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“There are twelve implements laying on the couch. You are to look them over and decide in which order you wish to receive them. Place them in order, one to twelve, starting at the left. You will be receiving a minimum of twelve whacks with each item. You will be required to count the whacks out loud. If you mess up the count or miss the count for any implement, the count for that item will be restarted. At the end of the turn for each implement, you will say “Thank you Sir.” In between each implement I will fuck you. After a hard implement, I will fuck you hard. After a softer one, I will be more gentle and loving. You may orgasm whenever the urge strikes you. My orgasm will occur during the fucking after you have been spanked with the last implement. You are to make sure the last implement on the right is a hard one. Do you understand these instructions?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Good. Then I am going to take a few minutes to go change into something more comfortable. When I come back you will have the items arranged properly.”

Leanne looked at the implements on the couch with a strange mixture of fear and fascination. The combination gave her a buzz, a thrilling rush of excitement which exhilarated her. But the logic in her brain was gone. She couldn’t think. It was difficult to process the task in front of her. She was in a zone where all that existed was feeling and sensation. And this before the spanking even began. The idea of arranging the implements seemed absurd. Why bother? Any order will do. Just spank away! She laughed at her predicament. Then she saw the wooden paddle. Her laughter ceased. There was no doubt it was the most brutal implement before her. It was long, heavy, and thick. It looked like it could break bones. Leanne winced as she thought of it being applied to her ass. For a brief moment she thought of leaving. But she knew she couldn’t, for her desire far exceeded her fear. She placed the birch paddle to the far right. It was number twelve.

The other implements were arranged very quickly. It seemed natural to alternate hard and easy ones. Yet still Leanne was unsure. Many of the implements were foreign to her. Many of them seemed silly even being kayseri escort on the couch. How much pain could a spanking with a feather cause? What was the point? She started to laugh again, not so much from the humor but from her nervousness. Anxiety sometimes caused her to break out into fits of laughter. It had gotten her into big trouble at a funeral one time. And she wanted nothing like that now. She reached down to pinch her thigh until the pain was big enough to chase away her nervous laughter. The pain and the efforts at self control caused her to not notice that her Dom was back in the room.

“So I see you want to feel the flogger first. A very good choice I should say. But first let’s get the target a little more ready, shall we? After all, an ass that is heated up too rapidly may crash and burn whereas slowly tempered flesh rises to a flaming peak of pleasurable pain.”

His hands massaged her buttocks. Gently and slowly at first, then with increasing firmness. Leanne felt his strong hands kneading and rubbing her pliable cheeks. The blood was flowing and spreading evenly throughout them. It felt warm. It felt good. But more than that there was a feeling of vulnerability which came over Leanne as she realized that her long held secret desire to be spanked was about to be realized. Her vulnerability was not in the physical sense, for she felt that her ass no longer belonged to her but to her Dom. No, she felt vulnerable because of the exposure of her soul. There was no place to run to, no place to hide. The raw tightly strung emotions which had been so neatly controlled and kept in check for so long would now come streaming out through the experience of exquisitely produced pain. Leanne was afraid. A few tears flowed down her cheeks as his tenderizing preparations concluded.

“Now little girl, let us begin!”

The first few strokes were soothing, cooling. The thin rubber tassels of the flogger landed rather softly against her skin. But as the flogging continued the whacks became progressively harder, setting the precedence for each item to come. By the time the twelfth stroke landed with a heavy thud, Leanne was experiencing a taste kıbrıs escort of the pain she craved. There was no doubt she wanted more. Her pussy was sopping wet.

Throwing the flogger to the side the Dom immediately mounted her. Leanne gasped as she felt his cock slide effortlessly inside her steaming pussy. She felt a fullness unlike any other she had ever experienced. She wanted to scream with joy. Indeed, unconsciously the words flowed out “Fuck me, goddammit fuck me, I need to be fucked so bad, fuck me!” The orgasm flowed spontaneously. Leanne swooned as the powerful wave hit her. All that she knew was the feeling in her pussy. Nothing else existed.

The next three implements stirred the passion inside Leanne even more. The fly swatter gave her a novel sharp stinging sensation which caused her to whimper with delight. The silk tie had a surprisingly strong snap to it. The leather riding crop whetted her appetite for more. She was soon to get it.

As the black leather paddle connected with her ass in a series of hard and rapid blows, Leanne screamed out and squirmed helplessly. Her Dom had changed his technique. There was no buildup. There was no pause between each whack. The brutal shots came in quick succession. The pain was intense. Without realizing what she was doing Leanne put her hand back to block her ass from the paddle. It was a mistake.

“How dare you put your hand back like that? HOW DARE YOU! You think that will stop me? Well, you’re wrong little girl, dead wrong.” He grabbed her wrists and quickly slapped on the handcuffs. Her hands were now pinned in front of her. “Now, let us begin over again with the paddle. Since you have been disobedient, since you have been a bad little girl, the number of paddle whacks is increased to 24. Keep the count girl.” As before, he laid in hard and fast with the stiff leather covered paddle. The pain was even more intense, shooting into Leanne’s brain, bringing her to the verge of unconsciousness. She screamed. She began to sob in a wailing tone. It was difficult to keep up the count. By the time she called out “24” her speech was virtually unintelligible. She was close to collapse. The hard fucking konya escort that followed only served to bring her closer to a state of sensory exhaustion. Yet the session was not even half over.

Fortunately for Leanne she had chosen a light implement to be next in line. It was a plastic wand topped with strands of soft horsehair. As the hair fell softly against her skin, her Master lovingly brushed it gently over her hot blazing red butt. Never had she felt anything so incredibly soothing. The pain was replaced with a softness so embracing it felt like her cheeks were laying on the fluffy cushion of a fleecy white cloud. The transformation and abrupt contrast of feeling caused the spankee to burst out into a fit of uncontrollable laughter and joy. As she lost the count, the horsehair spanking continued on until Leanne could laugh no longer.

Of the five subsequent implements two were of the light variety, the foxtail and the peacock feathers. Leanne smiled and enjoyed the soft sensual spankings with these items that felt lighter than air. The lovemaking that occurred after each one was equally wonderful as her Dom whispered sweet phrases of praise into her ears as he moved slowly back and forth inside her. The orgasms flowed through her giving her a warm all over glow. The harder implements, the belt, the long shoehorn, and the black rope, all served to intensify Leanne’s appreciation for the pleasures and pains of a disciplined spanking. There was no doubt that she was now a devotee.

The last item was the heavy birch paddle. The first few whacks were gentle enough but as the spanking built to a final crescendo the shock was felt deep inside the buttocks of the hapless girl. The pain became a dull numbness. Leanne became submerged in the depths of subspace, where pain no longer existed, where all that could be experienced was the pure consciousness of pleasure. As the spanking finished, her Dom mounted her one last time. The fucking was as hard and as fast as his strong legs could give. There was a baseness to the sex, a raw fulfillment of primal desire. She wanted it that way. Indeed, she had requested it. She loved being fucked like an animal. The heavy breathing, the grunting, the sweating, the swearing, all served to push Leanne into the realm of a continuous pulsating orgasm. This flowed even stronger as she felt her Master’s sperm squirting inside her. Only upon his collapse did it end. The session was finished.