Wife Surprises Husband

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I walk in to the bedroom and you surprise me by wearing your french maid outfit. It look amazing on you, accentuating your curves, highlighting your c-cup breasts and fine ass.

You tell me I am a dirty boy and that my body needs a little cleaning, so you start kissing me while we are standing and then moving to lick my ears which gives me chills. You then move to my neck and pull off my shirt to get to my nipples which you lick and suck and get them hard.

You then get on your knees and start rubbing me through my pants while pinching my hard nipples. You take off my pants and start sucking on me. It looks so good seeing you on your knees sucking me. You lick my shaft all over getting it nice and wet and then start slowly sucking the head into your mouth. You then start playing with my balls with your hands, lightly rolling them in your fingers. You lick a finger to get it wet and then move it my butt and leave it there putting a little pressure ostim escort on my hole.

At this point, you really speed up the sucking and add your hand to the base making me really hard and making me really want to cum. I tell you that I need to cum, so you pull off your top exposing your fabulous boobs, and mash them together covering my dick, jerking me off with your boobs and licking my tip on every stroke. You then continue sucking on me until I can’t take it anymore and cum all over you. You then put me back in your mouth making sure that I am completely emptied. But now you are hot and horny as hell and need some attention yourself.

I slowly take off the rest of the french maid uniform trailing light kisses down the front and back of your legs. I then tell you to get on the bed on all fours and hold on to the headboard with your ass facing me.

I slide myself under you and start licking your nipples, slowly making sıhhiye escort circles around them making them harder and then putting them in my mouth and sucking on them and making you moan, while lightly twisting the other nipple.

I start rubbing my thumb over your engorged clit, making you jump. I put two fingers inside you and start moving them in and out of your pussy. Once I have spent a couple of minutes on your nipples I would move lower to your already wet pussy. I would lightly kiss your stomach and legs, teasing you before making my way towards your pussy. I would flick my tongue across your clit to make you jump and then take long slow licks of your pussy starting from the bottom and working my way up towards your clit. when i get you very worked up i would put my tongue inside you and then suck on your clit.

You start moving up and down against my face, urging me go faster and deeper. I have to grab hold ankara escort of your plump ass cheeks to keep you in place on my face.

By this time you are moaning like crazy and I know you need to cum so I get your bunny. I put it inside you but I put the bunny ears by your butt hole and turn on the ears so you feel the vibrations in your butt. I know its just teasing you so I switch it around and put the bunny ears on your clit and leave them there while I am also licking your clit. Pretty soon you are getting close to cumming so I add a finger inside your pussy because I like feeling you cum and start sucking on your nipples again, because I know that helps you cum, and sure enough pretty soon you are cumming hard, and let lose a long content sigh.

By that time I am hard again so leaving you on all fours, I enter you quickly and start pounding away on you hard and fast, the way you like it. We do that for a while just me doing you hard and fast and grabbing hold of your butt and moving you in and out. Then we switch and you get on top of me putting your boobs in my face and making me suck on your nipples while you ride me. We stay like that until I finally cum inside you and we both fall back on the bed exhausted.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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