30 Black and big


OK, I’m thirty, I’m black, I’m big and I’m probably less than average looking but I’m horny a lot and often on the lookout for guys to satisfy my horniness. I’m not fussy. I’ve let myself get picked up by guys from their teens to their sixties, skinny guys, fat guys, tall, short, black, white, Asian, Mexican. I would even let myself be picked up by a green alien guy if I thought he had a cock that would put out the fire in my cunt.

My name is Fran. I’m 5’4” and weigh 182 pounds. My skin is the color of milk chocolate unless you look inside my pussy and see that I’m pink in there. I like looking at my pussy in the mirror while I shove a big dildo or something else like a cucumber in and out of it. My hips are probably 38, my waist about 32 and my tits are 40DD’s with big black nipples that always stand out making bumps in all of my blouses. My hair is short, black and curly. I’m no beauty but no-body ever seems to care while they are fucking my pussy, my ass or my throat.

When I get in the mood to get picked up and fucked, I dress in an outfit that definitely says I’m looking for some adult fun. Even though I don’t have a great body, I wear a short tight skirt and a blouse that shows a lot of my big tits. Some of them even let the top edge of my areolas peek out. I’ve got heavy duty bras that can hold up my heavy, saggy jugs and push them together for best effect.

When I am sitting on a bar stool sipping on the one and only drink I have for the night, with my legs spread showing anyone that wants to look that I am not wearing panties, there is no doubt that I am available for sex. Usually the first guy to walk up and talk to me is the one that gets to fuck me that night, either at my place, his place or in the car. I even went into the men’s room one time and sucked off three guys. I can’t do that again because the bar owner pulled me aside and said that if I ever did, he would not let me come back. To tell him that I was sorry, I blew him behind the bar. I swallowed four loads of cum that night even before taking a guy home and fucking and sucking him for over an hour. I’m a slut and I know it and I like being one.

Last night I went to one of the local bars, sat on a stool and ordered the one drink that I would nurse till I made a contact. I had not been there more than about ten minutes when this tall skinny white guy got up from the booth he was sitting at and walked over to me. He was pretty good looking, probably in his mid-twenties, about 6’3” and weighed around 175. Looking at my cleavage more than at my face, he said. “Hi, my name is Dan. Can I get you a drink?” I turned to him, smiled, spread my legs and pushed my chest out. I was feeling especially nasty and not in the mood to waste time with a lot of small talk so I replied, “Hi to you too. I’m Fran. That sounds good as long as the drink you’re offering is cum.”

He actually had a shocked look on his face but quickly recovered and said, “That can be arranged but I’m out with my two buddies. Do you mind if they join us?” I quickly answered that it was good with me. We went over to the booth. I slid into the booth and Dan slid in beside me. “This is Frank.” Frank was also white and almost as tall as Dan but not as skinny and probably in his late 30’s. “This is Meteo.” Meteo was a short brown skinned Mexican who was a little on the heavy side and closer to 50 than 40. He was probably five seven and 170 pounds. He was the one sitting next to me on the other side from Dan. Dan asked me if I wanted a drink. “No. This one is enough and we won’t be here that long anyway, will we?”

Meteo already had his hand under my skirt and was working it up to my pussy. I pulled my skirt up almost to my waist to make myself more easily accessible to him. His hand quickly found where my legs came together and one of his thick short fingers pushed thru my dense, curly black pubic hair, between my outer cunt lips and found its way into my already wet snatch. He started finger fucking me and I moaned. I looked at Dan, “Where are we going to go?” “I know this really nice spot out in the woods not far from here”, was his reply. It was a clear summer night and the temp was in the 70’s so that sounded good.

“We’ll take both cars so we don’t have to come back here after. The guys can take my car and I’ll go with you if that sounds good.” “Sounds good to me”, I replied. When Dan and I got to my car, he suggested that he drive so I would have my hands free. I tossed him the keys. Before we had even gotten out of the parking lot, I had his fly unzipped and his cock out in my hand. He slid the seat back as far as he could and still reach the pedals and I slid my mouth over his thin but eight inch long cock. He drove, I sucked.” I swallowed his first load of cum before we got to the place he was taking us to. When the guys behind us saw my head disappear, they were pretty sure that they knew what was happening.

He stopped the car in a clearing in a wooded area on a dirt road next to a small pond. The other car pulled in behind us. Everyone got out. “Hey Dan, it’s not fair to get a head start on us. Is she a good cock sucker?” Dan replied that I was very good. Frank took a blanket out of the car and spread in out in the clearing. He and Meteo roughly pushed me to my knees on the blanket. They quickly dropped their pants and Frank grabbed me by the hair and pulled my face to his crotch. He was already hard. He had an average six inches but it had a very strong downward curve. I opened my mouth and he pulled my head forward and stabbed his manhood down my throat. I gagged but he did not stop. Holding my head, he throat fucked me hard and fast.

