With a Teacher

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All characters are 18 or older.


I’d always wondered about him. How strong he was, how big he was… mostly how big he was. I couldn’t help but constantly glance over to Coach Fredericks sitting at his desk, mostly at the bulge in his khakis. He looked gifted, I can say that much. His beard was another fatal attraction for me. I sat at my desk, rubbing my thighs together and biting my lip. I found my hand slipping from my desk to my stomach, then down into my pants. I was so wet for him. How many fingers thick could he be? I tested myself to see how much I could handle.

One? No, that’s far too skinny.

Two? An improvement, yes.

Three? Ohhhh, that’d be heavenly.

Shit, he sees me. My hand jolted out of my pants. He looked at me strangely, yet he continued with his work. I looked at my three fingers, they were glistening.

The bell rang, and I was excited to leave. I couldn’t stand seeing Coach Fredericks glare at me any more. He called out to me to see him before class the next day. First period, I’m tired every morning.

I couldn’t really sleep that night, because I was too busy thinking about why he wanted to see me. I hoped he wouldn’t punish me, but then again this bad girl could use a spanking.

Next morning came, and I went to his classroom 30 minutes early. Ridiculous, who shows up that early? Well I guess I felt the more time the better. I walked in and sat down on a chair in front of him. He told me some useless information about hormones and why it was inappropriate to masturbate in class. I wasn’t paying attention, I was smiling. He was hard as a rock. His hard cock bulged through his khakis and I couldn’t help but smile at it. He was turning red too. Eventually, he started stuttering and losing his words, so I took them from his mouth. I planted my lips onto his, my tongue parting his lips. My hands laid on his thighs, two of my right hand’s fingers playing with that hard bulge. His hand reaches up to my head, and the kiss released. Some saliva connected our lips as we looked deep into each other’s eyes.

“Close the door.”

We both stood up at the same time. I walked over and closed the classroom door, and I knew he was staring at my ass. I turned back around and he was right there. We continued to kiss, slowly growing more violent. My hand was planted on his hard bulge, and I could hear him chuckling in between kisses. I wrapped my leg around him. He grabbed my ass and lifted me up. He sat me down on demirlibahçe escort my own desk as he fiddled with my jeans button and fly. He finally pulled the zipper down as I stood up from the desk. He pulled my jeans down and saw how wet I was. He smiled through his beard as he pulled my panties down too. He admired my glistening pussy as he went down on it.

I sat back onto the desk and began moaning. He was too good. His beard tickled my clitoris and labia. No matter how much he tried to make me quiet, I couldn’t help it. My hands grabbed his head and my fingers ran through his hair. I pushed his head deeper into me, but he couldn’t breathe. He finally released me from his lips, but took MY lips instead.

His fingers played with my cunt as his tongue ravaged my mouth. My hands went from his head to his pants. I pushed him away from me, but kept a grip on his belt.

Hungrily, I unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned, unzipped, and buried my hands in his underwear. My hands were cold, but wow! He was so warm. I could feel every vein between my fingers. His pants dropped, and I had his cock in my hands. So big and so hard! I don’t think it could fit, but I’m always up for trying new things. I wrapped my hand around it, my fingers wouldn’t touch, he was so thick. I looked up at him, giving him quick strokes. I could tell he was loving it. I kneeled down. It was so amazing. Coach Fredericks’ cock. I gave the head a kiss, and something else came with it. Precum, and it was delicious. I smiled up at him as I dragged my tongue from the base of his hard cock to his head. His eyes closed as he played with my hair. I couldn’t stop smiling as my lips enveloped his cock. One, two, three, four inches. When will it end? I started gagging on it, but with time I was able to take the whole thing. He moaned quietly as his hand grabbed my hair harder. In and out went his cock as I sucked on it. My lipstick left a mark on him, but he didn’t mind one bit. My hand even reached up to play with each of his balls. So big, so longing to release. I couldn’t even tell how many inches he was. Eight? Nine? Maybe ten… My lips slid from his head as some saliva connected us yet again. I chuckled at him as I stood up and kept stroking him. I led him back to the desk where he ate me. I sat on it, it was somehow still warm, and spread my legs. One foot sat on the top of the chair, the other hung off the side.

