Winter Heat

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Last winter, an early snowstorm allowed me to experience one of the greatest nights of my life. The weatherman had predicted only flurries but once again Mother Nature had the last say. The company I work for isn’t too large so everyone knows each other. We all kid with each other and nothing is ever taken too seriously. One of the women that I work with is Christine. She is divorced and has been working at the company for about twenty years. She is a few years older than me. I think she’s 48 and I’m 36. She’s tall, about 5’8″, a little on the heavy side, but not fat, she’s solid. Her tits are average, not too big and not too small.

I’d say that if a woman wanted to pick a size for her tits, she would pick Christine’s. Christine’s hips are the kind that when you look at them you just want to have the opportunity to hold them. They flare out at the hipbone and curve smoothly to her thighs. Her arms are taught, almost muscular. Her fingers are long. Her hair is blond and cut just at her shoulders. Her makeup is always tastefully put on and the perfume she wears is soft and sweet, never too heavy. Of all the women at our place, Christine wears the best pair of pants. At times they seem to be painted on. From her waist to her calves you can tell what is underneath.

Sometimes you can see the lines of her panties and on some days there are no lines to be seen. From the backside, the roundness of her ass is obvious. Each cheek defined by a line that shows where her ass stops and her thighs begin. As with her hips, you just want to go up to her and cup your hands under each cheek and hold them, squeeze them. Sometimes, when she would bend over and then stand up, her pants would crawl up in between her cheeks and stay like that until quitting time. From the front is where Christine shows what she is made of.

No matter what pair of jeans she wears, they always, always, climb up inside of her pussy. The two mounds, created by the separation of her cunt’s lips, are visible from quite a distance. The closer she is to you, the wider the split of her pussy. She never attempts to do anything to stop this from happening. We assume that she doesn’t know or doesn’t care.

As we left work we all could tell that this was going to be a heavy snowfall despite the forecast. Christine was parked across the street from me. We were all helping each other clean off our cars, so I went to help Christine. ” Thanks for coming over to help Stewart,” she said. ” No problem Christine. Looks like the weatherman blew it again. We already have a couple of inches,” I told her. ” Yeah, and I don’t have my snow tires on yet,” she said, sounding kind of worried. ” I hate driving in the snow and that just makes me more nervous.”

“Just take your time and you’ll do fine. I don’t have my snows on yet either, but if you go at your own speed you shouldn’t have any problems.” I tried to talk to her in a confident tone but I could see she was hesitant to drive. ” Well,” she responded, ” there isn’t much I can do. I have to get home some how. Wish me luck.” I said good luck and turned to go to my car. I looked back at her and I knew that she was going to have problems. I went back to her car and she rolled down the window so I could talk to her.

As I leaned into her car I could smell her perfume mixing with the cold, fresh air. She had opened her jacket. She had gotten sweated up from cleaning off her car and had unbuttoned her blouse just enough so that I could see the tops of her tits and the pink bra that was holding them in. She looked up at me with her round, worried eyes. ” Look,” I said. “Why don’t I follow you home just to make sure you get there. We take the same way home so it’s not that far out of my way. How does that sound?”

“Would you do that for me Stu? That’s so nice. I would feel a lot better if you did that. Are you sure you don’t mind?” She had a big smile on her face. Her small mouth showed her larger than normal front teeth. They were as white as the snow that was falling. It made her smile more genuine and very sexy. ” I don’t mind at all,” I said. “So. Are you ready to get going? Just take your time and remember I’ll be behind you all the way.” She drove at a very slow pace. It was easy to see that she wasn’t comfortable driving. It took us almost three times the time that it should have to reach her house. When she had parked she ran over to my car.

“Oh thank you so much for doing this Stu,” she said. ” I don’t think I would have made it alone. I’ve been doing things by myself for a long time now. It felt so great to have a man helping me.” She leaned in through the window of my car, reached in with her left hand and gave me a hug around the neck. I could smell her perfume more strongly now and I could feel the warmth of her neck on mine. She let go and gave me a soft kiss on the cheek. As she leaned back out of the window I could sense my dick getting hard. I had never felt sexually attracted to her, but seeing her reaction to my small act of kindness had turned me on.

