2 Different Women – 2 Different Cities- 1 Wonderful Day (part one)

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It had been several months since Peg and I broke up. We were engaged to be married and a few months before the wedding I had discovered she was cheating on me with not one, but two other guys!
I had met Julie at a bar. She was a nice girl. Not exactly a superstar model, but more of a “plain Jane”. After a few weeks of dating I discovered her true talent. She was wicked in the bedroom. A few of “firsts” for me, especially some light bondage.

But this story focus is on one day I will not forget. It started mid morning with a phone call.
“Brian, its Peggy.”

After a small pause, I replied. “Hello, what do you want?” “I need to see you. Can we meet someplace?” she asked. My heart skipped a beat. “Ok, where do you want to meet?”I asked.
We ended up meeting at a Park and Ride just off the highway near Three Oaks, about 30 minutes from where I was living. When I pulled in she was already there. She motioned me to come to her car. I got out of my car and got into the passenger side of her car.

“Can we go for a drive?” she asked. “Ok…so what is going on?” I asked her. “Why did you want to see me? To brag? To rub it in my face? What?”
She then leaned over and gave me a kiss. Not just any kiss, the type of kiss lovers would share together. A passionate kiss, one that seemed to last forever.

She then started her car and began to drive. She began telling me about her relationship with Jack, one of the guys she was sleeping with when we were still together. She thought she was in love with him. He was good looking. He wasn’t rich, but lived comfortable. But he was also very controlling. He tracked her moves, always making her call when she left work and when she arrived to work. She had no friends to speak of. He was making her life miserable.

After a few minutes we pulled up to a beautiful house. “This is where Jack and I live.” She announced. As we pulled in the driveway, şişli escort she asked me to duck down. “Why?” I asked. “Because the neighbors watch, and they tell Jack when I leave and when I come back” She replied. “Oh man, what am I getting myself into?” I thought to myself.

She pulled into the garage and turned the car off. “Jack is out of town for the day. Please come inside.” She asked. We made our way through the back door, into and out of the kitchen/dining room, coming to a stop in the living room. “Have a seat. I will be back in a minute” She said.

As I sat on the couch, I wondered what I had gotten myself into. A few moments later, I found out.
She came into the living room, appearing to wear nothing but a large towel.

“I need you!” she said. “I need to feel you, touching me. I need to feel you in me.” That is when she dropped the towel. She was as beautiful as ever, though I did notice one thing different.

“You shave.” I remarked. “Yes,” she replied. “Jack likes it bare down there, but that is not what we are here for…” We met in the middle of the room, holding each other tight as we began kissing intently. I massaged her ass as we kissed. We both moaned. So many memories came flooding back. I began kissing her neck, nibbling on her ears. I took a half-step back to move my hands from her ass to her tits, cupping them and flicking the nipples with my fingers. I could see that this was driving her crazy, which to me meant she hadn’t had sex in awhile.

I then kissed my way to her tits, taking the left one in my mouth and sucking on it; flicking the nipple with my tongue. Her moans grew louder as I moved to the right tit, taking it into my mouth as well. As I sucked on her tit, my left hand slid across her smooth belly until I reached her pussy. I began to finger her, which made her begin to shake. At that point I lead her to the couch and had her sit. I then spread her legs and kissed my way from her thighs to that wonderful pussy. I teased her, licking and nibbling ever so lightly. She began to slam her body into my face. “Don’t tease me! Just do it!” she screamed. I didn’t wait, I went to town! Her moans grew louder and louder. I would have been surprised if the neighbors didn’t hear her!

It wasn’t long until I hear her scream “I’M CUMMING!” and she did, flooding my face. I lapped up her juices, she still had that sweet taste about her. It was so good! After a minute I went back in, slowly working my tongue or her clit. “No, no, no! No more of that! I need you! I need to feel you inside me!” she exclaimed. I stood up and before I could do anything, she was unbuckling my belt and unsnapping my pants. A quick tug revealed my 6.5 inches of manhood, which she eagerly took in her mouth and began the best blowjob she had ever given!
It wasn’t long before I told her that I was going to cum. Upon that announcement, she pushed me back, repositioned herself on the couch and exclaimed “Brian, I need you! NOW!” Well I certainly wasn’t going to keep her waiting! I positioned myself on top of her, guiding my cock into her waiting pussy. Man, that first thrust in was heaven! Nice and slow, gentle and deep. Once I hit bottom, there was no stopping me. I fucked her hard! Giving it to her with everything I had in me, and she took it! Trust me, it wasn’t long before she had her 2nd and 3rd orgasms. Then I gave her the mother lode! Filling her up to overflowing!

We both lay there in a joyful, exhausted bliss. She kissed me gently and said “Thank you”. Then we were both given a jolt when the phone rang! She literally flipped me off of her and on to the floor, and grabbed the phone before the 2nd ring. It was Jack! She was quite calm as she spoke to him. I got up and stood behind her, reaching around to grab her tits and feel them. I could see the expression of pleasure she had while I did this. After she hung up the phone, she turned to me and said “We need to get dressed now and get you out of here!”
We quickly got dressed and got into her car. As we drove back to my car, I asked her if she was going to leave Jack. She looked at me with fear in her eyes. “I am afraid to. I don’t know what would happen if I tried. I know that if I did that I wouldn’t stay here. I would go to New Mexico where my mom is.”

“So, will ever see you again?” I asked. “I don’t know” she replied “But thank you for this great memory that I will always carry with me.”

We pulled into the Park and Ride and she let me out. I could see tears in her eyes. I moved to her side of the car, she rolled down the window. “Good bye!” she said. I leaned in, giving her one last kiss on the cheek. “Good bye!” I said softly. She quickly backed out and drove away.

I got into my car and began my drive home. I had so many thoughts in my head. Excitement and joy from the great sex that Peggy and I just had. Then my feelings changed. I felt that I had just been used, used just for sex. That made me feel sad. Depressed even.

I pulled in to my parking spot at my apartment. I was just going to go inside and drown my feelings with some rum and Coke. I knew that my roommate was working, so I figured that I was just going to drink until I could drink no more, then probably pass out on the couch.

I walked into my apartment and went for the kitchen. As I poured my rum and Coke, I heard a thumping sound from my bedroom. My first thought, someone broke in. I quickly grabbed the first thing I thought I could use as a weapon ( a large wooden pepper grinder) and went towards my room. I figured that if I had the element of surprise I could take out the intruder. I quick burst through the door expecting to find someone going through my stuff. What I found was a whole different and exciting story.

Part 2 coming soon!

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