32 Year Old Virgin Ch. 01

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“John, can I get you to do something for me?” Kelly asked.

“You’ve never had a problem convincing me to do things for you in the past.” John said.

Kelly giggled.

“No…I guess I haven’t.” Kelly said.

“So what is it that you want me to do?” John asked.

“I want you to have sex for me.” Kelly said.

“Oh hell…you’re doing that carefully worded shit that you do. You said for you and not with you. What’s the deal?” John asked.

Kelly smiled.

“I was talking to my friend Beth today…she said something that surprised me and immediately made me think of you.” Kelly said.

“Why do I have a bad feeling about where this is going?” John asked.

“Because you’re paranoid.” Kelly said.

“Uh-huh…we’ll see. What did Beth say and why did it make you think of me?” John asked.

“Well…we were talking, and Beth confided in me that she’s still a virgin.” Kelly said.

“A virgin? She’s like 30 or something isn’t she?” John asked.

“She’s 32.” Kelly said.

“And she’s still a…oh no…I think I see where this is going.” John said.

“John…Beth has never known the pleasures of a man…the pleasures of sex.” Kelly said.

“And you want me to be the one to show her right?” John asked.

“Yes. I figured that over the next month or so you could…” Kelly said.

“The next month or so? Jesus Kelly…you want me to spend more than just one night with her?” John asked.

“Of course. She’s a virgin…so the first night would be about tenderly introducing her to sex and taking her virginity. You’d have sex with her a few times over the next few days…then you’d start teaching her things like oral…even anal. At the end of the month you would make love to her.” Kelly said.

“You’ve got the whole month already planned out? For crying out loud Kelly…does she know about this?” John asked.

Kelly shrugged.

“We talked about it a little. She seemed to like the idea.” Kelly said.

“Oh Jesus Kelly…you know that I’d do pretty much anything for you, but you’re asking me to have sex with Beth…I don’t know if I can do that.” John said.

“What’s wrong with Beth? I know that she isn’t exactly gorgeous, but she isn’t hideous either.” Kelly said.

“It has nothing to do with Beth’s appearance Kelly.” John said.

“Then what is it?” Kelly asked.

“She’s another woman…more than that she’s one of your friends. I don’t…I don’t think…I can do it.” John said.

Kelly saw the concerned look on John’s face.

“Okay John…if you don’t think you can do it I’ll go tell Beth that she should go home.” Kelly said.

“Oh hell…she’s here?” John asked.

“Yeah…she’s in the guest room.” Kelly said.

“Damn it Kelly…you can’t just assume that I’ll go along with something like this and set it up without even talking to me.” John said.

“I’m sorry John. I’ll go and tell her.” Kelly said.

Kelly went to get up, but John stopped her.

“No…I’ll go talk to her.” John said.

John got up from the couch and walked up the stairs to the guest room. He knocked on the door.

“Come in.” Beth said.

John walked into the room and closed the door. Beth smiled at first until she saw the look on John’s face.

“What’s wrong?” Beth asked.

John sat beside her on the bed and took her hand in his.

“Beth…the first I heard about any of this was 5 minutes ago. Kelly dropped it on me out of the blue and just expected me to come up here and do it. She didn’t give me any time to think about it. She didn’t discuss it with me before telling you that I’d do it. She just set it up, had you come over here, and expected me to run upstairs to do it.” John said.

“You would have done it if it had been Amy or Lisa…or one of Kelly’s pretty friends.” Beth said.

“Is that what you think this is about? Beth this has nothing to do with looks. This is about my wife committing me to have sex with another woman without even talking to me about it first. It wouldn’t matter who the woman waiting in the room was or what she looked like. I’d have still been upset with Kelly for handling things like this. I hope that you’ll believe me when I say that this had mecidiyeköy escort bayan nothing to do with what you look like.” John said.

“Well…I guess if the first you’d heard about it was 5 minutes ago it would be a little silly of me to think that you’d automatically agree to it. Your wife asking you to have sex with another woman has got to hit a guy pretty hard.” Beth said.

“You have no idea.” John said.

“Well…I guess I’ll just go home then.” Beth said.

Beth went to get up, but John held her hand.

“Beth…I have more that I want to say.” John said.

Beth sat back down.

“What more is there to say?” Beth asked.

“Kelly sprung this on me without giving me a chance to think about it. If she’d talked to me about it and given me enough time to think about it I might have said yes. So…if this is what you want…and you’re willing to give me the time to think about it…I promise that I’ll give it serious consideration. The only answer I could give tonight was no, but it is possible that after I’ve had time to think about it…I might say yes. Is this what you want?” John asked.

“Yes.” Beth said.

“Will you give me some time to think about it?” John asked.

“Yes John…yes I’ll give you time to think about it if that’s what you want.” Beth said.

“My answer still might be no, but at least I’ll have had time to consider it.” John said.

