Willing Prey

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Melony peered through the sleet and snow, scouring the parking lot for any sign of Scarlett. When she didn’t find anything, she sunk back into her chair, sighed, and took another swig of hot chocolate.

She was sitting alone at a small table outside the coffee shop at Honeycreek Fashion Square, the local outdoor shopping mall and entertainment venue. She’d been there for over an hour, silently watching Christmas shoppers meander between shops, waiting for Scarlett to appear along the horizon. Every once in a while, she would consider packing up and leaving — if Scarlett was this late, what were the odds she would show up at all? — but something kept her frozen to the table. This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity; if Scarlett did materialize, Melony wanted to be right where she said she’d be.

“You sure you don’t want to come inside?” Melony perked up. The barista, a handsome blonde boy who’d been flirting with her, emerged from the coffee shop for the third time that day, rubbing his hands together in a futile attempt to keep warm. “We have several empty tables by the fireplace.”

Despite the bitter cold and wet, Melony bit her lip and shook her head no. She didn’t want anyone to overhear her conversation with Scarlett once she arrived. If she arrived. And besides, Melony planned on leaving in a few minutes. What would be the point of getting cozy by the fire, fumbling to make small talk with this handsome young man?

“What are you doing out here, anyway?” the barista asked. “It’s, like, twenty below freezing.”

“I’m… meeting someone,” Melony said.

“Something secret?”

“Something private.”

The barista slid into the seat across from her and wiggled his eyebrows. “Do tell.”

Melony hesitated. The truth was, she was waiting to be eaten alive by Scarlett Benson. She had texted Scarlett over a week ago, asking that they meet up today at noon. Melony never told Scarlett what she wanted, just that she had some sort of dirt on Scarlett and that they needed to talk. That dirt, of course, being the fact that Melony knew Scarlett was luring people down her throat and into her massive, gurgling belly. And if that’s what Scarlett was doing, Melony wanted to be sliding right down that throat with them.

The barista cocked an eyebrow, waiting for a response. Melony didn’t know what to say. Although it was socially acceptable, vore was technically illegal. And very few people who were eaten alive lived to tell the tale. Would talking about her voracious fantasies scare him off? Would he even believe her if she told him? Would he try to stop her if he did? Did his opinion matter, anyway? When you’re waiting to be eaten alive, does anything else really matter?

“Well,” Melony finally said, blushing furiously, “today’s actually a very special day. Today’s the day I’m going to be eaten.”

The barista nodded slowly. His tone turned from playful to serious. “‘Eaten’ as in ‘eaten out’ or ‘eaten alive?'”

Melony laughed a little too hard. “Eaten alive. If my date ever shows up.”

“I see.” He leaned back in his chair. “And this predator friend of yours… do you trust them?”

“We’ve never actually met before.”

“So, you met online?”

“No, but we both attend Volcett University. I’ve been stalking her for months. Take a look at this.”

Melony pulled a video up on her phone. A grainy image of a girl standing in a school hallway appeared on-screen. It looked as though Melony had recorded a recording of an old security tape. “This is Scarlett Benson,” Melony said, pointing to the girl on-screen. “Now watch.”

The video was shaky and out of focus, but the barista seemed to be able to make out the majority of what was going on. On-screen, the girl — Scarlett — led another figure, who appeared from off-camera, through the hallway and into a door on the left (“That’s the girls’ bathroom,” Melony explained). A few minutes later, the girl reemerged from the bathroom, lugging a giant, thrashing belly behind her.

Melony put her phone away and waited for the barista’s reaction.

“So, you’re blackmailing her?”

“Well, yeah,” Melony said. “It’s the only way to guarantee I’ll be eaten.”

“And if she doesn’t show up?”

“Then I’ll post the video online. Or tip off the police.”

“And you’re sure you wanna do this?”

Melony shifted in her seat. She wanted to tell him how much she longed to be eaten. How every fiber of her being was screaming to be devoured. She wanted to tell him that her body needed nothing more than to be snug in the tight embrace of Scarlett’s stomach walls, digesting away into the food she was always meant to be.

But instead, she nodded slowly. “Yes.”

“Pity,” the barista said, leaning back in his chair. “If you weren’t gonna be eaten, I’d see if you wanted to… you know.”

Heat rushed to Melony’s face. “I’ll give her a few more minutes,” Melony said. “But if she doesn’t show up…” She trailed off.

The barista flashed a cocky, arrogant grin as bursa escort he stood. “Well, I should get back to work. If you happen to live to see tomorrow…” He swiped Melony’s coffee cup, scribbled his name and number across the rim, and slid the cup back to Melony. “…give me a call.”

