Work Study Guy Ch. 02

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Ok, the story goes like this. The old man cut out when I was six. Mom raised me until I was 14 and then she cut out with some ass hole from Hollywood. Mom and Hollywood died in a car accident, leaving me with a little insurance money.

With no real choice, I became a work-study guy. I got a very minor job with one of the companies out in the big industrial park. In a normal situation, I would have remained as a flunky. However, a big company buys our little local operation and a couple of sharpies come in to run the company; run the company into the ground that is.

People kept leaving the company and things looked bad. I use some stock options called puts and I run the insurance money into $2.3 million after tax over two years. I am also the guy who cleans up the Friday night Texas Hold ‘Em game down at Willie’s Joint. If I don’t have some break from school and work, I die.

By the time I turn 18 and graduate from high school, the feds have come in and they chase out the crooks. It turns out that the crooks were not quite as smart as they thought. Much of the money they stole is not in a Caribbean bank, it is stashed in a bank in KC thanks to yours truly.

New management comes in and I get promoted to IT Manager.

Since I am 18 and maybe a little rich, I decide that the next thing I need is to check out the local cunt.

I check with Heather, the hottest babe in town. She and her mother Hannah are in bad shape financially. They have no money coming in and will lose everything. I point out that the company will recover pretty quickly. In six months to a year, the stock should rise from about $1.30 to perhaps $30. I also point out that I am the IT Manager and I know what I am talking about.

Hannah and Heather can not wait for six months or a year. They have maybe a week’s money. Many of the other executive wives and daughters are in the same situation. I point out that there are a few executive secretary jobs open and that I can try to put in a word with top management. However, for most of the ladies there is only one hope. Willie’s Joint is going to do the nudie bar thing. They will pay top wages for top girls. It is a mean job, but it will get pretty much everyone through the next six months or so. It is the only way but it will still be tough to sell. However, there is only one way Hannah can sell the idea. Hannah and Heather have to both dance nude. Hannah is one of the few mothers who can still do this and she has to do it if she is to sell the idea.

Hannah does sell the idea, since there is no other way out except more or less permanent poverty.

I screw Heather to start her training. Then I also screw Hannah, since she has had to do without since her worthless husband ran off. I move in with Hannah and Heather, because I was the only one still one still on the inside of the company and I could provide good company information etlik escort and even get some useful information from the other ladies.

The next night, Allison and Alma, her mother, come over. They are greeted by nude Heather and Hannah. Well, actually both ladies are wearing stiletto heels and nylons. They point out to Allison and Alma that Allison will need to dance and waitress nude and if she is going to do it, now is the time.

Allison goes into the bathroom and strips to nude. When she comes back, nude Heather and Allison serve coffee and cake. We sip and snack as I explain the full situation.

I then have Heather and Allison wait on me while I feel them up and down! They will have to put up with the touchy-feely thing at Willie’s Joint and there is no time like the present to get started with training.

Allison begins to moan right away and I take her upstairs while Heather and Hannah continue to sell Alma.

Allison continues to protest that she has really never done this sort of thing before. However, when we get to the bedroom, she wants to do it doggy style the first time, because she does not want to be pinned down if I get too rough.

Allison is so hot that there is lube leaking down her leg. She gets down and I mount her. I get my cock all the way up to my balls into Allison on the first stroke. It is just as well, since Allison tries to do an ass wiggle to get me off quick.

I am too deep into Allison for her to make her little tricks work. I make the most of each stroke and Allison quickly begins to lose control. She tries to collapse on the ground. I let her go and then remount after turning her.

As I get deep into Allison, she begins to make the kind of noise I like to hear. She lets the rest of the house know she is getting it hard and deep. Perhaps because of the interruption thing, I am able to last a while and I completely dominate Allison until she climaxes noisily. The intensity of Allison’s climax pulls me along and I cum hard!

I get cleaned up and go downstairs.

Alma is very upset and does not really want to talk to me. I point out that Allison will have to do what we just did and more on a night by night basis. Allison needs to get trained in hootchy kootch dancing, walking around nude and also in ‘keeping the customer happy.’

Alma says that she really ought to shoot me. I point out that I do not have enough time for Alma to shoot me, because we have another girl scheduled for the not too distant future.

Alma’s mouth drops open and she cannot form real words.

About this time, Allison strolls in wearing just tiny little thong panties. She and her mother exchange a few words. Most of what her mother says is nonsense, but Allison firmly points out that it is Willie’s Joint or the streets.

Allison and Alma leave.

Dierdre and Donna arrive.

Dierdre gaziosmanpaşa escort damn near bolts when she sees naked Heather and Hannah. Donna restrains her.

Heather and Hannah point out to Dierdre and Donna that Dierdre will need to dance and waitress nude if Dierdre and Donna are to survive financially. If Dierdre is going to do it, the time is now.