My pecker continued to harden so much that it pushed beşevler escort against my pants and started to hurt. She waved and turned to go to her house. I watched as those skin-tight pants rocked back and forth. I adjusted my hard dick in my pants so that it was pointing up and felt the warm fluid that had leaked out start to get very cold. I quickly rolled up my window and started to leave. Or so I thought. I got stuck before I got started. I was on an incline and I was going nowhere fast. Christine hadn’t gotten inside yet so she came back to my car to see what was wrong.

“Having a little problem?” she asked.

I was outside of my car evaluating the situation. “Looks like I’m stuck,” I said. “I’ll try to rock it out.” I was going to get back into my car when she grabbed me by the arm.

She looked at me and said, “Why don’t you wait until the plows get out here. You’ll never get up this hill anyways. Why don’t you come inside and get warm while you wait. I can fix us something. Let it be my way of thanking you for what you did for me. I feel responsible for getting you stuck too.”

She looked at me with pleading eyes and I knew she was right. I wouldn’t get out until they plowed her street. I looked at my car again and turned towards her.

“I guess you’re right. I’m not going anywhere right now.” She smiled that wide smile and said, “Good. Let’s get inside and get warm.” I followed her inside and we took our snow covered jackets and shoes off. Her house was toasty warm; in fact it was hot. I said to her, ” You don’t like the cold, do you? I’d go broke if I kept my apartment this warm.”

” I like it warm,” she said. ” I love the summer, hate the winter. I keep the heat up so I don’t have to stay bundled up in here. The fewer clothes that I have to wear the happier I am. Why don’t you make yourself comfortable and I’ll be right back.” With that she went upstairs and I sat on her couch and turned on the television. I found the weather channel and they had now changed their tune. We were in for a real storm. I flipped to the local news and they said that a possible snow emergency might go into effect. This was not what I had expected to hear.

As I continued to listen to the news, Christine came down the stairs to join me. When I looked up I was surprised to see what she had changed into. She was now wearing a pair of shorts and the top of a bikini swimsuit. I blinked my eyes to keep them inside of my head. ” I told you I don’t like the cold,” she said smiling at me. ” I keep it this warm so that I can dress like this. It helps me forget about the winters here. I feel like I’m a thousand miles away on a warm, sunny island.”

This was the first time I had seen Christine’s legs. They were long and surprisingly tanned from the passing summer. The shorts that she was wearing came to the middle of her thighs. I could see her thigh muscle where it attached to her knee. Her calves looked smooth and firm. When she turned around to sit in the chair across from me I could see the backs of her legs. Her thighs were tight, the insides coming ever so close to each other, almost touching. They were separated by a small amount of space. She bent over to adjust a pillow on the chair she was about to sit in. Her shorts rode up and some of the material disappeared into the crack of her ass, just as her jeans would. I thought it was hot before but it was getting a lot hotter now.

As she started to sit I prayed that she would be a lady, but she wasn’t. Instead of crossing her legs like a woman she crossed them like a man. The loose fitting shorts that she was wearing gave me a wonderful view far down towards the hottest part in the room. I could see the tendon of her thigh stretched and taught. I could feel the head of my dick swelling in my pants again. That one-eyed snake wanted to see what I was seeing. There was no way I could hide the bulge in my pants. I tried to get my mind out from between her legs and talk about the weather.

“They say that it’s going to get worse before it gets better,” I said.

She smiled and said, “Aren’t you glad I told you to come inside. It’s too dangerous to be out there now. Its better to wait it out here where you’re safe, isn’t it?” She never looked at the news but constantly had her eyes on me. I felt as if I was under a heat lamp. My armpits were wet and I could feel beads of sweat building on my forehead. Was I safe with her? That was the question.

“I guess you’re right,” I said. Boy its hot in here,” I blurted out. She laughed loudly and sat back in her chair. As she leaned back she brought her feet up and placed them at the outer edges of the cushion. When she did this, her shorts slid down on her thighs towards her ass. The material between her legs was quickly swallowed up inside her pussy. The bulges of the lips of her pussy had never seemed so big, so close. I don’t know how long I stared between her legs before I finally realized what I was doing.

