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Welcome to the year xxxx. I was manufactured for XXXPERIENCE, a sex fantasy outlet specializing in pornographic exploits that go beyond the human limits. Our models can hardly be differentiated from the real people. But unlike the humans, we are modeled to look and perform according to our customers fantasies. Nothing is off limits.

My appearance and sex design is made up from a bimbo imagery. 5’3″ tall, 95 pounds. I was made short in order for my curves to extend more lucidly. My soft and cushy tits are the size of my head with firm protruding nipples. My ass is curved out and prominently rounded at my hips that would make any booty builder filled with envy. My face expresses a longing for sex. My mouth is slightly wider than normal for a quite obvious reason. There is no flaw in me.

My insides are made up of circuitry that is recharged by a wireless source. The power components are covered by highly elastic membrane from inside and outside. My skin is warm, soft and extra smooth. There is a decent amount of muscle lining that projects a delight for the eyes and a pleasure to the touch. My limbs are extremely flexible.

As for my holes, this is where I gets real interesting. My innards are made into a tunnel shape that goes from my mouth all the way through my whole frame leading to a fork that splits in two passages that are about 6 inches long which you can call my pussy and asshole. Things are literally meant to go right through me. And I’m meant to feel a whole lot of pleasure from that. I have a typical set of g-spots in the pussy but those are an afterthought compared to other spots that make me orgasm with greater intensity. There is a real good one at the entrance to my ass and two massive ones directly across each other deep inside the rectum located near the inner split. And another one is buried in my throat. All of them emit an off-white, almost clear looking extract. It is wet and oily to the touch and tastes like a sweet juice to the mouth. I’m a tasty well-oiled machine.

I have been fucked by over a hundred different men and will all types of objects and machines. Due to the numerous positions and scenarios I have gone through and with all of the g-spots that I am built with, I have taken a very special liking for gangbangs. Because of my dimensions and flexibility I can be used and fucked in just about any way.

I will go in the details of my favorite scene that covered every move I ever wanted to have in a single performance. It took place in the most advanced division of XXXPERIENCE, created for the most advanced models like myself. The scene involves many parts but it’s all controlled by an AI system called ROD.

ROD is composed of 7 identical hunky guys who are 6 feet tall, equipped with 10 inch cocks. The important thing to know is that all seven of them are controlled by ROD as a single entity. They are all one being. This is an immense development as it allows for the most balanced and stabilized group fucking possible. That works exceedingly well for everyone’s pleasure: mine, ROD’s and the viewers.

The room itself if filled with enough obscene imagery to make one wet and hard with just a glimpse. On one side, the room has a stripper pole and a wide leather tan couch. On the other side is another engineering marvel: a multi-purpose fuck station. It contains a combination bench, an adjustable lever system for the guys to have a handgrip while fucking and a suspension frame where I will be strapped, lifted and fucked in all kinds of ways. The walls are covered with many posters of various lewd porn acts, mostly gangbangs and multiple penetrations.

I’m wearing a black, skin tight mini-dress with shredded cut patterns around my tits and ass. You can see the nipples of my boobs trying to squeeze through the cuts of the dress. I am not wearing any underwear. My feet are dressed in black high heel stripper shoes. The seven cock bearers are buzz-cut, dark skinned gorgeous muscled beasts.

I walk around the room for a minute, admiring the bodies and the boners of ROD. Then I walk-up to a stripper pole and twirl myself, teasing the boys who have a hard time keeping their hands off their dicks. I keep my dress on during the brief show on the pole. I’m seeing their dicks starting to ooze pre-cum. I tell them to approach me. I knelt down as the cocks circled me.

I’m going to lick up every cock so that not a drop of their sweet sap end up on the floor. Things won’t stay clean for long though. My pleasure spots will be milking out in no time. I will keep the dress on for a while in order to soak it with my juices.

I get a dick in my mouth head on, sucking on it while holding on to a cock in each hand. This blowing is more of a tease. I do this this very briefly with all of them. Once I circled around to the first one, I made more effort to get them deeper inside. But as soon as I felt the cock approaching my throat g-spot, I could not hold back and started to push my head on all the way. The cock would slide in balls kaçak iddaa deep. I have no gag reflex but I still enjoy making a fun gagging sound. Watery essence is starting to develop in my mouth and I begin to drool on the cocks and unto myself. I got through a basic deepthroat on all seven cocks. My face is quite messy from my drool and so is the top of my dress.

