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Female Ejaculation

I had just graduated high school and I was looking for a job. My next door neighbors were nice enough to let me take care of their yard for 5 dollars an hour. Mr. and Mrs. Jones were very nice people, and had been good friends of my parents since we moved here eight years ago. Whenever I worked and Mrs. J was around, she always made iced tea to quench my thirst. One afternoon when I was cutting the grass, Mrs. J came out as usual with the tea, only this time she was wearing a two piece bathing suit, not too revealing but it made her look very sexy nonetheless. I almost drove the mower right into a tree when I saw her. She was medium height, curly brown hair, 36C breasts, and a very, very firm ass. I also loved her tanned skin.

I made a point that afternoon to make sure my cutting route took me in sight of her as much as possible. I managed to get a great view of her ass several times, but she was always facing away from me, so for a long time I didn’t get to see the front of her. Towards the end of my work, I came around and noticed that she had not only switched positions, but had removed the top of her suit. As I rode by, her globes mesmerized me, resting against the towel, partially flattened under her. They were still quite round and full, even though her weight was on top of them. I regretted that I had to go to the other side of the yard to finish the job.

After I disposed of the clipping I heard Mrs. J call to me and ask if I wanted something to drink. I saw this as a chance to see her up close, so I accepted and walked toward the deck. She disappeared into the house, and returned minutes later with a pitcher, and still without her top. I stood there, with my mouth open, watching those breasts move with each step. She broke me from my trace by handing me a glass of tea. I nervously sipped at it, not know how to talk to a woman who was half-naked and standing in front of me. She simply smiled and poured herself a glass. She sat down in the chair in front of me, and sat down next to her, looking at the lawn. She started asking questions about what school I was going to, what I was studying, if I had found a job. I answered all of her questions without looking at her directly. She asked me if I was uncomfortable with what she was wearing (or not wearing).

I told her that I was a little surprised, but not embarrassed. She told me that she didn’t mind that I started at her tits. I guess she surmised by my shyness that I wasn’t used to seeing tits. She was right. I had only see one pair up close and that had been a long time ago at a party. A drunken girl walked up to me on a dare, and flashed me, and then ran away giggling. I hadn’t done much with girls either. We did a lot of kissing and little touching, but nothing major. Naturally the conversation drifted towards these fact and Mrs. J looked at me in astonishment. She remarked that I young kazan escort man such as myself should have had his share of girls by now. I am 6’2″ 195, muscled but not overly so, brown hair and a little chest hair, which I was quite proud of.

I had never gotten far enough for my cock size to matter, but I guess it was of above average size. She asked to see it, after I said that. She told that she would be the judge on whether I had anything to worry about or not. I stood up, and slowly unbutton and removed my shorts. I was standing in front of Mrs. J in my boxers, with an increasing erection, and I didn’t know what to do. I just stood there, and Mrs. J took my reluctance as nervousness, and reached up, took the waistband in her fingers, and pulled them to my ankles. My erection was now full blown and her eyes widened tremendously. She said that I was the largest she had ever seen, about ten inches probably. Before I could stop her she reached up and started stroking it, slowly. I could only let my head fall back. It felt so good. No one had even done that for me before. She got up out of the chair and onto her knees. She began to lick lightly at the head and then took it into her mouth. She looked up and caught my eyes. At that point I couldn’t control myself and I came, all over her face and chest. I sat back in the chair, apologizing for what I had done.

I went to put on my clothes, but she took my hand and told me that it was OK. She picked up some of my cum with her fingers and licked it off, making sounds as if she was enjoying the taste, a lot. I told her weakly that it was the first time someone else had given me an orgasm. She said she figured as much. She also said that there was a lot that she could show me if I was willing to learn. I thought for a moment, and looked at her. She was incredibly attractive with a knockout body. I would never get an opportunity to learn like this again.

I told her that I would learn all she would teach me. She smiled as she stood, and kissed me, like a lover would, prying my mouth open so she could stick her tongue in. I could smell and feel my cum on her face, sticky but not unbearable. She led me by the hand inside and up to her bedroom. She was still covered in my juices, so she decided we should start with a shower. She turned on the water and then slipped off the rest of her suit. Her pubic hair was trimmed so that there was a small thin line directly above her slit. She seemed to be modeling in front of me.

She asked me if I liked the way she looked. I complimented her in every possible way, so much so that she had to quiet me with a kiss. At this point I was fully aroused again. We stepped into the shower and she rinsed herself off, and told me to do the same. As I did she began to wash my back, slowly, as if she was learning about every part of me. She went lower keçiören escort to my ass, and then did my legs. She turned me around and washed the front of me, concentrating on my chest and my crotch. She rubbed my cock and balls thoroughly, watching my face for the reaction to where the most pleasure was. I rinsed again and said that it was my turn.