“I understand. Well…I look forward to your answer…either way…thank you for considering it.” Beth said.

Beth walked down the stairs and out the front door without stopping to say goodbye to Kelly. John walked back into the living room and sat down next to Kelly.

“So…how’d she take it?” Kelly asked.

“She was smiling when she walked out of the room.” John said.

“She was smiling? Why?” Kelly asked.

“Because she left with hope.” John said.

“What kind of hope?” Kelly asked.

“When I first went up there she thought I was saying no because of her looks. I assured her that I wasn’t saying no because of her…I was saying no because of you.” John said.

“Because of me?” Kelly asked.

“Yes…because of you. You told me about this 5 minutes before you wanted it to happen…you didn’t give me a chance to even think about it. The only option I had was to say no…at least to tonight.” John said.

“You mean…” Kelly said.

“I asked Beth for time to think about it…time that you weren’t going to give me. If that is what she wants and either you want it too or are at least okay with it then I will think about it. I might still say no, but there’s also a chance that I’ll say yes. There was no chance that I’d say yes tonight, but after I’ve had time to think about it maybe I will say yes. She agreed to give me some time to think about it and had a hopeful smile on her face when she left.” John said.

“Thank you John.” Kelly said.

“The chances are more than 50% that I’ll say no Kelly.” John said.

“I understand, but thank you for at least thinking about it.” Kelly said.

Over the next few weeks John spent a lot of time thinking about the situation. Kelly wanted him to do it, but could he do it even with her permission? Could he really have sex with another woman? Eventually John reached his decision.

“Call Beth.” John said.

“You’ve made your decision?” Kelly asked.

“Yes I have.” John said.

“What should I tell her?” Kelly asked.

“Have her come over so that I can talk to you both about my decision together.” John said.

Ten minutes later Kelly and Beth were sitting on the couch and John was sitting on the coffee table looking at them.

“Three weeks ago I said no to what the two of you had arranged. I promised Beth that if she gave me the time I would think about it and would consider doing it. For the past 3 weeks I have been thinking about it a lot. I’ve gone back and forth on it several times. I finally decided that if Kelly is 100% okay and supportive of this, and if Beth is 100% sure that she wants this then I’ll do it. So I need to know…do either of you have any doubts about this?” John asked.

“I don’t have any doubts John…I’m 100% okay with this.” findikzade escort Kelly said.

“Beth?” John asked.

“John…the only thing that would even give me a reason to hesitate would be a fear of what it might do to you and Kelly’s relationship…she doesn’t have a problem with it…so that removes any doubts I have.” Beth said.

“Okay. If either of you is going to change your mind you’d better do it in the next few minutes because as soon as we get to the guest room this is going to get very real.” John said.

“We…as in all 3 of us?” Kelly asked.

“Yes…if you want me to do this then you’re going to have to watch it happen.” John said.

“Oh…um…okay.” Kelly said.

“Any objections before we go upstairs?” John asked.

Kelly and Beth remained silent.

“Okay…then we might as well go upstairs.” John said.

He led the way with both women following closely behind him. The 3 of them entered the guest bedroom and John closed the door.

“Okay…one last chance…do either of you want to back out?” John asked.

“Not me.” Kelly said.

“No…me neither.” Beth said.

“Okay…then get undressed.” John said.

“What?” Beth asked.

“Take your clothes off. I know that you’re new at this, but I figured you’d know that you have to take your clothes off for this.” John said.

He pulled his shirt off.

“I thought…” Beth said.

“The way I understand what Kelly proposed the first time is only supposed to be sex…take your virginity to get that out of the way…then the other…more intimate stuff would follow. Was I wrong in my understanding?” John asked.

“No…you weren’t wrong…that’s what I meant.” Kelly said.

“Okay…so then take your clothes off. Kelly…could you grab some lube from our bedroom? We’re probably going to need it.” John said.

“Right.” Kelly said.

Kelly left the room and John started taking the rest of his clothes off.

“Do you want to do this or not?” John asked.

Beth started taking her clothes off.

“I haven’t been naked in front of a man since my dad gave me a bath when I was like 4…I’ve even always had female doctors.” Beth said.

“I understand that you’re nervous…that’s another reason why this first time will just be sex…so that next time you’ll be more relaxed.” John said.

“Okay…if you say so.” Beth said.

Beth took her clothes off and then stood with her hands covering her breasts and her crotch. John smiled. Kelly came back with the lube.

“Here you go.” Kelly said.

John took the bottle.

“Which position do you think would be easiest for the first time? Missionary or doggie style?” John asked.

“Doggie style would give you more control.” Kelly said.

“Good thinking. Okay Beth…get up on the bed on your hands and knees.” John said.

Beth moved slowly onto the bed. John lubed up his cock…which was becoming erect. By the time he had it completely lubed it was also fully erect. John moved onto the bed behind Beth.