Heather has to take Dierdre into the bathroom and Dierdre strips to nude. When she comes back, nude Allison serves coffee and cake. Dierdre is too mortified to be of any real use. We sip and snack as I explain the full situation.

I then have Dierdre stand in front of me while I feel her up and down! She will have to put up with the touchy-feely thing at Willie’s Joint and there is no time like the present to get started with training. Dierdre damn near climaxes while I am working on her and she wants to be somewhere else. Donna is not going to let her go anywhere but upstairs.

I take Dierdre upstairs. As we get to the bedroom, I find out what Dierdre’s problem is. Dierdre becomes a ‘complete whore’ if she lets a boy work on her tits or pussy.

I point out that is a damn good thing for a dancer in a nudie bar. The customers expect it and the girls damn well furnish it. I tell her that most girls have to fake it and Dierdre will get to that point. Thus, Dierdre needs to remember what it feels like now, so that she can do good fake when the money is on the line.

Dierdre lies down for me and I mount her. Actually, Dierdre’s legs come up to grab my torso and Dierdre might be described as mounting me. Whatever!

As I thrust, Dierdre pumps her tight young ass against my thrusts and I get deep into Dierdre quickly. Dierdre does not hold anything back. We move like two animals in the jungle. I concentrate on getting deep and hard into her, while Dierdre wants it faster. I do not go faster, because even with the fuck of Alliison, I will cum to soon if I go any faster.

It is so damn good I forget the overall mission and just submerge myself in the fucking of Dierdre. I can feel Dierdre’s internal muscles working my cock, much more so than with either Heather or Allison. It is an incredibly fun ride and I am sorry when Dierdre and I hit the finish line together. Dierdre is not sorry. Dierdre is completely and totally involved. She climaxes hard and noisily and then sort of collapses back onto the bed.

I roll off Dierdre and began to work a little on her big tits.

After a time, Dierdre begins to complain that she is exhausted and do not work her up to a fuck again.

I tell Dierdre that she will get herself cleaned up and appear downstairs with nothing but a pair of panties on. She will damn well display herself and offer herself for anything sexual that is needed.

I get cleaned up and go back downstairs.

Donna has a sort ankara escort of knowing smirk on her face. She tells me and the room that Dierdre is hotter than hell with a boy and will require little training. Donna then asks me if Dierdre was not the best in bed.

I politely point out to Donna that I do not discuss the girls I am training, unless it is to suggest specific work that they need. What each girl does and how well or poorly she does it is between her and me.

Donna thinks about this for a few moments and then tells me that she is losing weight and wants to be a Willie’s Joint girl. She then virtuously explains that, if she asks Dierdre to dance nude, she can hardly refuse to do the same thing.

I tell Donna that everyone needs to get involved. If Donna wants to do it and can qualify, so much the better.

Donna asks me what I mean by qualify.

I point out to Donna and, of course, Heather and Hannah that I do not make the decision about who dances at Willie’s Joint and who does not. The manager does his own testing and the girls had damn well better be ready.

About this time, Dierdre has come back into the room. Dierdre is not wearing panties, but she is wearing a French bra. Dierdre calmly explains that I said just panties, but she really needs the French bra for her big tits. She then states that, if she is going to be a whore, she damn well needs to display the merchandise to best advantage!

I point out that Dierdre will have to fuck and more on a night by night basis. I also point out that Dierdre needs to get trained in hootchy kootch dancing. I continue to explain that Dierdre needs to really determine the dynamics of her rather large breasts while she is dancing. I point out that jiggle is good, flop is not. I then point out that Dierdre needs to practice walking around nude and also in ‘keeping the customer happy.’

Dierdre does a couple of slow steps in front of the group and then suddenly realizes that she is exposing herself in front of neighbors. The thin facade of confidence begins to crack.

I point out that she is doing well and that she should continue. Heather gets up and also begins to dance in front of us.

Hannah, Donna and I begin to clap time as the girls gyrate. I say ‘typical customer.’ I then begin to make the kind of rank comments that a girl might hear from drunk customers in Willie’s Joint. I motion to the two ladies to join in. Donna throws in some zingers, but Hannah does not do too well.

After a while, the girls stop their dance. Dierdre has not done too badly, but she is not really willing and there will be a lot more work needed in the near future. I go over some problems and some work that needs to be done. Dierdre is not too happy, but Donna will see that what needs to get done gets done.

Then and Dierdre and Donna leave.

It is now bedtime and it is Heather’s turn. She asks me if I am going to be able to satisfy her after my ‘efforts this evening.’ I know I can do it, but I suddenly realize that I have been watching two sexy girls dance naked for me and I do not have a raging hard on.

What I say to Heather is, “I always save the best for last!”

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