After a simple oral tease, I got up and positioned myself next to the pole. I get a hold of it with my left hand. Three boys lined-up in front of me and three in the back. The one remaining lifts my right leg vertically all the way up to my head. My wet holes are exposed. One cock goes in the front, one in the back and we are rolling with a one leg standing double penetration. The front guy would grab me by the ass and the one from the back holds my tits. I get shoved back and forth – pushing inside the ass while pulling out of the pussy; pushing inside my pussy while pulling out of my ass. All three lineups got their turns for about a minute each. Then I turned around lifting my other leg, so this way every guy got to fuck both ass and pussy.

Next step was getting double penetrated on the couch. I mounted on a dick with my pussy and took one behind in the ass for a classic cowgirl dp. After a minute, the cock moved from my ass to my mouth and then another one got behind me for an airtight fucking. This went on until everyone got their turn in this rotation. The advantage of ROD being a group controlled by a single device was clearly evident. The rhythm was smooth and the fucking was deep and thorough in every hole. I could feel ROD’s cocks colliding at the fork, triggering my g-spots in the process. I then flipped to be anchored on my ass for a reverse cowgirl dp. Again everyone rotated for an airtight fucking. I was leaking a good amount from every hole. By the time the rotations were half-done, my dress was a soaked rag. The guy anchoring me from behind took a hold of the dress and tore it in half. My tits obtained their freedom to bounce around liberally as the fucking went on without interruption. ROD was happy to grope and squeeze my boobs every now and then. The only accessories I was still wearing were my heels, which would remain on for the entire scene.

All this fucking was just a tease for me up this point. The best action was yet to come at the fuck-station. But for now, ROD picked me up while up on his feet, anchored my pussy and had another come from behind for a standing double penetration. I bounced on everyone’s cocks this way for a solid 5-10 minutes. This was all fun and enjoyable but I was really looking forward for much greater penetrating. For the rest of the scene I expected no less than 2 cocks in my ass. ROD knew how much I love dap, but he was intentionally dragging out the process which was a torture for me. He was making me beg for it.

Before moving to the station, however, ROD made me squat down and all 7 circled me for a blowbang. They impaled their cocks balls deep inside my throat while holding on to my hair. I was making chocking squawks and eliciting a strong amount of drool. At one point, the guy behind me pushed his fingers in my mouth knuckles deep and forced it open from the sides. A cock could enter inside reaching straight for the throat. That’s when the slobber really started rushing out of my mouth making an awful mess of me. I had fun rubbing the slobber all over my tits. When the guy behind me let go of my mouth, ROD would shove two cocks inside my mouth. I was finally having two cocks at the same time in at least one of my holes. My mouth was pried open to its absolute limit. They would pump themselves inside my throat one at a time while both inside my mouth. They used my head as a fuck toy that was designed to handle their every move.

Once they all had their turn with my mouth it was finally time for the fuck station. It involves a cable set that is hooked up across a rectangular structure that allows it to elevate and move around the cables in all directions within the structure. There is also a long flat leather combination bench with an adjustable seat height. Connected to the structure are also several adjustable handle bars to grab onto for good leverage.

The first thing I did was climb on the bench on all fours in order to get doubled up in the ass doggy style. But instead, ROD decided to tease me some more and crammed both cocks in the pussy instead. Before I had a chance to say something about it, he jammed a cock in my mouth. Despite getting fucked in the pussy it was a good preview of how easy the fucking gets done inside the structure. The guy on the top positioned two handles for himself slightly above me, like riding a sports bike. With holding on to them he was able to fuck as hard as he wanted while the guy on the bottom had his handles slightly behind him, so he could push off easily. The cocks pumped inside my pussy with a dynamic tempo. My cunt was getting a premier treatment but all I could think of was how badly I wanted that in kaçak bahis my ass.

After couple of minutes of double pussy fucking, the two cocks pulled out and without warning both made a plunge for my asshole. I wasn’t prepared at that very moment so it took a moment for my ass to open up. ROD coordinated both dicks to spear inside simultaneously. The boners barged in so hard they started to bend. After a short moment my asshole opened up and both cocks rushed inside for a double anal fucking.

