to catch the phone on the third ring.


“Hi Mike, it’s me Jillian!” came a loud and frantic voice over the phone.

Jillian was a neighbour from a few streets down, whose son Eddy is the same age as Sally and they went to school together growing up. Her husband had been transferred for work long term and isn’t around much anymore. Mike and Jillian knew each other, because their kids were friends, and Mike had gone down to help her with some odd jobs around the house, but for the most part, they remained at a distance.

“Hi Jillian, how’s it going today?” Mike replied.

“Terrible!!” she replied, obviously done with any pleasantries. “Eddy and I are supposed to go away this weekend, and my stupid car won’t start!! Are you busy right now?? Maybe you could come take a look at it?”

Mike had to admit to himself that he didn’t really know much about cars, or how to troubleshoot a car that wouldn’t start, but sensing her desperation he thought that if he couldn’t help get her car started, he could at least go try and calm her down a bit, and make some calls.

“Uh. Sure Jillian. I guess I’m not too busy. Sally and I are heading away for the weekend, ourselves, but I suppose I could stop by on the way out of town and see what I can do.”

“Oh, thank you SO much, Mike!” She bubbled through the phone. “I really hope that we can get on the road soon!”

“Ha Ha, easy Jillian! I make no promises, but I’ll be there in about 10 minutes to take a look.”

“Just the fact that you’re coming, is a relief. Thanks Mike. Come when you can. I’ll be in the yard.”

He hung up the phone and as he started out the door again, heard the horn honking. He laughed to himself. Sally was definitely ready to go! ‘She’s not going to like this new detour either,’ Mike thought to himself. ‘But it won’t be long and we’ll be on the road in no time!’

They pulled out the yard and started down the road

“Almost ready, sweetie! We just need to go over to Jillian and Eddy’s quickly to check on their car, and then we’re gone!”

“OK, but PLEASE make it quick Dad!”Sally replied

As they pulled around the corner, to Jillian’s house, he could see her out in the driveway, as promised, leaned over, looking into the hood of her car.

Mike couldn’t help but check her out as they pulled in behind her.

Jillian is a slight woman, standing about 5’1 with proportional features and shoulder length brown hair. She had a smile that can light up a room, but from this vantage point, he wasn’t checking out her smile!

She was obviously planning a long drive that day as well because she had yoga pants on, which, clinging tightly to her subtle curves, accentuated her tiny toned ass, and served as a very nice “welcome to my driveway,” visual for Mike.

‘Hmm…’ Mike thought to himself briefly.

“Well, well, well. What’d you do this time Jillian?!” he asked her jokingly as he strode up next to her under the hood.

“Ha Ha…Funny Guy aren’t you!” she snapped back sarcastically “I have no idea what is wrong, and to be honest, I’m just standing here because Eddy’s in a mood and I can’t be in the same room cebeci escort as him right now.” she continued, softening her tone a little bit, and a little surprised at how easily it was to confide that last personal struggle with him.

“Well, we’ve all been there, haven’t we!?” he said, making a pointing motion back to his daughter who was now engrossed in her iPod in the front seat.

“I know eh! A trip we go on annually and love doing together and just this morning, he decides he doesn’t want to go! What the Hell, eh?” she replied with that same frantic desperation from when on the phone, but also with a touch of sadness.

Not wanting to get in the middle of the mother son spat that was surely forming, Mike tried to make light of it, saying “Well let me get a look at the car here, and we’ll see if Eddy will get his wish or not!”

This brought an involuntary smile to Jillian’s face, which Mike caught briefly, temporarily melting him, but he recovered quickly and turned back to the car.

Mike took some time and went through some standard checks; attempting to roll over the engine, he checked for oil leaks, gas and fluid levels, hose tightness, etc. Anything glaring that might have been a cause of the car not starting.

Not wanting to go back into the house just yet and feeling grateful that Mike came so quickly to help her, Jillian stood there keeping him company as he worked away.

