Wife and Hubby Enjoy Noon Threeway

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While many couples can’t seem to handle the complexities of an open marriage, the arrangement has worked fine for Allison and I. Perhaps it is because we are both bi and therefore almost automatically promiscuous and needing sex outside of wedlock for fulfillment or maybe because we have never had children and only have working and fucking on our agenda most weeks.

After 10 years it has become less of a surprise to come home to find her ass up on our sofa with her face buried in a neighborhood mom’s honeypot. And she isn’t shocked to see cumspots on my dressshirts where I couldn’t quite swallow some juicy cock’s load at the local pornshop. There have also been some heterosexual flings both ways as well. It has been a blast.

We do not classify ourselves as swingers because we don’t go to swing clubs, correspond for weeks before getting together or build any lasting relationships. We just want to meet our playthings at a bar or on Craigslist, get it on and move on to the next thing. Doesn’t mean we won’t try it again it you float our boat but for the most part we just want to use our fuck partners as sex toys.

Our latest fun came courtesy of Allison. She had called to have our hot tub repaired. She said a studly hunk of meat came over to take a quick look at the problem. It was raining so he was in a hurry and Allison didn’t have time for proper flirting but it must have been good enough to make her pussy wet for the return trip. He needed to get a part replaced and would be back Tuesday around 10 a.m.

“Why don’t halkalı eve gelen escort you find a reason to come home around 11 a.m. I might have a good lunch for you,” she said with lustful look in her eye as I went out the door to my salesjob.

I could barely keep from jacking off in the office bathroom as I imagined Allison having her way with this repairman. Finally, 11 a.m. came and I hurried home. I walked through the house to our fenced back yard and saw the repair guy’s tool belt and clothes on the deck, He was sitting naked on the side of the hot tub. Allison was in the tub with her lips wrapped around what looked to be a thick and juicy eight-inch cock.

I started shedding clothes quickly and snuck quietly out to the deck but the guy, turned and saw me. He didn’t act very startled but pulled Amy’s head off his dick long enough for her to say, “Hi honey, meet Rob. He has a great dick. We are making sure the hot tub is working properly.”

Rob just smiled at me as I stood there with my dress pants around ankles and my shirt partly open. Allison’s bong on the deck table along with our canister of kush and a bottle of wine partly explained why he was so calm. Being a teacher meant Allison could spend the summer drunk and stoned. She didn’t let a day go by without taking advantage of her summer freedom.

I went to spread out on a deck chair to enjoy the show, shedding my boxers and popping my 9-inch cock free as I went.

Allison kept on sucking Rob’s cock halkalı grup yapan escort as I slowly stroked my hardon. After a while my ass was hungry for attention. There was a small torpedo-shaped pool toy nearby that Allison bought for her nephews when they came over. It was just what my ass needed. I squirted some suntan lotion on my hands, rubbed it into my butt and started fucking myself with the little torpedo toy. A large dollop of pre-cum came out of my cock that I used to lubricate my hand. Allison noticed my state of horniness and invited me to her fantasy, “Here, come get your lunch,” she said motioning to Rob’s cock. “You don’t mind it he takes my place do you,” she asked Rob. “He is a confessed cocksucker .”

Rob was so horny he wouldn’t have minded who or what put his cock in their mouth. I tore off the remainder of my clothes and got in the tub with the torpedo toy still stuck up my ass as Allison moved to where she was standing over Rob’s face. She lowered her pussy onto his tongue and he licked her good, focusing on her erect clit that was sticking out wanting attention.

As I put my hands under his ass and lowered my mouth onto his cock, Allison found a better angle by standing on a planter and began grinding her wet pussy onto Rob’s face.

Rob had a great tasting cock and began moaning as I slowly moved his full length down my throat. I moved my hands from under his ass to his nipples tweaking his little buds above his firm, tanned six-pack ever halkalı masöz escort so slightly. As his large cockhead moved in and out of my lips he was giving me lots of good tasting pre-cum and I knew he was getting close so I pulled off and let him recover. This wasn’t my cock. He was here to fuck Allison.

After Rob brought her to the edge of orgasm with his tongue, Allison looked around at me and said, “You know what I need now.”

I did know what she needed. Cock and lots of it. Her all-time favorite thing was two cocks fucking her pussy at the same time and she was not going to let this opportunity go by without getting it.

Allison slid down onto Rob’s engorged penis and rode him reverse cowgirl for awhile before she laid back on his chest and spread her legs. I knew that was my cue. I told Rob to be cool as I pushed my cock into her already full pussy stretching her lips to the max. Rob and I slowly inched back and forth fucking her pussy and rubbing the sensitive sides of our cocks against each other at the same time.

I never last long doing this and was having trouble holding on to my cum. Rob didn’t help by reaching around and slowly moving the torpedo toy in and out of my fucking asshole. We did last long enough for Allison to have a mind-blowing orgasm almost passing out in the process. She screamed loud enough to confirm to all our neighbors that she is the neighborhood’s best fuck. Rob and I let go soon after that filling her pussy and greasing our cocks with loads of milky cum that leaked out of her and could be seen flowing into the clear warm water of the hot tub.

We wanted to play with Rob some more but he said he had another call he had to get to or he would be in big trouble.

Rob thanked Allison and I for the fun and said he hoped our hot tub broke down again soon. All I know is that fucker better not send us a bill after that experience.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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