Young Studs for Carol

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Big Dicks

This is the sequel to “Night of Lust for a Small Woman”.

I suggest you to read it, for a better understanding, but it’s not strictly necessary.

The characters are:

-CAROL, nickname “Child” : a lovely, middle-aged, small housewife, who is captured and repeatedly raped by a gang of tall, strong convicts.

-SCOTT, Carol’s son : a handsome boy, who is getting the hots for his mother.

-JOHN, nickname “Daddy” : a very young, white, gigantic convict, who dominates Carol with his strength and his big endowment.

-TOM, NICK and CRAIG: the other convict . Big, black and young. In this series, Craig is leaving.

-Mr.BLUM: the cuckolded, older husband of Carol. He is leaving, together with Craig.

When Carol awakened, after a long, restorative sleep, it was 2 p.m.

The long night of sex with the four younger studs, in front of her son, had been a terrific and exhausting experience: she had been drained of all her energies like never before in her life.

The woman raised herself from the bed and took few steps in the room to the mirror; bags around her eyes and some love bites on her breast sides proved the heavy treatment from her captors, but her appearance, on the whole, still looked great; and this was certainly due to her resilient and well exercised body: her regular gym sessions had been a big help in that circumstance.

She was totally naked; after the filthy performance, in the bathroom, with Scott and John, the giant had cradled the nude, unconscious housewife in his arms and had carried her, like daddy and child, to her room, where he had laid her in bed, together with himself and her son.

Now, neither of them was in the room and no sound was coming from the house.

Carol felt weak and starving. As a matter of facts, from almost twenty hours her stomach was empty; and the great, unending sex acts with her younger, strong captors had increased her hunger.

She opened a drawer, picked up a pair of lacy red panties and wore them. Nothing more. It was a hot day and appearently she was alone. But after all, what was the matter? Her whole body had been already exposed to those guys and they had thoroughly inspected and checked any square inch of it for so long time and in so many ways as it seemed a nonsense, now, to show much modesty and to cover her breasts.

The woman walked to the kitchen. She didn’t care the mess still remaining, there, from the savage fucking of the last night.

“Somebody will clean up everything, later on,” she thought; now, what she needed, first, was just a good, rich breakfast.

She whipped the eggs in a bowl, to fix the omelet, adding plentiful ham and cheese and she prepared coffee and toasts for herself; juice, butter, jam and cakes completed her meal. During her movements, the massive, heavy boobs were flopping all over her chest, slapping noisily one against the other.

Finally she sat down and ate.

She was bent at the sink, to wash cups and glasses after her breakfast, when two large black hands, from behind, slid around her upper body and seized her tits. At the same time, a voice boomed in her ears: “Hi, baby! Doing well?”

“Toooooom!!” she gasped, turning and looking up, to the towering figure of the stud. A captivating smile was widening on his face, putting in evidence a crown of white teeth. He was naked, except for a green towel, wrapped around his hips.

“You scared me!” Carol yelled, trying to free herself from the tightening grasp.

“Come here, sweetie, let me wish you a good day,” said Tom, who put his hands around her tiny waist, lifting the woman up and cradling her in his arms. His lips touched hers, then his probing tongue french-kissed her, laving and bathing the oral cavity.

She accepted it, because she well knew that her body, now, had just to serve the craving desire of those men and she had to please them, till when they would decide to leave the house.

When the long kiss ended, Tom rested the petite lady on the crook of his elbow, then opened the fridge and picked up a couple of cans of beer.

He walked to the dining room, carrying the small Carol like an infant; her butt on his left arm, her tiny hands over his broad shoulders. He took a seat, put the cans over a table in front of him and accomodated Carol, sidewise, on his lap, between his hairy chest and the edge of the table.

Her legs dangled in the air; Tom’s hand solidly cupped one of her fleshy, huge breasts, caressing with his meaty fingers the rosy, wrinkled areola and the protruding hardness of the stiff nipple.

He was playing with her lithe body and in the meantime he was drinking and telling Carol what happened in the last two hours, while she was still sleeping in her bed.

He said that Craig had ordered to her husband to drive him to another town, near the frontier, where he had to meet some friends. The two of them had already left the house on the family car.

Craig was expected to come back in a couple of days, bringing with him all the necessary mariobet güvenilirmi documents for all the team. After that, finally, the four of them would be free to move anywhere in the Country and to leave without problems.

