Worth Waiting For

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Julie smiled from behind her coffee.

“What?” Craig enquired.

“Oh, nothing,” Julie replied, barely suppressing a giggle.

“It must be something.”

“Oh, all right then. It’s just… It’s just that we’re actually here. I mean after all these months and all the times we could’ve done something but didn’t, and now, well, now we’re here and…”


“And there’s absolutely no bloody way I’m going to be satisfied with just a coffee tonight, mister.”

“I see,” Craig replied. “So just what is it going to take to satisfy you?” he asked with a slightly mocking grin.

“Well, first I’m going to finish this coffee and then…” Julie’s voice trailed off. She leaned towards Craig before continuing in a quieter voice, “And then, you’re going to take me to your room where I’m going to give that lovely cock of yours a damned good sucking until you cum down my throat, then, while it’s recovering, you’re going to eat my pussy until you’re hard enough to give me the fucking I’ve been waiting for since the first time we met.”

“Phew!” Craig sighed. “Is that all?”

“It’ll do,” Julie replied, “for starters, anyway.”

Craig laughed. “That’s more like it. I thought you were going to let me off lightly there for a moment.”

“No danger of that! Not when I’ve waited this long.” Her voice dropped to little more than a whisper. “If it wasn’t so busy in here, I’d get under the table and suck you off right now. Just sitting here thinking about what we’re going to do has got me soooo wet.”

“Now, that’s the Julie I’ve come to know and love,” Craig replied, smiling broadly.

Julie stuck her tongue out then winked. Raising her coffee to he lips, she drained the remains of her drink. “Shall we go now?” she asked, placing her empty cup down on the table.

“I suppose we could,” Craig replied coyly, “unless you want another of those first?”

Julie shook her head. “I think you’ve probably bought me enough coffees in the time that we’ve known each other. And besides, you can always get me one later.” Her voice dropped to little more than a whisper again. “Right now, all I want is for you to give me one!”

Craig laughed. “I should’ve known you’d say something like that.” He stood up and nodded towards the exit. “OK then, let’s go.”

“Well, finally!” Julie teased, attaching herself to him as they walked towards the door.

As they took the short walk through the lobby from the café to Craig’s room, Julie could hardly contain herself. They had known each other for almost two years and, despite the difference in their ages, a genuine friendship had quickly developed between them; a friendship that, while charged with more than a little sexual frisson, had always remained platonic. Julie had made it plain on any number of occasions that she’d be happy to let things go further. She wasn’t looking for an actual relationship; she didn’t really do ‘proper relationships’. What she wanted was more along the lines of ‘friends with benefits’. Craig, while always willing to join in with the outrageous flirting, had however, always managed to delicately deflect her far from subtle advances.

Julie had often wondered about that but had long given up letting it bother her. She had grown to accept the fact that the age gap made anything more between them unlikely. She had been in her final year at high-school when they had first got to know each other and she suspected that Craig had felt it would have been highly inappropriate for him to have ‘carried on’ with her while she’d still been at school, regardless of the fact that, even then, she had been anything but inexperienced. Despite that, she had never given up on her attempts to snare him and now, a couple of years older and on vacation from University, it looked like she had finally succeeded.

Julie suppressed a shudder of anticipation as they reached the door to Craig’s room.

“Here we are then,” Craig announced as he opened the door, gesturing for her to enter.

“Finally,” Julie sighed as she stepped into the room.

Craig followed, shutting the door behind him. He turned and suddenly Julie was in his arms, pulling his head down towards hers. Their lips met as Julie pressed her body firmly against his. “God, it feels good to have you there against me at last,” she breathed before kissing him again.

As they kissed, their hands explored each others’ bodies through their clothes. Julie was suitably impressed by Craig’s taut, well muscled frame. As she slipped her tongue into Craig’s mouth, Julie let her hand glide lightly over his groin. “Mmmm. That feels encouraging,” she murmured, feeling his cock stiffen within its confinement.

With their lips pressed firmly together, Julie began to loosen Craig’s belt. With that done, she began the task of unbuttoning his jeans. Slipping her hand down inside, she touched Craig’s cock for the first time. “I’m really looking forward to finally getting to know this part of you,” she purred, licking her lips as her fingers circled his shaft demirlibahçe escort and began to gently stroke its length. “I’d say he’s looking forward to it too, by the feel of things,” she added dreamily as his cock stiffened in her hand.

“You know, I do think you might just be right there,” Craig replied, somehow managing to keep his face straight and his voice level.