When I finally caught myself I looked up and saw Christine looking at me and beypazarı escort smiling. Before I could say something she said, ” If you’re too hot I can lower the temp or you can do what I do and dress, or undress, for the situation.” With that she got up and came towards me. Her shorts stayed up inside of her as she neared. ” If you’re warm, why don’t you take off this heavy shirt,” she said, in a very sexy voice that I had never heard come from her. Christine bent over in front of me and without saying more, started to unbutton my shirt. Her tits were barely staying inside of her bra.

As she bent more, I could see how round they were. Her hard nipples were visible, each one pushing the material away, trying to gain their freedom. I sat there almost hypnotized as she took my shirt off. The smell of her perfume, and the dusting of powder, was intoxicating. She leaned over more and put her cheek to mine. Holding it there she said softly into my ear. ” My, you still haven’t cooled down. You’re still hot. Why don’t I take off your t-shirt.” She reached behind me, pressing her tits into my face. I could hear her moan quietly as she gently rubbed her nipples over my lips and began to take off my t-shirt. When she had it off, she put her hands over my nipples. Her fingers lightly caressed my nipples making them as hard as b-bees.

“Don’t you feel much better now?” she asked. I looked into hers eyes and told her, “I’m sure I would feel better if I knew where this is all leading to.” Continuing in that sexy voice she said. ” Why, I’m taking you where you’ve wanted to go for a long time Stu. Make it easy for both of us, won’t you? Right now you want to have me just as much as I want to have you. Let’s make it great for both of us, ok?”

I listened to what she had said and I knew she was right. My mind raced, knowing what would be in store for me, and then I reacted. I stood up, reached around her neck and felt for the knot that would release her tits from their prison of cloth. As I undid the knot and brought her bra down her tits fell and bounced with freedom. As I leaned forward Christine arched her back and brought her tits to my mouth. Her hard nipples were out as far as they could go, searching for something to excite them. I placed my lips over them, licking softly.

My tongue circled each nipple, going around and around at their base. I could feel the skin around them pucker and rise. I sucked softly, taking only the nipple into my mouth. I then held her tits in my hand, lifting them up so that I could then take as much as I could into my mouth and suck on them. Christine stayed motionless, not wanting to upset what I was doing to her. She moaned quietly with pleasure keeping her back arched to bring her chest to me. She rubbed her pussy against my hard cock. As I continued to play with her tits I reached around her and felt for her sweet ass.

When my hands went under her pants legs and reached their goal I could feel why her ass looked so good. Her ass was solid, tight and smooth. It was like trying to squeeze a basketball. I dug my fingers into her ass and pulled her cheeks apart as far as I could. She moaned louder as she felt the opening of her ass expand. She tilted her hips back and her cheeks spread even wider. I thought she would rip apart but she continued to push her ass back and moan with pleasure. She slowly pulled her tits from my mouth and brought her hands up to hold my face.

She looked at me with her large round eyes and smiled that sexy, toothy smile at me. She placed her soft lips to mine and gently kissed me. She used only her lips at first to explore my face. She brought her body as close to mine as she could and kissed me all over. She then held my head, put her lips to mine again, and pushed her tongue inside as far as she could. I met hers with mine and they danced and fought inside each of our mouths. My dick ached, as I wanted to feel her soft warm mouth cover my throbbing cock.

She finally pulled her mouth from mine and said, “I think its time we made our way upstairs to my bedroom.” As we went up the stairs, Christine reached back and grabbed the legs of her shorts. With one quick yank she pulled them up so that the cheeks of her ass were in front of me to grab. As I felt them she said to me, ” You guys at work really like to look at my ass, don’t you? It turns me on knowing that you like what you see. I’m older than most of you guys but I still have a body. It likes everything a younger girl likes, maybe even more. My body still functions, you know. I still get wet between the legs. I know how to suck a dick. You’re generation didn’t invent it. I can still have an orgasm. Do you think you can make me have an orgasm Stu?”

Hearing her talk to me like that was getting me hotter for her. To hear an older woman talk dirty always turned me on. When we got to the top of the steps I reached around her and held her tits. Her nipples had softened a little but when they felt my touch they hardened immediately. I turned her around and kissed her. I said to her, ankara escort ” I’ll make you never forget this day Christine. I’ll make you cum like you never did before. You’ll beg for me to stop and then you’ll beg me to keep on going.” I slowly pushed her against the wall, took my hand and felt up underneath the legs of her shorts.