I took the initiative and started with her back, just like she had done, but I did it much slower. I was make the most of this opportunity to see where here spots where. She moaned when I found her cheeks. I started her front with her legs, and worked upward. As I reached her sex I noticed she was already rubbing herself in anticipation. I pushed her hand aside and began to rub gently around her lips, over her inner thigh and above the top of her lips. Her hips were swaying a little and her breathing became very heavy. I knew I was on the right track so I went right to the little bump above her pussy. I rubbed it gently at first but she took my hand and rubbed it faster and faster until she cried out in orgasm. Her hand fell away, but I still rubber her lightly, giving her aftershocks of pleasure. She leaned back against the back of the shower.

I continued to wash her, moving up to her stomach, which was flawlessly flat, and up to her breasts which I had admired out on the lawn. I touched the flesh around the nipple, feeling how it gave in my hand. I traced lined from the outside to the valley between them. She regained her breath and started to moan again. I finally went to the nipple, which I pinched, producing a moan from Mrs. J. I asked how I was doing, and she mumbled that I was a quick learner. I squeezed one breast while I pinched the nipple of the other. She reached up and started to rub my cock in her hand while I continued to work on her breasts. She leaned over and whispered in my ear that she wanted my cock in her. I wasn’t prepared for her to say that, so I hesitated, but she said it was OK that I wouldn’t need to worry about getting her pregnant or anything like that. She saw that I was still reluctant so she said we would go slower. She rinsed herself off, and we got out of the shower. We toweled each other off and then walked to the bed.

She laid down, with her legs slightly open and said that anywhere that I was touching before would bring more pleasure if I used my mouth. I figured that this meant her breasts and her pussy. I knelt down next to her and kissed her neck, nibbling at the sweet skin. From there, I went slowly to her breasts. I kissed all around them, on the sides, the bottom, around the nipple. She seemed to love every minute of it. She told me to go ahead and suck on the nipple. I took one in my mouth and gently suckled on it, pulling back a little bit. She gasped and told me that I could nibble on it too. I used my teeth, taking it ankara escort into my mouth and her back arched and she moaned in ecstasy. I concentrated on her breasts for awhile, but she pushed my head further down, and I knew where I was headed. I traced a line across her stomach, and French kissed her belly button, to which she giggled.

Soon I went through the wisps of hair, telling me I was about to his the treasure. Sure enough her pussy was dripping juices and it begged to be licked. I moved so I could have better access and spread her legs farther apart. I kissed the inside of her thighs first, and moves slowly to her lips that I licked clean. I ran my tongue up the length of her slit to her love button. She used her hand to show me exactly what to do. I sucked on her slit with abandon, making her writhe in pleasure. She ground her pussy into my face, wanting more. I inserted a finger in her and at that invasion she had another orgasm, covering my hand with her juices. I wanted to keep her going so I put in another finger and resumed the attack on her clit. She was screaming constantly now. Her orgasm blended together, so I had no idea when one was beginning, and one ended. At one point she finally pushed me away and said that was enough. She lay on the bed, spent, with a look in contentment in her eyes. I went to her side and kissed her on the lips.

She told me she needed a few minutes to catch her breath and said for me to get her a glass of water from the kitchen. I was really strange walking in my neighbor’s house, naked, with a raging erection. I couldn’t help but stroke myself a little bit as I walked upstairs with the glass. When I returned Mrs. J was idly rubbing herself, still laying on her back, her eyes closed. I walked up to her and she opened her eyes. She drank the water, licked her lips seductively and told me to lie on my back. She told me this would be the last lesson for the day, but it would also be the best one. I leaned back against the pillows, with my rock hard dick sticking out into the air.

She got on her knees, just above it and slowly lowered herself on my cock. It was the most incredible sensation I’ve ever felt. She starting pushing herself up and down. I instinctively started to match her thrusts, and we were soon pumping to the same beat as it were. She head fell back and she cried out telling me what a great fuck I was. I reached up and played with her tits, pinching her nipples. Soon she was on the edge, and so was I. I had had an erection for so long, I knew I wasn’t going to last long. She started to grunt, like an animal, so I knew it was coming, or rather she was. She came with such a furor I couldn’t help but shoot, deep into her pussy. Her vaginal muscles were milking every last drop from me. She finally fell forward so that she was lying on my chest, with me still inside of her. We were both out of breath, spent from our afternoon’s activities. She asked me if I would ever want more lessons like this, and I told her, of course I would. I knew she would be an excellent teacher.

If you liked this story and would like to see more, or if you have any other ideas, send me an email.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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