“Well then, we’d best not keep him waiting then, should we?”

“No. I guess not,” Craig replied, a note of feigned resignation in his voice.

“Oh for fuck’s sake, try and sound a wee bit more enthusiastic!” Julie demanded.

Craig smiled then kissed her. “Sorry. Just teasing.”

He held out his hand. Julie took it in hers and let herself be guided towards the bed. Seconds later they were kissing again. Julie’s hands worked their way inside Craig’s jeans and shorts and began pushing them down, over his hips. As Craig kicked off his shoes, Julie pushed him towards the bed. “Sit down and make yourself comfortable,” she purred.

Craig complied with Julie’s request. Julie quickly knelt down in front of him, removing his jeans, shorts and socks before moving between his legs.

“My, my. Aren’t you a big boy?” she asked coyly, taking his cock in her hand and beginning to stroke it.

“Glad you approve,” Craig replied.

“Oh believe me, I most certainly do.”

With that, Julie leaned forward and lightly kissed the tip of Craig’s cock. Craig sighed and squirmed slightly. Julie smiled then began planting kisses all along his shaft, working her way along its top and then back along its underside. “You like?” she asked, affecting her most innocent, little girl voice.

“Oh yes,” Craig replied, nodding emphatically.


Julie returned her attention to Craig’s cock, this time using her tongue as well as her lips as her fingertips gently teased his balls. Craig moaned encouragingly as Julie’s tongue worked its way over his shaft, coating it with a warm film of saliva. “Oh, fuck,” he groaned as she sucked lightly on his balls.

Pleased at the response to her slow teasing, Julie decided it was time to up the ante. Pausing briefly to lick her lips, Julie took the head of Craig’s cock into her mouth and began to suck. “Christ, Julie, that’s good,” he sighed as she began to work her lips along his length, drawing his cock slowly deeper into her mouth until the head lodged in the back of her throat. He groaned again as she swallowed, tightening her throat around the head.

Having been complimented by any number of men in the past, Julie had no doubts about her cock-sucking ability. Despite that, she was reassured by Craig’s moans, groans and encouraging comments. She loved sucking cocks and knowing that the recipient was enjoying her attentions was a huge turn-on.

As her lips slid up and down Craig’s cock, Julie undid her top. Craig reached forward, helping her to remove it. Still sucking, Julie reached behind her back to undo her bra. As she drew his cock deep into her mouth, she slid the straps down off her shoulders. Her bra fell to the floor, revealing her large, firm breasts. Craig reached forward to cup and caress them, teasing Julie’s nipples with his thumbs as she feasted hungrily on his cock.

“Do you like my tits?” Julie asked.

“Silly question,” replied Craig, grinning, “of course I do.”

“Would you like me to fuck you with them?”

“Even sillier question.” Craig’s grin grew wider.

Julie stuck her tongue out at him then took the head of his cock into her mouth once more and gave it one last, long, hard suck before slipping it from between her lips and using her tongue to coat his shaft with saliva.

Leaning forward, Julie nestled his cock between her breasts. As she pressed them together, encircling his shaft, she swirled her tongue around his knob, lightly flicking the slit at its tip.

“Fuck, Julie! That feels good!” Craig groaned as she began to work his cock back and forth along her cleavage.

“Mmmm, glad you like it,” Julie replied dreamily, pinching her nipples as she pressed her breasts firmly together, gripping his cock tightly between them.

As she wanked Craig’s cock between her breasts, Julie could feel herself getting wetter. She flicked her tongue over the head of his cock as it poked out from her deep cleavage. She longed to feel his thick, hard shaft plunging deep inside her pussy; but that would come later, and so would she. For now she was content to use her mouth and breasts to bring him off and was looking forward to being rewarded with a large mouthful of rich, thick cum for her efforts.

Craig could feel the tension mounting in his groin as Julie skilfully worked his cock. His hips were already beginning to move, thrusting his cock back and forth between her breasts as his climax slowly drew closer.

“Are you getting close?” Julie enquired sweetly.

“Y… Yeah. J… Just a bit!”

“Well, I hope you’ve got a nice big load to give me,” she dikmen escort added, squashing her breasts even more firmly around his cock.

Craig managed a laugh. “I’ll… I’ll see w… what I can d… do.”

Julie smiled. Rubbing him a little bit more, she licked away a dew-drop of pre-cum that oozed from his cock. “Mmmmmm,” she purred, licking her lips, “I hope there’s plenty more of that to cum!”