“Derek Barnes?” Melony read aloud. But by the time she looked up, Derek was already halfway inside the warmth of the coffee shop, letting the door shut behind him.

A few minutes passed before Melony checked her phone again. 1:27. Three more minutes, she decided, before she would give up on Scarlett. Maybe she could do some window shopping before she left. That would give her a chance to hover around the table, on the off-chance Scarlett decided to show up. Or maybe she would text Derek and see if he wanted to catch a movie after work. Melony’s parents weren’t expecting her home until Saturday, when Christmas break officially began, and her roommate, who knew about her vore fetish, wasn’t expecting her back, period, so no one would worry if she wound up spending the night with him. Then, the next day, she could post the video she was blackmailing Scarlett with. Surely that would get her on Scarlett’s radar. It might even get Scarlett angry enough to hunt her down like the food she truly was. Melony smiled at the thought.

Hardening her resolve, Melony took one last swig of hot chocolate and was just about to get up when a low rumble shook the table. Several people turned to look as a college-aged girl in a navy-blue biker’s jacket, riding a Harley, peeled into the parking lot and skidded, unnecessarily, into a handicap space. The girl peeled off her helmet, revealing a mane of flaming red hair and a striking, but wicked, face. Scarlett Benson. Her ginormous tits strained against her blood-red muscle shirt. Her hawk-like eyes scanned the plaza before zeroing in on Melony, and she stalked forward.

“Scarlett?” Melony stood so quickly she almost spilled her drink. “Hi, I’m Melony. We’ve never met, but I’m the one who –“

Scarlett shoved Melony back into her seat as she strode into the coffee shop and forced her way to the front of the line.

Melony’s pussy throbbed as she watched Scarlett through the frosted shop window. She knew she should have been mad, or hurt, or insulted, but she wasn’t. She was just… aroused. Her eyes trailed down to Scarlett’s stomach. A shiver ran down Melony’s spine and she had to suppress a moan as she imagined being trapped inside that perfect belly, digesting away into the food she was meant to be. Her eyes pressed shut. Her fingers trailed down to her crotch. Maybe, Melony thought as she tickled her pussy through the thin fabric of her jeans, she’d become even more fat along Scarlett’s big, juicy tits… Or maybe she would gurgle away into nothing, just another snack to be digested and forgotten…

“Enjoying yourself?”

Melony’s eyes shot open. Scarlett was sprawled out in the seat across from her; a knowing, crocodile grin spread across her face.

“Don’t worry, no one else saw you,” Scarlett said, kicking her combat boots on the table and leaning so far back in her chair it looked like she would topple over. “So, Mallory –“

“Melony,” Melony corrected, trying to calm her throbbing heart.

“Whatever,” Scarlett spat. “You said you’d make this worth my while.”

“Uh, yeah, I’ll get to the point.” Melony pulled her hand from between her legs and continued. “You’re a predator. An unregistered predator.”

Scarlett cocked an eyebrow.

“Take a look at this.” Melony pulled up the video on her phone — the same video she had shown Derek and had masturbated to more times than she would care to admit — and slid it across the table.

Scarlett watched the video, unphased. “Delete,” she announced as she deleted the video and tossed the phone back to Melony. Her focus returned to her own phone.

“I have backups at home,” Melony said flatly.

“Backups no one will find if I just eat you.”

“That’s the plan.”

Looking up with renewed interest, Scarlett set her phone face down on the table and leaned forward. “You want to be eaten?”

Melony nodded.

Scarlett took a long draw of cappuccino. God, that throat looked inviting. Melony’s pussy tingled as she imagined replacing that drink; sliding down the warm, wet tube and plopping into Scarlett’s stomach, digesting away into nothing.

“Never had a runt like you ask to be eaten before.”

“So, you’ll do it?”

Hunger gleamed in Scarlett’s eyes. “Would you like a demonstration?”

Melony glanced around the shopping plaza. No one was paying them any mind. “Sure.”

A wicked grin flashed across Scarlett’s face. Leaning across the table, Scarlett took Melony’s hand and laced their fingers together. Pinpricks of excitement ran up Melony’s vulva as Scarlett pulled Melony across the table. Even from here, Melony could smell the noxious combination of whisky and cappuccino lingering on Scarlett’s breath.

“Do çanakkale escort you trust me?” Scarlett asked.