Besides, Scott had accompanied John downtown, on Carol’s car, to the nearest shopping center, to buy some clothes for all of them, in replacement of their convict uniforms.

In the house, at present, there were only Tom and Nick, who had decided to rest at the big swimming pool. When Tom went to the kitchen, to take some cool drinks, he had met Carol; Nick was still sunbathing in the backyard.

Tom’s continuous workout over her sensitive breast was driving Carol close to her arousal: her hormones were racing with desire, while her right nipple hardened under the stimulation of the rubbing fingers. His sculpted body, his strong neck, his smooth and heavily ample chest, his black large hand moving over her tender white skin, his rippled muscles: everything was showing off his powerful masculinity. She loosened any restraint and her tiny hand started caressing his back, while her mouth engulfed one of his big nipples, tonguing and sucking it, like a newborn.

“Yes, little one, do it; you like it, don’t you?” he murmured in her ear.

“Mmmmmmmmm. . . ” was the only reply from Carol: she was, now, too much engaged in her mouthing action.

Her body was trembling with lust and her breath was turning into short gasps. Carol thrust more of her tit into his palms; she was no more a mature married woman, a mother of two grown childrens; she was acting, in the arms of that much younger stud, like a schoolgirl who was experiencing her first date.

From his part, Tom was not less aroused. The diminutive, half naked body of the beautiful housewife, totally and defencelessly embraced to him, gave the man an immense sense of power: he could handle her like she was just a toy for his sexual desire.

His big cock was bulging in the tightening of the towel: the pressure was becoming unbearable. In a quick motion, Tom lifted the woman from his lap by one arm and with the free hand tore off the cloth from around his hips. The male member sprang out powerfully, like a steel bar.

Tom lowered again Carol onto his lap and turned her: now she was facing away and the long shaft was sliding over her vee.

“Ohhhhhhhh. . . myyyyyyyy. . . your cock. . . is soooo big!” she moaned.

One of his hands was fondling again her tits, cupping alternately both of them; the second one was stretched over her panties-covered pussy, where he could feel, through the wet lacy garment, the crack of her cuntlips.

“You like to play, don’t you, little one?” and without caring for her answer, Tom slid two fingers inside her panties, stroking and pinching her labia. Then he released his grip and brought the hand to his mouth, licking and savouring her sweet nectar.

“Ohhhhhhhh. . . Tom, you are teasing me!” she said in a meek voice. She was helpless and the black guy was like a flooding river; nothing could stop his fury.

His teeth went deep into the tender flesh of her neck and upper arm, causing two crowns of red love bites over the white skin and making the trapped woman struggle and jiggle in his tightening embrace.

He raised her left arm and nuzzled in the tender recess of her armpit; the smell of her perspiration was intoxicating. His darting tongue licked her delicate skin: it was smooth, clean and soft like it belonged to a little baby. His right hand was firmly placed over her right tit, playing with the swollen globe of her white flesh. He caressed the rosy areola; he pinched and rolled the protruding nub, pulling it to an incredible length; he squeezed in his large palm the whole breast, enjoying the way he could mould it to his liking. His mouth went down from her armpit and reached the side of her left tit, where his lips and tongue played with her little mole, lapping feverishly, like her body was an ice-cream.

His left hand was moving back and forth over her inner thighs, stroking and rubbing her sensitive skin. She sighed when he inserted again his hand inside her soaked panties and explored her pussy lips, touching with talented fingers her moist crotch; she jumped in his lap, while her juices continued to flow from her opening. His hand spread her cuntal folds and his whole middlefinger easily disappeared in her love channel, caressing her insides.

The small body of the woman was totally owned by the younger man, who could move and manipulate her, like she was nothing more than a living doll, a plaything for his amusement. Husband, lovers, friends: nobody of them had taken her with the same total possession of that guy and his buddies. The sexual instincts of those strangers, who had occupied her house, were surging up violently, in the presence of her middle-aged, small frame; they didn’t miss, in any occasion, to show their strength and power, by handling and carrying her in their sinewy arms, easily like she was a child.