As she stood there watching Mike work, she couldn’t help but take him in a bit. Mike was a handsome man, about 6’0 with broad shoulders, trim athletic features and the kindest eyes Jillian had ever seen. But in his current position, bent under the hood of the car, she was not looking at his eyes!

As he reached under the hood, Jillian was treated to a view of his toned body as his triceps tightened and back muscles pushed through his running shirt.

Her eyes drifted to his ass, which was covered loosely by his shorts, but given his muscular legs, she used her imagination and liked what it gave her.

‘Hmm…it’s been too long!’ was her fleeting thought.

As they stood there, Eddy came out of the house, and went to go to talk to Sally, as if he wasn’t upset at all! They were good friends, and he liked Sally, so all was forgotten for a little bit.

After searching and finding nothing glaring wrong with the car, Mike resigned himself to that fact and said “Well Jillian, I’m afraid I don’t know that I can help you with your car…Do you want me to call a mechanic for you, so they can run some better diagnostics?”

“I wish you could.” she said sadly “I’ve already made some calls and everyone is either booked up or closed leading into the weekend.” She started towards the back of the car calling out to her son “Come on Eddy, let’s unpack the car. Looks like this weekend will be a staycation for us!”

Mike couldn’t help but feel sorry for Jillian and what she must be feeling… “Here, let me at least help you get your things back into the house. I’m really sorry Jillian.”

“Thanks Mike, I really appreciate your help today. It means a lot! I guess we just weren’t meant to go this weekend.” She gave him a quick hug and a kiss on the cheek, but quickly recoiled, unsure of where that came from.

Their eyes met for what felt like a long time until they were snapped out of the thought by Eddy sneezing. Mike sheepishly grinned at her, and Jillian replied with a soft knowing smile too, and popped the trunk.

Among the luggage, Mike grabbed hold of a tote full of water, apples, oranges, bananas and a pair of running shoes tied to the side.

Thinking this piece of luggage was very similar to a piece of luggage in his own vehicle, he asks:

“Hey Jillian…Where were you guys going to go this weekend anyway??”

“What? Oh, we were heading down through the Passage for the weekend. There’s a race down there that we’ve gone to for the last few years. We love the Fun run, but this year I was really hoping to run a personal best in the main event.”

“Jillian, are you kidding me!?” Mike said with surprise and a hint of excitement in his voice. “That’s where Sally and I are going!! It’s our first time going and we are literally heading there right after I pull out of your yard!”

“Oh really?! Ha! What are the odds eh?!” she replied, adding “I wondered why I’d seen you guys out running lately. I hope you guys have a great time! You never forget your first run around the Horn!”

Without thinking another second about it, and somewhat intrigued by the eye contact they had just recently shared, Mike offered “This may sound a little crazy, but, would you guys like a drive down to the race? There’s room in the truck here for two more and some luggage if you’re interested!”

“Do you mean that Mike?! Wow that’s really nice of you!!” She replied with excitement and a new-found hope for her weekend.

“Let me talk to Eddy first! Last we talked he still didn’t want to go, but seeing him and Sally get on the way they do, maybe he’ll change his mind!”

Jillian headed çukurambar escort off to talk to Eddy, who had already taken an armload of stuff into the house.

At the same time, Mike walked over to the opened window of Sally’s door and says “So Sal, what would you think of giving Jillian and Eddy a lift down to the Passage with us?? Turns out they are running in the race too!”

Sally looked to him with a hidden excitement at the thought of riding with Eddy for 4 hours and composed herself saying “That’d be cool. What are the odds we’re going to the same place, eh?”

“Perfect, I’ll start moving their stuff over to our vehicle to make it harder for them to say no.”

As he was moving the stuff over, Eddy came out of the house to help, saying with a smile, and not able to keep his eyes from looking at Sally in the SUV… “Looks like you just made my Mom’s weekend. Thanks! She really needs this. Here, let me grab that.” and Eddy took the bags to the SUV.