“Remember John…she’s a virgin…she’s had a few toys in there, but never anything like you’ve got so be gentle.” Kelly said.

“I will.” John said.

John gripped his cock and gently stroked it between Beth’s pussy lips…she squirmed. He placed the head against her pussy and pushed forward. The head of his cock spread her pussy open. Beth groaned. John pushed forward until the entire head was inside her.

“Oh Jesus…that feels huge.” Beth said.

“He’s only got the head inside you.” Kelly said.

“I know…but it’s so thick…it feels like he’s going to split me in half.” Beth said.

John pushed forward slowly. Little by little all 8 inches of his cock were pushed into Beth’s pussy. The deeper John went the more Beth moaned.

“Okay Beth…that’s all of it…how does it feel?” John asked.

“It feels like it’s in the back of my throat…but it feels good.” Beth said.

John started slowly pulling a few inches of his cock out of Beth and then pushing it back in. He was gentle and slow letting her get used to his size. After several minutes he started fucking her a little faster.

After just a few minutes beşiktaş escort of that Beth moaned and her body convulsed as she had an orgasm.

“Jesus…that was intense.” Beth said.

John increased his speed again and Beth had a second orgasm.

“Oh…my…god…yes…god…yes…that…feels…so…great.” Beth said.

John started fucking Beth as hard and as fast as he could and just as she was having her 3rd orgasm John buried his cock deep inside her and pumped her full of cum.

“Oh shit…we never talked about that.” John said.

“It’s okay John…I’m on the pill.” Beth said.

John pulled his cock out of Beth and she rolled over onto her back on the bed. John got off of the bed and started gathering up his clothes.

“Where are you going?” Kelly asked.

“To take a shower…session

is over.” John said.

Kelly looked a little upset as John turned towards the door.

“John…wait.” Beth said.

John turned back and looked at her lying naked on the bed…his cum running out of her pussy.

“Thank you…thank you for tonight.” Beth said.

John simply nodded and walked out of the room closing the door behind him. Kelly moved over to the bed.

“I’m sorry about that Beth. I had no idea he was going to be so…cold…about this.” Kelly said.

“It’s okay Kelly. It doesn’t bother me. I’d love to have the passion…the tenderness…all of it, but he doesn’t love me. He’s only helping me experience sex. For now…that’s more than enough.” Beth said.

She put her hand down between her legs and rubbed some of John’s cum into her thick pubic hair.

“Oh…before the next time…you need to shave.” Kelly said.

“Shave?” Beth asked.

“Yeah…John won’t go down on you unless you’re shaved. So either shave or get it waxed, but be bald the next time we do this.” Kelly said.

“Okay…I guess I can do that. Can I take a shower here or should I just go home?” Beth asked.

“Go ahead and shower, but make it quick…just to be safe.” Kelly said.

Beth went into the guest bathroom and Kelly went to the master bedroom, pulled off her clothes, walked into the master bathroom, stepped into the shower, and put her arms around John from behind…kissing his shoulder.

“Thank you.” Kelly said.

“You’re welcome. Tonight was the most difficult thing I’ve had to do since I met you.” John said.

“It didn’t look like you had any trouble to me.” Kelly said.

“The sex was easy…hell it was fun…it was having you there watching that was hard.” John said.

“You’re the one that said I had to be there.” Kelly said.

“I know…I said you had to be there so that it would be hard.” John said.

“That doesn’t make any sense.” Kelly said.

“It does to me. Since I’ve met you I’ve never thought about another woman sexually for more than a few seconds. Tonight I actually had sex with another woman. I needed you to be there when it happened so that I wouldn’t enjoy it too much.” John said.

“I don’t mind if you enjoy it John…I hope that you do. I’d hate to think that you were miserable doing it. Did it make you miserable?” Kelly asked.

“No…though I almost wish it did.” John said.

“Why?” Kelly asked.

“I never thought that I could ever be unfaithful to you Kelly. Tonight I was…sure I had your permission…even your encouragement to do it, but the fact is that I had sex with another woman while married to you. You had to be there tonight…and you have to be there for the rest of this so that I can see your reaction to what’s happening. Tonight you were smiling…if it comes to a point where I see you sad…upset…or angry…I’ll know that it has to stop. I couldn’t continue if it was hurting you…so I need you to be there so I know I’m not losing you.” John said.

“I didn’t know that you felt that way John. You won’t lose me over this…considering all the things that we’ve done together sexually I doubt there’s anything you could do with Beth that would shock or upset me in any way.” Kelly said.

“Still…I need you there so I can be sure of that.” John said.

“Okay…I’ll be there if it’s that important to you. Oh…I told Beth she needed to shave before we meet the next time.” Kelly said.

“Thank god…I was dreading the mouthful of hair that I’d have ended up with if I’d gone down on her with that full bush.” John said.

“Well I told her to be sure to be clean shaven before we get together again.” Kelly said.

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