Working Late

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I saw a light on and knew you were working late. Alone at your desk, your jacket would be off, your sleeves rolled up, you would be concentrating hard on important things. It would me too bad if you were interrupted, wouldn’t it?

I slip in the office and quietly toe off my sandals so the creak of the leather straps won’t give me away. I take the pins out of my hair at the same time, and as I slowly walk up behind you it falls around my shoulders. I lean over you and my hair falls against your white shirt. You lean back and turn, a smile on your lips, and mine.

Without a word you rise and stand in front of me, your arms out. I take one more step and I can smell the soap you used this morning in the shower, the scent of your aftershave and fax paper. I look down and see you have been doing paperwork, your desk is littered with copies of reports, faxes, printouts and message slips in pink and yellow. You sweep it all on to the carpet and pat the desk.

I sit on the edge of the desk and you stand between my knees, move closer to hold me and nuzzle my neck. You know just the way my ears are sensitive, you gently inhale and exhale on one ear and I arch toward you. You were waiting for that. You stroke my breasts, the cotton of my shirt is soft on your palms and on my nipples, which tighten at your touch. You lean down to put your mouth on one nipple, unbuttoning the white shirt to reach inside and taste my skin. You suckle gently at first and then more strongly, your teeth pulling slightly on my nipple as your fingers pinch and squeeze my other breast. You are careful not to hurt me, but I want more, I want sincan escort to feel your teeth and tongue, I want to feel your whiskers on my skin. You move again to nuzzle my neck and bite my earlobe, then take my other breast in your mouth to kiss and tease and bite softly.

Your hands are not idle either, moving down to gather the hem of my skirt and draw it upward to my knees, putting your hands on my knees to push the material up my bare legs. You pull me toward you, pushing my thighs apart to lean against me, the material of my skirt and your slacks still between us. I can feel you through all those layers of clothing. You are hard with wanting to be inside of me, as I am wet with wanting you deep in side of me. Your hands slide up my hips to the waistband of my skirt, are you shocked to discover there is nothing else under there, just me, and your hands.

My fingers fumble at the buckle on your belt, it is just too complicated a mechanical device for me to deal with just now. You finish unbuttoning my shirt and then unbuckle your own belt for me. I slide the slacks down over your strong thighs, my nails running lightly over your skin as the material covering us both disappears. Still on the edge of the desk, I put my arms around your shoulders as you step into me again, this time no barrier of clothing between the wet and warm center of me and the hard throbbing center of you.

We kiss. It is a long, wet, probing kiss, a duel of tongues and chins and noses, our breathing quickening, our heartbeats pounding a rhythm to follow. I can feel your cock against my pussy, teasingly sıhhiye escort close but not quite where I want you. I put one hand down to stroke you, to feel the velvety soft skin and tease the tip, rubbing the small dot of moisture there all over the head of your cock, pulling slightly to make you throb even more against my palm.

You move your face lower, to open your mouth on my neck just below my ear. You are breathing even harder than I am, sucking on the skin of my neck, letting me feel your teeth, tasting the pulse there. I let my head fall back as you move lower to tongue my nipples again, now even harder than before, and your hand slips down my belly to cup my pussy, fondle and stroke me, matching the rhythm to our heartbeats, thrusting your fingers in me as I stroke the hard length of your cock.

I have buried my face in your shoulder, muffling the cries coming from the back of my throat, inhaling the clean scent of your skin and tasting your sweat with my tongue, my mouth open on your skin.

I put my mouth next to your ear, “Take me Bruce, take me right now, I can’t stand anymore”.

You pull me off the desk and turn me around. You kiss the back of my shoulder, brushing my hair aside and moving closer. Your lips on my ear from behind as I turn my head to you, “Now, Maggie?”

“Yes, Bruce.”

You know what I like. I bend forward at the waist, my hands on the desk. You reach forward to open me to you, your fingers part my labia and enter me, then you guide yourself to me, replacing your searching fingers with your hard cock. Your chest is firm and strong subayevleri escort on my back, your arms along side mine, palms planted on the desk blotter.

I arch my back as you thrust the first time, and I cry out with how good you feel inside of me, hard and hot and ohmygodsodeep. I want you never to stop, thrusting and throbbing and filling me with the strength of you.

You take one hand off the desk to finger my clitoris as you move inside of me. I can’t take much more, and you are only warming up. I can feel the climax tighten and spiral inside of me. I am just about to fall forward on the desk when you put your arms around me and say in my ear “your turn to drive.”

You lay back on the desk and motion me forward. My knees are still shaky as I climb on the desk with you. You pull me over you and I get the idea. I lean down and kiss you and then lower my self over you. Your cock is even harder now, and stands at attention to greet me, to invite me. I guide you inside me and never notice the desk is hard or that the janitor could be doing his rounds already. I rock back a little as you start to play with my clit again, flicking your fingers lightly over that little bud of sensation. I start to thrust faster as you do so, feeling you rise to meet me and grow even harder deep within me.

I lean over and put my hands on either side of your face, you smile and catch one nipple in your mouth. I move faster and you start to moan, your eyes close and I lose track as your moans and mine start to come in sync, our bodies thrusting to meet and close the connection of electricity between us.

I feel that spiral again and as my muscles tighten around you I hear your cry of release and feel you come deep inside me, mixing your life force with mine and my back arches, my head thrown back I cry out my own orgasm.

You reach for me and hold me close to your chest as we catch our breath.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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