Christine was soaking wet. I felt the wet, matted hair that surrounded the slit of her pussy. I felt each of her blood-swollen lips that had always teased me from within her jeans. I spread her lips and slowly pushed my finger inside of her. We were both staring deeply into each other’s eyes. Her breathing was heavy but controlled. She repositioned herself against the wall. She spread her legs and squatted down just a bit. I pulled her shorts to the side more and then inserted a second finger.

Christine closed and opened her eyes and licked her lips. She now began to breath through her mouth. With our eyes still locked I put a third finger into her. Christine let out a short, soft squeal and bit down on her lower lip. I could feel the muscles inside of her cunt tighten around my fingers. Christine kept her eyes wide open, looking at me, as she began to rock her hips on my hand.

She looked at me and said, “Make me cum Stu. Please. I need to have a man make me cum.” I pushed my fingers in as far as I could. I felt her cervix and softly played with it. As I stroked it she began to move her hips faster. I easily began to pump my fingers in and out of her cunt. She quickly matched my movements with her hips. She closed her eyes and concentrated on what she was feeling. I bent down and began to suck on her tits. She let out a surprised whimper as her senses took in the stimulation. Her pussy tightened around my fingers as she built her way up to orgasm. I could feel her body begin to vibrate deep inside as her first orgasm took over her body.

She moaned louder and louder as each wave went through her. She closed her legs tightly around my hand, the muscles of her thighs tightening and relaxing as her body convulsed with pleasure. The sound of her body hitting against the wall made me want to fuck her even more. The drumming sound getting louder and faster as her body responded to what it felt. I drew my lips from her tits so that I could watch her cum. Her tits shook up and down as her legs muscles convulsed. She opened her eyes to look at me and smile as each wave went through her. She closed them again and moaned even louder as she came and came.

As the effect started to leave her she softly said, “Oh no, please don’t stop. Keep going, please.” Her mind wanted more but her body had had enough at this time. Her rocking slowed and the tightness in her cunt began to lessen. She slowly sank down to sit on the floor, her leg muscles weak from exertion. I pulled my fingers from her pussy and brought them up to my nose. She smelled so good. She watched as I put my fingers in my mouth and sucked her juices from them. She smiled up at me and said, “There’s more where that came from.”

“I can’t wait to eat from your pussy,” I said. “This little bit tastes so good. But first, when you’re ready, you’re going to eat my cock, right?” I pulled down my pants and held my stiff cock in my hand and shook it at her. She smiled and licked her lips, her chest still heaving up and down from her heavy breathing. ” I’ve wanted to put a big cock in my mouth again for a long time. I was told that I was quite good at it. I hope I haven’t lost my touch.”

” I can’t wait to find out,” I said. I reached down and took hold of her hands. I pulled her up close to me and we embraced. She put her arms around my neck and kissed me as if she loved me more than anything at that moment. I stepped out of my pants, which were down around my ankles, and watched her as she pulled her shorts off. She lifted each hip from side to side, the way all women do, to make it easier to slide them down. She had no panties on and I finally gazed at her snatch with my eyes. The hair was a little darker than the blond hair on her head.

So she wasn’t a real blond after all. Who cares? She had shaved it neatly on the sides and top; a distinct edge outlined her entire pubic area. I could see small curls of hair just at the top of her opening. The hair around her slit was matted and darker in color due to her juices and my fingers. At the bottom, a few long hairs stretched down towards the floor. She looked at me and smiled because she knew that she was pleasing to look at. I reached out and softly touched her pussy with my fingers. I didn’t put them into her this time. I wanted to just touch her. She reached out and softly held my throbbing dick in her hand. When she first touched my cock it immediately jumped up in the air. She had to be quick in order to not loose her grip.

She held it softly and stoked its entire shaft. With her other hand she reached between my legs and held my balls. They were hanging quite far because of the heat in the house. I felt as she held each one in between her fingers. She was gentler with me than I ever was with myself. A drop of clear fluid was now at the hole of my dick. She slowly squeezed the head of my cock to bring more of the fluid out. It slowly began to roll down the head of my dick. She smeared the slippery solution over the entire head of my cock with her thumb and index finger.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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