Knowing that Craig wouldn’t be able to endure much more, Julie, freed his cock from the tight confinement of her cleavage. She stroked it gently for a few seconds then, wrapping her lips around its head, she sucked it deep into her mouth. She wasted no time getting into a rhythm, bobbing her head back and forward, sucking hard as she slid her lips along his hard length.

“Oh… Oh fuck, Julie!” Craig groaned as the pressure mounted. Grabbing her head, he began to thrust, fucking her mouth as she sucked and swallowed.

The roughness of Craig’s treatment, turned Julie on even more. She began to tease and squeeze his balls as he fucked her mouth harder and harder, forcing the head of his cock into the back of her throat, almost causing her to choke.

Almost at boiling point, Craig forced himself to hold on. “Get… Getting closer!” he gasped as the need to release became almost to strong to endure.

Pulling her lips back, Julie wrapped her fingers around his shaft and began to rub. Her fingers blurred as she worked him closer and close to the point of release.

“Oh! Oh fuck, Julie! Oh fuck!” Craig moaned.

Julie could feel his cock begin to throb in her fingers; the head swelled in her mouth. She could sense him straining to hold back, trying desperately to prolong that exquisitely painful last moment before the inevitable eruption.

“Julie! Fuck! Julieeeeeee!” he cried.

The floodgates burst. His load surged up through his loins, bursting from his cock, flooding Julie’s mouth.

“Aaahhhh!” he sighed, savouring the feeling of relief as he let go.

Julie swallowed hard, drinking down his cum as it pulsed into her mouth. As the initial torrent subsided, she let his cum gather on her tongue. Using her fingers, Julie milked Craig’s cock, extracting every last drop of cum.

Finally, Julie let Craig’s cock slip from between her lips. Opening her mouth, she poked out her tongue to display the load of thick white cum she’d collected before swallowing it down with obvious relish.

Julie licked her lips. “I enjoyed that,” she said with aplomb. “Did you?”

“Do… Do you really need to ask?” Craig managed to gasp in response.

Julie laughed. “No. I guess not.”

She stood up. Undoing her skirt, she let it fall to the floor, revealing her soft, smooth pussy. “Oh dear,” she giggled, “I seem to have forgotten my knickers. I do hope you don’t mind…”

Craig smiled. “No. Not at all.”

“Correct answer,” Julie replied as she climbed on to the bed and lay down beside him. She kissed him lightly on the cheek. “Now,” she drawled, “why don’t you get that shirt off? Then, once you’ve got your breath back, you can see about giving my pussy some much needed attention. I’ve been looking forward to finding out if that tongue of yours is as good as everyone says it is for a very long time.”

Craig groaned as Julie began tugging at the buttons of his shirt. “You’re a hard taskmaster, you know that?”

“You’re the one that’s going to need to be hard,” Julie teased, giving Craig’s cock a playful stroke as he shrugged himself out of his shirt and tossed it to the floor.

“How did I know you’d say something like that?”

“Great minds, I guess. Or something like that…”

“Yeah. That’ll be it,” Craig agreed.

“So, are you going to get on with it?” Julie asked coyly, “Or am I just going to have to die from pent up frustration?”

“Heartless wretch!” Craig teased, giving Julie a playful slap on her bum.

“Ow!! Watch it, you…” Whatever else she had been about to say was abruptly cut off as she found Craig’s lips pressed firmly against hers once more.

As they kissed, Julie felt a tingle of anticipation run up her spine as Craig’s hands began exploring her body. She moaned softly as his fingers gently traced the curves of her breasts before lightly working over her nipples. The anticipation grew as he began to work downwards, kissing her neck, her shoulders then, finally, her breasts.

“Mmmm, that’s nice,” Julie purred as Craig’s tongue slid over the soft skin of her breasts. His lips fastened around one of her nipples; his tongue flicked its tip. “Ohhhhh, ahhhhh!” Julie sighed as he teased the other nipple with his fingers while sucking hard on the other, pinching it between his teeth.

As he feasted on Julie’s breasts, Craig’s fingers explored her body, seeking and finding the warm wet folds of her pussy. Julie squirmed in response to his touch. She moaned softly as he slid one, then two fingers into her, the walls of her pussy tightening around them.

“Oh fuck. ankara escort I love that,” Julie murmured as Craig pulled his fingers from her pussy and began spreading her juices over her nipples then licking them clean. Every so often, he’d lift his juice coated fingers to her mouth. Julie accepted them hungrily, licking and sucking them clean, savouring the taste of her own sweet essence. By the time Craig decided to leave her breasts and continue on his downward journey, Julie was already hovering on the brink of release.