My eyes opened wide from the sensation I felt in my ass. I couldn’t say anything since I still had a cock deep in my mouth; all I could do was ecstatically moan. ROD is a fucking mastermind and I’m lucky to be owned by him. They got to pumping just as hard as they did with the pussy and a rush of a newfound pleasure was making my eyes roll back. At last I’m getting fucked like I was designed to be. My ass will be pushed to the limit today and this is a good start. I had a sweet round gape after everyone had their turn double fucking my ass in that position.

We moved on to a cowgirl dap position, with the guy standing behind adjusting the handles to the front of himself. ROD put on a pair of black wrist bands on my wrists which got hooked to the restraint cables. The cables were aligned to move my arms backwards and leave me in a semi-sitting post. The guy anchoring me wrapped his hands around my lower back and pulled me to himself. This made for the finest ass arch you would ever see. As they plummeted my asshole, two other guys groped and squeezed my bouncing tits. Another one stepped on the side bars of the bench if front of my face in order to blow him. Everyone was fucking me in a perfect unison. My ass was double-drilled deep by every dick. At some points, whoever was behind me would hold-on on to my hair instead of the handle bars. That would make the cables stretch out my arms to the max while plunging my head on to the cock in my mouth to his base.

For the next move I got untied in order to flip me on my back and my wrists were immediately connected to the cables again. In addition to my wrists, I got cables hooked up to my ankles. My legs got hauled wide apart and far back towards my head while arms were pulled straight out. As if that wasn’t enough, I got a cable-connected choker installed on my throat to keep my head elevated. With this type of hook-up there would be minimal body swaying. My body was at a slight angle downwards, which ensured the cock anchoring me could plant himself deep inside my ass. But before fucking me, ROD decided to tease me with his fingers. He would rub four fingers inside both of my drenched holes going knuckles deep with one hand. Then he would go inside with both hands splitting my holes with pinkie-ring fingers in the pussy and pointer-middle fingers in the asshole. Finally he turned full attention to my asshole, splitting it as wide as possible. My asshole was gaping insanely wide. I pushed it out a couple times for a meaty prolapse.

ROD pushed his cock onto my prolapse, rubbing my exposed insides with his boner. He pulled out and speared it harder and harder. Soon after, the anchor cock went in and I was getting double drilled in the ass again. I really enjoyed this position as it allowed me to see the two gorgeous shafts drilling me hard, fast and deep. My tits bounced madly with ROD’s brutal assault who showed no signs of slowing down. The violent orgasms again made my eyes roll back. I was madly cumming with my loudest moaning of the day. My pussy burst like a broken valve, gushing uncontrollably and without any sense of direction. It didn’t wear off either; it’s like I have an orgasm pre-loaded and waiting in-line to come up immediately after every delirious gust of raving pleasure. Then two other cocks came up on both sides of my face. I could barely move my head as the choker held it tightly. This allowed them to play with my mouth however they wanted, frequently cramming both cocks inside, stretching out my mouth without any concern for me. Not that I mind. I love every moment of this depraved, obscenely fucked-up decadence.

After that, my legs got pulled apart into a 180 split. Arms pulled up in a 11-1 o’clock position. Choker hook-up still suspending my head. Two guys laid on their backs underneath me, joining their cocks together as I was mounted unto them in a dap king of clubs seat. I was elevated just enough for ROD to prop up the boners for a strong cock-gunning up my ass. The cocks were blasting inside me while I was hanging mid-air. At some points two others would push me down using my shoulders. My legs acted like a spring suspension. So I was either blasted up with cocks or bounced on them while being pushed down in fast springing motion. About half-the-time I had two dicks going in-and-out of my mouth again.