Jillian came out of the house carrying one last smaller bag, and after locking the door, turned and bounced towards Mike and with a smile, and tapping the small bag said to him, “I almost forgot to pack the most important thing for the weekend! The answer’s yes, we would love to get a drive to the race with you!”

“Excellent! We’re almost done moving things over and then we’re gone!”

Mike followed up with a question “What’d you almost forget??”

Jillian replied slyly “Oh nothing TOO big. Just something last minute I thought I could use for after the race.”

They all piled into the SUV; the kids in the back and Mike and Jillian in the front. And after making sure everyone had everything they needed AND had used the washroom, they set out for the 4 hour drive.

After the initial buzz and chatter, about going on this adventure together now, and the craziness that they were going to the same spot and didn’t know it, both kids settled in and got lost in their iPod games and music, and it left Jillian and Mike to themselves to talk.

And if they both were being honest, it started out a little awkward because they didn’t really know each other, but they had to talk about SOMETHING or else it was going to be a long 4 hours.

“So…you say that you’ve gone down for this race a few times before?” Mike started

“Yes. It started out as something Eddy and I could do together to sort of take our minds off the fact that his dad is working all the time.” came her reply. “It’s so beautiful down there, and such a cool atmosphere, we just decided to keep going!”

“Nice…That’s a similar reason Sally and I are going this year. Her mother seems to be off finding herself more and more these days and doesn’t have time for her OR I anymore. We’re hoping this can be a nice distraction for the both of us.”

Without a second thought she said in reply “Well Mike, if it was me and you were my husband, I wouldn’t have to go far to find myse…” And she stopped herself before saying anything more.

Mike wasn’t sure if he heard her right, but he kind of liked what he heard!

She composed herself again changing the subject said “Well, speaking for Eddy and me, we really appreciate you bringing us down. The hotel is a lot of fun too, because it’s always packed with runners. Everyone is going around on a runner’s high and the socials can be pretty fun!”

The ice appeared to be broken and the conversation between the two had become easier. They talked about their jobs, and what they liked and disliked about them. They talked about living in the town they lived in. Jillian told Mike that she was originally from the area and hadn’t thought she would stay, but after coming back from college, sort of settled back in love with the place again. Mike told her how he liked the pace of the town and that neighbours know to call each other.

“I’m really glad you knew you could call me this morning.” And with a quick and innocent touch of his hand to her thigh, looked to her and said “Maybe we were meant to be driving down to this race together the whole time.”

She smiled and had to admit to herself that she really liked how his hand felt on her leg.

They continued driving and continued chatting about the little things of life. They both were enjoying how easy it was becoming to talk with each other.

The topic changed back to the race and Mike asked “So you say you’re trying for a personal best this year for the 10 miler?”

“Haha” she laughed “Yes. I’m hoping to get under an hour and 10 minutes this year. I came really close last year, and think I can do it this time!”

Knowing his own running abilities did not match up to Jillian’s, but wanting to tease her a bit, Mike countered, saying sarcastically “Oh that’s all your PB is?! I think I’m going to kick your ass this weekend, and I’m going to have a great time doing it!”

“HA! You think so, do you?? And how do you think you’re going to do that??” with a little punch to his shoulder, which roused both Eddy and Sally from their music.

“Oh, ankara escort I have a couple of ideas up my sleeve.” he playfully replied back.

“What are you guys talking about??” Sally questioned

“Oh, I’m glad you asked, sweetie, because Jillian and I were just talking about how much you and I are going to kick hers and Eddy’s asses this weekend!!” Mike said with a wink in the rearview mirror to his daughter.

“YES!! You guys are SO going down!” she giggled taunting her backseat mate.

“Fat Chance!!” Eddy called out joining in on the fun

Before they knew it, the SUV had exploded with laughter, trash talk and jokes about running, and whose ass was going to get beaten.