Settling himself between Julie’s outstretched legs, Craig paused briefly, drinking in the rich scent of her sex. Her soft, smooth labia were pink and flushed, glistening with her juices.

He slowly lowered his face towards her. Julie tensed. Craig’s breath felt hot against her moist, sensitive folds.

Craig’s tongue flicked out and ran along the length of her slit. “Ooh yes!” moaned Julie as Craig’s tongue began its exploration of her pussy. His tongue darted in and out of her hot, wet hole and she squirmed with pleasure. “Mmmm, yesssss!” she cried out as his tongue lashed across her sensitive clit; and again as his lips fastened around it and he sucked it lightly into his mouth.

Despite her deep arousal, Julie forced herself to relax as Craig’s tongue lightly licked and probed. She knew she wouldn’t be able to keep herself from cumming for very long but she was determined to hold off for as long as she could, savouring the sensations that Craig’s skilful touch was eliciting.

Almost in spite of her resolve, Julie began to cup and squeeze her breasts as Craig’s tongue lapped at her pussy. Pinching her nipples, she cried out as Craig slowly inserted two fingers into her. His tongue flicked over her clit as he pumped his fingers in and out.

Julie felt her body begin to shudder as Craig’s mouth drove her closer and closer to her impending climax. Tossing her head from side to side, she writhed with pleasure, moaning incoherently, fire coursing through her as Craig’s tongue lashed her clit. As her breathing became increasingly laboured she closed her eyes and let the sensations take over.

Craig teased her clit, licking then biting down lightly with his teeth. Julie’s back arched. “Mmmmmaaaaah,” she sighed as she slipped over the edge, surrendering herself to the waves of pleasure that washed over her. Craig slipped his fingers out of her pussy but his tongue continued to lap at her clit; each contact sending fresh spasms through Julie’s body.

“Fuck! Oh fuck! Ohhhh, that feels sooo good!” Julie cried as her body shook wildly.

Craig’s tongue kept up its gentle pressure on her throbbing clit. “Ohh, ohhhh, oooohhhhh!!!” Julie sobbed as another series of powerful contractions gripped her.

“Should I stop for a bit and let you catch your breath?” Craig asked.

“I… I d… don’t want you to, b… but I… I think, maybe you s… should,” Julie admitted reluctantly.

Craig slid up beside her and gathered her into his arms. “God, that was wonderful,” Julie purred, her body still shaking.

“Well, be sure to let me know when you’re ready for some more.”

“Oh, don’t worry,” Julie replied, “I most certainly will!”

They kissed. Julie savoured the taste of her juices on Craig’s lips.

“Turn round,” Craig said, “Let me give your back a rub.”

Julie didn’t hesitate. She sighed contentedly as Craig’s strong but gentle hands worked on her neck, shoulders and back. A warm, dreamy lassitude threatened to overcome her as the tensions of her recent climactic release ebbed away under Craig’s touch.

“That feels so nice,” Julie sighed as Craig kissed and licked along her spine, starting at her neck and working his way down to the small of her back, his hands caressing her sides.

She rolled over. His hands explored her front, touching and teasing. His lips were everywhere; her neck, her breasts, her thighs, her cheeks; never lingering, always moving. Julie steadily became increasingly turned on again. She reached down and ran her fingers through his hair. “You know what?” she said softly, spreading her legs apart, “I think my pussy is ready for some more attention from your tongue.”

“Mmmmm,” Craig murmured. “I think I can cope with that,” he added as he moved into position between her thighs.

“Good,” Julie purred, bracing herself for the touch of his tongue.

Craig, leaned forward. He slid his tongue between Julie’s moist, pink folds and worked his way slowly from her warm, wet entrance up to her clit. “Oooooooohhhhhh,” sighed Julie, squirming with pleasure in response to Craig’s touch.

“Have I mentioned that you taste so good?” Craig asked.

“Do I?”

“Yes, you do!”

He curled his tongue into Julie’s moist, warm depths once more, darting it rapidly in and out. Julie writhed on the bed, biting her lip as Craig took each of her labia between his lips and sucked them, running the tip of his tongue along their edge. His nose pressed briefly against her clit, sending a shiver up Julie’s spine.

“Fuck, Craig!” Julie exclaimed, as his tongue explored every fold of her pussy. “You’re so good at that,” she breathed, “If I didn’t know, I’d swear another girl was eating me.”

Craig paused briefly. “I guess I should take that as a compliment, I suppose,” he teased.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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