You Make Me So Hot…

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Are you hot for me now? Is your mind wandering, wishing you could feel my strong hands brushing gently against your milky smooth inner thigh, inching closer to the tiny panties, your only protection from my advances, feeling the moisture building between your lips. My hand can feel the heat radiating from you as I draw nearer, we can both smell the aroma of your heated pussy. My fingers brush almost imperceptibly across the silky smooth material…..

The words “The Midas Touch” flow through your mind as my fingers gently brush your panties again, this time a little firmer, pressing the material against you until you feel it absorb your juices. On the third pass of my fingers I can feel your now sodden panties as they cling to every contour of your pussy. The warm liquid rubs on my fingers and I have to smell it, to taste it as I lift my hand to my face and inhale your scent then my tongue flickers out to wipe your dew from my fingers.

As my hand returns to you, I feel your body tense at my touch. For a moment I consider that you recoiled from me as a sign to stop but my desire is to strong for that now. This time my fingers push further against you, sliding the silk çankaya escort between your lips where it stays. My fingers are protected from you by the thinnest material, this time they find your clit and pause upon it for the briefest flash only to move away again.

Moving back to your quivering thigh, you can feel my fingers leaving a wet trail. I move down away from your pussy and I can feel you moving back towards me as if to catch-up to my fingers before they escape. The desire in me is now in you and I can feel it, as my motion stops, so does yours. My fingers do what you wanted them to and they return back up your thigh, the moisture trail is evaporating with the heat from your skin and the air is filled with the sweet tangy aroma of your sex. My hand builds speed as it nears where you want it to be, as it approaches you lift your hips as if to receive it. This is all the signal I need and my fingers plunge deep into you, taking the panties with them. You are wishing the panties would tear so you could feel my skin within you, as I withdraw my fingers the pressure is released and you can no longer feel your panties pulled tight against çayyolu escort your clit as I had intended, I can see as your head flops from side to side that you wish I would drive those fingers back in you to crush your clit again. As you open your eyes and stare at me I can see the animal within you, demanding I return. I do as you wish and again my fingers press into you, this time I do tear the panties and my fingers penetrate deep into you and hold for just a second before curling upwards to find your spot, the one that drives you insane with lust and desire.

My fingers are moving all around inside you, searching, probing and with each movement the torn panties still pull tighter against your clit, each movement sends shivers through your body. With my fingers still in you, my thumb circles your now engorged clit, it stands proud even through the slip of silk that still shields it. I circle it again and again, I can feel your body trying to move beneath my thumb so I thrust my fingers deeper into you causing you to involuntarily gasp. I continue to circle my thumb, closer and closer until I am brushing your clit, that first moment I ankara escort touch it sends shocks to the very ends of your hair, as I press against it you moan and gyrate against my fingers that are still buried deep in you. I rub over your clit again, this time I drag the torn panties away to expose all of you to me. Simultaneously my fingers drive deep into you and my thumb crushes your clit and then my hand is gone from you, again you moan but different this time, longing for what is now lost.

In your confused state you feel my body shifting but my rough tongue grazing your clit is still a shock for you, causing your hips to buck beneath me. My face is now pressed against you and I have to inhale deeply, I want to enjoy this moment, to savor your flavor. My tongue now replaces my fingers in tantalizing your pussy, I lick your juice like a cat lapping up milk, smoothing my tongue up and down your lips, every so often dipping just inside you. I pause for a moment, you do not, you keep writhing beneath me, pulling my hair to bring my face closer to you. My tongue returns to your pussy, this time going past your labia and deep into you, deep as I can go and still breathe. As I begin fucking you with my tongue my hands roam all over your body until my right hand stops at your flat stomach, my left clenches your bum and as I push my tongue deep into you I clasp your clit between my finger and thumb, with the other hand I slide a finger into your puckered anus.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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