Sally and Eddy lost interest after a while, but Jillian and Mike continued to joke with each other, poking and jabbing each other playfully.

They both hadn’t felt this playful in long time and loved the feeling!

“Watch yourself on the Horn there Mike… I’m going to slap your ass as I’m going by you!” Jillian boasted with a twinkling glint in her eyes.

“Oh I don’t think so Jill…your ass is SO mine this weekend!” said Mike emphatically making sure to catch her eyes while he said it.

Their eyes did meet again, and this time they didn’t look away when the sheepish grins came. Each of them was feeling something special with the look they were sharing.

Although they were both married, both Mike and Jillian hadn’t considered until now how lonely they actually were, and how much they wanted to feel love on a more emotional and physical level.

Jillian was enjoying this light hearted teasing she was receiving, which was evident from her reddening flesh around her neck and chest, and she could feel her nipples, which topped her small but perky A-cup breasts, tightening against her bra as they hardened with the thrill.

Mike was having a great time being able to tease someone, and the feelings of Jillian’s touch, even when in the form of punches felt electric to him. As they looked away, and then looked back at each other still smiling, Mike was very aware that he was feeling a stirring in his pants and his shaft was hardening.

‘Thank goodness I’m wearing my loose shorts today!’ he thought to himself

They stopped for lunch and gas at a Rest Area halfway there. For all the joking that went along with the weekend and the races, both Mike and Jillian were still quite competitive and they decided to take some time to make sure they were loose and well stretched out before getting back in the truck for another two hours.

It also secretly gave them a chance and an excuse to look a little more at each other’s bodies.

Eddy called to his mom from inside the gas station and Jillian went in, leaving Mike and Sally to themselves.

“Having fun yet, sweetie?”

“Dad, this is a lot of fun! Thanks for taking me for this race, and thanks for being so awesome, so Eddy and his Mom can come too. This is going to be a great weekend!”

“Thanks Sal.” said Mike, touched by her growing maturity. “That means a lot!”

Jillian and Eddy came out of the store together, and with full bellies and a full tank of gas, they hit the road again.

“So Mike, what kind of music do you like?” Jillian started almost right away

“Um..I don’t know…depends on the day, but I like just about anything.”

“Good!! Eddy and I just bought a new CD at the rest area I want to listen to. Do you mind??”

“No not at all. Go ahead and spin some tunes DJ Jillian!” Mike said in a somewhat feeble attempt at humour. Seeing his daughter roll her eyes at him from the back, he quickly caught himself before he said anything more.

Jillian, giving him at least the credit for that attempt at humour put the CD in and the song Babel from Mumford and Sons started playing.

“Oh these guys are GOOD!” said Mike recognizing them right away! “Nice choice, Jillian!”

“Thanks!!” she said as she started using the dash as her own personal drum kit.

For the next hour and a half, they listened to the new CD, replaying some of the songs, and talking about how great the harmonies were, how the lyrics were so graphic and detailed, and how great it must feel to just yell and scream the songs out!

It was great music, great laughs and some special time getting to know each other.

Mike didn’t know what he was thinking, but he was definitely thinking about Jillian in a different way than he was when he hung up from the phone with her this morning.

He wondered to himself if Jillian was thinking the same thing.

After a long last leg of the trip, where everyone was getting antsy and fidgety, they finally arrived at the Passage!!

Knowing this was the first time through for Mike and Sally; Jillian immediately took on the role of tour guide. With every small thing she pointed out to them, Mike smiled to himself because it was obvious how much the Passage meant to her. She looked so happy. She looked at home there.

The tour ended with them arriving at the Race Registration tent, where they picked up their numbers, their chips and a bag of SWAG that everyone gets. The hum of excitement was all around. There was music playing, lots of healthy, happy people were fleeting this way and that, all in anticipation of the weekend. Mike was officially excited!! And Sally was beside herself!

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