Carol’s mariobet yeni giriş crotch was flooding in her flowing juices, making Tom’s hand completely wet. It was too much, for the black stud: he loosened his hold over her upper torso and put his thumbs and forefingers around the sides of the elastic band of her lacy panties. He gave two simultaneous tugs and the nice garment became a shredded useless piece of cloth. He picked up in his fist the destroyed panties, made them sliding along the crack of her beautiful asscheeks and brought them to her mouth.

“Lick it, bitch, lick your own juices. Does it smell good?” he said, rubbing the ruined garment over her face and forcing it between her lips and teeth.

He was debasing his victim, he was submitting her to any kind of dirty treatment and she enjoyed it.

The touch of his hands over her now totally naked body was sending waves of warmth and pleasure: she closed her eyes and let out low moans.

Finally Tom decided to end his action: he removed the piece of cloth from her face and threw it across the room.

“Ready for a ride, baby?” said Tom, standing up and holding Carol in his arms.

“Where are you carrying me, big boy?” she asked coyly.

“To your room, sweetie. I want intimity: you and me on your marital bed; your small body totally mine!” and Tom reinforced his words with a gentle kiss over her lips, followed by another one over her left nipple: the boob prettily wobbled under the darting tongue.

Carol was giggling in his strong embrace; she had definitely lost any reluctance; she was, now, an obliging woman who wanted just to please the irresistible longing of her passionate lover: a woman who was proud of the physical attraction she was still able to raise in that younger man.

“My friends, sometimes, used carry me around, during my parties,” she said.

“Your friends?” Tom was surprised. “And your husband? What about your husband?”

“My husband? He liked it; he can only watch, now, because he is too old to carry me in his arms, like he was doing in the first years of our marriage.”

Carol smiled and let her naked legs flying about in the air, while Tom was walking and rocking, at the same time, her nice body, like she was a Barbie doll.

“What a slut, baby! What a whore you are, little one!” he murmured.

They had just arrived at her room’s door, when the sound of a familiar voice stopped them.

“Hey!!. . . Where are you going? Are you okay, mom?” It was Scott.

Evidently, he had come back from his journey with John; when he had left the house, a couple of hours ago, his mother was still in bed and now he was looking for her.

“Scoooott!!!” called out Carol. “I love you, dear!” and her expression didn’t show any kind of embarassment, in front of her son, as if it was the most natural thing to be caught by him in that position: naked in the arms of a naked Tom who was holding her like a baby.

Also Scott was not too much astonished. After the intrusion of those men, he had become accustomed to the sight of his mother, cradled in turn by one of them. She had a small body and they enjoyed to lift her up in the air, like a feather.

“Kid, your mom is in good hands, as you can see,” said Tom in a suasively tone, bouncing Carol up and down a couple of times, before raising her to his ravenous mouth’s level. His tongue glided along the valley between her big boobs, leaving a salivating trail on its way.

“Ahhhhhhhhh. . .” she giggled like a little girl, clearly liking what Tom was doing her.

“Did you see, boy? Mommy loves it,” said the black guy, who continued to play with her beautiful jugs. His lips were sliding along the smooth surface of her tits and his teeth were delicately pinching the turgid nipples.

“Ohhhhh, gawwwwd. . . you nasty guy! You like my tits, don’t you?” she said provocatively, quite ignoring the presence of her son.

“Yes, honey, and you like to be milked, don’t you, little nasty mom?”

“Mmmmmmm. . . I like when you call me mom. Do you want to have fun with my boobs, big boy?”

“I want to have fun with all of your body, mommy,” and, in a quick motion, he wrapped his hands around her waist and, without effort, made her standing up in the air, in vertical position, facing him.

“Are you ready, honey?” he told her. “Watch carefully, boy!”

Scott was looking at the couple of lovers; from his gaze, he seemed very interested to the game Tom was starting to play with Carol.

“Put your hands around my neck, little one, and spread your legs!”

The woman obeyed. Her crotch was just above his huge cock. She was anxiously breathing.

Tom approached his mouth to hers and kissed Carol passionately; then, with a resolute movement, he lowered her and inserted the long shaft in her pulsating vagina.

“Oooooohhhhhhh!!. . . you big son of a. . . ” She couldn’t finish her words: her wet pussy had been entirely filled up, past her crevix, by the male member. She was moaning and mariobet giriş panting with excruciating pleasure.

“Another fucking session for mom,” was thinking Scott in his mind. He had lost count of how many times his mother had been penetrated, last night, by those lecherous rapists. Now it was a new day and she was again in their hands. He knew very well that this torment would finish only after their departure; till then, his mom and himself were at their complete mercy, and also his manifest incestuous desire was subject to their will.