Meteo got impatient and pulled me off Franks cock and turned me to his. He was less than six inches but he was the thickest of the three. I had to stretch to get around his meat stick. Dan spoke up, “Take your time guys. We’re gaziantep escort not in any hurry. There’s enough of this slut to go around and I’ll bet that she is ready to service us for as long and in any way we want.” Boy was he right. I was ready, willing and able for anything they could dish out.

Dan said, “OK Slut strip for us. Get those gallon jugs and that hairy snatch out where we can see them.” I stood up, “My name is Fran.” “We don’t care. We’ll can you Slut or Cunt or Pig or whatever else we feel like calling you.” I didn’t say any more. These guys did not intend to be gentle with me but I didn’t mind. I swayed and removed my clothing. Then they pushed me back to my knees and all three of them moved close to me. My head was pulled to Dan’s cock. I opened my mouth and he slammed himself into my throat. Then I was pulled off and turned to Mateo and he did the same thing. Frank did it next. Frank told me. “Suck hard Fuck Face. Every time we pull a cock out of your mouth, we want to hear it make a pop noise.” They kept passing my throat around and each time a cock came out I made sure I was sucking hard so it made a popping sound.

After several minutes of this pass around blowjob, Frank got down on the blanket on his back. “Get the fuck down here and ride my cock.” I put one leg on either side of him, facing his head and squatted down. I took his cock in my hand and lined it up with my fuck hole and dropped down onto it. It felt good to have a cock in me. I pulled up slow and dropped down hard. “Look at those huge tits bounce. Make ‘em bounce, Slut.” My tits bounced so hard that it hurt a little but if the guys wanted to see them bounce, bounce they would.

Frank pulled me down and started biting my erect nipples, first one then the other. He bit hard enough that it hurt but I liked it. “Hey Meteo, there’s another hole down there that needs to be filled. Have at it amigo.” I felt a hand touch my ass and then one finger enter my rectum. It was followed by another. “Hold her still Frank. Let me get my cock in that tight ass hole.” Frank held me with my tits pressed against his chest while Meteo positioned himself at my butt. His fingers had loosened me enough that even his thick pecker did not have hard time penetrating my anal ring. It took a couple pushes for him to get fully buried in my ass but soon he was stroking in and out. Frank then started fucking back in my cunt again. They got a rhythm going. One in and one out then do it again and again. After every few stabs at my ass, Meteo would give my ass cheek a hard slap. It hurt and my cheek turned bright red but I loved it.

Dan spoke. “Lift up on your hands. You’ve got an empty hole waiting for my cock.” I lifted up and my tits started swinging under me. They dragged over Frank’s chest. Dan brought his equipment to my face and I sucked him in. I opened my mouth and accepted Dan’s rock hard cock. Now I was having all three of my fuckable hole worked hard at the same time. All three were going full depth in my holes. If there is any woman that has not had this experience, I tell you to go for it, you’ll love it. There is nothing hotter in baseball or in fucking than a triple play.”

Dan came first and I had to work hard to keep and of his jizz from escaping my mouth and dripping down onto Frank. I didn’t think he would like that and I was enjoying every bit of my salty treat. A couple minutes later, both Frank and Meteo came at about the same time but not till after I had a mind blowing orgasm of my own. I begged them to fuck me hard.

All three of my holes were full of wonderful man sauce but the evening was not over with yet. We changed positions several times. Over the next hour or so each of the three guys managed to fill each of my three holes with a load of their cum and I lost count of the number of times they made me come. They even fucked me between my big black tits. Finally I was lying on my back on the blanket. I was breathing hard and I was a mess. The three of them were standing close around with their limp dicks hanging down. Frank was the first to start but after he did it was only seconds before all three of them were pissing on me. They pissed in my hair. They pissed on my pussy and chest. I don’t enjoy golden showers but when Dan ordered me to open my mouth, I did and they pissed in my mouth. I couldn’t help but to swallow some of it.

Finally their bladders were drained and the last trickle fell on my face. I got up and went over to the edge of the pond to splash some water on my body to clean up a little bit. As I did that, they picked up the blanket and my clothes and headed for their car. I turned around when I heard the car doors shut and they drove off. Frank leaned out the window, “Thanks for the great fuck, Slut. We’ll see you again sometime.”

I realized that I was standing there naked with nothing to put on. They had only left me my purse with my car keys. I had no choice but to drive home naked and my carport at the apartment complex was a good hundred feet from my apartment door. I would have to walk naked from my car to my door. At least it was late and it was not likely that I would be seen. I drove extra carefully because I sure did not want to get pulled over by a cop. Along the way a big rig trucker was able to look down into my car and get a good look at my big tits. He honked his horn and pointed and tried to get me to pull over. I considered it but I had had enough for one night.

This morning all my body is sore and aching. My tits are bruised from being slapped so hard. However, I felt fully satisfied and had wonderful memories of what had happened to me last night. My pussy started getting wet from thinking about it and I started thinking about what might happen to me the next time I went out. I took a shower, rubbed myself to one more orgasm, went back to bed and slept till noon.