She didn’t. Nothing about those black, soulless eyes garnered any semblance of trust. But if this is what it took to be eaten…

Guiding Melony’s hand to her mouth, Scarlett took one of Melony’s fingers and pressed it against her lips. Then, without a word, Scarlett slid Melony’s index finger into her mouth. Melony bit back a groan. Scarlett’s eyes fluttered with something that could only be interpreted as erotic thrill as she pulled a second, and then a third finger into her mouth.

Oh God, Melony thought. Oh God, oh God, oh God! The cold that tore at her frostbitten fingers slowly dissipated, replaced with a warm, tingling sensation that ran down her body and into her pussy. Scarlett gulped again, and Melony’s hand slid further back into her mouth until Melony’s fingers were practically tickling the back of Scarlett’s throat.

And then Scarlett swallowed.

Melony moaned as the tight, wet sensation rocketed through her body. Scarlett released Melony’s hand with an audible pop, and Melony collapsed on the table.

“Did you like that?” Scarlett asked, though her smile suggested she already knew the answer.

“Y-yes,” Melony answered between breaths. Her head was spinning. Her cunt was gushing wet.

Another crocodile grin spread across Scarlett’s face. “And you’re sure you want to continue?”

“Yes,” Melony repeated.

“This will be fun.” Scarlett took Melony by the wrist and yanked her away from the table. “I’ve never had a willing meal before.”

“Well, I hope I’ll be filling,” Melony said, as Scarlett drug her through the plaza. “We wouldn’t want a big, strapping predator like you to go hungry now, would we?”

Scarlett didn’t answer but, somehow, Melony knew she was smiling.

The sound of boots sloshing through the sleet and snow reminded Melony of how she would sound settling inside Scarlett’s belly. An electric jolt of pleasure ran up her spine. Soon, she thought as she glanced down at Scarlett’s stomach, she would be trapped inside that perfect belly, warm and wet, gurgling away like the food she was.

“Here we are,” Scarlett announced, stopping in front of a large department store. Despite the bitter cold, Melony’s cheeks burned red. Was she really going to do this? Was she ready to give up her life, her entire being, just because she was food?

“Well, what are you waiting for?” Scarlett prodded Melony forward. “Get in!”

Several people glanced their way as Melony stumbled through the doors. Scarlett, as though frustrated by Melony’s clumsiness, took Melony by the arm and yanked her towards Women’s Fashion. Melony’s heartbeat thundered in her ears as they weaved between tops, bottoms, and lingerie. As they passed a clearance rack, Melony swiped a pair of jeans and Scarlett shoved her into the dressing room.

“What’s with the pants?” Scarlett asked once they were tucked away in the safety of the dressing room. “There’s no way those are going to fit either one of us.”

“I’m trying not to draw too much attention,” Melony said, casting the jeans aside. “If you leave without anything to try on, you might get some really awkward questions.”

“I’m going to get some really awkward questions anyway,” Scarlett said, “considering how big my belly’s going to be.”

An electric pulse of pleasure shot down Melony’s spine.

“You look absolutely delicious,” Scarlett purred, running her fingers through Melony’s long, dark hair. “Last chance to back out.”

Melony glanced at the dressing room door and shook her head no. She wanted to curl up inside Scarlett like a sleeping bag. She wanted to be swallowed and contained and kept.

“Then let’s begin.” Scarlett lunged forward, knocking Melony to the ground. Melony landed flat on her back; her legs splayed out like a bitch in heat.

“It’ll be easier for me to digest you,” Scarlett explained, dropping to her knees, “if you’re naked.”

Melony shuttered in delight. Scarlett tore off Melony’s jacket and tossed it across the room. The sudden chill made Melony’s tits jut out, hard enough to cut through solid glass. Hurry up, Scarlett! As much as she wanted this moment to last forever, Melony was ready to be swallowed alive. She was just food after all. It was her duty to be eaten.

Scarlett yanked down Melony’s panties, exposing her wet, throbbing cunt to the cold, stagnant air. Melony’s heart thundered in her chest. Juices ran up and down her shaven clit and Scarlett flashed a wicked grin.

“Looks like someone’s a little excited,” Scarlett mocked, rubbing Melony’s cunt. Melony bit back a moan and Scarlett drew her sticky fingers to her lips and sucked. She swirled the juices around in her mouth until, finally, she drew out her fingers with an audible pop! “Delicious!” she announced. “You will make a fine meal for me.”

“P-please,” Melony whimpered, trying — and failing — to fight çankırı escort off her arousal. “Eat me. I can’t wait anymore!”