Tom had placed his callous hands under Carol’s delicate buttocks and he was bouncing the small woman up and down his meaty piston; she cooed like a little girl, her hands wrapped up around his neck and her legs clung to his hips.

“You are made for this, baby,” he shouted, like crazy. “You are made for my cock. Watch, boy, watch your mom: she is my cock ornament!”

What a sigh was, for Scott, to see his tiny white mom impaled on this huge black man, like she was his property. Her large tits were pressed, due to the difference of height, to his hairy belly and her lips were licking his ample chest, sucking one of the dark nipples in her mouth.

“Cock ornament”, was thinking the aroused son. Better to say that it was a monkey position: a big ape carrying a cub.

Carol enjoyed the treatment Tom was giving her.

“I can carry you like this, on my cock, till tomorrow, you little old lady. Your weight is nothing; I can lift you up just with one hand!” He made fun of her and his smile resounded noisily.

“And I like to be carried by you, Tom,” she squealed, gazing up to his eyes. “I’m a shrimp, I’m a baby! Play with your baby, big boy; play with me!”

“Sure, honey,” he said. And to Scott: “Boy, did you see? The bimbo, here, wants fun and I’m going to give her all the fun she needs. She is mine, all mine! I’ll return her back to you later on.”

And without hesitation Tom carried the giggling woman inside her bedroom.

Before the door was closed in front of Scott, Carol had just the time to blow him a kiss.

In the room, the black guy walked to the mirror. He stood sideways in front of it, making Carol have a good look of her naked impaled body: her thirty-six double D globes crushed against him, her round buns cupped by his meaty fingers, her small, middle-aged frame dwarfed by the big young boy, who had placed his cock into her vagina and, without effort, was holding her in his hands.

The woman was clearly excited.

“How much does it turn you on to be fucked by someone who could be your son?” provocatively asked Tom.

“And how much are you turned on to fuck someone who could be the age of your mother”?

“It really turns me on to have a woman your age in my hands and put my cock into her!”

“It’s like you are raping your mom, you nasty boy!”

“It’s like to dominate a small older woman whose muscles are just able to tickle me, you little mommy!”

To be called mommy turned her on, even more; and Tom knew very well how to please the lecherous lady. Carol’s ninety-five pounds were a child’s play, for his massive arms. He had no trouble to raise and lower her, sliding his lubricated shaft, back and forth with alternate motion, along her cunt walls. He was using the woman’s twat to masturbate himself: like his fist had been replaced by her body. Up, till only his cock-head was inserted in her love channel and then, abruptly, down till her crotch hit the base of his prick.

“Watch in the mirror, mommy! Watch the fucking cock, you little whore!”

His words, added to his savage action, produced a devastating effect on the poor housewife.

“Ohhhhh. . . yeeeeeessss. . . you make me . . . cuuuummm . . . ohhhhh. . . fuck meeeee. . . . Scooott. . . ohhhhhhhh!!”

She was screaming, her cunt hole was creaming uninterruptibly and her mind was in turmoil. To be fucked by a young boy who could be her son and to be called “mommy” by him had reversed her reality. In her fantasy, now, she was fucked by Scott: her incestuous desire had been finally satisfied and the big boy who was reaming her pussy was her lovable son.

Tom understood what was happening in her mind and immediately took advantage, to increase the lust.

“Yes, mommy, yes, cum on my cock! Fuck your son, spray your juices, slut, fill your little pussy with my big cock!”

The black man was grabbing her waist for all he was worth, while the woman, who had completely lost any control, was cumming harder and harder, making her pussy to clamp down on his prick like a vice, while her heavy tits swayed on her chest, like balloons.

Finally, she collapsed in his arms, totally spent by the violent fucking.

Tom had mercy; the small older woman had been fully dominated by the power of his young age and now she was hanging from his massive arms and his big cock, like a sack of potatoes. He dislodged Carol from the prick, enjoying the plopping sound coming from her cunt; then carried her to the bed, where he sat, with his back leant against the bed-head. He laid the unconscious housewife over him: her body crossing his at ninety degrees, her back resting over his lap and her legs and arms well spread over the sheets. In that position, she was totally displayed to the black stud.

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