Once everyone had their turn at king of clubs, I was elevated back into the same stretched out reverse cowgirl position. ROD once again shoved his fingers in my ass, further stretching out my already illegal bahis massive gape. I pushed for an easy prolapse which was promptly rubbed with the anchoring cock, pushing his cock back inside. The two boners that were in my mouth moved towards my ass. Their dicks pointed towards the occupied asshole. The two cocks would grind around the hole, teasing me as if searching for an opening. I never had three cocks that big do my ass at once, but I was so cock dumb I wanted them to rip me apart if they had to. I needed all three inside me. They tried to push in. It was not an easy grind for a moment. As one dick would squeeze in, the other popped out. I yelled at them to fucking hammer themselves inside me. They pushed hard at the same time. I relaxed my ass as much as much as I could. My asshole was getting stretched out real bad as the two cocks were determined to get through to unite with the one that was anchoring me. With a little more force my asshole yielded after all. The cocks broke through, sinking deep inside my inhuman fuck-hole.

We all took a couple seconds to admire the three enormous cocks pressed together inside my wrecked asshole. ROD was feeling it out slowly. ROD glanced at my face to see how I was taking it. Upon seeing me grinning from excitement the cocks gained speed. My g-spots were getting triggered well so I told them to go faster. My shackled legs were used by the two guys to pull themselves for good leverage. ROD picked up the pace with every second until the cocks were thrusting inside me close to full speed.

After about 2 minutes of such triple anal banging, ROD pulled out all three cocks and again stretched out my hole with his fingers, trying to expand it to its last limit. The gape was now so huge that ROD could guide one cock inside barely touching my rectal walls. Then the two standing guys would jab their cocks inside my hole one by one with a hard stabbing motion. Then, they carried on with the same stabbing motion simultaneously, pulling out and colliding their cocks in my asshole. They double fucked me in a wishbone style for about a minute going hard and fast. Afterwards, ROD pulled out and sunk the anchor boner in and the two standing cocks again barged in for a triple anal. This time the penetrating did not take as much effort.

The three enormous cocks were thoroughly destroying my ass. They blasted me as hard as they wanted, using me as nothing but a horny fuck-hole. ROD pushed my limits with a savage abandon. The cocks rotated to collectively fuck my ass with no time limit. For a while I accommodated all cocks at once: three in the ass, two in my hanging head, and one in each shackled hand. Being fucked to my maximum ability brought me a euphoric bliss. My holes would not stop leaking. I was glorious sloppy mess. ROD was able to slam his cocks harder and harder with each rotation. Seven magnificent hard cocks tearing my ass and my mouth for everyone’s pleasure and enjoyment.

For the grand finale, ROD brought in a very long bending rubber dildo. By very long, we are talking about 6 feet long and as thick as ROD’s cocks. Two guys held it by its ends. ROD smacked my face with it. Then he thrust it down my throat. He fucked my throat by going down over a foot deep. He pulled it out a few times to have me drool all over myself. But soon enough ROD pushed the dildo further inside me, and he did not stop. That thing was pushed all-the-way-through until it came out of my asshole. ROD pulled out enough length out of my ass in order to bend it and insert it deep in the pussy. About a foot length was sticking out of my mouth. So, I had a 6 foot dildo pass through my frame and sealing me airtight. Next, in addition to the dildo ROD fit a cock in the ass and the pussy, packing me up and fucking me furthermore. I was sealed as tightly as it gets. ROD would fill my insides with his cum in such a manner. ROD produces six to seven times more cum than normal men do, so this meant I was in for a real serious filling. Not to mention that my own juices were trapped inside too.

The first two boys started to cum. I felt streams of warm cum rushing inside, mixing with my own secretion. My insides were fervent in being flooded by ROD’s juice. The cum from the next two guys gave my stomach a visible bulge. It also made it real easy to thrust the dildo end that was sticking out of my mouth. The last rotation rushed inside the holes to prevent cum from leaking out. As their load streamed through my entrails I got filled to the brim. Some of the cum was seeping through my mouth. That’s when the final cock plugged it up and blew his load inside my mouth. I would have exploded if they didn’t pull out soon. With the cocks inserted, ROD started pulling out the dildo from the anal side. When the dildo disappeared past my throat, lots of cum would rush towards my mouth where the cock was struggling to contain the leak. The cocks which previously came inside me were holding out glass bowls. Once the dildo was nearly out, everyone pulled put as the same time together with the dildo. My holes erupted with a torrent of cum blasting out all over the place. Guys were catching as much of the liquid as they could, filling up their bowls to top capacity.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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