Without another word, Scarlett leaned forward and wrestled Melony’s feet up to her mouth. Scarlett’s mouth unhinged like a serpent’s and before she knew what was happening, Melony’s toes were sliding into the dark, moist cavity before her. Warm, wet saliva pooled around her feet and Melony couldn’t help herself. Her body spasmed. Scarlett had to wrestle her back down to the ground to pull her in another few inches.

“S-sorry,” Melony moaned. Another dribble of cold arousal slid down her thighs and pinpricks of gooseflesh appeared along her cunt. The cheap, dry carpet clawed at her backside as Scarlett pulled her down another foot. God, this felt wonderful! The esophagus clamped around Melony’s feet as it rippled; the throat pushing and shoving her deeper down its tract. Just seeing her body, sliding down that warm, tight opening, drove Melony towards the brink of orgasm.

Scarlett swallowed again. Melony’s hands slid down to her pussy lips and she began thrusting her fingers in and out, in and out… I am just food, she reminded herself as she worked herself into a frenzy. I am being eaten. I belong to Scarlett. I have no identity beyond being meat. I deserve to be swallowed alive. I am food…

An explosive orgasm rocketed through Melony’s body. Her back arced. Her toes curled. A torrent of pussy juices pelted Scarlett’s face. Scarlett recoiled but pulled Melony in another few inches. For the first time, Melony could feel her toes grazing the soft, squishy recesses of Scarlett’s stomach walls. Scarlett’s belly stretched to accommodate its newest meal and Melony could feel the warm, tingling sensation of digestive juices pooling around her feet. Another wave of pleasure ravished the back of her mind and soon, Scarlett was pulling Melony in further.

“Th-thank you for doing this.” Melony moaned as Scarlett lapped up the juices dribbling from her cunt. “I-I am just food… I deserve to be eaten…”

The muscles around Scarlett’s face twitched and, somehow, Melony knew she was smiling. Scarlett swallowed again. Her throat widened, wrapping itself around Melony’s waist. The rest of Melony’s legs fell into the stomach and folded up on themselves; her torso sliding deeper into Scarlett’s mouth. Scarlett took a moment to nibble on Melony’s breasts as they passed by, giving each nipple a bit of attention as she clamped her mouth around them. A dry, metallic taste flooded Melony’s senses. Scarlett drew Melony deeper and soon, only Melony’s head remained outside the mouth.

Scarlett gulped one last time — the rancid smell of whisky and cappuccino lingering on her breath — and pulled Melony in those last few, crucial inches. The rest of Melony’s body slid out of Scarlett’s throat and into the pool of waiting digestive juices below.

The stomach pulsed around her, throbbing like a pussy desperate to draw a cock deeper. Melony’s entire body rocketed with pleasure. Melony plunged her fingers between the wet folds of her pussy lips. She wanted her last sensation to be rubbing herself to orgasm while she digested away like the food she was always meant to be. Juices seeped inside her cunt; her pussy throbbed with desire; her fingers thrust in and out, in and out…

Finally, she came and Melony felt more satisfied than she’d ever felt in her life. She took a few moments to catch her breath, then curled up into the fetal position. The sound of Scarlett’s heartbeat echoed in her ears, rhythmic and soothing, and a warm, tickling sensation pooled around Melony’s body — stomach acid that would be used to digest her away. As her eyes fluttered open and closed, Melony yawned, propped her head against the inside of Scarlett’s stomach wall, and found herself being lulled to sleep.

An erotic moan of pleasure came from outside. Scarlett’s body shuttered around her before Scarlett spoke. “You-you realize that if you fa-” Scarlett had to catch her breath, “fall asleep, you’ll probably never wake up again?”

Melony snuggled deeper into Scarlett’s stomach and smiled.

She wouldn’t have it any other way.

* * *

Scarlett pulled her fingers from between her pussy lips and let the last of her juices dribble onto the carpeted floor. Her heart was racing and her breathing was ragged. From somewhere deep inside her, that little slut — Melody or Melanie or whatever her name was — started settling down.

For the past few minutes, there had been panting; moaning; squirming emanating from inside Scarlett’s stomach walls. That delicious little snack must have been playing with herself. But Scarlett couldn’t blame her. After all, she had been playing with herself, too.

Licking her lips, Scarlett remembered just how perfect that little slut had tasted on her tongue. She would never admit it but Mallory had been the perfect meal: sexy, willing, tasty, submissive; everything she craved in her prey and more. It would be difficult to find another little snack like that.

As her eyes fluttered open and closed, Scarlett noticed, out of the corner of her eye, Mellie’s discarded coffee cup. Scribbled along the rim was a name and number, surrounded by three hearts. Derek Barnes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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