Witch’s Journal Ch. 02

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My heart is pounding as I curl up my tiny body further onto the furry tummy of my huge teddy bear. Well, huge to me since I’m only four inches tall, currently. And naked.

“It’s so dark… I don’t think she’s in here…” Becka is whispering and sounds a bit nervous.

“No? You think she’s gone?” Jeremy, also whispering. The light flips on and I pull the fur around me as much as I can.

“Yeah, her bed is still made and there’s her teddy. She’s not home, probably stayed out again reading at the cafe.”

Please please please just turn around and leave. I mean, why are they in here to begin with?

“Hey… have you ever done it in her room?” Jeremy gives a low, seductive whisper.

“No… and I don’t know. I mean… yeah, we were gonna ask her to join but she’s not here…” There’s a hint of reluctance to her suggestion, like she didn’t really want to leave. Wait… she was… they were… gonna ask me to…

“Well, if she’s not here, and since you’ve never done it here… do you wanna?” His voice is suggestive, and I can see them now, both slowly entering my room and they’re naked. He’s behind her and he’s kissing her neck. Oh, they’re gonna do it in my room.

She doesn’t respond but allows him to move her closer to the bed. Oh shit… I think they’re gonna see me… please don’t let them see me.

He bends her over and she plants her hands on my bed, her body casting a shadow over me. Gods her tits are HUGE and they’re heavy and swaying just inches above me. I hear her moan as he slides a finger inside her and I can hear how sopping wet she is. Fuck her nipple is as big as my head.

I look down toward where they are standing and can see that massive cock starting to harden as he uses both hands on her, one with finger inside her and the other on her clit. This dude knows what he’s doing, I’ll give him that.

“Mmmmm… Jeremy… fuck… that feels… yeah… just like that…” Becka’s voice is so cute when it’s heavy with lust. It’s cute anyway but especially so now that I’m hearing how turned on she is and watching her giant nipple sway back and forth travesti istanbul above me.

“Oh… please… please put it in… I need it…” She pleads and I can, in my mind’s eye, see those cute pouty lips that I’ve wanted to kiss since forever.

I can’t believe I’m watching this. I mean, I can, because I am, but, dear reader, this is both terrifying and electrifyingly arousing. I can only describe how wet and turned on I am with my thoughts on these pages since they only record what I hear and see and think.

My roommate, the crush I’ve had since we met, is having sex, in my room, over my teddy bear, which I’m laying on as a four inch tall little voyeur. I mean… I’m scared of being discovered but I’m also so incredibly turned on. My pussy is a bit raw from how much I rubbed it, I can only imagine how she feels getting pounded repeatedly by that monster cock. Still, this is like a dream come true… or wait… maybe I am dreaming… OW… nope, not dreaming.

“Fuck me… oooohhhhh fuck fuck fuck…” Her moans and squeals are timed with the slapping of their bodies together as he buries his cock in her, slamming it, causing her massive tits to sway violently.

I feel the bed shift as she grips the blanket and buries her face into it, pressing her ginormous breast onto teddy, the giant nipple pressing against my tiny body. Oh my gods… this is happening.

I can’t help it… I am presented with this giant nipple pressed against me and it’s like my dream is becoming real. I spread my little legs and grip the nipple with my hands, guiding it against my itty bitty dripping sex, rubbing it and it feels absolutely fucking divine. I can feel the vibrations of him pounding into her through her shaking breast and it’s too much for my feeble willpower.

I fuck her nipple with reckless abandon, my tiny body frantically writhing against it, hearing her moan out as she’s ploughed by Jeremy’s huge cock and I don’t care about anything else except getting off.

“I’m gonna… I’m… fuck…CUMMING!!!” Becka screams out as I feel her body spasm, her giant breast pressing istanbul travestileri down shuddering against my tiny body. Me too girl, me too…. I also scream out but it’s muffled by her tit.

He doesn’t stop and she keeps shuddering, keeps cumming and so do I. I am helpless to our mutual lust, unable to do anything but grip that huge nipple between my little legs and fuck it like it’s my job. I’m raw, wet, aching and yet it’s the most pleasurable experience of my whole life.

I can smell their sex, my sex, that delicioius strawberry lotion she puts on that drives me absolutely wild. I am buried in an avalanche of breast flesh and I would happily die here amidst my countless orgasms. Her nipple is soaked with my juices and I’m light-headed.

“I’m gonna flip you over…” His words are also muffled to me because I am happily buried in tit flesh, but they register if a bit too late. My whole world spins as, out of reflex, I cling to the nipple and breast as he flips her over quickly, violently and her arm had also inadvertently caught teddy.

I am bathed in light as the bear flies off the bed. I am not thrown as far, colliding with her other breast and then falling between them. He didn’t even have to pull out of her… fuck this guy is good.

She doesn’t even notice me… but he does. He grins as he looks down at me and pounds ferociously into her, one hand on her hip and his other sliding up so that big thumb presses against her clit.

He watches me with those delicious green eyes and I’m hopelessly lost. Her boobs are slick with sweat and I’m bombarded with the swaying and rocking of them but I’ve never been happier. She’s lost in her own orgasmic bliss and I, emboldened by my new position, under the approving gaze of this giant man, start masturbating, right there.

I’ve never done anything like this in front of anyone else, dear reader, so this is all new to me and I’m nervous but that nervousness is lost amidst a sea of arousal. I’m watching him watch me touch myself while nestled between Becka’s breasts as she moans and screams in orgasm.

I glance istanbul travesti down, watching that huge cock, slick with her fluids, slide in and out of her and it pushes me over the edge. I, too, moan and scream in orgasm in my itty bitty little voice.

It’s lost amidst the other sounds, but I don’t care anymore. Rational thought has gone out the window, as it often does in these heated moments.

“I’m… getting close…” He grunts as much to me as to her, his eyes focused on my tiny body. My stomach drops as I realize what he’s gonna do. I can only nod, my tiny eyes eager my hands frantically moving all over my little body.

“Cum on me… cum on my tits…” I hear her moan out as I whole-heartedly agree with both word and sentiment. I’m ready for it… I need it… I want it, so very very badly.

He nods, gives one solid pump and then pulls out and leans forward as I am once again engulfed in the shadow of these giants.

Time feels like it slows, or maybe that’s just my memory of it, but that gigantic cock slides up her tummy and between her tits, right where I am. I eagerly accept it. I open my little arms and reach for it. The massive tip sliding up toward me while she presses her breasts together, the flesh closing around me.

I want to cling to his tip, ride it so that the wave of his cum will slam against my little body, but it’s too slick. It spreads my legs wide and then slides up my tummy and tits and face and moves past me as I am pinned against his wet shaft. I am coated with her fluids and am lost in this moment.

I feel it swell even bigger as he roars in orgasm and the pulse presses against my itty bitty body, right against my teeny pussy. I have trouble breathing, but I don’t care. I’m cumming against this gigantic cock buried between her giant breasts and it’s the best thing ever… I can feel him cumming and my vision starts to sparkle at the edges.

Suddenly there is light and air and I gasp for breath. I see him looking down at me and I have slid down onto her tummy. I am slick with her wetness and a few dribbles of his cum and I can only lie there, trying to catch my breath.

He looks at her, then looks at me and points. Oh… Oh no. She sits up, props herself up on her elbows and I slide down closer to her shaved pussy. She’s looking down at me and her eyes get huge.

“Um… Hi Becka…”

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