His cock was still in my hand as I led the head dikmen escort to my pussy. Ohhh he felt so warm. His head touching my pussy. I rubbed it along my lips slowly, getting his precum all over it as lubricant. His head slipped in, and I let go of it. His hands wrapped around my waist, my hands around his neck. I wanted him. I needed him inside me. I… AAAHHHHH!

So big! Oh my god! I can feel it going inch by inch and it’s not stopping! He went so slowly, savoring my long moan. He finally reached the end. He didn’t fit all of him inside, but I wish he could. The groove of his penis as he slid, ohhhh.

He slowly pulled himself out of me, but not all the way. He wanted to make sure I was okay. He went at a slow and steady pace, his cock stretching me. I could handle it, but he was just making sure. Then, ohhhh. He started pumping. In and out, in and out. His penis was so wonderful. My foot on the head of the chair left as my legs crossed around his ass. The sounds of skin clapping was the sound we made as he fucked me. Each pump gave me a louder moan, but I was never too loud. His face laid by mine, his beard tickling my cheek as he grunted and gasped into my ear. His hand reached to my right breast. He stopped for a moment as he pulled off my shirt. I did the same for him as he took off my bra. My tits bounced freely as we continued fucking, but one of his hands didn’t leave. He squeezed them roughly and played with my nipples.

His cock slid out of me quickly and I let out a loud moan. His head escaping felt wonderful. His mouth met by breast as he sucked on my nipple. He played with them, and it was amazing. He knew how to handle my breasts, and I knew how to handle his cock. I kept stroking it, harder and he played with my tits harder. He pulled on the one he was sucking on, and when he released, it bounced back into place.

He picked me up, and my legs instinctively wrapped around him. His cock met back with my pussy as he slid back into me. As he lowered me down, I let out a big moan. His cock was so thick, it was like I had more than one g-spot. He carried me over to the white board, so quickly my back slammed on it. I let out another moan as he drove himself deeper and deeper into me. Sweat dripping out of each of us and onto the white board. The lesson plan was indistinguishable at this point. Fuck! He was so good! One hand was around my waist so I didn’t fall off of him, and the other was still on my breast! I looked ankara escort up at the lights as his beard remained in my shoulder. I had no idea how long he’d last, but I didn’t have much longer. The hand on my breast reached my ass, and he gripped it tightly. He brought his pace down slowly, and he made sure every inch was accounted for.

“Fuck, Fredericks! I’m getting close!”

He smiled and moved me to the window. The busses were dropping kids off around this time, and I believe one person told me some time after this that someone’s ass was planted against the glass of the window. Everything else was fogged up, but they could see someone’s balls shaking as they fucked faster than they’d ever seen. And they’d be correct. He really picked up the pace! My legs went from waist down to the backs of his thighs as he pounded me. So fast, so hard. I moaned even louder, my teeth biting his ear. His beard was still in my shoulder. My legs started shaking as my orgasm built. It was a giant wave of uncontrollable pleasure going over me. One hand went from his sweaty back to a part of his desk, knocking over pencils. I let out a long cry as I came on his cock. He finally stopped as he moaned with me. I thought he came, but he didn’t. He was just making sure I did. My ass was so cold, but his warm hands let me off of his cock gently. He gave me another kiss, our bodies drenched I sweat.

“We’ve still got another 10 minutes.”

“Do whatever you want.”

Another person getting off of their bus said that it was too foggy, but a person’s shaking breasts were planted against the same window of the same classroom on the same day. And they were right. He put it in my ass! It was painful at first, like popping my cherry all over again, but when I loosened up, he pounded my ass. His hand came down on my ass HARD, so hard it had turned bright red. He eventually began moaning louder. One of my hands was on the window, the other on his desk. My gasps and moans made the window too foggy to distinguish my face. He started pounding me harder as he started grunting louder and harder. This was it. He was gonna cum in my ass. I moaned with him as he started slowing down. He let out big long moans as his cum shot out of him. His hot cum coated the walls of my ass as he jerked himself off, trying to get all of his cum out. He pushed himself in once more, and finally slid out… slowly. Ohhhh. I could feel his hot cum dripping out of my ass and running down my leg. My legs buckled as I slid down the window. He went over to pick up my clothes for me. Such a gentleman. We kissed again and got dressed.

Someone told me later in the day that I had some stains on my ass and legs through the jeans. I just smiled at them moved on from there. I also couldn’t walk correctly for a week.

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